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books and research on near-death research and the spiritual levels + higher dimensions of Earth    

 research site for collecing material to explore the spiritual/fine-material levels                                    
Peter Richelieu; A Souls Journey - on Afterlife and astral-trips at night we do not remember

+ UNDERGROUND MYSTERIES  and more.....    

diverse mysteries photo-gallery

link to “Nosso Lar” THE ASTRAL CITY The story of a doctor’s odyssey in the Spirit World.
    den Amerikanske legen Eben Alexander forteller i tekst og lydfiler 

om sin nær-døden-opplevelse i den nye boken "Himmelen finnes".

 Site with a lot of NDE exampels                                on mediums


report/short extracts on
from ca 21500 years ago. 
"A Dweller on Two Planets"
(audiobook clips)


"They told him of some spacepeople that took an enterely warship for the purpose of a "space/cosmic museum" on another planet!!

picture of my vision of the plane of ADMIRAL BYRD passing through the time-space-dimension-door and suddenly a totally new landscape apeared.....FROM HIS FLIGHT 19-2-1947

the early ufocontacts of Uri Geller and his life in the 70ths

Ancient cities under the sands of Giza

UNDERWATER PYRAMIDS discovered - kept secret  why? Threatening the old/biblical worldpicture!

"mysteries of the pyramid" -unknown big chambers deep under PYRAMIDs on Giza

underground network at Giza

shaft down between the Chefren Pyramid and the Sphinx

Traveler to the Interior of the Earth

sound/mp3: Richard Saunders interview on undeground bases | part2 | 3

(part3 is also much on Roswell)

"The Smokey God, or A Voyage to the Inner World" - a strange story from more than 150 years ago high north

the inner world on 4th level (etheric-astral reality inside)

mer om indre sivilasjoner

Admiral Byrds flight to another /inner world/dimension?

Subterranean Tunnels & the Hollow Earth My Search for Tunnels in the Earth

inside the Mount Shasta and the ETs living in the natural and artificial rooms below surface.

 Shambhala - a real place or only myths?

"the legend of Atlantis" of Eliah - 2011 prophecies on the last days and the secret relation of the war from Atlantis and WW2


inner kingdoms...!? 

inner/higher levels of Earth - underwater bases


UNDERSTANDING TIME - AND TIME FIELDS - DISTORTION OF TIME etc  - interview of AL BIELEK - the hidden man on the PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT | newer revelations on this site | more on this from late09

an artist's timettravel to Atlantis and the pictures of what he saw on pictures here



"was missed for 10 days - taken to another planet/dimention" - interview with Alec Newald

Karen Lysters site, UFO  Researcher

many mysteries described as the Zetas tell through "Nancy"


Partly transparent women - she died 3 days later!!


7 year boy in Russia with memories of lost life on Mars and a lot of logical information on earth's far past; one of the special "indigo-children"


time-traveller from 2036- timelines have changed!

Ancient Atomic Warfare (and Vitrified/melted stone-wall  Forts in  Scotland)

the TUNGUSKA explosion in 1908

Evaluating the passed life from the "other side"

Peter Richelieu; A Souls Journey - on Afterlife and astral-trips at night we do not remember

From the book "The Convoluted Universe"
Book 2 Of Dolores Cannon  -From 2005 - a book of 661 pages!!
This book continues on the past life therapy through the use of hypnosis-regression - and here on underground cities and evacuation of earth when a earlier civ. went down
AND here on some intr extracts from her first book on this

Exerpt from "Seven Steps To Eternity" by Stephen Turoff - a "must read book" | intro on youtube

near-death story 1 | 2 | helped from hell | more | the future seen in NDE's | Learning What Happens After Death 

fra lydbok om livet mellom livene i mp3


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this is a real spirit-picture taken in north of norway of Randi Johnsen, near the city of Mo i Rana, and she has taken MANY such pictures with old-time camera, and she could not see the spirit when shoot this one. And she is a person with much spiritual contacts to the other side.

Much of the socalled MYSTERIES are due to missing knowledge that our earth - and "all life" exists in many dimensions and most of the socalled paranormal things are influence from these. Regarding the ufo's - they have the ability  to enter dimension-gates and transfer its "content" on a much higher frequency, where often the passengers will have adventures through their higher/real lifebodies - sometimes described like "out-of-body-experiences" (example and here) Often ufo's simply disappears when they raise the frequency out of our ability to sense them.


Life After Life - Raymond Moody video   x



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my site for ultralightflying in the mid 80ths- compensation for the better Astral-flying

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