Tunguska ... a 40 megaton atom bomb in 1908..!!??

partly from http://www.gaiaguys.net/Tunguska.htm  and http://nexusmagazine.com/articles/installation2.html   a new update from 2012 on the theme of  a crater found in the area | alt.

Four years from now, 30 June 2008, will be the 100th anniversary of one of the most mysterious catastrophes: the explosion of a body from space near the Podkamennaya (or Stony) Tunguska River in Siberia. There can scarcely have been another event in the past century to compare with it. The total power of the explosion exceeded the combined power of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki more than 2,000 times over! Apart from that, the Tunguska explosion caused:

• an anomalous glow in the sky that was observed as late as 10 days afterwards, and the intense appearance of silvery clouds;
• massive radiation of light and heat;
• disruption of the normal functioning of meteorological instruments and the appearance of surface earth tremors;
• a tremendous sound wave that travelled twice around the globe;
• the felling of trees over an enormous area of over 2,000 square kilometres;
• weak traces of radioactivity, detected in tree samples and the polar ice layers dating from 1908;
• anomalous properties of the soil and minerals in the area of the Tunguska explosion;
• the unusually rapid growth of vegetation at the epicentre of the Tunguska explosion;
• cooling of the Earth's climate in the following few years.

Despite the fact that such a tremendous event did not go unnoticed, the first attempts to discover what had actually occurred in the remote Siberian taiga were only made many years later, in 1927. Since then, dozens of research expeditions have visited the area, hundreds of scientific papers have been written and several hundred hypotheses put forward about the causes of the event. Not one of them, however, has been able to explain fully the complex phenomena that preceded and accompanied the Tunguska explosion. Some of the phenomena observed by eyewitnesses simply do not fit within the framework of existing theories. Much of what happened then cannot be interpreted at all from the standpoint of present-day scientific thinking.

picture from years after the explotion | click the picture to see the crater of the explotion

More than that, one gets the persistent impression that we have come up against something completely outside the bounds of our customary understanding of the world about us. Perhaps today we are closer than ever before to a solution to the mystery that will become a turning point in the development of human consciousness. But it will require a certain boldness, the ability to look with an open mind untrammelled by the dogmas current in science in order to properly assess the most inexplicable episodes of the event.

The work carried out by generations of scientists and researchers provided us with a very rich stock of facts and scientific material, making it possible to shed light on the true causes and nature of the phenomena that took place almost 100 years ago in the area of the Podkamennaya Tunguska.

We shall not go over the key elements of each of the main known hypotheses here, but instead concentrate on those facts that have always remained in the shadows and for some strange reason have never been given the attention they deserve. Amazingly, taken together with an ancient epic poem, these facts present a completely different picture of the event that took place early in the last century.

At the very beginning of this study, we should stress that both before and after the Tunguska explosion there were several other events connected with it in a certain way, being links in a single chain. Therefore, using the methods employed in criminal investigations, we shall combine them in a single "case". In order to see the reality that has for so long escaped the eyes of researchers, we shall have to shift our gaze backwards and forwards in space and time to look at events separated by tens, even hundreds of years.

a new update from 2012 on the theme of  a crater found in the area | alt.

the naval-intelligense officer C.B. Scott Jones engaged some  remote viewers  to look at this case, and  3 of 5 of them related it to UFO's.(link)

the DAL/pleiadian contactperson "Asket" told Meier 3.2.56 more on this:

Asket's  explanation. February 3rd, 1953

(from Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte [2002], Block 1 page 311- the german org.txt down buttom. And "gaiaguys" unofficial English translation follows:)

"...87.This actually also soon happened according to the decree of this regulation, when a huge space ship still in the terrestrial area was not able to free itself anymore from earth, where it had lain hidden during several months, with severe technical damage, in the country which is called Russia.  88.  The ship was able to lift itself up for only a few hundred meters of high preparatory work and then dropped down more closely.  89.  In accordance with the regulation that no spaceships, etc. were allowed to approach the earth more closely, each outside assistance was also impossible.  90.  Other races from the universe stationed on the earth were, on the other hand, forbidden to bring the damaged ship assistance because among the crew a terrestrial epidemic had broken out, which was very dangerous for this form of life.  91.  In the knowledge that no more assistance awaited them, they designed an enormous bomb from the foundation-stones of life, which are called atoms, forced the ship as far as possible into the sky up and let it then simply fall down.  92.  Like an enormous comet it fell towards the earth, and before it could strike the earth, at a few hundred meters height the atomic bomb was ignited.  93.  An enormous explosion tore the ship and the crew up, turned everything to dust and destroyed the landscape.  94.  From everything only a giant crater remained, which is called erroneously by your scientists a meteor crater.  95.  More than 4,300 life forms of extraterrestrial origin were destroyed during this gigantic destruction, which only leads back to the terrestrial Christian cult, because the actual reason for this destruction was the insanity of this terrestrial religion."

if you go to next page on this here - you will find it must have been an artificial phenomenon.

(suppose they also tried to avoid that their ship and other high-tech would be found of the martial earthpeople and used in war-purpose - remember this was before ww1/in 1908. And because they could not not leave from here because of technical problems - and they all were infected by the deathillnes - their "sollution" was to destroy all of their hightech - before it could be misused of earthmen. rø-comment)

https://www.youtube.com/embed/hrGlZ10O7nM  down:

the german txt from contactperson ASKET:

This information was found here: http://forum.figu.org/de/messages/17/1163.html

Bezüglich des Tunguska Meteoriten wurde bereits in frühen Jahren von Asket, der zweiten Kontaktperson zu Billy Meier eine Erklärung abgegeben. Die Ursache der Explosion war tatsächlich ein ausserirdisches Schiff. Die gesamten Zusammenhänge reichen sehr weit zurück in die irdische Vergangenheit und können im Semjase-Block Nr. 2 nachgelesen werden.
Auszugsweise habe ich hier eine wichtige Textstelle herauskopiert.

Askets Erklärungen
(Niedergeschrieben am 1.9.1964 in Mehrauli/India.
Wörtliche Wiedergaben durch Asket mit Hilfe ihrer Apparaturen, die diese wörtlichen Wiedergaben aus ihrem Unterbewusstsein ermöglichen. Folgende Erklärung wurde am 3.2.1956 (sic) von Asket abgegeben, während wir uns in ihrem Schiff im jordanischen Wüstengebirge aufhielten.)

Dies geschah denn auch tatsächlich bald nach Erlass dieser Bestimmung, als ein sich noch im irdischen Raume befindliches Grossraumschiff sich nicht mehr von der Erde zu befreien vermochte, wo es während mehreren Monaten mit schweren technischen Schäden in dem Lande versteckt gelegen hatte, das ihr Russland nennt. 88. Das Schiff vermochte sich nur noch wenige hundert Meter hochzuarbeiten und sank dann wieder ab. 89. Der Bestimmung gemäss, dass sich keine Raumschiffe usw. der Erde mehr nähern durften, war so auch jede Hilfeleistung unmöglich.
90. Auf der Erde stationierten anderweitigen Rassen aus dem Weltenraum wurde andererseits untersagt, dem havarierten Schiff Hilfe zu bringen, weil unter der Besatzung eine irdische Seuche ausgebrochen war, die für diese Lebensform sehr gefährlich war. 91. Im Wissen, dass ihrer keinerlei Hilfe mehr harrte, konstruierten sie eine gewaltige Bombe aus Grundsteinen des Lebens, das ihr Atom nennt, zwangen das Schiff soweit wie möglich in den Himmel hinauf und liessen es dann einfach abstürzen. 92. Wie ein gewaltiger Komet stürzte es zur Erde nieder, und ehe es auf die Erde aufprallen konnte, wurde in wenigen hundert Metern Höhe die Atombombe gezündet.
93. Eine gewaltige Explosion zerriss das Schiff und die Besatzung, verwandelte alles in Staub und zerstörte die Landschaft. 94. Von allem blieb nur ein riesenhafter Krater zurück, der irrtümlich von euren Wissenschaftlern als Meteorkrater bezeichnet wird. 95. Mehr als 4300 Lebensformen ausserirdischen Ursprungs wurden bei dieser gigantischen Zerstörung vernichtet, die nur zurückzuführen ist auf den irdischen Christuskult, denn der eigentliche Grund dieser Zerstörung war der Wahnsinn dieser irdischen Religion.

Hans G. Lanzendorfer

from figu -forum Posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2004 - 03:56 pm


hello Billy, 
In one of your contacts with Asket regarding the Tunguska Incident, she said to you: 
"More than 4,300 life forms of extraterrestrial origin were destroyed during this gigantic destruction, which only leads back to the terrestrial Christian cult, because the actual reason for this destruction was the insanity of this terrestrial religion." 

Specifically, how did the Christian cult play a role in the destruction of this extraterrestrial craft? 

About 1160 years ago three races of ET's from far away galaxies of this universe came to Earth. They got in contact with terrestrial priests and studied our religions. After several years of study they decided to teach their peoples according to the Christian religion, a deadly mistake. Within 11 years the long peaceful time was ended and war broke out between families and nations, etc. When one of the three worlds was destroyed during the world wars, other ET stopped the insanity, and all terrestrial religions and especially Christianity (Christian faith) was strictly prohibited. And it was also forbidden to visit Earth again, and should a ship get lost on Earth and would not be able to get off again, the ship and its crew should eliminate themselves. This occurred about 1000 years after the first visit on Earth, when a ship had to land in Russia due to severe technical damage. The ship was able to rise only a few hundred meters above ground, and because within the ship a terrestrial epidemic had started, it was decided to eliminate the ship in a huge atomic explosion, a few hundred meters above ground. (Summary by CF, based on Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Block 1, pages 311 ff.)


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