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the documented space-contacts of Uri to planet HOOVA

*  picture up is visionary-art of Gilbert Williams but this book-report  is no imagination at all! It is concrete experience!!

By Andrija Puharich * Anchor Press / Doubleday 1974

dansk omtale av boken i lyset av MARTINUS KOSMOLOGI

Andrija Puharich-picture above died in-95 


link to the book “Thiaoouba Prophecy” - about a direct contact to a superhuman race of nicelooking giants that happend in 1989 in Australia - much indicate that it was from the same group of THE NINE as told to the right

mer om HOOVA etc i boken "the only planet of choice" - her referat på norsk

"the only planet of choice"

"It Is Only the Beginning"

on the theme: mission from a far solar galaxy* their input on our history* the human soul*etc,etc.

Andrija Puharich tells in the book on the communication to the  ETs in many ways - also through a tape-recorder. He here says: ...as we examined a bowling ball (which Uri wanted to go bowling), my clipboard with the questions suddenly appeared on a cot behind us. Uri and I immediately went downstairs to get my tape recorder. We had no sooner set it up when it went into operation by itself:
AP(Andrija Puharich): "May I have permission to ask my list of questions?"
This is Hoova. Yes, we heard, and will answer what we can.
AP: "What is the history of Hoova in the evolution of the human race on this earth?"
We first interfered with the human race twenty thousand years ago. We came on a planned mission from our own solar galaxy, and our first landing place on earth was at the place you were at in Israel, at the Oak of Mamre in Hebron where Abraham met us. That is the origin of the legend of the ladder to the gods, because they saw us come out of our craft on a ladder device. However, we found traces of the presence of other visitors from other spaces who had been on earth millions of years earlier. But we found man in much the same animal condition that you see him in today.

art-picture of a contact in sweden in 1946 - they also had a ladder from the ship








AP: "When was the last time that you actively tried to upgrade the quality of man's self and of his civilization?"
We give advice actually about once every six thousand years. The last time that we did this was six thousand years ago to the Egyptians. Our advice is usually given gently and is not too strong, and we do it more for our own purposes than for man's benefit.
AP: "Was this in the period of Imhotep?"
Yes. He was a man very much like Uri, and he brought to the Egyptians all of their civilization.

AP: "Was this the period of Tehouti also?"
Yes. He was better known for his powers of healing.
AP: "Were there others?"
AP: "Were there other places where you tried to help man by stimulating the process of civilization?"
Yes. Six thousand years ago we tried to help in other places. The area that you now call Alaska this culture passed on to what you call China. We also did this in India.
AP: "Now that I understand the pattern, I can fill in the details from archaeology, mythology, and history."
This is the time in which humans were allowed to see us physically. They abjectly worshiped us, which we could not tolerate.

Is there a soul?
AP: "I am deeply concerned about a problem that lies heavily on the mind of every man: Is there a soul?"
Yes. Did you ever really doubt it?
AP: "No. But I need your view in order to illuminate my opinion. What is the nature of the soul?"
It inhabits different worlds at different times in its existence. When the physical body dies, it goes with all of its being to its own world. There it carries on with the next phase of its existence. It may go on to other spaces, or it may even return to an earth physical body for another round of existence - what humans call reincarnation may occur. There are higher powers that divide these people (souls), and that decide where they shall go. The purpose of all existence is to move toward God. However, no one can know God. We ourselves can only know God by reaching him as an idea - not physically.
AP: "How does the soul relate to you?"
We occupy our physical bodies for about a million years at a time. However, our computors
(androides as the Erra-people called them - rø-remark ) do not have souls and they do not die. We, too, as souls, move on toward God; everything that exists moves.
AP: "What is the life track of a human soul like?"
The soul goes through at least one hundred thousand life tracks as it climbs up toward God (the Erra-people said the number of incarnations in coarse-bodys were much higher. rø-remark). There is no way to tell you about time. You see, you can never understand the vastness of time, and there is no end to time.

AP: "May I repeat? Can you reach God?"
Yes, with ideas, but not physically. We die, for we last in our physical bodies about a million years of your time.
AP: "Well - speaking relatively - is our human life short or long?"
Only powers higher than us can answer all these questions of mortality. Some questions, for humans, and even us, are totally unexplainable. There is a vastness to the universe that never ends.
AP: "Once I asked you in Israel for the definition of a light age. You didn't answer. Can you answer now?"
Yes. It is one hundred thousand million earth years.
AP: "You do mean earth years - not light-years?"
Yes - earth years.
AP: "In the total time track of the human race - all past, present, and all of its future yet to come - where are we now? Are we along it ten per cent, fifty per cent, ninety per cent? Where?"
Ah, we know the past of the human race. But this is one of the secrets - we cannot tell it to you. As to the future we are not permitted either. But remember all that people need to do - God has written on stone, the Ten Commandments. Thus shall it be done. Remember you are working for us in ways that are important to us, and which we have not yet explained. Actually, there is no special message for you to pass to the human race. It is possible that should there be a war impending, as between Russia and China, there may be a message to prevent it. But you may try to open their minds with things like telepathy and psychokinesis - things which we have almost forgotten. Yes, they are to be helped.
AP: "If your secrecy is related to your principle of nonviolation of free will in humans, why is there to be some revelation now?"
Our secrecy has only to do in very small part with the free will of humans. Mostly it is because we don't want to reveal our intentions. In the past we have even landed before masses of people. But we cannot afford anymore to land visibly on your planet. It is because of your tendency to panic, to worship, to react abnormally to us.
AP: "During the past quarter of a century there have been many space visitations reported. Are these yours?"
Most of these reports by humans are due to hallucinations and aberrations. But some of our units have landed. But most of the reported landings have been from other visitors from space - some of whom we do not see, but which you can see. They are of different vibrations, different spaces, different velocities. We are the only ones who are mostly here. The other visitors come and go. We stay. This tape will vanish when you hear it. Farewell.

My prime concern in writing this book has been to alert the world to this historic series of events, and not so much to describe their minutiae. These details can be filled in later if the reception of this work warrants it.
It is obvious that I am personally convinced that superior beings from other spaces and other times have initiated a renewed dialogue with humanity. But it is equally obvious that my case for this conviction can be carried into the heart of every person largely by the sense of truth my words carry, and not on the basis of objective proof. It is my hope that as Uri continues his research efforts at the hands of science, and as he carries personal testimony to people, the truth of what he and I say will take hold. And of course, it is up to the Nine and their various controllers and messengers to decide who shall be witness to their presence.

Much of this kind of revelation in the future will undoubtedly appear from day to day in news reports, television reports, and other media. This will consist largely about other peoples' experience with the kind of things herein reported, as more and more sightings occur in the coming years. It is only when a large number of other people experience to some degree what Uri and I experienced that our credibility will be enhanced.

I want to make it clear that I have as of this writing never met a being from the Nine, Spectra, Hoova, Rhombus 4D, or others of this genre, in a face-to-face sense. My meetings have been only through the message systems I have described. Furthermore, I have not been inside one of their craft. While I do not doubt that superior beings exist out there, I do not know what they look like, how they live, or even what their goals are with respect to humankind. Considering that I have had two years of intermittent experience, I am remarkably ignorant about these beings. On the other hand I have complete faith in their wisdom and benevolent intentions toward man and living things on earth. My lack of hard knowledge about them is the kind of deficiency that does not erode my faith in their essential pursuit of the good, the true, the beautiful, and the just.

The relationship described in this book between these superior beings and Uri and me continues to grow deeper and mutually more meaningful. Yet I can honestly say that there is no conflict between my loyalty to them and my loyalty to my own kind on earth. Many people have felt that in serving the interests of these beings who are trying to reach mankind, I have somehow sold my soul in the process. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In the last analysis, how much more we discover about these beings from space is dependent on how coolly and openly each human being receives them. If there is fear, panic, or hysteria, we will not find out much more. If we interpret the presence of these beings in terms of our pet theories, religions, tribal and racial beliefs, or other preconceptions about life out there, we shall surely distort the truth. If we regress toward cultish practices, or abject worship of these beings or anything connected with them, we shall cut ourselves off from further knowledge. The healthiest attitude that we can take is to go on tending our gardens, shops, and other affairs while being sensitive to the idea not only that we are not alone in space but that benevolence and guidance may come to humanity from beyond our planet.
Uri and I will continue to bear witness to this new presence in men's affairs, and if people so wish, we will share our small knowledge with everyone for the benefit of all mankind.