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mer om regresjon til tidligere liv og mer om samme HER FRA Sjelereiser  av Michael Newton

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Book 2

Of Dolores Cannon | she on Frequency and Dimensions   Separating Earth.

From 2005 - a book of 661 pages!!

this book continues on the past life therapy through the use of hypnosis.

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talk-interview show by George Noory  of Dolores Cannon on this theme on colonisation from space in mp3-downloadable by rightclicking


from chapter 5 - "the hidden city"


....."when I asked her ("Mary" who is "here" in hypnosis) to see what type of work she did, she found herself in one of the many rooms in this huge building or place.

M: I believe I'm a monk or some sort of spiritual person. There are other people here now. They're dressed more plainly than I am. Not all alike, but just simple. There are books everywhere in this one room that I've gone into. They're all sizes and shapes, and they fill the room, floor to ceiling. There are books everywhere. Books. Records.

D: The kind of books that you open up?

I wanted to distinguish between books and scrolls. This would help me to find the time period.

M: Yes, you can. I'm on a higher level looking down into the room. And there are people on the lower floor bustling around doing things.

D: This room sounds like some kind of library. Is that right?

M: It does seem to be. I think some of the people are caretakers of the books. They seem to be researching, or recording. It feels like an ancient hall of knowledge. I think this is some vast collection. This is so vast.

D: what is your responsibility if they're doing the care-taking?

M: I'm not quite sure. I see also, some walls of rock now. (A sudden revelation.) It seems as if I am underground. This seems to be another part of this vast complex. It almost makes me wonder if it's all underground.

D: Well, earlier you saw a lake and a bridge.

M: I wonder if it's a large underground city. It seems to be. One of my first impressions was what we would think of as Shambala (had difficulty with the word) or a Shangri-La, or something like that. It was because it was so vast. But the rock and the tunnels and the steps make me think that it's hidden. The whole place is a hidden place, even though it

has light and water. And I see tunnels. It's like a place that's closed away. Hidden. It is for protection. To preserve the records.

(One of the main themes that keeps running through the regressions I have been doing in the past few years seems to be that we are recorders or accumulators of information and knowledge, and the main job is to preserve this in various forms, even by encoding it into our DNA or subconscious, so it will not be forgotten. Knowledge seems to be very important in the scheme of things. Maybe because the Source or God needs us to accumulate all the information we can. The ETs also are accumulators of knowledge and information. This is one of the main purposes for the implants (especially those in the nasal cavity), to transmit and record information. The more I explore this I keep finding that everything is recording. There will be more on this in the other chapters.)

D: You mean by putting the records underground, it's a safe place?

M: Yes, it's a safe place. There are pyramids above ground, but this is very deep underground. I got a picture of a pyramid. But now I'm getting a picture of a high mountain range also, so it can't be the pyramids we are familiar with. There are steps that go up to this place that are honed into the mountains. Things that are not known. Things that are hidden in the mountains. The pyramid is in the mountains. (Surprised) This is a space-port. And there is a world on the outside and a world on the inside.

D: These steps that you said were honed into the mountain. Where do they go?

M: They go into the entrance to this hidden city.

D: So the pyramid is outside, but the entrance goes inside the mountain range?

"not to scale" this "city" is said to be VERY much deeper than here shown


M: Yes. The pyramid is not what was important. It was thought that was what was important, but it is not. What is important is what is in the mountains around it, behind it, beneath it. There is the hidden.

D : Is the pyramid used for anything?

A: No. It is just a marker.

(In the "Isis" chapter she said the entrances to tunnels eading to the underground cities were located near pyramids.)

D: But you said it is a space-port.

M: It was a space-port, yes, when this was originally built, a long time ago. I see this huge, huge, deep, deep, deep opening into the earth. This place is being built. (Long pause)

D: What are you seeing?

M: I just see this incredibly huge, very deep crevice opening into the earth. And I know there are ships that are going down into this. And they're taking supplies. They're taking people. And they're taking materials. They are building underground. It's almost as if it was an opening of what I would call a volcano, only I don't know how big they are. But it's going down, and I get to a point where I can't see. It's so dark into that. That was the way they went into the entrance, to take the supplies to build this underground place. By just zooming down through an incredible crevice, like a volcano. And going through huge openings.

D: This was done so people couldn't find it?

M: Yes, it was a long time ago. There are primitive people that live over the other way, down the mountain in the valley. They live in something like a hut-type thing. They are the native people. They are frightened. And there are many things in the sky overhead.

D: That's why they're frightened? (Yes) You said they are bringing people and supplies.

M: Yes, we have to go inside. I was just seeing the cavern. As you go down deeper, you can see light at the bottom.

D: They found a way to create light down there?

M This is technology that has come from other places. This is not of Earth.

D: Why would they choose to come there, and build this city insidethat mountain?

M: There is a war destroying the planet.

D: Is this taking place on the planet Earth?

M: Yes, I believe it is. It was a war that destroyed a great deal of the surface. Much, much destruction.

D: Are these people fighting the natives?

M: No, they were all other people from outside. They were evil... they were bad. They were mean. They came to this planet. They were very fierce. Very powerful.

D: Was the other group here in the beginning?

M: There are more than one. There are many, many groups. One group.... (Long pause)

D: What are you seeing?

M: An image of something that looked like a glacier up by a lake. And there was ... what I would call a ship, that is very odd looking. Nothing I would ever even see in Star Trek. Long and sleek, but with different appendages.

There was a long pause as she observed. This is when it becomes frustrating, when I can't see what she is seeing. She attempted to describe.

M: They were doing something nearby. There's some sort of - I don't know what this is that I see. It's like a plant, some sort of a factory. And I feel that they're taking resources. They're mining. There is a large, large apparatus that.... I just see things that I don't know what they are.

D: You said they're around this glacier?

M: The glacier is up high. But some of this begins to come down into the lower part of the mountain and the valley.

D: That's where they're doing the mining? (Yes) What connection does that have with the war you were talking about? (Pause) You said there were several groups.

M: I see that there are missile type things being fired, and launched. I see that the glacier came about because of these wars. I see this incredible light. Much of the outer surface of this planet was devastated by this light. Incredible

explosions. Many people left on spaceships and went away. Some are living underground. Many were destroyed.

D: You said the glacier came about because of this?

M: Yes. What they were doing caused sinking of lands, rising of lands. It caused days of darkness. Cold. Destroyed, destruction. Massive destruction. I know I'm here to help. I'm here to watch over the records.

D: So that's why they have transported these records.

M: Yes. The knowledge.

D: Where did they get these records that they're trying to save in this vast library?

M: It's the knowledge that we didn't ever know we had. There were flourishing civilizations. Atlantis. Lemuria. Technology we had received from others. How the DNA had been mixed with the humans.

D: This is all part of the records?

M: Yes. This incredible, incredible place.

D: And your job is to protect this knowledge and watch over it?

M: I'm not quite sure. I don't record it. I don't care-take. I think I'm an advisor or.... (Long pause) I see myself going along a lighted stairway. It's not tall, it's small and it just goes into this space. It's very well lit. It has crystals. (Pause) Other beings meet me in this room. They come in their light. They are not a real body. They affect a form of a body, but they are very, very beautiful. (Long pause) And there is this ball .... And it has all this pretty color and it radiates and emerges. And I feel like they communicate with me. (Long pause) Like I'm the one they talk to, and then I go and I tell the others.

D: But you have a physical body, where they don't.

M: I do have a physical body. And I live underground there.

D: You saw them bringing the things earlier when they were building it. Apparently it's already finished now. Is that what you said? (Yes) Can you go to the surface again and live there, or do you have to remain underground?

M: Some will return to the surface. Others will not choose to. But the surface will become habitable again in time.

D: Are these records of Earth, or did they come from somewhere else?

M: Earth and others. It's like all knowledge.

D: And these beings brought it down there so it wouldn't be destroyed?

M: They're very, very loving. They are there to help us and teach us. I'm their voice, I think.

D: Were they afraid all of this would be destroyed when the war occurred on the surface?

M: Yes, it was to protect us. It was to protect and to save, and to help us down the road.

D: Did they bring humans underground?

M: Yes, there are many different beings underground.

D: When they built this beautiful city, was this after the destruction of Atlantis?

M: The building of the city began before the destruction. It was known that this was pending. That this was at hand. It was known. The violence had shifted. The building of the city, and the accumulation of records began long ago, even before Atlantis. Long before Atlantis.

D: I have heard there were many civilizations before and after Atlantis.

M: There were very highly advanced cities. And also very primitive places during the time of Atlantis. I'm seeing the outside world now. And I see gates into a city that is surrounded by mountains, but it's sitting on the water. This is above the ground. The other one was already there under the ground.

D: Was the one above ground built by humans?

M: Humans who were more evolved than humans that we know of now. That city was more populated. The underground city was in a sparsely populated area. Human and extraterrestrials did live and co-exist here. There were those who were here to help, and there were those who came to conquer. Part of the humans had become much more evolved. Other humans were very, very primitive. More animal-like. And there is a place where humans were treated very, very badly. Very poorly. Mutations.

D: Was this at the time of Atlantis? If we can get a time sequence.

Of course, I was thinking of the mutations of half-human/half-animal that occurred during the time of Atlantis. I didn't know if this was the time period she was speaking of.

M: One is a little before the other, but close. (Long pause) Council! There's a council. There is a meeting to decide to stop the evil ones. A large meeting. Galaxies. More galaxies. More peoples.

D: They want to stop some of the ones who were doing mutations?

M: Yes, they were being destructive. They were controlling. Cruel deeds. The time between these two is so close, it is hard to give specific - ten years maybe. One area of the world was largely evolved and thriving. Another area very primitive, being plundered, being mined. Mined for gold. They were warrior-like. They were trying to keep their deeds hidden. They were close, but not in the same area. They were discovered. And there is a council in a high place discussing this. They don't like what this group is doing. A large table. A lot of discussion.

D: Do they make a decision?

M: Yes. They decide they must protect, must stop. (Long pause) They ask them to leave. To cease, to leave. This leader, this spokesperson, dressed in a lot of metal. Almost seems as though he has a birdlike head-dress. They don't think this council is a true threat. And they say they have every right to this planet also, and refuse to leave. They have been bringing weapons. There is the space-port. There are weapons on the ground. They want this space. They had been preparing for any attack. Their consciousness is warlike, therefore they keep many defences.

D: So they don't think they have to obey the council. (No) (Pause) You can condense time and tell me what happens as a result of their actions. What did the council decide to do?

M: That's when they decide to move the people to a safe place, and to relocate. The threats are known. This could be very costly, very devastating. There is much movement to relocate the people, but everything happens too quickly.

D: But don't the negative ones know if they go to war they will also destroy what they came for?

M: They really, really did not think. There has been mass destruction. There have been many galactic wars.

D: So they're not thinking that it will also defeat their purposes?

M: No, no. The Creator has given free will. They have been allowed to let the dark side flow. It has been allowed to be. So when the stand is taken from those who are of the light, the earth falls into a period of great darkness. There is very little that survives on the surface. Very little. There are some places that were shielded, but much, much is destroyed. There are great changes. There are other planets around that are affected also by this, that are actually totally annihilated. This is not just of the Earth. It was a galactic war in this system.

D: Which other planets were affected?

M: In this galaxy, in this solar system, Mars was greatly affected. It was not always the barren planet that it is now.

D: We were told that it happened because of a war on Mars.

M: These wars were related. Some of the damages were part of a galactic war.

D: So it wasn't the repercussions of what happened on Earth. You mean it was going on at the same time?

M: Seems to be what I understand. It was many groups. I seem to feel that I was amongst that council of twelve. I don't know why I said council of twelve, because there are more there at the table.

D: Maybe they were the most important ones.

Note that the group that first gave us information through Phil in Keepers ofthe Garden identified themselves as the Council of Twelve.

M: And I was a liaison between, assigned to watch over that underground city for a very, very long time.

D: Then the destruction on the surface did not affect the underground cities.

M: No, it was safe. It still exists.

D: Let me tell you something that I'd heard in my work; that Atlantis went down because their own scientists were doing things they shouldn't have.

M: Many in Atlantis had become of the dark side. They were not always that way. The misuse brought about the galactic war. It was all interconnected.

D: So the negative beings became aligned with the people of Atlantis?

M: Yes, many fell into the dark side. It was all happening at the same time, and perhaps earlier. There were many in the light that had great foresight. Who had great powers that we don't know of today. (Long pause) All of this could have been stopped, but it would have gone against free will. It was necessary to allow all that was and has been, to be. It has gone and come full circle of Earth's millions and billions of years. And there is much, much knowledge. Much, much change that is to come. Much is to be known.

D: I've always thought the Atlanteans did it to themselves.

M: There was more going on. They did not begin the experiments without the interference of the negative dark ones. It is like they forgot who they were. They forgot their enlightenment. They became caught up into the material world, and this began the imbalance that brought all of the destruction.

D: You mean they were working with the negative ones?

M: Yes. They were lured by the dark side.

D: So the negative ones were helping them, giving them the knowledge?

M: Yes, they were tempted.

D: The council allowed this war to take place even though they knew the circumstances; the results.

M: It had to do with free will. And to learn. Consciousness went very far into the realms of darkness to learn, to

explore. I keep seeing a huge turning, like a wheel, but it's not a wheel. It's like seeing a solar system turn full circle.

D: Like eycles? (Yes) So after the destruction, did it take a long time before life and civilization came back to the surface?

M: Yes. Some of the indigenous ones were transported back to the Earth. And they began new civilizations. Like starting all over again.

This will be referred to later in this section. One of my clients reported a past life when he and many others were taken off the planet just before a catastrophe, and returned afterwards to start their lives anew.

D: And you said this also caused some of the glaciers to form?

M: Yes. It changed the Earth.

D: But weren't there some that carried the knowledge, who lived on the surface?

M: Yes, there were. But it has been passed down and hidden for fear of the... those that wanted power and control have always ... the dark forces have come back. After the earth began to heal, they did come back in smaller numbers, and they have worked with governments. They are not human of appearance necessarily. Some are humanoid type. Some are reptilian-looking. Some are hybrids, who are human and alien. They have come back. Many though of the dark side have turned to the light. But there are those who still try to hold on to control and to power. There seems to be things that I'm not allowed to see. I can only go so far with it. I don't understand why I can't know exactly time, and I just see images. And I keep feeling that I was like a liaison person.

D: yes, I've been told before that there are some things we are not ready to see yet. We are not allowed. It has to go in a time sequence. But do you feel as though you 're being shown this now, because it's coming full circle?

M: Yes. There is really a lot of beauty to come. There are changes that are coming. There is light where there was darkness….



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en time i lyd (eng.) på bok om regr.der det spores forb.til 'cosmic visitors' i pre-kristen tid (pakket/zippa fil) om bl a kunneskapen til den kommende impuls ca år 100

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mer om regresjon til tidligere liv og mer om samme HER FRA Sjelereiser  av Michael Newton

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