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The Convoluted Universe

from book 2 of  Convoluted Universe on underground cities and more

talk-interview show by George Noory  of Dolores Cannon on this theme on colonisation from space in mp3-downloadable by rightclicking

hyposis - read Rampa en get an understanding of what happens

Book one

Of Dolores Cannon

From 2001 - a book of 631 pages!!

Isbn 978-1-886940-82-6

this book continues on past life therapy through the use of hypnosis.


from chapter 2 - "the lessons begin"


here is "LINDA" in deep hypnosis, and talks on vistors from space in a far past time…:


picture not from book - rø -mixed


Fra p44

D(=Dolores): But first, what did those people look like who came this time? You said there were many.

L: There were very many. They were human-like in some ways. Enough that they would be accepted. They were very, very tall, and had funny feet.

D: Funny feet? What do you mean?

L: They didn't have hands and feet like ours. They were kept covered so as not to be noticed. They wore shoes and gloves at all times, so as not to frighten anyone. Their eyes were very large, and dark. And they only had holes in their face instead of a nose. They had a mouth although they did not use it in ways that we do. They did not speak a language or eat food of the Earth, nor did they drink liquids.

D: what did they use for sustenance then?

L: They have a system totally foreign to human concept. It is an energy system of light, promoted, vitalized, revitalized through a series of light.

D: You mean it was light that kept them alive?

L: Yes. Without it they would die. They brought their lights with them on the ship, and would have to rest in a chamber from time to time to become revitalized. They only had to spend a short time in these little places, but it was crucial to their health that they do this on occasion.


A similar concept was reported in Legacy From the Stars where beings lay down in a sarcophagus to take a light bath. This was also their only sustenance, and they said the light originated from the Source.

D: Did these beings all come to one place on the Earth?

L: No. There were - satellite? (as though it was an unfamiliar word)

- satellite ships that left the main ship and went to different areas where there were people. They kept in contact with the main ship periodically comparing notes on their progress.

This was all said as though repeating information either memorized or hearing it from somewhere. As though it was strange and unfamiliar. A mere recitation of facts.

L: Some were more successful than others. Some failed completely. Most were successful however. They taught very many things to the Earthlings. Things that would enhance their physical existence. Philosophies that would enhance their spiritual and philosophical outlook, hoping to plant that sparks of light that might grow.

D: What kind of things did they teach them to help their physical life?

L: They gave them knowledge of agriculture: times to plant, times to harvest, how to plant, which they did not know. They were hunters previous to this, and did a lot of killing. The mission was to divert their attention from killing to a more positive mode, such as growth and harvest, another source of food and energy. This also would keep them stationary or in one place, rather than living a nomadic life. They would have more time to think and develop their reasoning powers if they were stationary. They also taught them how to use animals other than killing them. They taught them to be kinder to one another, and to live a more harmonious existence. Unfortunately the people looked upon the teachers again as their gods. But this time the teachers remained true; they were not caught up in the Earthly existence. Their purpose was to come to teach. And when their assignment was finished, they all left together. This experiment was considered a great success. The Earth people were given a better existence, and a reason to expand on what they had. They were taught and they were given a more stable existence than any they had known in a long time. And a chance to use their minds in a way they had not thought of before.

D: These were very good things.

L: Yes. It was a very good project, and many were happy and rejoiced for some time over its completion.

D: But you said some of the teachers went to places where it was a total failure.

L: Yes, because those people were so steeped in their Earthly pleasures. They could not nor would they accept any help, so they were left to their own devices, to evolve as they would or to be lost. To die off, which many did. Because they didn't listen, they were lost.

D: Were there any specific races that may have died off because of this? Races that no longer exist on Earth?

L: In this time the Earth beings were all alike. It would be some time before there would be a difference in color and look. At this time they were all similar, and there were not very many at all.

D: Do you want to go on with the questions?

L: Question: "When did the changes come that made the different colors and the different languages, dialects that are spoken on the Earth?" This happened sometime later in the Earth's evolvement. It had to do with other seedings that took place in different areas. People came from all over the universe. Some stayed and intermarried with the Earth beings. This was a long process before it developed into what we know exists today. In my life it was a very long time before I realized there was another color of skin besides the one I had known. In my travels I only saw two other colors, but I was told there were more than what I had seen. I had seen the eastern, the yellow race, and I had seen the brown race. I am told there is a red-skinned race, which I cannot imagine how that would look on a person. I have been told there is a black-skinned, which I could imagine that being. And I am told there is another color, which I have not seen. It is like my skin but different. It is more white. I have not seen this either.

D: Have you been told of any colors that used to be on Earth that no longer exist? (No) But these skin colors occurred because ofother beings coming from other worlds?

L: Yes. It was a slow evolvement.

D: I had always thought some of it was caused by hot and cold climate. That's not the only factor?

L: No. That may have happened afterward, but previous to that it was caused by the intermingling of the people. At one time we were all alike. There was no difference. And then we started to marry beings from other worlds, and that is when the changes started to evolve.







some later..:

picture not from book, but from a "down under" contact in -87


D: How are they able to help us?

L: Many, many will be sent soon to work in everyday things. To enlighten in a subtle manner, to send a message of love, so that this can be closed once and for all. Many will choose not to stay on Earth. But those who do will work very hard and will be granted many wonderful things for their work.

D: You mean these litte energy beings would come to Earth to help? (Yes) How will they do that? Will they remain in their energy forms of light?

L: Some will remain as they are. Others will have the ability to enter many human bodies. One light being will have the ability to enter ten human bodies at one time. And lighten the human body itself, to allow a progression of thought and spiritual growth that to this point was an impossibility.

D: Will they enter bodies that are living on Earth and occupied by another spirit?

pictures to symbolize over-shadowing of  the positive kind


L: Yes. They will not disrupt any natural law or take over the body. They will only be a speck of light that will lighten the physical body itself, and enable it to grow.

D: I thought you meant they will enter as a soul and live a life from the baby onward.

L: No, no. This is not possible. These light beings are so light and so evolved they have no need to take on a physical existence. This is not what they were designed to do. They are beyond your concept. They are not a soul, as you would consider them to be. They are light beings evolved from a God of all creation. The Source.

D: But our souls also evolved from that

L: Yes, that is true. However, there are many, many different sources from the One, and they were all designed differently for different purposes. Yet they are all part of the same.

D: But if they enter the human body for a little while -- you said it would not possess or take over, but to help -- is it allowed to do that by the rules of the universe? I'm thinking of the soul as being the guardian of the body. Is something else allowed to enter?

L: Yes. It may enter if it is agreed upon beforehand. These light beings are so pure that they would not impose their will upon another. There will be many souls who are waiting anxiously for their assistance.

D: Is this permission between the two given consciously?

L: No. It is given on another level.

D: So the conscious individual does not know what is happening?

L: That is correct. They know something is changing, on a conscious level. However, they do not know exactly what. As they accept this in their conscious state and allow the evolution, they will find the answer and they will then know what I am telling you. At first they will only have a feeling of change of thought patterns. And they will wonder about this. But it will be a strong feeling that they must change, even though it is not understood why or how.

D: But this will not occur with every individual

L: No. Only some and these will bring others along to their way of thinking. Some will choose otherwise. Some are unwilling to change. They will fight this vehemently, and will cause much pain and trouble. But these negative ones will be eventually overshadowed by the majority who want to make the transition. And they will be forced to leave, because they will be very unhappy in the environment being made.

D: These are probably people who wouldn't make an agreement for the being to make this entry anyway.

L: No. I want to make it clear that these light beings in no way will interfere with the human body or soul or purpose in which they are to live this lifetime. They are only there to enable a certain growth to take place. They are not there to change anything that has been agreed upon or established thus far.

D: That would be an invasion of the free will of the individual.

L: That is correct. They are only a spark to allow the human to cross the chasm and close it once and for all, so that this back-sliding into primitive ways can be stopped.

D:Is this the reason they are coming as a spirit form, so to speak? Because the physical beings have not been able to accomplish this on their own?

That is correct.

D: Other beings tried many different ways, and like you said, they were caught up in the physicalness of the planet sometimes. And they also failed in many other ways.

Yes. And this is why these light beings were created.

D: To perform this task in a different way.

Yes. For no other reason are these beings here.

D: Is this the reason why Bartholomew has to teach them the history of our Earth?

Yes, they must know how many times this has occurred. They must understand thoroughly human nature, so they will not transgress in any way. The human element must accomplish this for themselves.

D: When they make an entry, so to speak, does the human have to be more open at that time? (Yes) Is this accomplished in a certain way? I'm thinking of a human having natural defense systems subconsciously.

Yes. This will be a transition made very simply. All that is needed is a desire to grow. Not a walking-in, not a taking over, but a blending, a merging, an adding to, a combining. An element being added that enhances but does not diminish.

D:That makes sense if it won't work any other way Are there any other spirits or beings that are planning to come to Earth to help in all of this?

At this time it is a wait-and-see. It is hoped by the council that once Earth beings have evolved, that a coming and going of many from other places might be accomplished. And a trade network set up on an open policy rather than a hidden policy. Earth can be a more open place to visit.



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The Custodians: Beyond Abduction

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talk-interview show by George Noory  of Dolores Cannon on this theme on colonisation from space in mp3-downloadable by rightclicking