“we call this incredibly powerful conductor of force that is charged with the frequency of the divine self the 'Ark of the covenant'…”.

Most scientific and religious people believe that THE ARK OF THE COVENANT was a jewish ‘invention’ – but it is quite obvious - out of this text below, that this was taken/stolen from the old Egyptians, who was in contact with the INITIATED from higher worlds.
The Ark of the Covenant and how the pyramids was built

to understand how "god" talked to the jewish people- see down here below- at buttom

Ark of the Covenant - Yazhi (Extraterrestrial Contact - Pleiades) Reveals its Meaning and Location

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32. part of book INITIATION of Elisabeth Haich;


(the daughter of the Pharaoh – who was able to re-live this life many thousands
of years later, when she was again living in physical incarnation in her life in
Hungary – 1897-1994)
 stand before Ptahhotep and listen devoutly to his words:

Today, I shall explain to you the laws on which the stuff's miraculous effect is based. These
are, of course, simple laws of nature. God is everywhere present and the
emanation of His omnipresence is manifest in the visible, material world as
natural law. Therefore, nothing can happen outside natural laws. Yet these
laws differ from one stage of development to another.

'Different laws apply to the spiritual, the mental, and the material world.
And in the material world we find different laws at work in one and the same
form of matter, depending on the magnitudes involved. For example, it is a
law of nature for the surface of a body of water at rest to be horizontal. But
this law is valid only within certain magnitudes. A drop of water in the calyx
of a flower has a spherical shape, and a microscopic being living in this
miniature world would come to the conclusion that water always has a
spherical shape. Why? Because the relation between the surface tension of
water and the power which forces water into the horizontal is very different in
a drop—that is, in a small quantity—from what it is in a large body of water.
And yet, the same laws are at work.

'People know very little about the laws of nature, with the exception of
those they have experienced in daily life. They have become accustomed to
these and call them "laws of nature". And having found names for them they
believe they know the true essence of the laws of nature. They accept these
laws and their effects as a matter of course. But when they are suddenly
confronted by some phenomenon they know nothing about, they immediately
speak of "miracles" or "magic".

'People do not realize that these forces are no less laws of nature than those
to which they have become accustomed and think they know, even though
they haven't the vaguest notion about their true character. For man doesn't
know why a plant will grow from a seed or why a new being will evolve from
an impregnated cell. Neither do people know what "insemination" really
means and why, after insemination, the cell will divide and subdivide. They
have no idea why this subdividing process is repeated again and again, not
even stopping at birth, going on and on until a full-grown individual has
developed out of that one single first cell ... then still going on until this chain
reaction slows down by itself and gradually gives way to a decline. But since
people experience this daily, they take it for granted and aren't the least bit
surprised at it.

Still, this growth of a plant out of a seed, the birth of a child,
death, the different effects of the winds blowing from different directions, and
many other experiences of everyday life are just as "miraculous" as the effect
and the secret of this staff and the other "miracles" and the "magic power" of
the initiated.

'For you truly to understand the forces used by the initiated and applied
through this staff of life you will first have to learn a number of things.
'When we spoke about the tree of knowledge of good and evil you learned
that everything which has taken on material form is visible and perceivable
Only because it has fallen out of perfect unity and perfect equilibrium. But
from this state of disjunction, everything tends eternally to return to unison
and balance. "Equilibrium" means complete repose, motionlessness. On the
other hand, "to have become something"—that is, to have taken on visible,
tangible form—is identical with loss of balance and with the constant urge to
regain this equilibrium. It means incessant unrest, with continual movement.
Should this constant motion cease, even for only a moment, all creation would
suddenly be transformed into spiritual energy, that is, materially destroyed.

'All energy, all the forces of the universe, are movements which emanate
from one point—their own centre—and radiate in circular waves in all
directions, manifesting themselves as vibrations or oscillations. These
manifestations of force cease only when the forces that have got out of balance
regain their primordial state of equilibrium, the divine unity. Hence when we
speak of the "primordial state" we mean the state in which all material
phenomena have ceased to exist. In its true essence, matter, too, is motion,
and if this motion comes to a stop, matter must necessarily cease to exist. As
long as the three-dimensional, material world exists its immutable law is that
of unrest, of movement.

'The fact that the creative force manifests itself on each and every level of
innumerable possibilities means there are countless different wave lengths,
wave forms, and frequencies. And as long as we are in the body, with its
limited perceptive ability, we can perceive only a certain number of these
wave forms because our organs of sense are limited.

Whether some form of vibration appears to us as immaterial energy; or as solid matter;
depends upon our own idea and the impression of something which is
basically nothing but movement; vibration, or frequency.

'The shorter the waves in which a form of energy manifests itself the less
our consciousness records a sensation of matter. To the vibrations that are
transmitted directly to our consciousness by our organs of sense we give
names according to the sensations we feel: matter, sound, electricity, heat,
taste, smell, light. The still higher, immaterial energies and radiations,
perceptible only by means of our brain and nerve centres, we call thought
waves, idea waves. Beyond them there are still higher, more penetrating rays
and frequencies, all the way up to the very highest all-pervading frequencies
of the divine-creative power: life itself! We can only perceive these
frequencies as a state of consciousness.

'So, throughout the universe, countless varieties of vibrations are at work,
ranging from the shortest to the longest wave length. Every form of creation,
beginning with the celestial bodies and ranging all the way down to the tiniest
monocellular creature—all the myriad manifestations of creation are the
effects of various forms of these rays. We live in these various rays whether we
know it or not; even more, these forms of energy have built and formed us
human beings and are constantly at work in our body, our mind, and our
entire being. The whole universe consists of these various vibrations. The
source of these creative vibrations we call God.

'God himself stands above all manifestations of life and rests in himself in
absolute equilibrium without time and without space. But he is constantly
radiating himself out into material forms in order to give these forms life. As
God is omnipresent and fills the entire universe, everything that is in the
universe is penetrated and filled by God. Nothing can exist without being in
God and without God's penetrating it, as God is everywhere present and
nothing can displace or dislodge him from his own presence. Consequently,
every point offers a possibility that God may manifest himself through it, and
everything that exists in our perceptible world carries this point as its own
centre within itself. From this point, there began its first manifestation, its
creation, its fall from equilibrium.

'This aspect of God who creates the material world and gives it life by
penetrating it, that is, the actual life hi us and in all creatures, we call the
"higher self". Expressions like "God", "creator", "universal self", "higher self"
or the "creative principle" all mean one and the same divinity in its various

'The energies radiating from the centre are still highly spiritual in the
centre and of the highest frequencies. But the farther out they radiate from
the centre, the more material they become ... until these radiating energies are
gradually changed into matter. In this way the radiating power limits itself, and at the
edge of manifestation farthest removed from the centre it becomes a hard,
material rind or crust. For this reason, the picture—the "name"—of God who
manifests himself in the visible world is a circle, an inner circle of higher
powers surrounded by a hard, material rind or crust.

'Expressed in letters, the symbol is OM.
'All creatures, from the central suns down to monocellular beings, are built
according to this principle. Look at a cross-section of our earth. In the centre,
the mighty forces are still in the evolutionary stage of the fire circle. Next
come the gaseous regions, then those of the molten or liquid circles, and the
outer-form is the rind of hard matter. But I want to tell you too that another
opposing force—centripetal force—is also active at the same time, drawing all
material manifestations inward towards itself. And if hard matter were not
sufficiently resistant, all manifestations of life would be drawn into their own
centres and disappear. Even our earth, with all the forms of life upon it, would
suffer this fate. The resistance of matter prevents this from happening, and
only for this reason is it possible at all for creation to exist and life to have
come forth here on this hard, material crust of the earth. Don't forget the
resistance of matter, because we shall talk about it again.

'Here is another example to illustrate the inner structure of material forms:
a section through the spinal column of any vertebrate shows the same
construction, the extremely fine substance of the marrow of the back bone
carrying the creative power of life, developed and protected by the hard crust
of bone. Whatever bone you cut—be it skull, vertebra or leg bone—you will
find the same cross section.

'If you cut the stem of a plant, you will come upon the same pattern. Have
you ever looked at trees after they have been felled? The inner structure of the
tree is exactly the same: radiating from the centre are circles of vital energy,
fed by the finer matter of the tree's innermost substance. The annual rings
reflect the yearly radiation of life in the tree that takes place very spring,
surrounded and protected by the outer ring of hard bark.

'Growth always starts from the centre and radiates outward. The
innermost source of all powers and manifestations is God.
'This aspect of God, who is clothed in matter and makes living beings out of
created forms and which we call the higher self (Logos) is what draws us back
into our own centre, since we have fallen from the divine unity, from the state
of paradise. It is the heavenly bridegroom for whom the human soul longs.
One should never mistake this divine self for the personal "I" which hi itself
has no true existence and is merely an imaginary being.

'The vital source behind every form of manifestation, be it a sun, planet,
human being, animal, plant life or inorganic matter is one and the same God,
the same divine self.

'Although the same God is everywhere present in every creature, he is
manifest in countless different variations, because God reveals himself on
every single level on which manifestation is possible and the created forms
manifested on these various levels reveal only as much of God as each form
can consciously experience and bear of the divine creative force,
corresponding to its own level. To consciously experience force means being
this force and simultaneously radiating it hi all directions, including into one's
own body. For this reason, the body too must have adequate power of
resistance; otherwise the radiations of the self would burn and destroy it.

'Hence the bodies of the various manifestations of life are not made hi the
same way. On the contrary the matter composing them is of different degrees
of resistance, corresponding hi each case to the level of consciousness of the
manifestation of life concerned. You know that the chemical composition of
matter determines which vibrations a body can support. When a body is
subjected to a radiation in excess of its resistance, this harms its entire nerve
system, and can lead to a nervous breakdown and even to mental
derangement. When the number of vibrations of this force exceeds the scope
of an octave the force even becomes lethal. This is why, when we want to
initiate a person into a higher degree of divine power, we must first prepare his
body, subjecting it among other things to a chemical process, in order that the
difference will not be more than one octave at the most. Otherwise he dies.

'In the material world there are four levels of manifestation which we call
matter, vegetable life, animal life, and human life, depending on the outward
appearance and the degree of consciousness attained. Compared with the
human being, we can hardly speak at all of the "consciousness" of matter, and
yet a crystal may serve to show that matter too has a sort of consciousness.
Each level of manifestation of life is characterized by its own degree of
consciousness which is one octave removed from the next. Only man has the
power to manifest several degrees of consciousness, all the way up to the
divine level. If we keep in mind the intervals—octaves—by which we classify
levels of evolution, we find that man, as a category, occupies four steps of the
great ladder of evolution reaching from earth up to heaven; furthermore we
see that each step corresponds to one octave on the scale of vibrations. Man
knows about these four steps or degrees and has given them names: man
characterized by his intellect; genius, characterized by intuition; prophet,
characterized by his wisdom and universal love; and the last and highest
degree, that of the God man, characterized by his omniscience and

'Thus, in the material world, we find four manifestations which together
reveal seven octaves of vibration.

'Every creature emits the vibrations of which it is made, that is, those which
it consciously supports. Matter, the very lowest degree of consciousness,
manifests itself only through contraction, cooling off, and hardening.
'The plant manifests itself on two levels; the material level and the level of
force—vegetative force—that gives life to it. The plant manifests material
vibrations unconsciously; it carries its body like a dress, but its level of
consciousness is the vegetative level of force giving life to matter. Force
manifested on this level has three distinctive aspects by which it can be
recognized wherever it appears: the search for food, the taking in of food, and
the assimilation or digestion of food.

'The animal manifests three forces, the material, the vegetative and animal.
It has a body, it seeks out its food, eats and digests and is conscious on the
animal level: it has emotions, instincts, urges, feelings, sympathy, antipathy
and desires. The animal is conscious in the third developmental stage, only
one degree lower than man.

'The average man stands one octave of vibrations higher: he is conscious
on the mental level. He has intellect and the ability to think. But at the same
time he manifests the three other levels. On the material, he has a body; on
the vegetative, he seeks out his food, eats it and digests it; on the animal, he
has emotions, drives, sympathy, antipathy and desires. But his most
outstanding characteristic is his intellect. Man thinks consciously.

With the next degree of development, man makes a great jump: he lifts his
consciousness out of the world of effects into the plane of causes. He draws on
the divine source of the causal plan and manifests this force that appears in
his consciousness as intuition. With the help of his intellect and spiritual
power* he is able to express his experiences on a higher plane in words and
transmit them to his fellow men. He can also prove the existence of his
intuition in other arts: without dimensions, in music, as a composer; in two
dimensions with lines and colours, as a painter; in three dimensional forms as
a sculptor or as a dancer. People call the creative person a genius. He
manifests the five octaves of vibration of the material, vegetative animal,
mental and causal forces.

'The degree of consciousness of the next higher octave of vibrations, in the
language of human beings, is called that of a prophet. The prophet manifests
all the forces that work on the previously mentioned planes of consciousness,
but he is also conscious on the next higher level too, the plane of divine
wisdom and universal love. We must be careful never to confuse this universal
love, which is manifested on the sixth plane and is a completely spiritual
power, with the "love" of the third, animal plane which is the manifestation of
animal instincts. This latter "love" is a vibration operating three levels lower
at the source of which is the urge to propagate the species. Such "love" is
desire for possession and always only seeks the body. It forces a person to
come close to the loved one, and embrace, kiss, and hug him or her—in a
word—to possess.

'Whoever is subject to this kind of love is still living in his consciousness in
the condition of dividedness and separation and seeks a complementary
physical partner in order to find satisfaction. This love always seeks to take, to
have something, to possess. Love in the sixth plane of manifestation, the love
of the prophet, does not come from a condition of division, but from the
primordial condition of divine unity I Hence, this love is universal, always
giving, never taking, needs no supplement, no physical manifestation, but
always radiates from the consciousness of divine all-unity. People who are
conscious on this plane do not want to possess anybody; they feel themselves
one with the infinite all.

'The seventh and most perfect manifestation of God is the completely
conscious man: the God-man. All other forms of revelation manifest only
transformed vibrations, only part of God. A God-man is a person who
manifests God— his own divine self—completely and perfectly through a
perfect consciousness; one who experiences and radiates the divine creative
forces in their primordial untransformed vibrations and frequencies. He is
supremely conscious; no part of him is unconscious.

'Only man has the ability to master and to radiate all seven octaves of
vibration, as the nervous centres corresponding to the seven octaves of
transformed and untransformed creative power exist in his nervous system.
On the other hand, he is only able to radiate vibrations on the levels on which
he has become conscious, because until he becomes conscious on a given
level, the corresponding nerve centres remain in a latent condition. Thus the
average human being will radiate vibrations up to the fourth plane, the genius
up to the fifth, the prophet up to the sixth, and only the God-man is able
consciously to radiate all seven octaves and to radiate the divine creative
power, according to his own will, in its untransformed form or to transform it,
to change it, and transmit it in lower (transformed) frequencies.

'Your father's staff that you have seen consists of a material—a kind of
brass —that has the power of transmitting the radiation corresponding to
every plane. It is so constructed that, according to the will of the user, it can
transmit untransformed radiations, either diminished or amplified as desired
by the user.

'The staff can be a blessing or a curse. This depends on who uses it. An
initiated person is able to radiate, in any desired degree, all forces of
creation— from the highest divine forces to the lowest ultra-material forces
with this staff, because within his own being he possesses all these forces and
can consciously transmit them to the staff. Out of the whole gamut of these
vibrations, the human being with his organs of sense, can perceive only a part.

Vibrations either above or below this part are ones he can only experience as
an emotional condition. Thus for example, he experiences the very highest
divine frequencies as universal love. On the other hand, the very lowest
frequencies, those of ultra-matter, are lower than the frequencies which our
eyes and sensory nerves perceive as matter. As they are outside our scale of
sensory perception, we experience them in our emotions as hate. An initiated
person will always use the staff properly and always radiate the force needed
to create something good ... a blessing. The ultra material vibration he will use
when necessary as an invisible, insulating, impenetrable protective wall. With
the staff the initiated can dominate all forces of nature, amplify them or
neutralize them.

'Every creature on earth possesses these powers, but only in a form
corresponding to his degree of development. He utilizes these powers too, but
is not conscious of them. Or have you ever seen a person who gave thought to
how it is possible to raise his feet or his arms? Or that he could—even though
for only a short time—remove his whole body from the earth ... by jumping?
Lift your arm and observe how you do it. Isn't it true that you contract your
muscles and they lift your arm? Every movement of your body is brought
about with a contraction of your muscles.

But what contracts your muscles?
Think a minute, my daughter, what?'

'My will, Father.'

'Right. Your will. But if I ask you what your will is, can you give me an

'Father, I have often observed what happens when I want something. But I
have only been able to notice that when I want something, I can send out a
force and give this force direction. For example, as you just said, if I want to
raise my arm from its relaxed hanging position—it hangs because the earth is
attracting it—then this force which flows out of me through my will flows into
my arm and forces my muscles to contract and through this to raise my arm.'

'Very true,' says Ptahhotep, 'By virtue of the fact that your will power has
flowed into your arm and muscles, you have conquered the enormous
gravitational power of the earth on your arm.

This is true when you jump too, but only for a short time, because your will power is
only greater than the earth's gravitational pull for a short time. So you see time consumes
your will power transformed into physical power. Time does that! And space? You've used
your power to raise your arm, or your body, in altitude, to remove it from the earth, hence
to move it further in space. Thus you see that your
power is consumed by two great factors: time and space. If you could amplify
your will power and store it within your body, you could conquer the earth's
gravitational pull for a longer time and remain at a greater distance from the
earth. You could glide through the air. You can't do that now because you
haven't yet developed consciousness on this divine plane.

The initiated, on the other hand, who are conscious on the divine plane, can draw
directly on this infinite eternal source of power, without transforming it, and when they
wish, float through the air just as long as they direct their will power against the
gravitational pull of the earth.

'The initiated person knows all vibrations and possesses consciously
developed organs with which to use these powers. You know, for example, the
power of thought with which we communicate telepathically. These powers
too we control through a corresponding higher organ of our brain. Human
beings don't even know they have such organs. The initiated is able to radiate
the very highest of all powers, the divine, creative power. This is the power
and radiation of life, of eternal being. The entire universe is alive and
continues to exist by virtue of this power. To make conscious use of it lies only
within the capabilities of the God-man, the only creature that is, in his
consciousness, identical with God and radiates this power from his Godconsciousness,
his cosmic all-consciousness. No other creature could endure
this power consciously.

'Every force has its materialization on earth, and we therefore find that
corresponding to all forces and vibrations there is a form of matter that has
the resistive strength to endure it and transmit it, or even has the ability to
store it and subsequently radiate it during a given length of time. What people
call this matter is of no significance. Out of it are made the bodies of creatures
and forms of manifestation corresponding to the various levels of
consciousness. But this is true not only of the matter corresponding to their
own level of consciousness, but also of the matter that conducts the vibrations
below this specific plane of consciousness concerned. The matter of plants, for
example, possesses a necessary resistive force for the vibrations of the
vegetative life force, and at the same time for the vibrations of the matter, as
the plant has a material body. The nerves and the bodies of animals carry
within themselves the animal power corresponding to the animal level, and at
the same time the vibrations of the vegetative level an octave lower, as well as
the vibrations of the material plane a further octave lower.

'The nerves of the average human being, for example, have sufficient
resistance to carry the vibrations of the mental plane as well as the
transformed vibrations on each of the planes below—animal, vegetative and
material. With the mental energies he thinks and is conscious on this level;
with the animal energies he feels and experiences all emotional states; the
vegetative streams of force give life to his body, and finally his body is built of
material forces. And so it goes higher and higher up to the God-man who
consciously uses all his brain and nervous centres and is able to direct the
very highest vibrations of life, which has its central seat in his spinal column,
without transforming them, into his nervous centres and into his body. The
material of his body possesses the resistance to carry the very highest, divine
force as well as—naturally enough— the transformed vibration of the other six
planes of manifestation.

'Thus the bodies of people in the various planes of development, only
appear to consist of the same matter. Actually they are composed of different
chemical elements whose resistance always corresponds to the level of
consciousness of the spirit dwelling within.

The 'Ark of the covenant'.

'The fact that the body of the God-man is able not only to bear the highest
frequencies but also the transformed vibrations of all other octaves, means
that there must be a form of matter with the resistive force necessary to
withstand and to conduct the divine-creative force as well as all the other
transformed frequencies of the lower octaves, without being dematerialized.
Hence, the sons of God, in their homeland, invented a material, a kind of
brass, of which they constructed devices for storing or radiating, either
amplified or diminished, the very highest creative frequencies, either in their
original or in transformed manifestation.

These devices are so constructed that they keep the creative force in pure unchanged form.
Consequently, over a long period, they act as a source of divine power—like life itself.
Because the very highest of these devices which carries and radiates the creative force
represents a perfect union—as perfect as a marriage—between the divine and the
material frequencies— between God and the earth—we call this incredibly powerful conductor
of force that is charged with the frequency of the divine self the 'Ark of the covenant'.

These devices are so constructed that they keep the creative force in pure unchanged form. Consequently, over a long period, they act as a source of divine power—like life itself. Because the very highest of these devices which carries and radiates the creative force represents a perfect union—as perfect as a marriage—between the divine and the material frequencies— between God and the earth—we call this incredibly powerful conductor of force that is charged with the frequency of the divine self the 'Ark of the covenant'.

'Now you know why we keep these devices so secret. The God-man who has
developed his highest abilities can use these devices with impunity, as the ark
of the covenant contains and radiates the same force as he himself, the force
which he himself is. A person on a lower level, however, if he were merely to
touch the ark, would fall over dead momentarily as if struck by lightning. The
divine frequencies would instantly burn out his nerves and he would suffer a
"shock". The same thing happens when this frequency is liberated from its
state of isolation in the spinal column and strikes one's nerves
untransformed. The person or animal or even a plant concerned dies
immediately. People call this kind of death "a stroke". They sense that some
unknown power has struck the person like lightning. This power is the river of
life itself which normally is isolated within the spinal column—or within the
innermost channel in the case of plants—and normally only flows into the
body in suitably transformed condition. This force only breaks out in case of
sickness and causes the "stroke".

'For the same reason uninitiated people cannot be allowed in the vicinity of
our devices. And even more! As these devices radiate the most powerful
energy, we must keep them carefully hidden behind massive walls of rock
energy, we must keep them carefully hidden behind massive walls of rock
providing the greatest insulation. Life energy itself has a lethal effect when it
strikes a form of matter which doesn't have the necessary resistance. The
matter is dematerialized, dissolved.

'The ark and still other tools thus consist of a material which—without
being dematerialized—can be charged with the divine-creative energy. The ark
radiates untransformed creative energy and has the effect of giving life or
destroying it depending on the dosage. This force has the same character of
vibration as that of the human will which is capable of conquering everything,
including the gravitational pull of the earth even though for only a short time.
The ark of the covenant radiates this power magnified a thousand times. And
just as the earth through its gravitational pull affects matter and attracts it, we
can work against the gravitational pull of the earth in every form of matter
without exception and consequently overcome its weight and render it
weightless for a shorter or longer period of time. When necessary, we can
even do the opposite, i.e. work with the gravitational pull of the earth and
increase the weight of an object as much as we want through the ultramaterial

In this way even the greatest blocks of stone are rendered weightless for
a period of time so that the largest buildings you can think of can be built with
the greatest of ease, or the weight of the stones can be increased to such an
extent that they sink into the earth. For example, when we want to dig a well,
we don't have to dig out the earth. We simply take a stone of suitable size and
increase its weight so that it sinks into the earth until it reaches the desired

'With the help of the ark of the covenant, this enormous source of power,
we can also transform energies devoid of matter, as for example, the rays of
light, into matter. And, inversely, we can dissolve this matter and convert it to
energies active during aeons of time.

'Look at this lamp. Just as the sun itself for billions of years has been
sending out rays, some of which are converted to rays of light in our
atmosphere through transformations of energy, in the same way through the
matter being dissolved —dematerialized—in this lamp, energies are created
which are converted to rays of light in the air.

'This process could continue in this lamp for ages and ages and
consequently it would go on giving light for aeons of time were it not written
in the history of the earth that we shall have to leave the earth for thousands
of years and destroy all our equipment. Were this not the case, the ignorant
sons of men would again cause unspeakable destruction.

'There will be a lot in the remains of our culture which coming generations
will not understand. For example, the way we get such a mirror-smooth
surface on even the hardest stones. The joints between them fit so accurately
there isn't even a crack the size of the thickness of a hair between them. They
will be greatly puzzled at how our "slaves", working only "by hand", have been
able to cut stones so precisely. Because the sons of men make slaves of their
fellow-men, they will believe that we too have put slaves to work.

For thousands of years it won't dawn on them that we simply dematerialize the superfluous stone on the surface and are thus able to get hairline accuracy on the edges and faces of even the hardest stones without the slightest human effort. We adjust our instruments to the desired width and depth of the stone and everything beyond the dimensions we want is merely dematerialized. This is very simple as soon as you know the true nature of the different energies including that of matter. But this knowledge is a blessing only in the hands of a knowing person. He knows too that love means life, and hate means death.

Only initiates of the highest degree can be architects. As a matter of fact, to
build with slaves we wouldn't need to be initiates! We don't work with slaves
but with the forces of nature.

'Thanks to these instruments of ours we are able to create every form of
manifestation. The manifestation depends only on how long and from what
distance we put the creative energy to work. The sons of men take it for
granted they can come into the temple with their sicknesses and we make
them well again. Sickness means that the vibrations of the body have got out
of harmony. We restore the inharmonious part of the body to its own proper
vibration and the person gets well. Every organ has its own characteristic
vibration. This means that every organ is as it is because it has a certain
characteristic vibration, and this vibration is constantly acting within it and
maintaining it. When this vibration changes, the organ concerned becomes

'We can also regulate the weather on earth, making clear blue sky or, when
necessary, clouds and rain. The sons of men see the lightning, hear the
thunder of the pyramid and are happy because they know this means the
blessing of rain. They live in the secure knowledge that the temple will take
care of all their needs: their health, the rain that blesses them, and even their
spiritual well-being.'

'Father of my Soul,' I now ask, 'how do you charge this ark of the covenant
with creative energy?'

Ptahhotep looks at me with a penetrating glance and says:
'I can see you already know how we charge the ark of the covenant. I
already told you: there is only one source on earth that is able to radiate this
power and that is the God-man himself. It is the duty of the high priest to
charge the ark with divine-creative power. He either drives his own high
power directly into the ark or he achieves the same result with the help of the
staff of life through converting an absolutely positive flow of power flowing
from his hand at a lower vibration, conducting it through the staff and there
converting it into divine-creative power. For in his daily life, even the perfect
God-man only radiates creative power in a transformed state. Only when his
spiritual forces are concentrated and in his consciousness he is identical with
God, only then does the divine force radiate in its primordial vibration. He
must therefore be in a condition of cosmic all-consciousness when he wants to
radiate the creative force.

If the uninitiated sons of men were to see him in this condition they would
run away terrified as at such times the God-man radiates such celestial, divine
light that ordinary people can't stand the sight of him. If uninitiated people
were to touch an initiate in this divine condition of being, they would
momentarily fall over dead, just as if they had touched the ark of the

'Thus when an initiate radiates his rays of life for healing purposes, he
withdraws into a state of concentration such that his radiation can be borne
by people without harm; that is the power he directs to the- appropriate nerve
centres he raises up to the level of creative power with the help of the staff.

For the staff is so constructed that it can not only conduct the rays but also
transmit them in a transformed state, amplified or diminished, at will. Hence,
an initiate doesn't need to enter the divine state of being in order to conduct
the highest radiation of life into the ark of the covenant; on the contrary, he
can enter a lower state of concentration and then direct the power
corresponding to this level into the ark of the covenant, after raising it with
the help of the staff up to the level of creative energy. When the ark is charged
in this manner, it radiates for a long time this highest and strongest energy, as
a source of all other forces on earth.

'An initiate can produce and control even the most varied frequencies with
the staff, as the staff is an ark of the covenant in miniature form, except for
the fact that creative energy is not stored in it as in the case of the ark of the
covenant. With the help of the staff, a human being could even convert his
lower powers into creative force if he could radiate in a pure, positive and
completely selfless manner power that is several octaves lower.

This is because the staff always radiates the power that a human being puts into it. If
a primitive and selfish person were to get possession of the staff, he would
transmit his own negative radiations arising from his selfishness—possibly
even in amplified form—and thus cause sicknesses, epidemics, earthquakes or
even greater destruction as the necromancers and practitioners of black magic
once did in the home of the divine race.

'Do you understand now why the initiates keep their science so secret from
the uninitiated.'

'I understand, Father. And it is now quite clear to me how my father
revived the half-dead boy. In his state of high concentration, father directed
his radiation, in magnified state, into the child. It worked like a miracle. The
child was charged with vital energy, and his exhaustion disappeared
immediately. But, Father of my Soul, what is going to happen when the sons
of men take over the government? Are you going to destroy the magic staff, as
father said, when he told me the initiates are going to destroy all their
instruments? What a shame that people won't be able to enjoy the blessing of
these powers!'

'My child,' says Ptahhotep, 'every creature lives in conditions that are
exactly adapted to its state of development. If we were to betray the secret of
the staff to the sons of men, they would immediately use it to do harm to each
other and to themselves. The sons of men aren't ready for this knowledge and
won't be for a long time to come. The staff we are now using will be taken out
of Egypt by the last initiate in possession of the secret knowledge, along with
the ark of the covenant. He will have no possibility to build a pyramid. On the
contrary, he will make a small cover for the ark to insulate it as well as
possible. He will charge the ark to a much lesser degree and will cause it to be
carried during his migrations by means of long wooden poles as handles.
When this last initiate feels he is approaching death, he will destroy his staff.
For a time the ark will continue to radiate the energy with which it has been
charged, and the uninitiated will continue to carry it about in various
countries for a long time until little by little they notice that it no longer has
any power. Then even the last remains of the ark will be destroyed.

'In times to come people will learn about the "magic staff" and the "ark of
the covenant" only through records of earlier times. They will consider all this
as a fairy tale and continue to tell it from one generation to another. But they
will still vaguely remember that once there was an "ark of the covenant" in
which there dwelt the power of the living God. And they'll also remember
there was once a "magic staff" or as we call it a "staff of life" with which the
initiates, the "magicians", performed miracles. From records from earlier
times people will know or dimly sense that "the staff" represented power over
all forces of nature.

'In later times when people want to symbolize the greatest power, they will
place a staff—a sceptre—in their hand as a token of power. In those times to
come, however, their staff—their sceptre—will only be an empty symbol of
power. The true power said force of the staff will no longer be known to
them. Only after thousands of years will a descendant from the tribe of the
Sons of God be reincarnated; he will discover these truths for the people of his
time and will make a new "magic staff". Until then, however, for thousands of
years, there will be a strange kind of people who, either to entertain or to
cheat, will call themselves "magicians" and will pretend they are performing
their magic tricks with the help of a "magic wand". They will thus be imitating
what once actually existed.

'They will hold a "magic wand" in their hand and go through the motions of
drawing magic powers from this wand. They will also use "magic words",
imitating our magic formulas. But people will only learn the true gigantic
power of the word centuries later when the fallen members of the divine race
are reincarnated—those who are now living here—and will remember in their
subconscious the truths which in that time will represent ancient records.

'They will prove that their memories are correct. The time will come when
the sons of men rediscover and repossess all knowledge, even the very
highest. Even then, of course, this knowledge will remain an unintelligible
secret for the ignorant masses, and in uninitiated hands these rediscovered
truths will be a curse. But after all, this is the path of mankind, through many
troubles and sorrows, which people make for themselves. Little by little they
will learn they must not play with divine power. They'll come to know that
these powers should be used in full seriousness with dignity and dedication.
For God gives mankind all, even himself, as a blessing; only people, in their
ignorance, make a curse out of everything!'

'Father of my Soul,' I ask, 'you said that the pyramids were made of thick
blocks of stone in order to insulate the equipment by means of which the
penetrating frequencies are radiated. But how then can you conduct the
radiations to the outside?'

'The thick walls of the pyramids all contain shafts and tunnels through
which we conduct out the force of the ark of the covenant and the other
supplementary equipment which radiates energy. With the aid of these shafts
and tunnels we also control weather. The positive and negative tunnels are
built in different directions; when the positive and negative forces flow
through them, they cause clouds to form and bring about the desired rain. The
equalization of these tensions causes flashes of lightning accompanied by
great noise. That is why people hear thunder coming from the pyramid. The
other pyramids have been built for various other installations.'

'What's going to happen to the pyramids when the sons of men come into
power in our country and the ark of the covenant and all other instruments
are destroyed? Will the pyramids stand empty? And what's to become of the
high priest and the other priests and initiates?' I ask.

'All except for the largest pyramid where the ark of the covenant is now
kept and where initiation is given, the pyramids won't remain empty. When
all our instruments for the radiation of divine creative energy are removed,
the last initiated Pharaohs will have themselves entombed in one of these
pyramids. Their bodies, permeated through and through by divinely creative
force will continue—as the force will not be consumed—to radiate the
supreme power just as the ark of the covenant does. Thus their bodies will
continue in secret to act as tremendous sources of power, protecting this
continent from evil influences.

The radiation of well preserved and holy bodies will help our country keep its power for thousands of years. But in the course of time most of these tombs will be destroyed by ignorant people.'

'And what's going to happen to the great pyramid, Father?'

Ptahhotep looks off in the distance for a while as if he were observing
things there. Then his heavenly glance sweeps back to me and he says: 'When
the time has come for all secret instruments to be destroyed, and when the
priest and initiates still serving in the temple at that time take their pilgrim's
staff and set out for far-away places, the high priest and his deputy will close
the rock entrance of the great pyramid from the inside so that no son of man
can find it. Then, after fulfilling their last duties, they will dematerialize their
own bodies in just the way you've often seen the offering on the altar in the
temple court dematerialized. Just a flash, then a little white cloud that soon
disappears —not a trace of ash or anything else remains behind.

Thus the nterior of the great pyramid will be closed off from human sight for
thousands of years. Nevertheless, our initiations will not cease. Mature souls
will continue to be initiated here—not physically, of course, but on the higher
spiritual plane. These people will experience their initiation as a dream or a

Ptahhotep ceases speaking, and for a long time we look into each other's

I understand a lot that he doesn't want to say ... but I still have another
question: 'Father of my soul, is there a special reason why all pyramids are
built in the same form? Why aren't they built in a cubic shape, for example,
like other buildings?'

Ptahhotep smiles: 'Not in cubic form? But the pyramids are built in cubic
form! But I'll have to explain that to you next time. You've had enough today.'
I see that Ptahhotep has ended his instruction, but I still remain. I'd like to
have him show me the use of the staff and the ark of the covenant. He looks at
me with a smile and says: 'The time will come when you'll be permitted to
know about the construction of the ark of the covenant and the staff of life.
That will come after you've been initiated. But the use of these instruments is
restricted to those who've reached the seventh degree after initiation through
their own efforts. These secrets must not come into dangerous hands. Be
patient. Time exists only in our thinking, but still everything takes time to

He blesses me, and I leave.

some of this in audio-mp3

source: http://galactic.no/rune/Elisabeth_Haich_Initiation.htm


for å forstå hvordan "gud" snakket til det jødiske folket osv. og hvordan de/gudene kunne materialisere kropper og kunne snakke fra et høyere nivå: les eller hør boken fra 90 år siden om dette,

Communication with The Spirit World 

of Johannes Greber

 (link on mp3- audiobook, og at bottom there are the  pdf- reading ed.on  the english translation, plus a -txt, version of the same book.)

some translated to norwegian of this book/ her litt  OVERSATT FRA boken 
Communication with The Spirit World
(mer om denne boken)  boken på norsk

of Johannes Greber
(fra s60)

Allerede ved min første kontakt med åndsverdenen ble jeg lovet at jeg ville bli lært om lovene som styrer måtene i hvilken kommunikasjonen med ånder mot eller til den materielle verden skjer, og spesielt med selve menneskeheten. Oppfyllelsen av dette løftet ville for meg være et nytt og ubestridelig bevis på sannheten om det jeg tidligere hadde lært av denne kilde. Jeg visste ingenting om disse lovene. Enda mindre kunne mediene, som var uerfarne i alle grener av vitenskap, vite noe om slike lover; derfor kunne de ikke gi noen lære om emnet fra egen kunnskap.Løftet som gitt meg ble holdt i en langt større grad enn jeg hadde våget å håpe på. Instruksjonen jeg mottok om lovene knyttet til kommunikasjon med åndens verden, viste en klarhet og en kraft av overbevisning som bare finnes i den absolutte sannhet. Alle mine spørsmål ble besvart uttømmende, ned til siste detalj. Aldri fant jeg den minste motsigelse i det som ble lært meg. Alt gitt, som mekanismen i en klokke - av høy kvalitet. Min lærer var den samme ånden som den som i vårt andre møte hadde lovet å innvie meg i hver eneste sannhet, og det (som medium) brukte den samme gutten som som de dengang talte gjennom.....


her skytes inn flg.om dette tema, oversatt ca.fra 30% inn/ned i  boken 
Communication with The Spirit World 
of Johannes Greber - link to book + audio

boken på norsk

(det som foranlediget dette, var spørsmålet om hvordan kan "døde" påvirke/flytte på den fysiske materie, når de tilsynelatende ikke lenger er i fysisk kropp (jf. TVprogram som Åndenes Makt og Det okände.)

(Det engelske er oversatt fra den oppr.tyske utg.av johGreber_VerkehrMit_der_Geisterwelt_1932.pdf)

 (link på både mp3- eng. lydbok, og nederst der er en pdf-lese-utgave av den engelsk oversettelsen, samt ren-txt, av denne samme bok.)

LIVSKRAFTEN eller "den Od-iske kraften"
"På grunn av deres forskjellige naturer, kan ånd og materie ikke virke direkte på hverandre. Ikke engang din egen ånd er i seg selv (direkte-) i stand til å aktivere et lem eller organ i kroppen din.(Han, den åndelige guiden/kommunikatoren på andre siden som taler dette; 'Ikke engang jeg som har tatt denne gutten "i besiddelse" (som komm.redskap) , kan få kroppen hans til å sitte opp eller heve hendene eller produsere en lyd med hans taleorgan ved min egen innsats alene). For å gjøre disse tingene krever din egen ånd, så vel som jeg, også en kraftstrøm.

"På samme måte krever funksjonen  av en maskin, en konstant tilførsel av strøm, eller energi fra damp - hvis maskinen skal fungere. Hvis forsyningen mangler eller er utilstrekkelig, står maskinen stille, stopper opp. (husk dette er overført i en tid- for ca hundre år siden- da DAMP var en drivkraften til den gryende industialiseringen av den vestlige verden)

"I vårt tilfelle er ånden maskinistenMaskinen er kroppen eller materien, stoffet. 
Hvis stoffet/materien skal settes i gang av ånden, er det nødvendig med en kraftstrøm.De gamle lærde, kalte denne kraft- strømmen i menneskene for 'Sjel', adskilt og forskjellig fra 'ånd' og 'kropp'. 

Dermed lærte de ganske riktig, at mennesket består av ånd, sjel og kropp.

"Bibelen kaller denne 'strømmen' eller 'vital energi" for "livets ånd" ... ("og Gud pustet inn i mennesket livets ånd; Slik ble mennesket et levende vesen. 1. Mosebok 2: 7)

Dagens forskere (dvs i gamle dager, nå- vet nok ingen vanlige leger hva man snakker om dersom man kommer inn på dette. rø-anm.) -  kaller denne livs-strømmen i mennesket for od- kraften. Denne "ods- eller livskraft eksisterer i og rundt alle materielle ting.

Hvert menneske, hvert dyr, hver plante, hver stein, hvert mineral, alt vann, hvert himmellegeme, enhver ånd og alle andre eksisterende ting har slik en "odisk kraft". (Teosofiske kilder bruker ordet ETERISK om samme kraft. Jeg tolker dette å være den ÅNDELIGE GJENPARTEN av det som Martinus kaller "tyngde-energi").

Det er ingenting materielt, men er åndelig og alltid forbundet med en ånd. Det er livets, åndens livskraft, som derfor alltid dens "transportør". Derfor; hvor det er liv, er det od (eterisk kraft), og hvor det er od, er det ånd. Siden denne ods-kraften eksisterer i og rundt alle ting som er  materielle, og derfor alltid forbundet med ånd, følger det at det er en ånd i alt materiellt / 'skapt'.

"Det høres nok utrolig ut for deg, men dette er sannheten."Enhver ånd knyttet til en materiell kropp har først og fremst den (fin-)odiske kraften som kreves for sin egen eksistens som ånd, og så tilstrekkelig ekstra odisk kraft for å indusere liv, vekst og aktivitet i den jordiske kroppen.

For å gjøre bruk av et utilstrekkelig jordisk eksempel: 
et lokomotiv krever en viss mengde dampkraft for å sette seg selv i bevegelse, og en viss mengde ekstra damp som gjør det mulig å trekke vognene som er koblet på det. Vognen som er koblet til din ånd er kroppen din, og til kraft for denne, trenger ånd en særlig ekstra odiskraft.

Den ods (eteriske-)livskraft som er beregnet til ('drift av') kroppen, adskiller seg imidlertid fra den som er beregnet for (drift av-) ånden, siden alt som skal påvirke materien må assimileres og tilpasses den til en viss grad. 

Derfor er "od" av det jordiske legemet, mindre åndelig enn for den ånd som bor i dem."

Den fysiske od ligner deres jordiske kraftstrømmer (kraft/magnetlinjer), som verken er rent materielle eller rene åndelige. Deres sanne natur er ukjent for dere, selv om dere opplever deres effekt på daglig basis.

For å lede deres jordiske kraftstrømmer, bruker dere materielle ledere/kabler, som er beregnet på å lede en strømmengde som er tilpasset deres last, behov. 

Dere har maskiner og utstyr av alle slag, og fabrikker, hvis drift krever strøm av en viss styrke. Hvis strømmen er for kraftig, vil den ødelegge utstyret. Hvis den er for svak, stopper maskinene/utstyret

"På samme måte strømmer den odiske strømmen i alle fysiske vesener, via ledere, gjennom hele kroppen, med alle dens fantastiske systemer, som dere kaller organer, - med den nødvendige styrke. Hvis strømmen har en for kraftig styrke på et gitt organ, vil det skape forstyrrelse. Hvis den er for svak, vil organets funksjon opphøre.

Blodet er leder av ods/livs-kraften. Hvis lederen blir ødelagt ut av tap eller nedbrytning av blodet, stopper ods-strømmen også, akkurat som kraftstrømmen stopper når (høyspent-) ledningene deres blir skadet av ytre ting eller ved korrosjon.

Fordi blod er leder for ods-kraft, er dermed fysisk liv umulig uten blod, og i Bibelen kalles blodet for "livets opphav ": "the seat of life" (5. Mosebok 12: 23)

Den fysiske odskraft er ikke skapt av den respektive kropps ånd,men er avledet fra føden/maten som bli tatt inn i kroppen.

(slutt utdrag/oversettelse av denne interessante bok om temaet. Engelsk Lydbok av samme)

eng: to understand how "god" talked to the jewish people_etc - study this book up from ca page 87>on