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Author/ and/or contact-person

Title, year

(links also via title)


place - time

came from: Homeplanet, constellation

mp3 audio-intro

ETV (ufo-ship)


ill.of race

purpose of contact/ visit

Age - duration of life



Atlantis info?

more on this race




visit on home planet?


 LS= sound-talk- -discussion Pp= P-point

Wendelle Stevens &

 Stefan Denaerde

Ppoint | PpNorsk from planet Iarga

1969(NL) 1982 (eng)


outside coast of Holland ca middle of the  60s

"Iarga" ca 10 LY from Earth

interview with the contact-person from HOLLAND  on youtube

picture of ship

drawing of Iarga-person

observation of earth

+ giving impulses



ca 1,5m



amph. race

early 60sl



youtube on how NATO found com. signals coming from the IARGA team

was shown a 3d movie from Iarga inside the ship

B1, B2, S1,

talk in norwegian on the case

Ppoint PpNorsk

Wendelle Stevens


Ludwig Pallman

Pp = power- point presentation


"Ufocontact from Itibi-Ra" (cancer planet mission)




India 1964  + Peru, Lima -1966 ->

"Itibi-Ra II" lying in direction of center of the  Milkyway



manip. picture of "man"


cultivate spec. plants in earths  environment which was to be taken to  homeplanet + giving us impulses

ca 500 earthyears

ca 1,85m



outlook as some brown europeans - not distinguish from  Earth- people  and could travel around whitout being recognized as ETs

1964 -68

India og Peru

only shown pictures from their homeplanet so natural as beeing there physically


talk in norwegian

part 2 av samtalene

Pp = power- point presentation

Wendelle Stevens &

Robert P. Renaud,

Pp-power- point

"Ufocontact from Korendor"

Audiobook of the txt  made via IVONA upreader mp3

 here on norwegian on the case

USA  - 1961

Korendor in constellation Bootes by. Arcturus ca 400 LY away 

many models

looked like  white nordic people when  teleported here 

watch the atom- weapons ++ giving impulses on many levels

ca 400 E-years

1,7m ->

had in the past catched signals from the far -far high- tech civ.on Atlantis

adjust bodies acc. to the type of planet to be visited




 only on bases they had on the MOON


+asf- format

Pp-power- point

Wendelle Stevens

winters; THE PLEIADIAN MISSION  + audio


utgitt -83

up-reading on youtube from book

Switzerland from 1975-78 and claimed to be going on still


Dim-adjusted by Erra "behind" Pleiades in Taurus Another pleiadian group thru Rincon

and here on the lleged pleiadian contacts of  Preston B.Nichols

many models

looked like  white nordic people

to give the best photographic material up to that time- on the ETs + giving a lot of infomation on the history and cosmic colonization of this planet

up to 1000 years 

1,7 ->

Their own and the white races ancestors colonized  parts of Atlantis - ca 31000 years back

Scientists from their ancestors did genetic experiments on Atlantis 



-> ongoing



yes Meier also had the possibility to stay on Erra 

see the links from a site


Albert Coe’s ufocontact in 1920!!

Ppoint on the case

book "the shocking truth"

"ufo-contact from planet NORCA" as wendelle stevens published later

1920 in Canada ORIGINAL from  planet NORCA looked like  white nordic people               Ppoint on the case
Orfeo Angelucci, (1912-1993)

intro | p-point

p-point norsk


some similar contact in norway in-08


1955     | audio/mp3 parts

Burbank, California. Aug.2 +

May 24, 1952





utdr.fra orfeo-boken


audiobook on the case mp3- 7x30min parts - rightclick + save as

preparing as normal E-people  




  1946- 52 Burbank, California.  on their craft where he exp.a cosmic glimpse p-point-intro

Philip H. Krapt




june -97

Verdants - very far-  but in our galaxy


see book-ref.

prepare for  offcial contact to the spacepeople + giving new impulses 

many K- years

1,5- 1,6m



-97 > 2001>


only on their craft or ship


Alec Newald

"Co-evolution" 1999,norsk utdr


Dim-adjusted as they tried to do an artificial jump in evolution - but the result was  not as they had thought of bilde


DNA /genetic loan + give impulses some smaller than normal E-people   claim to have been here in many million of years - hidden - or as visits 1989 NZ yes I1, S1,

Frank Johnson (forf)

(John Mann and his family)

dansk språklig kort- utg.

"The Janos People"

 free:audiobook english mp3 of the case | further parts:    2      3

 4      5 |      6      7  

 8       9

England - summer 1978.

read also: The Ripperstone farm-ufo- mystery in -77 link

to "JANOS"


/and here about another ufocontact in England in 1963

ringformed (drawing)

drawing of mother and child)

had to leave their home planet because of  natural catastophic conditions arose


as nordic people


free:audiobook english mp3 of the janos contact- case |  2 |   3 4|    5|     6 7|  8 9




only on their craft or ship

B / A

Wendelle Stevens & investigator Carl von Vlierden

intro på dansk

intro on english




audiobook mp3's   a ca.15min parts: part 1  | part 2 |    3 |       

the rest: look 80% down on this link

early 60s  > further and the first contact made by physical meeting and later by a radio that the Koldas- man had modified - this radio was later confiscated by the gov.

KOLDAS which is in another dim. in a anti-material cosmos and they give a very intr expl on dim-travel by the higher dimentions


illustration of ship

prepare for off. contact to the spacepeople, and give new impulses

as nordc people

will suppose they are from the same cosmic family as the pleiadians

les boken!!

one of "them" worked in the beginning in a radio-factory in Durban in the early 60s - and it was then  the contact was made to the young local man "Edwin"

1960  and till some time out in the 70s





intro på dansk

intro on english



Wendelle Stevens &

Martin Wiesengrün


Physical ufo-contact in former east-Germany in –57:

audio upread mp3

july-1957 on island Rügen/Baltic coast

see also a similar contact in Dk. in-51

contactperson Dagolo had an age of 1230 earth-years – similar to 61years of Arien time – her homeplanets named Arian – in starpicture Aldebaron (they pronovnced it AL-DE-BAR-OWN). 59 LY away from here were their sun they called RAULA. Arian was 4th planet from that sun


a case in the same easter/Baltic-sea many years later on link here - remark: auto.translated and may be wordmistakes on this link above- so swedish here

as nordc people

will suppose they are from the same cosmic family as the pleiadians



earlier east germany


only on the ship 

ref from the book in english

W.Stevens and the pseudonym of Edward James


Ppoint2 on the case of a ww1 warship they took away of spec.reas.

Ufo-contacts from (a frequency- raised level of-) Venus


+ Ppoint-engl.

Miami -usa


higher levels of planet Venus

and this is some similar- from a higher level of Venus + audio

outlook as normal nordic + north-europeans in their frequency lowered state on Earth 

giving information and new impulses

plus this case pre-Adamski on Venus-contact in -52 -small but else normal human-looking pdf


some similar contact to contact- women "Borealis" in book- report  in norwegian |

+ english

some ref

seems to be of the same group that was in contact with VAL-THOR

read the book and make up your own mind




Ppoint2 on the case of a ww1 warship they took away of spec.reas.

Wendelle Stevens & GIORGIO DIBITONTO

 more on HigherDimention Venusians _LeeCrandall audiobook

+ read this little book

-another on same- from-53 in mexico




a book on astral-travel to Venus



more on human-looking contacts in Italy- undergr.bases








ref from  book

Enrique Castillo Rincon

german/deutch link

UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity Outside Bogota, Lima, nov -1973 some planets in the Pleiades, and later from other planets as well, + from higher levels of Venus + this
outlook as normal nordic + north-europeans so they could walk around on the streets of cities on Earth anonymous  


many hundreds of years   another contact from south-amr.via LOUIS FERNANDO- audio intro in norwegian
<may espedal forteller i lyd om denne kontakten

THE Jehova withess pastor taken up in january   1976

sound-mp3-file where Wendelle talks about this contact











Wendelle Stevens & Antonio Ribera

(the mystery of UMMO )



Audio book on the UMMOs  mp3  in many parts a 30min

50s->now in France + Spain & else UMMO + more in the info from french scientist j-p petit HERE in mp3_- up- reading a letter a typist they booked wrote after the Ummos stayed at his home              
more down comet-crashes having formed our earth and mythology - vid

taken into a ufo-ship in a group and shown 3d film of a possible coming meteor impact near the MEXICO GULF -in -88

BAAWI -Proxima Centauri - ufo-contacts

many years back










Michel Desmarquet


"Thiaoouba Prophecy" or
“Abduction to the 9th Planet”

audiobook | alt.

1987 in Australia

in our galaxy illustration link

giving information etc.

hundreds *

ca.2,7m illu.-link

audio mp3

most of them have reached a stage where they can materialize their own body 1987> Australia yes audiolecture


Author/ and/or contact-person

Title, year

(links also via title)


place - time

came from: Homeplanet, constellation

mp3 audio-intro

ETV (ufo-ship)


ill.of race

purpose of contact/ visit

Age - duration of life



Atlantis info?

more on this race




visit on home planet?


 LS= sound-talk- -discussion Pp= P-point

UFO-ABDUCTION AT MIRASSOLL – a biogenetic experiment


also worth to study:

The NEP-ufo-contact from 1936 to- 72

This book was first published in Portuguese language in Brasil under the title "O CASO DE MIRASSOL" in 1984 Mirassol- Brazil


unknown, but had appartently bases on the moon biogenetic experiment

book on top-secret report of what the ET from the Rosewell crash told to a nurse and all written down and a copy was smuggled out of the base, and of this was a book published some few years ago

1,5m   bigger ears/ eyes 1979 >into the 80s and say ongoing? Brazil only base on the moon  



audio on this

 Swedish UNDERSEA ufo-contact - Ante Jonssons experiences


The underwater-UFO-BASE visit by the Swedish “henry” by Canary islands

more on a contact from sweden

a remarkable ufocontact in England in 1963



Swedish UNDERSEA ufo-contact - in mid 80s







Wendelle Stevens

intro on youtube
NORSK UTGAVE av denne boken i pdf

 published in-1987

audiobook mp3 upreading

intro or some summary on Acart-contact mp3




unknown, but  appartently not so far

audiobook mp3 upreading

NORSK UTGAVE av denne boken i

plant collecting experiment

as us


outlook as  europeans - not distinguish from  Earth- people  and could travel around whitout being recognized as ETs

1958 >into some years further



was many of days on their planet


the LYA contacts of prof. Hernandez in the 70s

"ufocontact from Andromeda"




giving information and new impulses



outlook as  europeans 





Very interesting UFO-CONTACT in Spain in 1978

 - THE So-Called "JULIO- case"

audio on this Julio-case


in sound  -mp3 from this area, south-america/ bolivia, regarding ufos 


download power point viewer here








Physical Contact in Minnesota in the late 50s, where the ET s gave highlevel scientific information.  

and the Udo Wartena Contact Case in 1940

1953- Mexico, Salvador Villanueva Medina
still another contact to a higher (astral plane) of Venus??
|   +
pdf (old) 
pdf-new sept2020
Contact OVNI de Salvador Villanueva Medina.pdf-
lien/link french
audiob mp3 of the engl.translated book

the BETTY AND BARNEY HILL STORY-pdf | audiobook

see also: TheMammothEncyclopediaOfExtraterrestrialEncounters LINK

horst raps
                        contactperson to Alfa C


the contacts of Horst Raps to Alfa Centauri in 1959
PDF; and german next to the right>> norsk lydfil

on the origin of the destroyer-comet and the past' deluges







to read- pdf- or listen to -mp3;

- pdf




from "RunaAntilos Base"audio




Author/ and/or contact-person

Title, year

(links also via title)


place - time

came from: Homeplanet, constellation

ETV (ufo-ship)


ill.of race

purpose of contact/ visit

Age - duration of life



Atlantis info?

more on this race




visit on home planet?


 LS= sound-talk- -discussion Pp= P-point


sound-talk on case

more sound cases


Charles A. Silva: Date with the Gods,-70s): + audio

intro to this book up

police-watch officer Herbert Schirmer's ufocontact


see also this video on another policemans - Lonnie Zamora nearcontact in Sakura new mexico 1964

Ashland, Nebraska (12-03-1967)





some lyra- pleiadian civ?
The Swaruu-Taygetha contacts in small mp3 files
- more


*colony/temp.on a moon in our solarsystem and similar in the Andes +      more on this theme in this book





see also a similar contact in Dk. in-51          
ERNEST L. NORMAN on astral- 4dim exploration on the planets -some 60 years ago THE TRUTH ABOUT MARS- astral expl. in -1955  + upreading booklink else

how they fly or materialize into our dimension


similar astral exploration  of Venus some 60 years ago+ upread mp3  audio

the OMNEC ONEC Venus - connection


another similar case of alleged self-experienced nightly out of body travels to so-called pleiadian motherships in ca 1990  + audio recitation explore   yes plus on Maldek       astral state visit  

Victor Kapetanovic OR Vitko Novi; the APU -UFO- CONTACT


Wendelle Stevens:

The ufo-contacts of Apolinar (Paul) Villa-2 generations ago

BIG extra-terr.teleportation experiment in Wales -->

"the Un-invited"



The NEP-ufo-contact from 1936 to- 72

Carl Anderson ufocontact

German: Zusammen-fassung kontakt- berichte

listen/mp3  to ALIEN INTERVIEW book from 08 and book is here

Dino Kraspedon:

Antonio Rossi: "On a Flying Saucer I Visited Another Planet"-txt 
book engl. (direct)





"the secret life of paul villa"



Close Encounters of UNUSUAL KIND  IN WALES 1977

 audiobook mp3 from that







Oscar Magosci's - some 'far-out' - ufoContact -book

the DayAfter Roswell  or mirror || audio


temporary txt version of the ROSSI book in english:

book in porto...:

Num Disco Voador Visitei Outro Planeta -- Antonio. Rossi.pdf

1960  PERU












tmp3 audiobooks  else


"They were
dressed in suits of fine finish, well fitted to the body, and of rare color, that at first
seemed to shine like the fur of a seal..."






"do not blame the many so-called Venus-ufo-contacts from the 50s on-> for lying - AS almost none of them understood that that they  had got  altered their vibration and was really no longer pure "physical" in the normal sense" when many of those contacts/space-flights happend! ------------------>>

education  AND help







>but Borealis told how - by technical means - they lowered their material vibration to materialize -> become 'coarce-physical' onto this level

 lived nearly timeless 

as us on high

















1960  PERU


























old books on the astral life - also audio | audio on ufo-contactbooks | world-evacution

SIXTO PAZ WELLS on portals | more

Acknowledged - A Perspective on the Matters ofUFOs, Aliens and Crop Circles, book of Andrew Johnson, pdf

Utdrag fra intervju med den engelske UFO-forsker Timothy Goode,


audiobooks from some of the books here above - 1/2hour parts- mp3 | more mp3 audiofiles on contacts and spiritual themes | Rampabooks audio

Wendelle Stevens talk on the hidden space-societies in the south-am.jungle on short soundtrack in mp3


an interview-ref.  (translated from Swedish) of people of another  evolution-path living in deep caves and artificial tunnels inside Earth  -here in audio mp3 also;

part1 mp3 part2 mp3 part3 mp3 part4 mp3 part5 mp3 part6 mp3
part7 mp3 part8 mp3 part9 mp3 part10 mp3


 more in sound from this area, south-america/bolivia, regarding ufos etc;

"Extraterrestrial Guides: The Great White Brotherhood in the Andes & Lake Titicac" -

Presentation by Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens (Bolivia) at the Earth Transformation: New Science, Consciousness & Contact Confrence, May 17, 2008 [110 mins].

audio on one of his books- click picture left

RUNA Antilis - LUIS FERNANDO MOSTAJO -|  norsk  om samme Luis FM.'

se også- fra samme kont.person- denne art. vedr.ETs i Bolivia- fra 2018 -norsk tekst

Since the 1970's, South America has been the site of many great physical contact experiences lived by some people with the "wise elders", who live in underground cities or "sacred cities" all across the Andes, as well as with beings who come from outside our own planet and who have been guiding and helping our civilizations for thousands of years. These extraterrestrial guides have given some people the opportunity to travel with them to visit their own civilizations on their planets, so we can also learn from them and create a higher civilization here on Earth, not only technologically speaking, but also spiritually. I myself have been fortunate and have had this experience of several physical encounters with the "Elders" in the Andes and Titicaca Lake. Now I come as their emissary, bringing men and women the message of hope and alternative ways to build a new civilization in these times of change and transformation. The year 2012 will mark the beginning of a new era; an era of existence in a higher dimension that will lead us into a life of fraternity and love among humans

in mp3-sound- downloadable by rightclicking + save as ; : part 1 part2part3 | part4 |



Downloadable sound in mp3 of the videointerview with Sergeant Bob Dean who shares with us his knowledge of the UFO phenomenon and what he encountered while working at SHAPE in Europe in the 1960s: an inch and a half thick detailed official report on the extraterrestrial 'problem' called at that time simply "The Assessment". Having the clearance to have free access to the document, he read it and re-read it many times, and he tells us how that changed his life. Later, after retiring from the military, he made the courageous decision to defy his Oath of Secrecy and began to speak publicly about what he had learned.

part 1 - mp3

In Part Two of the interview, Bob tells us that this is probably his last interview... and having done so, he pauses, takes a deep breath, and reveals on record for the first time that he has been contacted, and has been on board the craft.

part2 -mp3

These soundfiles links to  where the interviews can also be watched on online-videos


book on top-secret report of what the ET from the Rosewell crash told to a nurse and all written down and a copy was smuggled out of the base, and of this was a book published some few years ago