Josef Maliszewski

Josef Maliszewski's ufo contacts in the early 50s in Dk.

Josef Maliszewski

"Already in the December issue of the danish 'UFO news' in 1958, you could read that a large spaceship had landed near Sønderborg 19 July 1951. Witnessing this was Josef Maliszewski.

"Josef Maliszewski was of Russian descent, born in Voltava 1900. During World War I he served in the German army, and after the war he settled in Denmark, where he in the middle of 1920 got a job at a gas station in Sønderborg.
Like Adamski, Maliszewski was described as a philosopher and nature lover - a man who thanked God for every day he was allowed to live/ BE - and experience life.

"It was half past two that morning, and Joseph Maliszewski was just coming out from the toilet when he he heard a whistling sound. It came from a large vessel that landed in a field just up to his living "Mønsterkolonien" - the garden colony where Maliszewski lived.

"He ran toward the vessel but at a distance of 50 meters he was stopped by an invisible force. He stood paralyzed, but still could both hear and see. As he stood there, he noticed that the horses and cattle on the field was paralyzed and even birds song was silenced.
For some reason had Maliszewski thought that the 'aliens' in the spaceship had landed to abduct the animals, and while he was thinking about this, there came a voice: "Do not be afraid, we will not take any of them."

Maliszewski could now watch, from the vessel's sides came eight small objects. They flew over the large, where they remained floating with rocking movements. Down, in a kind of escalator came four men. They went to the spaceship's "right wing", where they apparently repaired something. Maliszewski described the men as being over two meters tall, some dark-skinned, and very pretty. Their heads were covered with transparent helmets, and they were dressed in some dark, glistening costumes. Their faces could not be seen, as they were covered with a kind of oxygen masks. On the back of the strangers, were some like containers.

Maliszewski have told that while he stood and watched the spaceship and to himself had said something like "Uh, where are we stupid on this earth," he had immediately got telepathic response from the spaceship. The telepathic answer contained a message that we really were not so stupid. But we earthlings had entered the nuclear age, and now they had come to warn us, since we had no control over the situation.

After a quarter of an hour - the stairs rolled again into the spaceship with the four men, and Maliszewski claimed he in the same instant received a telepathic message that read: "Goodbye, see you again." Subsequently, the vessel rised into the air and disappeared. Maliszewski discovered that he could again move, and he saw that the horses and cattle could also move. The birds chirped merrily, and it was again an ordinary summer morning.

After this experience had Maliszewski acid taste in the mouth, and he got diarrhea and could not sleep. His watch had stopped at. 2.30, and he discovered that the vessel had left traces in the field. Impression surface was 4 times 2 meters, and there were 35 large step between the traces. According to a former neighbor of Maliszewski, there was a true migration to the field with the landing tracks.

Maliszewski went to the newspaper "Sønderjyden", but was rejected. Later he appeared, however, in the press regularly, and in 1959 brought the danish ufo-organization,SUFOI - him over to their Congress. In the refery from here, brought in 'UFO news' from June 1959, wrote H.C. Petersen: "He recounted his meeting with a spaceship and its crew in July 1951. Maliszewski took all by storm, and one could not help but be moved by this mans report - his obvious sincerity!

Maliszewski was highly acclaimed when he went back to his place. "

Since, there has been much more to Maliszewskis report on the contacts with the space people. They had said farewell - and 'see your again' - which almost required a continuation.

On May 18, 1954 Maliszewski told to have met his friends from space for the second time. He was out fishing early one morning, and while he stood in the water, there came a small spacecraft flying very low over the water. A hatch opened, when the vessel was right at him, and a spaceman came forward. He told Maliszewski not to worry, and offered him a soothing drink. The stranger confided to him that he came from a planet called Zutorn.

Fourteen days later told Maliszewski that he had been on a trip to space and had met a female space pilot, which he describes as "the most beautiful young lady." She was wearing a shiny suit, thigh-length skirt and wore a jacket over the back. She spoke Danish, and Maliszewski says: "She gave me a kiss on both sides of my cheeks and finally on the forehead. Then she said, you are my brother and I am your sister. Do not think that you are only here in the mighty universe. "

This visit lasted for three and a half hour.

The large vessel had a crew of 400 people: 200 men, 100 women and 100 dwarfs. There were no language problems, for which Maliszewski said in an interview, "they listen to our radio broadcasts, and this woman had taught herself Danish for many years, not least by listening in our worships ..."

Maliszewski was not accepted by the Danish ufologists. His story was too thin and incoherent, and he lacked the charisma. Besides, he was too close to the Danish daily life, it would be left room for the imagination, and finally he also lacked  the people around him that could publish his message.

In Josef Maliszewski's recent years, where he was ill, he got help from the other residents of the garden colony. They brougth food to him, and it happened that he was invited home for a meal. Maliszewski himself even thought that, in his first meeting with the spaceship and the rays, was why he later became ill. The newspapers, especially the local "Jydske Tidende" (Jutland Journal), made much fun of him and it made him so reserved, that in his last years he did not much talk to the press.

One of the last times one heard of Maliszewski, was in March 1963 when a newspaper wrote that he was working with a spaceship model. After Maliszewskis death October 26, 1963  his son in "Varde" took the model, and since nobody have heard or seen more of it.Josef Maliszewski

a some similar contact in Sweden - not so far away - some 5 years earlier

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