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The ufo-contacts of Apolinar (Paul) Villa   -2 generations ago

And he was the first who could take supergood ufo-pictures because the spacepeople agreed to "pose" for just the picture-taking.

Some extract from "the secret life of paul villa" of w.stevens - isbn 1-60611-055-1 ca30 usd

Apolinar "Paul" Villa

Paul Villa, of  American Indian and Spanish descent, was a World War II veteran who brought his German bride back to America. He was first contacted in California by tall extra-terrestrial human beings who explained that they came from Coma Berenesis. (in the bootes region - same area where theKORENDOR-visitors came from )

The E.T.s spoke to Villa in Spanish (Villa's native language), and also spoke fluently in English with him as well. The E.T.s explained to Villa that they had been visitng Earth for many ages, and demonstrated that they knew Earth civilizations very well. They told Paul that they had bases on the Moon, Mars and Venus from which to monitor Earth humanity. Like the Meier case in Switzerland, these E.T.s were willing to pose their ships to allow the "contactee" Villa to photograph them well. One series of photos was filmed on another planet, but has not been revealed to the public.


"While on a job one day (1953) in the Long Beach area, he felt a strong urge to go down to the beach, a feeling which he did not understand, but he went anyway. There he met a man about 7 feet tall. At first he was afraid and just wanted to run, but the man called him by name and told him many personal things about himself…

"Those beings told Villa that the whole Galaxy to which our Earth belongs is as a grain of sand on a huge beach compared to the unfathomable number of inhabited bodies in the entire Universe..."

Like some of the other pictures mentioned, those made by Apolinar Villa were considered (in the 60ths) to be "too well posed", whatever that means, and showed the details of these peculiar structured objects too well for comparison with the rest of the UFO photographs available. They looked posed, and we later found out that they actually were posed by the occupants aboard, according to their own statements.

Like Eduard Meier of Switzerland, Paul Villa was persecuted by almost everyone, including even his neighbors, perhaps in envy because the experience had happened to him instead of them, a position also taken by many UFO researchers.

The fact remains, however, as in Meier's case, that the spacecraft (-people) actually posed for photographs in sore of these cases for reasons unknown to us. Also in most extensive ongoing UFO contact cases, we have noted that a variety of spacecraft are used by the same group for different purposes, a situation not too difficult to understand. In all of these cases mentioned, at least 3 different types of craft, in different sizes, were used.

None of these (contactpeole-)men had extra money or resources available to spend on jokes, and none of then ever made any money on his experiences. On the contrary, all were harassed and threatened, and were forced to move for their own and their family's safety, certainly no experience deliberately sought by any of them.

As a matter of fact, all of them have taken more photographs still, which have never been released, and may never be. None of them need proof of the reality of their experiences by comparing them with others, because they have their own proof all the time. They do not care at this point whether anyone else believes them or not.



As with several others, Paul Villa's contacts with the space people were not new to him by the time he snapped the first photographs, he says that he had been taught telepathically by extraterrestrial intelligences since he was 5 year old . About the same as with Eduard Meier. Although he did not complete the 10th grade in public school, he has an excellent knowledge of vast subjects including mathematics, electrical engineering, physics, mechanics, etc., which also agrees remarkably well with the background of some of the others contactees.

Prior to photographing his first UFO in 1963, Villa had seen about spacecraft over the previous five years and had even conversed with spacemen previously. His first picture-taking contact was his second in-person face-to-face meeting with the extraterrestrial beings who told him they came from a planet the star-group we call Coma Berenices. The first was in 1953 while he was working for the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles.

(Coma Berenices in the "bootes" region - same area where the KORENDOR-visitors came from)

While on a job one day in the Long Beach area, he felt a strong urge to go down to the beach, a feeling which he did not understand, but he went anyway. There he met a man about 7 feet tall. At first he was afraid and just wanted to run, but the man called him by name and told him many personal things about himself. Villa realized that he was communicating with a very superior intelligence, and he then became aware that this being was a spaceman. "He knew everything I had in my mind and told me many things that had taken place in my life," Villa says. 'he then told me to look out beyond the reef. I did and saw a metallic-looking disc-shaped craft that seemed to be floating on the water. Then the spaceman asked me if I would like to go aboard the ship and look around, and I went with him.'

The beings on the craft were entirely human-like in appearance, although better looking in general than our Earth people, as they were definitely more refined in face and form. Also they had an advanced knowledge of science and technology, as evidenced by their craft, and by their conversation with me."

Those beings told Villa that the whole Galaxy to which our Earth belongs is as a grain of sand on a huge beach compared to the unfathomable number of inhabited bodies in the entire Universe.

With technological equipment aboard, their spaceships can penetrate Earth's RADAR detection systems undetected unless they choose otherwise. It seems that their craft are constantly active over the surface of our planet, and that they plan more landings.

They told Villa that they were here on a friendly mission to help Earth people, and that there is a superior intelligence that governs the Universe and everything in it.

The first series of photographs of these ships, taken on 16 June 1963, was prompted Villa says, when the space contacts told him telepathically to drive his pick-up truck to a pre-selected meeting place alone. When he arrived, he saw a landed spacecraft which he estimated to be about 70 feet in diameter. There were 9 people aboard that ship; 4 men and 5 women, they disembarked through a "sealed" door (that couldn't be seen when closed) . These beings ranged in height from 7 to 9 feet tall and were well proportioned. Some were blond, some were red-headed (like polished copper) , and some had black hair. They told him they came from a planet near what we call Coma Berenices, some light years distant. They were able to speak many languages, as well as to communicate telepathically among themselves and to him.

Villa was told that this ship carried 9 remotely-controlled monitoring craft which were about 14" in diameter, and were controlled from instrument panels within the mother-ship. They could pick up pictures and sounds from any area to which the instruments were directed, and could relay information to visual display panels aboard the larger ship.  (similar told in many contacts- as in the Korendor-case)

19.jan-66 09:00,Algondones, NEW MEXICO, where also the silvery discs is captured at this picture, and those 3 to 6 inch spheres were mirror bright and changed color like metal goes thru when heated. "Villa was told that this ship carried 9 remotely-controlled monitoring craft which were about 14" in diameter, and were controlled from instrument panels within the mother-ship." Suppose those were like "flying antennas" as described in similar contacts.

After a long conversation, the space-people re-entered their spaceship and it took off and hovered and maneuvered about the area for some time. At one point it hovered about 300 feet above the pickup truck and Villa saw it rise slowly from the ground to a height of three or four feet and then slowly settle back down again. The spacecraft then flipped up on its edge with the under part rotating, and traveled sidewise up and down at different speeds. The distortion on the leading edge of the craft in photo number 3 is caused by the rotation of the lower half of the ship and the swaying branches of the trees which were put into motion by a big rush of wind.

Villa took 7 photographs at this time, all that he had left on the roll of film, before the ship departed.

In photo number 5 the spaceship is seen between tree trunks. It hovered in that vicinity for some time. The "ports" around the outer edge of the rim are a part of the propulsion system. No jets or rockets of any kind are employed. The "ports" are never used or left unsealed outside the planet's atmosphere where the magnetic lines of force are further apart, but are hermetically sealed either manually or automatically before leaving a planetary atmosphere. Hermetic sealing is accomplished by removing all force on substances from the basic elements of the parent metals, and a device is used to charge both surfaces to be sealed either positively or negatively, depending on how a certain metal is naturally charged. The sealing of two or more metals cannot be accomplished unless they are first neutralized and then are all charged with the same polarity. The carbon elements, however, being anphoteric combine equally well with positively or negatively charged elements.


When Villa arrived on the scene of this encounter, the spacecraft was resting on the ground on its tripod landing gear, and the nine crew members immediately disembarked from under the disc-shaped bottom of the craft through a door that seamed to appear from nowhere. All of the beings were dressed alike in immaculate one-piece tight-fitting uniforms. They acted very friendly, and seemed to be aware of and to have answers to many of Earth's problems. They talked to Villa for about ninety minutes, from around 14:30 to 16:00. When talking to Mr. Villa they spoke in both English and Spanish languages, mostly Spanish. But when conversing among themselves they used their own language, which sounded a little like Hebrew or Indian. Some of the crew members carried weapons; that looked like ordinary tubes made of aluminum about 8 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, tapering slightly from the center outwards. These, they said, could paralyze any living thing, whether insect, fowl, animal or man. They looked like tubes used for "sealing" metals, only in miniature.

While inside the ship, Villa noticed a pulsating green light accompanied by a sort of 'beep'. Both the green light and the noise seemed to came right from the metal of the ship itself.

Those spacepeople from 'coma Berenician' expressed a wish for Earth people to rise above their aggressive and warlike inclinations and live in harmony with the Universal Laws of the great Creator, as do the people of other worlds, they said that LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe, and that if used correctly, can transform the hearts of men and make them into beings of light and peace.

When the laws of LOVE rules the minds of men of Earth, then the people of other worlds will come in great numbers and share with us their advanced sciences, living among us as friends and brothers in lasting peace, as they do on many other worlds.


Paul Villa 5 photographs are unique for a number of reasons:

1. They are quite sharp and clear, compared to most UFO photos we have seen up to that time.

2. The image size of the UFO is large enough to show detail without getting into extreme graininess in large scale enlargements.

3. There is a series instead of just one photograph under very poor conditions, a series which provides more detail for evaluation, and provides more opportunity for discovery of possible suspension lines or other photo trickery.

4. Villa's truck in the foreground of several of the pictures provides a known object with which to compare size, light scatter, shadows, relative proportions, etc., as well as providing a reference for distance.

5. The degree of sharpness of other objects in the near foreground and the clouds and trees in the distance, indicates that the object had to be very large in order to achieve the depth of field observed to exist in these photographs, which operates against the small model hypothesis.

Mr. Gabriel Green of AFSCA, a professional photographer himself who once worked for MGM studios, took the first set of pictures to MGM laboratories where they blew them up in progressive stages to control graininess, to 30 by 50 inches for the UK) image alone, and printed them in light and dark, high and low contrast, and by a process called "slow-burn" (using narrower aperture and longer time), looking for suspension lines and fine detail. Now after days of laboratory effort, they concluded, that if those pictures were faked they did not know how it could be done.

Mr. Bob Flora, a United Press International photographer, was so impressed with the authentic look of these pictures that he put 3 of them on the UPI wires and they were subsequently printed in hundreds of newspapers all over the world. The Los Angeles NEC News program broadcast these pictures on their new color TV newscast for three nights in a row.

But the most important thing is that this was not an isolated instance. The contacts continued for a good many years until Paul Villa's death in September of 1982 in Los Lunas, New Mexico .

Mr. Villa has taken many more photographs of the spaceships of 'his friends' and, to his regret, even released more of them to friends promising to observe his confidence. Some of these new pictures got out and were subsequently published, adding to the woes of his harassment. He has become so bitter about the treatment such a person gets that he had moved to a secluded location and kept an unlisted telephone number known to only a very few friends. In later life he refused to show or even discuss the pictures with any but his closest friends who, knowing the problems involved, respected his confidence and his privacy. There was no need to go looking for him because he kept himself very difficult to find, and if found, would very likely refuse to discuss the pictures. He was just not at all interested in what others thought. It had no bearing on the truths he knew first hand.

Paul Villa's second set of UFO photographs was also taken coincident with a face-to-face meeting with the UFOnauts on the ground. This time he was telepathically directed to a different area, about 20 miles due south of Albuquerque, close to the bed of the Rio Grande River which flows there, when an immense disc-shaped craft appeared. It was Faster Sunday the 18th of April 1965 and about 16:00 in the afternoon when he arrived on scene.

This ship looked to be considerably more than 100 feet in diameter. The big ship slowed and hovered about 500 feet above him. He began snapping pictures. A wind disturbance arose and became so strong that at one point Villa thought his truck might blow over. Then without warning, it stopped suddenly, instantly, just as though someone had turned it off, and the surrounding air got calm and there was dead silence. Then the huge ship extended a telescopic tripod landing gear and settled on it, part of which may be seen in one of the photos.

This time three crewmen disembarked. They had light brown hair and tan skin, and appeared to be 58" to 59" tall. They also wore one-piece suits. Villa talked to them there for nearly two hours about personal as well as general subjects. Among other things, they told him that many nations were working on atom bombs. They also conversed on both Spanish and English. On their advice, Villa stopped smoking so as to enhance his ability to receive their telepathic communications. The men then re-entered the spacecraft and it took off, making a loud whirring noise and giving off much heat. The heat became so intense that the ends of the tree branches were singed and the leaves curled up.

Villa snapped pictures of the big ship both before and after the landing but did not attempt to take pictures of either the ship on the ground or of the occupants because he had been asked not to do so, both telepathically and verbally on the ground, and he willingly complied with their wishes.

(as always- they usually do not accept giving us too convincing proofs, as the mature one, will understand.R.Ø.rem.)

Paul Villa sought no personal publicity and did not lecture or sell any of his pictures or accounts of the UFO contacts. The contacts continued and more pictures were taken. The additional information and other photos, Villa insisted, were not to be released without his prior permission by the space-people, and to his death he observed that later prohibition.

Villa made many notes about his contacts and the dialogues which took place with the extraterrestrials, a collection of notes which exceeded 800 pages last time I saw then. He refused to let them be quoted or published while he was alive. His wife Eunis has them now and may agree at some time in the future to allow them to be published.

Paul Villa's excellent photographs have made such an impression, that opposing forces frequently try to discredit them. They are quick to pronounce them fakes but at the same time they offer no substantive proof to back up these allegations. The fact remains however, that all those trying to discredit them, and unbelievable measures have been taken to do so, have failed to find any models or accomplices, or any real evidence or fraud, and nobody to this day has been able to duplicate them. Either those opponents have to be wrong or Paul Villa was the best photographic effects man in the world and he wasn't even a photo hobbyist.

For those technical experts interested, Mr. Villa used a Japanese Rokuah-Sha camera with an f.4.5, 7Smm focal length lens. The pictures were all made on Kodacolor 120 size film without filters or lens attachments.


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