art is my interpretation of dimensional door between 3d and 4d of Venus from book of Omnec Onec

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About the 'switching gate' or door - between astral or fourth dimension, and  the physical, so-called third dimension on Venus;

"It is a cross-over city between the astral and the Physical Planes and would be very important for me in the future. Here is a place which enables an astral being to manifest a physical body". (link down)

om en slik dimensjonsport i Tibet i denne boken- utdr.fra 'Surfing i Himalaya'- se del2 da

about such dim.gates can be red about in the book:

SURFING  THE   HIMALAYAS-txt or: | pdf



Extr. from page 158/chapter8 in the OMNEC-book - esp.THIS down.:

“When people arrive here (it means the "normal astral/4d-level that supports the normal life" for people on Earth) - after their physical demise they believing  this is the highest achievement in the afterlife, yet it is only the first step on a long and arduous journey.

We did not have time to stop here, or to explore many of the intriguing regions of the astral. Such a tour could very well last several lifetimes in Earth standards of time.

One of the most spectacular sights was below us as Odin told of the Seres race, ancestors of the inhabitants of Sahasra-dal Kanwal. Near the center of this heavenly white city stands a colossal statue, so huge that our bubble car seemed like a speck in the sky next to it. Seeing it from the air is a breathtaking sight. Looking up from the ground, a person would strain his eyes to see the top.

This giant statue represents the Seres race, which my uncle explained, were the space people who first colonized planets of this Physical Plane. Among the giants who set­tled in what became Atlantis were members of the Seres race. I was hypnotized not only by its beauty but also by its dimensions. The feet of this colossal statue stand far enough apart that on foot it would take days to walk around it. Since this city is as big as Earth's continents, many of its attractions are very spectacular in their sheer size.

A luminous white wall easily as high as the tallest sky­scrapers on Earth surrounds the city. In the very center stands the majestic Mountain of Light, powerhouse of this plane. Out of the peak of the Mountain of Light stream thousands of colored lights, and each of these is made of smaller lights. Each light is alive.

It was an utterly breathtaking sight. The sound of the roaring sea filled the air. The lights flowed into the sky and onward to support the Physical Plane and its many forms of life.

The Mountain of Light is higher than any in the physical universe. As our ship passed directly over it I had to shut my eyes for a moment. Even for the astral eyes the light was so intense as to be painful. Odin explained that this was a very important city to the people of the more advanced planets.

It is a cross-over city between the astral and the Physical Planes and would be very important for me in the future. Here is a place which enables an astral being to manifest a physical body.

The people here were beautiful, with faces that spoke of much wisdom. With their flowing tunics and sandals they resembled the ancient Greeks of Earth mythology. Among the inhabitants of this city were stately co-workers of the Creator which we call angels. Like our culture on Venus, every moment of life was spent in creative expression.

My uncle stopped the ship for a last look around, and my last chance to soak up the beauty which I have never forgotten. How can one forget a city that is pure white and glowing, with tints of blue here and there and structures so spectacular you are speechless?

A number of the villages we flew over were enveloped in indescribable melodies, the sounds of each village itself. Zreph was like this also. The music seemed like the tunes of a Xylophone and harp, and occasionally violins.

All through the Astral Plane was a feeling of spiritual high, of freedom, of peace, and beauty. Imagine worlds where the people live completely confident and at ease with themselves, not seeing each other with eyes of anger and vanity, jealousy, and envy. They see each other as Soul, each equally beautiful and competent as sparks of Deity.

I suppose this is why it hurts me at times to look back at my past. It is not easy to talk about my life on Venus because to have a taste of paradise and then live here is very painful. And yet I know the kind of life that awaits me when this short life comes to an end. All the sufferings in the many lives on Earth will seem like a bad dream.

We took a faster route home. All of us were tired. We were not fatigued in any physical sense, but congested with so many beautiful memories. At home I lay back and closed my eyes, letting it all soak deep down into my mind so when a time comes that I am feeling low, I can pull these memories out again.

Having seen the wonders of the Astral Plane, I began to anticipate my trip to Earth more and more. I thought of it too as an adventure, but at times it seemed very frighten­ing. I had been told that parts of Earth were much like the lower Astral Plane.

I thought, how wonderful it was that I could go to Earth prepared in this way, prepared to take on whatever Karma I had accumulated, to be able to understand how everything that happened was part of my lessons and experiences, to not get caught up in them and let them overpower me, to realize that there is something greater than the restricted physical life, because I had consciously seen it and expe­rienced it in my own lifetime. To know that these beautiful worlds exist for all and not just for a few, and that someday I would live to tell this story to others and give them hope.

Next morning I thanked my aunt and uncle for one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I would be leaving in about two days and once again see that great white city with the towering walls, only this time we would lower our vibrations and appear on the physical Venus.

From Aunt Arena I received permission to take along the ring and the gift of jewellery. My uncle's gift to me was from the physical level of Venus and would be given later. Jewellery I could easily hide or explain away, but not some­thing as unusual as a Venusian dress, or sandals, or anything reflecting our culture. In not taking along unusual things I would not need to become untruthful to protect myself. I had to be careful to be truthful, they told me, because if I

was known as an untruthful child then my story later would not be taken for real.

Most of my preparation for leaving was an inner prepa­ration of getting my thoughts in order. My aunt helped by giving pep talks once in a while. She loved me very much and was sad to see me go, she said, and if I wished to change my mind I could.

Again I was reminded of the bitter times ahead and how I would need strength to hold up and not think I had been abandoned. They could not interfere in my own Karma, however, no matter how much it hurt them to see me suf­fer. They would watch at all times via the inner sense, and send advice, then when the right time came the Laws of the Supreme Deity would be taught openly on Earth. I would meet someone that I knew, and I might have an opportunity to tell my story to the world. Until then I would have to be secretive because of the nature of Earth people's attitudes.

They explained that those attitudes were based on the limited surroundings or environment, and the practice of teaching children to be duplicates of the adults rather than individuals.

I would fall into a lot of traps and be taken to different religious paths, but I was not to become too involved.

I remember well my last day on Venus. In the morning my aunt brought to my room the dress I would be wearing on Earth, the same dress little Sheila would be wearing on the day of the bus accident. Arena had manifested it for me, keeping in mind the directions the Master had given her. I put it on and tucked away a duplicate of the note of expla­nation Sheila's mother had written and Sheila would be taking along to her grandmother in Tennessee. I also wore white socks and black patent leather shoes with buckles. These were very strange. I had never before had my foot completely enclosed.

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(rune comment: I still think it would be more logic to use "normal walk-in" transition, as Rampa told of his own transmigration in his book on this prosess - and did she have to 'make up' this story on her arrival here because almost any could understand the walk-in description?)

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In chap9; “brotherhood of planets” of OMNEC ONEC –where there is also info on the technical side of the ships.

 “A great number of scientists and professional men crew our ships, both the motherships and the convoys. Since change is such a basic reality in the lower worlds, we always find something new to observe and learn.

There are many advantages to belonging to the Brother­hood. All of the planets but Earth joined in a common bond for the same reason that any two people with common interests and concerns join together.

We are always prepared to assist another planet or space ship in distress, or to share minerals and plants not found abundantly on a neighbouring planet. Our scientists work together on common projects to bring into existence the wonders of imagination.

 In every solar system the Kal Na-ar or negative child, as we call the planet Earth, causes much concern. (The end of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unraveling the mysteries of the Yuga Cycle, or IRON-AGE, as some in Tibet also call it) (The Venusian name for Earth using English letters to create the sound, is Jhlata Geum.) Often in its growth it becomes a menace to its own survival and that of nearby planets.

Ages ago the Moon became a base of operations in our work with Earth. Here we built elaborate colonies and transportation networks in secluded valleys and craters. Much more will be made known about this fact in the near future. Among our facilities are huge hangars where our motherships can be safely serviced and stored…/ /

/ /

“…during the time we were on the mothership, my uncle sat down with me to explain some of the secrets of space travel. Our tremendous technical growth is a result of our harnessing the nature forces instead of working against them.

Our spaceships, both the motherships and the saucer-shaped convoys, are able to perform what seem to be wonders by using the natural energies of space - solar and magnetic energy. Not only are our ships unaffected by gravity and friction, but they also can manoeuvre at tre­mendous speeds.

 Observers on Earth have clocked our ships on radar incredible speeds. They have seen sharp-angled turns at thousands of miles per hour, and unbelievable rates of acceleration and deceleration that theoretically would crush all the occupants on board.

 The secret lies in the use of magnetic power and mag­netic fields, as well as solar power. Every mothership and every small shuttle ship contains within it what appears to be a central shaft or pole. In the mothership this pole lies lengthwise, whereas in the convoy it is visible in the central cabin, running from top to the bottom. This shaft acts as the magnetic pole of the ship and it helps create a magnetic field like that around and within any planet. Just as Earth has a north pole and a south pole, so do our spaceships have positive and negative magnetic charges.

 The power needed to create a strong gravitational, mag­netic field is derived directly from the sun. In the convoy, under the glass-like dome atop the ship and atop the mag­netic pole, sits a coil coated with a rare kind of crystal.

This crystal material very efficiently converts solar energy into magnetic energy. Together with the solid gold pole the necessary magnetic field is created. Gold is one of the very best conductors of magnetic power.

Once it has been properly adjusted, the magnetic field makes the convoy or mothership an independent being unlike your aircraft and spaceships, which are subject to Earth's magnetic field and the atmosphere. Thus our ships are like tiny planets in themselves. This independence of a planet's influence is called weightlessness.

 In flight our ships are in a state of balance with the planet itself. When the power is turned on, the ship has become weightless. In order to fly to or from a planet's surface, very little push is needed. Friction with the atmo­sphere is effectively eliminated by the magnetic and high energy fields surrounding the ship. It is as if the ship were deep in space, unaffected by planetary gravities and atmo­spheres.

The polarity of the pole in the convoy is reversed in going to or from the surface. Horizontal flight or push is created through three charged metallic spheres which make up the understructure of the convoy. They are basic features of the machinery of this type of craft just as the magnetic pole is a normal part of the machinery and operating appa­ratus of all versions of these ships.

The spherical understructures of these ships also have magnetic poles and are electrically charged. Rotating the undercarriage on which they are mounted shifts that ship to another magnetic line of force. The speed of our ships is limited only to the activity of space, not to any arbitrary speed of light. Extremely high velocities are very danger­ous in a planet's vicinity.

There is not the slightest feeling of movement or accel­eration on board, no matter how severe the maneuver. In a split second our ships can come to a stop without causing the least bit of strain on the pilots or passengers. The interior feels like a motionless room.

This is because the ship is independent of outside forces. Braking the ship to a stop would at the same time mrake the pilot to a stop, and relative to the ship he feels nothing.

The fields around our ships also prevent mid-air collisions. Ships bounce off each other without jolting the pas­sengers. On the other hand, Earth's aircraft do not have this protection. We also run when our ships are shot at because the bullets bounce back to Earth. This has been confused by some to the idea that our ships have shot back.

 Our force-fields protect against friction within atmo­spheres as well as bombardment by meteorites. Although the titanium hulls of the motherships and convoys are a help, most of the protection comes from energy fields. This is not ordinary titanium, but titanium treated with a certain ray which also creates the translucent effect.

 Only the motherships are self-sufficient. Some of the energy needs of the convoys are recharged within the moth­ership's maintenance bay. Convoys are not intended for long journeys. Motherships draw all their energy directly from space.

 Life on Earth would certainly be revolutionized if the secrets of magnetic power were introduced. Imagine for yourself the changes that would come about if energy were free and magnetic powered ships were available to every man.

However, the negative powers have a strong hold on Earth. Anything which may give more power and freedom to the individual is considered a threat, and this includes the Laws of The Supreme Deity.

 In areas of technology, inventions which are good for the people but bad for those in power are usually locked away or destroyed, or at least discredited.


From ‘Venus I Came' of OmnecOnec | audiobook of that



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