some from last part first...

At 4:40 p.m. we return to Earth, and I realize that in the free space around Earth there are two Earth made satellites as well as five more flying ships which are obviously extraterrestrial in origin. Semjase confirms my observations and informs me that one of the five ships belongs to her race while the other four ships are spaceships from other races and are here to observe the Apollo Soyus coupling. Oddly I cannot see the ships through the windows in the ship or on my specially made sight screen for photography, but must observe them on the sight screens in the ship. Semjase explains that all of the ships are screened from being seen and can only be recognized on the special zero sight screens in the ship. She explains that the zero sight screen is a special instrument which is capable of reproducing an image which cannot be seen by our primitive earthly instruments such as radar or with the naked eye. I am content with this explanation as Semjase does not want to be more detailed. I turn my observations towards a new appearing object, which high above the Earth appears on the horizon. Invisible to humans eyes and earthly tracking devices, Semjase flies quickly to the approaching object and moves closely to it. It is the space capsule Soyus, which intends to couple with the Apollo capsule. Very clearly I can see the initials CCCP painted on the rear. I see that are two Russian humans in the capsule.


B To me this whole enterprise seems crazy, Semjase. There are two humans living in this small gondola.

S That's true. The capsules are very small and offer no space for living. I know you are concerned that you could be inside there. You have reasons to think like that too.

B You talk in riddles Semjase.

S At a given time you will understand my words, meanwhile would you like to look into the capsule?

B How is that possible, the crazy thing is all closed in and air tight.

S You know that with our technology we have the ability to strain any materials by special radiation and cause those materials to be invisible to the naked eye. We can control this effect very exactly.

B Then let me see your marvelous work, please.

(Semjase works with some instruments while I look through the specially constructed photo screen at the Soyus capsule. Quite suddenly a part of the capsule disappears and I look down on two humans beings, who lay in bunks.

B Semjase, there...

S Don't worry, nothing will happen to them. The capsule is just the same to them, the capsule is only transparent to our view.

B Semjase, this capsule is nothing more then a flying coffin. The men are really pressed into this case. And how can they shoot this thing high up here, as all is really primitive. Just look at all this equipment and all the instruments, really primitive.

S Don't excite yourself, as nothing will happen to these human beings. They will return to Earth safe and sound.

S You were correct that all is very primitive as you Earth men are in the first stages of space travel, in the first child's shoes so to speak.

B This all right, but when I look at your ship, then..

S Do not make comparisons with our ship, because our technologies are 3000 years in advance of yours. At your present level of development this primitive capsule and its equipment embodies very great technical developments. So do not speak unfairly as the development time between your race and ours is very great.

B So indeed, but this flying coffin in metal...

S Don't worry about that, for still you will not solve the riddle of your past, which leads far back in history of a passed over life.

B You make me crazy, for you bring my attention to a quite certain thought. Should it really be so, Semjase?

S You are clear on the first thought, now deliberate and solve the meaning. This you must do by yourself.

B I will occupy myself with this.

S I'm sure you will, but look here, that is the second capsule with three humans in it.

B I see the Americans. When shall the connecting take place?

S In just a few minutes the maneuvers shall take place. You may start shooting photos, I will assist you. After the connection of the two capsules, which will happen rather quickly, you may also photograph some different satellites of earthly and extraterrestrial origin. We will then fly away to our great spacer which is in orbit in your system and then fly to different solar systems, galaxies and the barrier of the Universe where I have some work to do. You shall get a surprise then. But now take up your work.


I now look closely at both of the space capsules of earthly construction, which slowly come together. I notice, the Apollo capsule is larger then the Soyus capsule. Semjase explains that, the Apollo capsule built by the Americans is larger because it also contains the actual linking piece, which when connected will serve as the walk-canal from one capsule to the other. When the maneuvers are over the linking equipment on the American capsule will be let go and drift off


I use my camera and shoot several films with Semjase, who also takes several pictures with her second camera. As Semjase mentioned before, the connecting happens very quickly and with great precision. When the connecting is finished Semjase works again at her instruments and this time I can see both capsules and the linking equipment, and of course all the humans in the capsules. I notice that the insides of the Apollo capsule are not much larger then the Soyus capsule and also seems quite primitive and also like a flying coffin. 

Yet I can see that the American capsule has many more instruments than the Soyus capsule. I get a good laugh at my worries for the humans in the capsules as I notice one of the Americans hitting his head while floating and touches his head. This is due to his lack of experience in weightlessness. I am not sure which man this is as I don't know the names of the men by name or from a photo. Semjase then turns off the sight screens and the coupled capsules are no longer transparent.


S It is now time to leave for our meeting with our great spacer....



A Trip to the Mother Ship

They continue on to Jupiter. as they approach the giant mother ship Billy takes a couple of pictures of the ship and of the small ships in front of them getting ready to enter and land. Semjase's ship is parked and they float up inside of the large ship to park. Billy is taken up to the top of the ship to the bridge to meet Ptaah, the commander of the ship.


The Mothership and Ptaah

The top of the ship appears to be open. The ceiling is invisible through the use of some kind of molecular projector. Open space was easily seen. The bridge seemed to be about two miles long and the ship was about 10 miles in diameter and 20 miles high. Billy meets Ptaah who seems to be about 70 to 75 years old. He turns out to be Semjase's father. Billy experiences a language converter and speaks perfect Greek. A hyper-space jump is made to the Orion nebula. Billy experiences the sensation of being at one with eternity.(LINK) Another jump to the Trifid nebula. Then to the Pleiades. Billy is told how the jump in null-time works and how it effects the human thinking process. Billy records his feelings as they make the next jump to Andromeda. A jump is made to a barrier in space connecting our universe with the Dal universe. Billy is reunited with his earlier teacher Asket. They return to our universe and Billy leaves the mothers ship and goes with Semjase to visit other planets and galaxies having a variety of other life forms.


The Nesar Galaxy

A race of human life, 173 trillion light years from Earth, visited 967 years ago. They returned to their home with the news of our religious belief systems. This led them to war which destroyed planets causing them to fall into each other. The galaxy was destroyed creating an artificial Black Hole.


The Asap Galaxy

960 decillion light years from Earth, on a world called DESOM, two different  societies live, both human. One is in the middle ages and the other is beginning to build huts from plants and bushes. Their sun is dying and within 3200 years their moon will crash into the sun. They should have reached a technology to help themselves by then but if they haven't, the Laws of Creation provide that they be helped.


The Galaxy Nepoti

In the system called LESA, 700 sextillion light years from Earth, there are two immense sister planets with moons 254 times the size of the Earth. All the planets in our system are much larger than ours. An oxygen planet in the primitive stages is visited. The air is similar to Earth's and the highest mountains are about 6000 ft.


The Galaxy Mara

30 trillion light years from Earth, in the system Taro, is an area of blue suns and planets with a lot of volcanic activity. Billy saw a flight machine on the screens and Semjase tries to make contact by using a strange sound called the language of sign.


The Galaxy of Deron

In the system ESES, 480 quadrillion light years from Earth, is a group of planets with a lot of volcanic activity. The planet is dimly lit by the volcanoes. No life is found on these planets. Billy looks for prehistoric creatures but none are found.


An Ice World

Located also in the system Eses, is a giant ice world 11 times greater than Saturn. Billy asks how the hyper-jumps are made so close to the planets, knowing that they need to be a distance of 153 million kilometers from a planet. Semjase explains that a new technology from the Dal universe has enabled them to make a time canal. This new system uses the energy of the galaxy they are in but limits the leaps to between 210 and 735 million kilometers distance. Billy has been traveling for two days and is not tired or hungry. It is explained how the food they eat slows down hunger and the air, like on their home planet, keeps you from getting tired. Billy would be gone for five days but they would bring him back home as if only two days had passed. His body and mind would need to readjust after re-entering. Billy makes a joke about how he will explain all this when he gets home, but the Pleiadians don't get the joke. (that always happend in the first contacts - "they" was not used to his many jokes)


The Galaxy ofAratorn

800 trilliard light years from Earth, in the system NEB on a world named KARTAG, we find a world much like ours.

Their development is about the same as ours. They were currently engaged in an atomic war like our projected World War III might be. Semjase says that the war should end within 10 days and the planets surviving people would agree to abide by laws from intervening ET's. The ET's would not intervene unless the system itself were in danger. The people of Kartag must be allowed to evolve on their own.


As they enter the space of Kartag the ship is thrown out of its position by a large passing missile. Semjase takes the controls and stabilizes the ship and explains that the missile was larger and more dangerous than the ones we have. As they speak, a city below them is struck by a missile and is destroyed. The missile that passed them now posed some danger. From Ptaah's great ship comes an energy that takes the shape of a block and surrounds the missile. As Semjase explains how the block works to Billy, the energy engulfs the missile and within a partsecond explodees within the parameters of the block and disappears.


The Galaxy of Beberas

In the system called DRAS, there exists a world called NEBER. It is 380 trilliard light years from Earth. This galaxy has been colonized many times in the past by ET's and has many ancient worlds with animal life which is sometimes very large and tall. Billy wants to shake hands with a giant Saurian. Semjase can't believe that he is serious. Billy jokes that he has his trusty 44 magnum revolver with him but again, she doesn't get the joke. Billy's request is reftised. This is not a planet they wish to land on. It is an unusual planet being the only one they know of with both prehistoric life and human life existing at the same time. The humans living there did not evolve there but were brought in. Two different races built bases there for study. They built pyramids, like those on Earth, to live in and to protect themselves. One of the races home world had been destroyed by a cosmic catastrophe and the other fled from an epidemic. They were both stranded. Soon, they lost most of their technology because the tropical climate ruined their machines. Their only hope was to be rescued but it never happened so, over the years both races reverted to barbarism.


Billy returns to Ptaah's large ship and the journey home begins. On the way home Billy gets some time alone with Ptaah to talk. Ptaah explains that, in the Pleiades, each planet governs itself in a unitary type system. All planets are subordinate to the High Council, located on one planet and is the central government. The High Council is comprised of half spiritual and half material or semi-spiritual/semi-material creatures, human forms of life with enormous knowledge. It is the high councils function to be in contact with very high pure-spiritual forms which is an impossibility for pure-material forms of life. The energy oscillations of the spiritual spheres are too high for the average Pleiadian. It should be known that it is practically impossible for a human form to come in contact with beings higher in evolution than ourselves. Such an occurrence would have a devastating effect on the human being.


In the Pleiades all teachers take the trouble to develop the individual. This means that all the worlds live in nearly the same value and level of oscillation. They belong to an alliance including the Dal universe which tries to regulate peace in certain areas of the universe. Giant spacers located in different parts of a universe are used to help do this. There are many space travelers who visit Earth. Of the 3000 visiting here only a small percentage are interested in making contact and then it is only telepathic. Seven other races besides the Pleiadians have bases on Earth at present. In the past, there have been evil races causing religious wars and destabilization. This is coming to an end now and man must walk out of his delusion of religion and learn to be responsible for his own spiritual growth. This can only be done through awareness of the Laws of creation. There is no spiritual growth within the teachings of religion.

The Age of Waterman is a chance for man to grow and to take responsibility for himself, to grow out of the dark ages of delusion. Only then will there be peace and only then will there be comnmunication with the Pleiadians.

Billy will be allowed to receive great information from a highly advanced being named Arahat Athersata. This will be a one-way transmission of information that can help the deluded Earthman to realize himself and his place in creation. Billy returns home and falls asleep for 28 hours. His entire body needs to adjust and begin to respond again to our atmosphere again. Semjase watches and helps him.


ThirtyThird Contact 9/12/75

Billy is almost kidnapped by the ET's called the Bafath. He sees their ship and tells Semjase about it. They want to kidnap him to stop him from his mission. Billy is a prophet and will tell the truth. Their technology is not very good. They fear the Earth weapons. There are not too rnany of them left. They feed thoughts to the minds of men to control them.


A friend of Billy's named Jacob received a letter from a man in touch with a being from Alpha Centauri. It is true. His name was Sefh. The mission was for 11 months. He talked about Billy. He knew Billy's contacts through time visions. He taught his contactee many things. The contactee refused to go public so SEFH left. Billy wants to meet him. Semjase will not tell him who it is or cause the man to come forward. It would interfere with his free will.



Billy wants to know about Ashtar - He has received papers from Berlin.

Semjase does not want to talk about it - there not sure they have traced the thoughts back to some ET force that is controlling minds of men. The thoughts go off world and back to Germany. They can't find the source.

The group in Berlin is connected with the "Thule Society". They distribute mostly truth with a little deception mixed in. They lie about contactees and fool well meaning and loving people who don't notice the lies.

She will tell more when they find out


The Bermuda Triangle

A mystery that has long plagued us is the strange disappearance of ships and planes in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. Many books have been written on the subject. Billy was surprised and of course curious to have the Pleiadian explanation.

To their knowledge the events in the Triangle are not caused by any extraterrestrial influence.

A matter of fact, even ET ships have been affected by the phenomena from time to time. It is not true that these events are caused by Satan. In the first place, Satan is a product of the of the Christian religion to enslave the minds of those who will allow it. The events of thebermuda triangle are quite logically explained. There have been three different places on the Earth where a similar effect is happening. Old pirate stories have done much to lend an of intrigue and mystery to the subject.

This area is part of the old continent of Atlantis. There is still a base far deep in the ocean the descendants of Atlantis still live. They are quite peaceful and do not present a menace Earth. They have ships capable of underwater travel and interstellar flight and have been seen flying and leaving the water on occasion. But this is not the cause of the strange pearances.


There exists in the Triangle, as well as off the coast of Japan and Madagascar, what you might call a dimension door to a parallel universe.


The dimension doors are caused by the effect of two giant suns whose radiations come together 720 light years from our Earth. Since the Earth is moving, this three arm radiation hits the planet in three places only at that time when the Earth moves into the focus of this wandering radiation. This radiation serves to open a dimension door to the parallel universes. This effect is erratic and unpredictable. On many occasions in the past it has caused the floor of the ocean to rise up and appear as an island for an hour or so. Ships in the night have run aground only to be pulled down when the island sinks again. Alrplanes have flown into this dimension door which acts like a cyclone and they have found themselves changed in time forever.


Billy was taken on a ride into the dimension door to visit the parallel universe. In the parallel universe, entered through the Bermuda triangle, there exist three earths. 3500 years ago the planet Venus came close to the Earth disturbing the harmony of the dimensions and two planets, the original planet and a vapor planet were pulled into the dimension of the fliture planet. Because of this there are three planets existing in our parallel universe. The ancient prehistoric Earth, the forming Earth still covered in gas and a third Earth existing as we know it in the present. These three planets are close together, only a few hundred kilometers apart. 

As the ship entered the dimension door Billy noticed that he could see normal Earth behind the ship and in front of him he could see the parallel universe with the three Earth's looming into view. They had to make this trip in Ptaah's ship since it had the necessary capabilities for return. Through the use of a special suit, Billy was allowed to leave the ship on the prehistoric world and touch the dinosaurs. The effects of the strange radiation causing the dimension doors does not affect Earth any longer so we should not be plagued with any more disappearances.

Religious apparitions are fake

Sometimes caused by wicked ET to control people. The Bafath do this

Lourdes was a fake and so was Fatima. The apparition of Fatima was by the Bafath ET-group.

The women even had on her flight clothes but the "believers" were blinded by their beliefs.

Billy is told to use the power of his mind to transmit information to the San Francisco police about the location of the SLA William & Emily Harris - Wendy Yoshimura, and Patty Hearst.

Billy must do this to prevent a world catastrophe

Influence Mr. Charles Bates of the FBI

Billy agrees to do it. They will be found on Thursday, 18th of Sept 1975

He is also told about Waldport, Oregon - The Bafath are causing it

People are giving up their possessions for a better world

Billy is told about Reinhold Schmidt, a corn buyer from CALIFORNIA

He believes he flew to the Artic in a ship - link




Forty-second Contact Jan 7th, 1976

more on life on ERRA

People in the Pleiades are buried in the ground like us when they die. Its the natural way, they don't cremate because of the body fluids.


They live in round house that are spread out over a large area of land. Each person has 100 x 100 meters of property to live on. They don't have apartment houses and skyscrapers. Population is controlled so that there are only 450 million people on Erra. There is no economic system such as ours, as all material things are provided for those who participate in the community. The resources of their world are shared equally by all in relationship to their participation. There are no politicians as they have a system you might call 'A Wisdom System', where the person most qualified for a position gets it. Everyone has the same opportunities for education and growth. No one is held back. They are not competitive toward each other but helpful. They are very 'tuned' into each other spiritually and make every effort to better their world through mutual understanding and love. Other words things are done for the right reasons instead of for money or power.

Each family has no more then three children. They have solved the "MOTHER IN LAW problem Billy remarked, but Semjase doesn't get the joke. Mother in Laws are called "Geranisa".



Fourty-Third Contact Jan 27, 76

List of Contactors of low importance

- George Adamski - 

- Howard Menger -Low importance

- Bob Renaud - Low importance

+ 0. Mirachi - some value

+ L.W. Vinther - some value

+ Mantell - some value

+ George Gorman - some value

+ Orfeo Angelucci -real vision contacts without meaning Dick Miller - deceiver

She admits they don't know everything..

Semjase sets Billy down in front of the house on the road. She hauls his bike along under the ship. Billy wants to fool people in the morning with no tire tracks...

Letter from a man who saw Semjase take the time capsule out of the Sand. Please don't tell anyone - They may put him in the mad house


SL Germain - his real name was RAKOCZI

He had the position as Count of St. Germain. Born an Aries in 1711 in Collonia, today it is called Koln. He was a complete liar and swindler working for the Rosicrucians. He pretended to be 4000 yrs old. He was good at magic and alchemy.


The Rosicrucians wanted him to amuse kings etc... They were after power. St. Germain was not a member of the Rosicrucians. He claimed to be a member of the 7th beam which means he would be an initiated one.

He would hypnotize women of importance and get their secrets, then wake them up and tell them what he knew about them. They would marvel at him. He produced a glare - gold, chemicals on metal.

He fooled people into thinking he could become invisible. He used hypnosis. He claimed to have been in China, but that was not true, and instead went to Berlin to report to the Rosicrucians which was a splinter group, the main group was in Vienna. The Rosicrucians used alchemy to make him look younger. He died at 73. The Rosicrucians found people who looked like him and altered their face to keep the myth going. St. Germain is re-incarnated and currently lives in Germany. He has inherited his family property. Born in Bohemia


The Planet Earth...

The Pleiadians don't mine on healthy worlds - its not good for the planet. Don't take Oil, gas and ores. It hurts the planet. Don't dam up water, it causes shifts.

The atom bomb tests are very dangerous. There is a SECRET - Doomsday Device, more dangerous the atom bomb. If used it would cause a chain reaction that would take seven-eight minutes to cause a firestorm and destroy the planet.

The Earth is 646 billion years old, the sun is 1 trillion 730 billion. The Oil reserves will be exploited in 27 and one half years. Oil is a lifeform, like a germ to the Earth.

We have used 65 billion tons of oil so far. 20 billion tons have been damaged by atom bomb testing. A planet like Earth produce 1 billion tons of oil every billion years. We have exploited 1/10 of our oil. It would take 118 billion years to replace it naturally. We have destroyed too many elements in the ground. 35 Years ago there was 86.1% fertile ground - today 39.7%

The five most important things we can do for the planet:

1. Reduce the population to under 1 billion

2. Stop robbing the Earth of oil, gas, ores, etc..

3. Stop the atom testing, under ground explosions

4. Tear down all dams

5. Tear down the nuclear power stations


We must stop the system of POWER on Earth. In our fliture there is a possible FIRESTORM. We have hurt the Earth too much already. Expect volcanoes, climatic alternations, storms and floods. Whole countries will sink into the sea, many will die. A Hellish war is coming..

For 2000 years Cabalistic future tellers have known that Jesus, God, Church and Christ refer to the 666. Jesus is a lie against the name Jmmanuel. Jesus is the value of the anti Christ.

The Abbreviation W.U.V. has something to do with the Anti Christ. The "Beast" is just a symbol. It concerns a worldwide organization which exist in three parts. The Organization becomes embodied by the church and her followers.

The word WUV means Billy is surprised, the organization already exists, the name is not very much like W.U.V. Billy has a Book by CHEIRO in Egypt. It has the right numbers for predicting the ftiture



Crashed Spaceships and the U.S. Government

The American government has material from a destroyed spaceship. They also have dead bodies of dwarflike ETs.. They do not have fuinctioning ships.

pictures are captures from the filmserie "taken"

 Earth people using "German" plans to build a disc. It cannot leave the Earth, but it has a lot of abilities. They like to pretend there are ET.

There are tunnels below the surface of Earth left over from passed times. The ones in Guatemala collapsed during an earthquake.

The Pleiadians do not smoke but they have drinks which are similar to alcohol.

Billy is scolded for not being more materialistic to help his family.

Billy has a question about the age of the Earth. An Astronomer says Semjase is wrong. The Earth is 646 billion years old from the gas ball. It took 600 billion years to solidify. It took the next 46 billion years to evolve to the level of the human being.


The Metal of the Beamships. We start with lead from stars with lead atmospheres, from waters, plants as well from different stones of decaying stars. By an unusual process they convert the soft metal to hard. It is a chemical process which makes it harder than steel. It still is not ready for a Beamship. Must underground another process - a secret We have the main metals to make the alloy, copper nickel silver, some with gold.

Semjase says she will bring Billy some sample

Given to Marcel Vogel of IBM. He says it couldn't be made with any process we know of We hurt the Earth too much already, expect volcanos, climatic alternations, storms, water inbrakes. Whole countries will sink into the sea, many will die. A Hellish war is coming...



Fourty-Sixth Contact Thursday Feb 26, 76

Billy is being followed to the contacts by a red car.

Semjase has picked up the thoughts of several people

They may have to make the next meeting farther away

She gives Billy some crystals, ruby, malachite and fluorite

She also gives him three metal samples - 3rd ,4th and 5th process

1st step - Absorbs the lead substance from the atmosphere

2nd step - Extract all dangerous radiations from the lead

3rd step - A heat process that converts the lead in to an alloy. Then it is liquified,

cooled, then heated again several times until it reaches a certain alloy

6th step - A secret step which effects the whole alloy

The ship is made by a welding process. An oscillation technique which liquifies the metal by a cold frision process and lets it flow together with another metal and becomes one piece.


Fourty-Seventh Contact Sunday Feb 29, 76

There is a tape from an American named Dick Miller

There is the voice of an ET named Haton. It is a complete phoney. Semjase does not want to be bothered with this kind of nonsense.

Billy is cautioned about his health


49 Contact Sunday 3/28/76

Billy is driven to the contact by Mr. Schutzbach and Mr. Bertschinger. The automatic guiding instrument on the ship was interrupted since the brain waves of these two people were not in the ships computer. Semjase had to direct Billy with her own thoughts

Billy has broken two ribs - Semjase examines him

Mr. Bertschinger and Hans Schutzbach see the Ship. 10 minutes of lights



Fiftyith contact Sunday 4/6/76

Billy is followed again to the contact.

Semjase sees someone following and causes a failure to the magneto so they can't follow. The meetings will have to be moved again

Billy thanks Semjase for the lightworks

He has brought five friends with him to see the ship tonight. Semjase will show the ship again

Semjase fixes Billy's broken ribs. He sits between two poles for a couple of minutes. The bones are healed but the skin is still inflamed.

 Meier  was instructed by the aliens to go to a certain location where a flight demonstration of the alien crafts would take place. Meier was told that he could bring his friends and also take photographs.

Unfortunately, the group was followed by unwanted human visitors who caused the demonstration to be canceled. Meier was instructed telepathically by the aliens to depart the area. As he was leaving, he was pursued by the unwelcome observers. In his haste to escape, he ended up crashing his moped. The crash damaged the motorbike and also hurt Meier who had a fractured rib, a dislocated shoulder, a twisted foot and several abrasions.

Three days later, Meier was visited by his Pleiadian friend, Semjase, who offered to cure his painful broken rib. She held a small device to the broken rib, and instructed Meier to sit between the two "poles" on the instrument. She told Meier, "The rib - bones will be completely regenerated after this process. There will be nothing left to indicate that they had been broken."

Meier felt a sudden "electrical sensation" and then nothing. He knew instantly he was cured because the pain was gone. Semjase was unable to reduce the swelling only because the correct instrument was not available at the time.

Meier's injuries and cure were verified by other witnesses. Incidentally, Meier has only one arm, having lost one in a bus accident. During one of his contacts, the aliens offered to grow him a new limb. Meier declined, fearing that people would ask too many questions.


Semjase will give a demonstration to the five women waiting for Billy. She also sends them some thoughts - Secrets for just the women.


Fifty-First Contact Tuesday 4/27/76

Billy is told that Hans Jacob is working against him and the group. He is responsible for some of the cars following Billy.


Fifty-second Contact Monday 5/17/76

There is a race of underground giants in Peru. They have recently raided a small village. They are 210 cm tall, red brown skin and hair. They are old enemies of the Incas. They went underground about 500 years ago.

There is no "Curse of the Pharaoh". It deals with a poison taken from the hair spines of Figidindus cactus. Its poison last for a thousand years. The Pharaohs knew their graves would be robbed. The put the hairs on their body wraps - it kills.

When the Pyramids were built the astronomers new the fate of Earth. They built the data that told of the future into the pyramid. It speaks of coming disasters from the cosmos. They even took into account the changing position of Earth. The Prophecy will come at a time when the central sun of the milky way and our sun shine through a tube like opening of the pyramid into the center and illuminates one point in the pyramid.

The pyramids were built by Spiritual telekinetic forces.

Askets ear lobes are longer and more forward on the face. Big ears does not mean intelligence. Semjase has "blue" eyes and uses eye makeup. Pleiadian women like to color their eyes.


Semjase lives on a planet called "Erra" in the system of Taygeta. She has concerned herself with Earth for 72 years. She has only been on the planet for four years.

The Pleiadians have been here in bases for over 300 years. They have two other bases outside of Switzerland. There are seven other ET bases on Earth - They all know each other.

Animals in nature do strive for perfection through spiritual growth. They strive for the evolution of nature within a set order. They basically strive for "instinct" development.

Their "radios" are sent through hyperspace. They attach the messages to "tachyon" like particles.


Gravity is electromagnetic in nature with two unitary but contrary forces. It is connected to the MASS itself The Earth generates the gravity. The cause of the Gravity can be found in the self warmth of the planet and the "cold" of space. Also the "solid" density of the core of the planet is a contributing factor.


The Pleiadians and life on Erra

By our calendars Semjase would have been born on Feb. 7. The Pleiadians are very much into astrology and do not think that Earth astrology is very accurate.

The Pleiades are located in the constellation of Taurus the bull. They are visible to the naked eye during the winter months in the northern hemisphere. They are sometimes mistaken for the little dipper. In the Bible the Pleiades are known as the seven sisters or the daughters of seven. Indians have a folk tale that says seven Indian maidens were being chased by a bear. They rose into the sky and became the Pleiades. The Devils Tower in Wyoming shows the bear claws of the bear that was chasing them. The Pleiades also show up in ancient Egyptian and Mayan cultures. Is there a connection? In 1771, an astronomer named Charles Messir was the first to chart the Pleiades. From atop a hotel in Paris, he charted 45 stars in the system. The Pleiades became designated M45. Located 500 light years from Earth, on the planet called Erra, just 10% smaller than ours, live a group of humans we call the Pleiadians.


They live in a system of 254 blue suns located in the area around the sun we call Taygeta - in a slighly higher vibration/dimention.( another time-line also)

 400 million humans live on Erra. Earth was selected long ago by their ancestors because of the similarities. The rotation of Erra is 365 1/4 days, 23 hours and 59.4 seconds. Erra is one of four inhabited planets in their system of nine. An hour is called the ODUR. Day = MUSAL. Month = ASAR. They have 13 months with a compensation every 23 years. Erra is one half second out of our time of reality.


)Ol is the symbol for the planet Erra. ) = half moon or soul symbol representing the power of the spirit form (soul). The Pleiadians seem to be in control of their spiritual powers. This could be, in part, how they have contributed to their long life span of over 700 years.

O = Symbol of the spirit. The centering of the individual or the actual content of life for the individual around which all things center themselves. In the symbol of Erra, this spirit unites the spiritual and the material aspects in harmony.


I = The symbol of Uranus named after an astronomer called Herschel. Old Pleiadian writings in our history have influenced the drawings and letters somewhat. This represents a dipole, the switching element of a calculator. Either yes or no, as in the north or south elements of iron, or the +1- part of a force field.


The Pleiadians are descendants of the Lyrians. Lyra is the oldest known home of the human life form. 22 million years of history reaching across more than 1,800,000 known planets with human life. 230,000 years ago an ancient Lyrian named Ishwish Asael left Lyra, fleeing with 183 great spacers, 250 small ships and 360,000 people. When Asael died, his daughter Pleja, an Ishrish, took over and changed the name of their system to PLEJA. Her orders to explore led them to the discovery of Earth while following the path of the same destroyer comet which had been known in their system in Lyra. 

By order from Pleja, three planets were colonized: Earth, Mars and the then 4th planet called Milona. Their history of colonization on Earth tells of their departure around the year 33 after the procreation of Jmmanuel. They returned in the 1600's to study and learn again about Earth. It is difficult for them to understand a lot about our logic and human nature. ..having lived many more lives than we. They studied our language and mostly our belief systems and how we seem to be dependent on a god or an idol of some kind instead of being responsible for ourselves.


The Pleiadian plan for the New Age

For the last 100 years they have enlightened some of us and helped us from time to time with certain inventions when they were needed. A network surrounds our planet warning travelers. The Pleiadians are adamant about not interfering in our political and power structures. They abide by agreed-upon laws which govern a planet not able to leave its own solar system. 200 to 300 Pleiadians have lived among us at various times. Bases were built in Russia, Switzerland and later in the USA.


70 years ago a mission was planned to benefit us, their younger brothers. A lady named Semjase decided to undertake a mission to Earth. She began to study us and the thought patterns of Eduard Meier. It was time for the truth to be put back into humanity.


The Pleiadians are human just like us with few physical differences. Ears are smaller and higher on the head with no lobes, just a gradual sloping down to the jawbone. The original Asael settlers were Titans and were seven to nine meters tall. (21-27 feet) Their body size has changed over the years because of the planet they live on. Their average age is now between 700-1000 years, mostly due to the control of spiritual energies gained through numerous lifetimes. They have no medical problems like we have, since they control health through psychic balance. All of our medical problems are caused by illogical thinking. Male sperm is normally active for 12 hours.. .up to three days maximum. 

During the first three weeks the spirit form makes the decision to inhabit the new body that is being created. Abortion is allowed only during this time. Astrology as we know it exists but to a finer degree. The moment the head breaches is the moment of birth for astrology. Born into a collective consciousness, the Pleiadians have developed their spiritual energies to a very high degree allowing telepathic communication with one another. This greatly changes the society. They have good and bad, moral and immoral like we do.. .it's just on a much different scale since their emotions are much different than ours.


Since they have cognition of previous lives and understand why we choose our parents and our names, they look at children as people coming through again. They have the ability to know who they are. There is a trend toward staying within a family.

They are born with the capacity to understand their past lives and their chosen lessons in the new life. Since the Pleiadians do not treat children as their personal property they give love and attention to all children and help each of them with their education. Newly born people are helped emotionally and mentally by controlling positive and negative influences in their lives. They are exposed to the negative and learn to understand it, instead of being thrown into a hostile world and forced to manufacture defensive emotions, as we are.


The first 70 years are spent in education, maybe up to 20 professions are learned. Once they leave their education years, they work anywhere on the planet for about four hours a day and spend another four hours persuing the proper balance of creativity and spiritual growth. Many choose to live off-world on giant floating cities. Emphasis is put on personal growth and achievement based on what is good for the individual, a true understanding of the importance of personal spiritual growth by taking 100% responsibility for themselves. Only through understanding and cognition of the Laws of Creation can you hope to evolve. There is no spiritual growth when we indulge in religion. Our spirit pines away and leads to stagnation.


Pleiadians have no economics as we know it. We have the only paper money they have ever seen. Likewise, we make war with economics instead of keeping score. All things are provided in their society, as achievement for the sake of material possessions leads to greed, hate, anger and no spiritual growth. Since they are telepathic it is not possible for them to deceive or mislead each other and this provides for an environment of truth and honesty between all.


Love and Marriage

Pleiadians enter marriage for the purpose of families but are conscious of population control. Since they are aware of the being coming through, the view of children is slightly different. They maintain population growth in keeping with the energies of the planet they live on. Spiritually, there is always a connection between the fine matter and the coarse matter. Population control factors are decided by council. Telepathic abilities allowing awareness of feelings and thoughts do not allow them to take advantage of one another as we do. Everyone pitches in and shares the load. If you need material possessions, your needs are provided for. Most manufacturing is done off-world on planets that do not interfere with nature. They have developed androids who do much of the physical work.


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