Government on Erra

Around the year 10 they came across a race of highly developed beings in the Andromeda Galaxy in the last stage of physical life. They were far more advanced than the Pleiadians. A decision was made to take the advice of these beings and to abide by their suggestions. No more wars. They have a planet where the High Council spreads the information to all of their planets. They do not vote as we do but have a system of unity where everyone must agree.

Their planet has a green atmosphere they control which contributes to their health and stressless way of life. They do not need as much sleep as we do. Foods are grown that control the digestive system so they don't have to eat as much. They have a very high technical understanding of how food affects their thinking processes. They are primarily vegetarians but with a controlled amount of meat in their diet so as not to become too light-headed. Meat gives you grounding in your thinking.

  • Divorce is not allowed since this is an offense against the Laws of Creation. If the marriage laws are broken, the partners are exiled from the planet but this rarely happens.
  • There are many kinds of love. The love in friendship and marriage are very close and likewise, love of all creatures is very closely related.
  • If the rare case happened that a Pleiadian should choose to marry into another race less spiritually evolved than himself then it is provided that the spiritual evolution of the less evolved life form be accelerated to meet the evolved level of the partner.
  • The Pleiadians are members of an alliance of many solar systems of human life, about 127 billion in number. There are also many other worlds who are not in the alliance or have chosen not to stay in contact with it.
  • We must become aware that not all beings are friendly. There are many barbaric races who would enslave us if given the chance. We must prepare for the inevitable time when we will run into them.
  • The Pleiadians say they are not super-human with great powers as we may think. They are men and women like us who benefit from the knowledge of many lifetimes. They are not teachers, missionaries or way-preparers. The do not come on behalf of any god to give us the long awaited peace. God does not confer any obligation on them. They understand our right of free will to evolve on our own. Peace will only come when the Earth human takes responsibility for his own future and learns to create his own reality. Relying on or believing that someone else or some other power is going to bring peace will not make it happen. They feel an obligation to other life forms to help but not to interfere.
  • There is no plan to land on the White House lawn. They have listened to the thoughts of all governments and know that all earthly governments are only thirsty for power. An examination of the thoughts of our leaders shows them all to be power crazy individuals who look at extra-terrestrials as a source of power to conquer the cosmos, when in fact they cannot even create peace on their own world.
  • We are to enslaved by religion and delusion to have communication with them at this time.
  • To expose themselves world-wide would cause panic. In the past, they have been revered as gods and have been forced to take over a planet which is of no interest to them. So they chose to select certain individuals who are capable of understanding the TRUTH and pass on information to them so that we may begin to know that we are not alone.


A Warning from Space

A warning about other life forms traveling the cosmos who are even more barbaric than we are: We may have a run in with them if we choose to leave our planet in a warlike manner. An explanation of the misuse of the teachings of Jmmanuel: They have observed that we would rather kill one another arguing over the right or wrong viewpoint regarding Jmmanuel than to live by his teachings. Semjase explains the history of the Pleiadians to Billy. Photo proofs will be allowed. All photo sessions will be controlled and Billy is not to take pictures unless he gets permission from Semjase.


Ice Age

Known to us as a glacial period. This is a natural event in the development of the planet. We have to start to understand that the planet is a living entity and must evolve just as we do. Since it does not reach for perfection as we do or go through periods of material life and non-material life (sleeping), it has its own way of evolving or sleeping. This is done through an event called an ice age or glacial period. This is a natural process covering entire regions or even the entire planet with ice. Temperatures fall and changes occur in atmospheric pressure. As a planet ages, the amount of ice subsides. Ice Ages occur in rhythmic patterns in accordance with the size and type of planet. The time of an ice age can be determined by simple mathematics. On Earth, this cycle lasts about 700,000 years, which means that every 700,000 years a certain region of Earth will fall into an ice age. The periods in between are interglacial periods. We have had four glacial periods in the last three million years.


All forms of creation go through a process of waking and sleeping. The Earth is no exception. As the Earth has become more evolved, it no longer needs to slumber entirely because this would damage all the lifeforms on her This ice age or slumber period serves as an evolution time for the plants, animals and humans. This means that a beautiful flower changes into a still more beautiful one. Animals also evolve, for instance, the prehistoric mammoth has become the elephant.



Pope Paul VI

He is supposed to be dead? There is a substitute - Billy must keep it a secret. They even erased all birth certificate, school records etc..

The Bafath have a station on Ganimead - moon of Jupiter



The Spiritual Centers of the white Brotherhood...

  • Lord Meru in the Andes of Peru
  • Lord Kemch-Anan/Uxmal in Merida
  • Royal Teton in Wyoming
  • Baud in Canada

These sites are phonies, as they know that if you have a large number of people concentrate on a single location there is a block of energy formed at that location which causes a reflection or "bounce back" effect to the people sending the thoughts. People taken there are told they are spiritual centers but they are not, its an "echo" Its just a mind trick used by the white Brotherhood for control.



The Drive systems of the Beamships

The old ships were called "BeamShips". They haven't built them for about 400 years. They give off some radiation.

The first ship that Semjase came in used a principle that used light in a highly concentrative manner.

Her new ship uses an anti-gravity drive based on the principle of dischargement. This was used for planetary drive, tachyon drive used in space.

The Present ship uses anti-matter drive. It weighs 1.5 tons


Is Quetzalcoatl related to Quetzal? No, not at all. Quetzalcoatl was a high official in Egypt. He took a special mission to South America, the Aztec land. He had a small space ship - they were impressed. He became in opposition to Huitzilopochtli for power. He lost and returned to Egypt.


Great Atlantis

After the great exodus to the planets of the Barnard Star and the destruction of life on Earth, there was a span of 7,000 years when travelers avoided coming here. The only life to be found were a few scattered tribes of brown-skinned humans who lived in primitive huts. They were the original Earth inhabitants who were still very underdeveloped and were of no interest to the star travelers. Gone was the technology of the great society of Pelegon that had raised the consciousness of man to new heights. The Earth had fallen into a time of darkness and despair.


Light years away lived the descendants of those who had fled the Earth thousands of years ago. Here in the Barnard Star System, a society of human life flourished and lived peacefully. After all, they were the sons and daughters of the great Pelegon, who had taught them how to live in peace and harmony with Creation. This rich heritage provided them with a spiritual advancement that left behind the cries of war and the struggle for power and created a world of peace and spiritual growth.


Among the leaders was a kind and generous Ishwish named Atlant. He was a tall, blond-haired, broad-shouldered man of obvious Lyrian decent. His bright blue eyes and pale white skin painted a picture not unlike his Lyrian ancestors of millions of years ago. He was very popular, and although life there was peaceful and happy, he longed to lead his followers to a new world where they could start a life full of adventure and growth. There were many who decided to follow Atlant, and plans were made to migrate to Earth, a small planet their ancestors had lived on and was hospitable to human life. Here they could create a whole New World.


At first only a few came and found the Earth to be rough and untamed. After piloting their great ships over most of the Earth's surface, they decided to build their first city on a large continent that was located just above the line of the equator which had a warm climate good for living. Having lived peacefully for thousands of years, their technology had developed to a very high state, so it was only a very short time before the beautiful architecture of the star travelers began to fill the horizon. As the city grew and word reached back to the home planets of the success of their new home, thousands more left the Barnard System and came to Earth. Within only a few short years the great society named after its leader Atlant had populated a large area of the planet.


Based on our current calendar, the beginnings of Atlantis would be around 31,000 B.C. Some history of this event still rests with the American Indians and some other races who have for years passed down the story of the great Atlantis. The people of Atlantis were kind and generous and lived peacefully with the inhabitants of Earth. Although the Earthlings were far less developed, they were accepted into their cities and found jobs and encouragement, for no hate or prejudice existed in the minds of these spiritually developed travelers from the stars.

Atlant had a wife named Karyatide, who was also ambitious and well thought of as a leader. She helped spread the civilization to new parts of the planet, founding cities around an area that today we call the Mediterranean. These smaller satellite cities were called Little Atlantis and lived under the same peaceful rule as the large cities.

Karyatide had a father named Muras. He was a powerful leader from the Lyrian chain of families. After the successful beginnings of Atlantis, he came to Earth with thousands of his followers and built a city on the opposite side of the planet called Mu. Named after its founder, Mu grew to be a gigantic city and slowly spread out and founded other parts of the planet. After many years the many cities that fell under the rule of Muras became known as the kingdom of Lemuria.

Mu was situated in the area we now call the Gobi desert, which is an area between China and Russia. As the great society of Mu advanced, they built two underground cities called Agharta Alpha and Agharta Beta that were located directly below Mu. The cities were connected together by underground tube systems which ran for hundreds of miles, carrying the citizens of Mu from one town to another. Eventually, even more underground tube systems were built and connected many areas of Earth. Although most of these underground tunnels have been destroyed over the years, some of them still exist today.

Thousands of years of peaceful living on Earth produced the largest population ever to live here. Almost the entire planet was populated with cities on every continent which boasted a high quality of living and technology. Earth became known as a peaceful and tranquil place to live and attracted travelers from many different parts of the galaxy. Plejadian history is not completely accurate here, but it is believed that as many as eight more races from different worlds came to Earth during this time and blended in with the great societies of Atlantis and Mu.


From the star called Sirius came a race of black humans who were very highly developed. They were not of the Lyrian chain but boasted a high spiritual level and found it easy to live in peace with the artistic and creative people of Atlantis. There were also humans from the stars of Orion, Vega, and Hyades, who were also descendants of the ancient Lyrians. It was also during this time that a race came and started a new colony on Earth whose origins are still not known. They were an older race than the Lyrians and kept to themselves and were very peaceful. These were the colonies that founded the Asian communities on Earth, a different family of origin, but now part of the ever-changing mixture of the new Earthman. The Earth was becoming a melting pot of races and colors who lived together in peace and love.


The End of Atlantis and Mu

The cries of war caused panic, and by the thousands they took to their Beamships and fled to the Pleiades for safety. The war instruments of Atlantis and Mu were of very large size and power. The army of Atlantis contained 4.83 million fighters in large ships, plus 123,000 small individual Beamships and 16,431 remote ships equipped with the most sophisticated heat dissolving beams. They also had 24,230 medium-class ships which were armed with terrifying weapons. But even with all this power, Mu was superior in technology and boasted weapons of greater force.

The scientists of Mu, knowing of the coming events, ordered a fleet out into space to search for a large asteroid in the debris of the destroyed planet of Milan. Finding it, they attached a powerful drive system to it so that it could be hurled at Earth as a weapon of destruction. As the attack of Atlantis started, the leaders of Mu ordered the giant asteroid to be launched, but it was too late to save Mu. The Atlantean fleet dissolved the city of Mu almost instantly. All traces of Mu were melted away, which is evident by the smooth, flat ground in the Gobi desert where it once stood. The underground cities of Agharta were damaged and thousands were killed, but many survived the great holocaust.

Rapidly, the giant asteroid was steered toward Earth with the dedicated pilots attached to it. Propelled by the great technology of the scientists of Mu, the huge asteroid of death was racing at incredible speeds toward Earth when some of leaders and scientists of Atlantis detected the oncoming asteroid. They knew there was no way to stop it, so they fled into space leaving the millions of inhabitants of Atlantis to die.

The asteroid hit the atmosphere and burst up like a supernova, generating heat of over 34,000 degrees. The asteroid exploded less than 110 miles up, and in a thousand small pieces hit the Earth like a shotgun blast. The continent of Atlantis melted beneath the heat of the blast within seconds and the floor of the Atlantic Ocean was broken, causing volcanoes to erupt and bring the sea to a boil. Water from the ocean hurled upward to heights of twenty miles, causing a tidal wave over a mile high to rush over the land mass of Atlantis. It continued on across the area we call the Mediterranean and flooded Northern Africa and the land of Egypt. By our current calendar it was exactly the year 9498 B.C. on June 6th, when the great civilization of Atlantis sunk below the Ocean.

The Planet Earth rolled over on its axis causing the seas to flow over the land, and volcanoes filled the air with smoke and fire. As the planet changed its axis and came to a rest in a slightly different orbit, the geography of Earth was forever changed. If you can picture the Earth as it is now, envision rolling the planet over until the state of Florida is where Greenland is now. That was the position Earth was in before the great war.


Florida used to be called Hyperborea and was the home of Arus and his warriors. The survivors of Hyperborea moved underground after the great holocaust and now live under Mt. Shasta in California. The great continent of Atlantis, which was originally north of the equator, slid under ocean and is now resting in the area of the Atlantic Ocean. From what I can ascertain from reading the Contact Notes, if you drew a line from Puerto Rico over to Northern Africa, you would be outlining the northern border of where Atlantis was. This huge land mass formerly connected the continents of Africa and South America but now is barely a memory. Remains of Atlantis can be found on the ocean floor off the west coast of the Bahamas in a small group of islands called the Biminis.

 Here on the floor of the sea oceanographers have discovered the remains of what appears to be an ancient city and have uncovered roads, walls, and other monuments which may tell the story of the last days of Atlantis. Also south of Puerto Rico, deep, down under the water, you can find the tops of pyramids built by the Atlanteans that still rise up through the ocean floor. This is all we have found so far to remind us of the greatest society that ever existed on Earth.


  • ETs cannot incarnate here if they die on another planet. Some ET's have died here and will return here. Earth people cannot die here and incarnate on another planet. It's a rule of the Creation, it's not possible. (other sources do not agree in this - webmaster comment)
  • The Value of Colors arranged from the level of consciousness

The Radiation values

1 = pink

2 = violet

3 = green

4 = golden red

5 = golden

6 = white

7 = blue


  • They have some disease on their world. They still get colds - and diseases from other worlds

They no longer have Cancer. The will not give us the cure for it as it interferes with our own evolution. This may sound cold, but they don't have the right to interfere with our personal evolution.




A Gift from Jmmanuel

  • Billy has piece of foil from the grave of Jmmanuel. A microsound test was done at the Max Planck Institute in Munich. It is a combination of sulfur and CO plus oxygen and hydrogen peroxide.
  • It seems to be gypsum. (calcium sulfate). It is burnable without smell and turns to a white powder. Where did it originate?
  • It was a present for Jmmanuel from his father Gabriel. He was seven years old. It came from the planet Alkyon. It was a keepsake.
  • The Language that Semjase speaks on her world is called SARAT. There is a Universal language called KOSAN that most ETs speak.



Fifty-Fourth Contact 

Tuesday 6/8/76

  • Semjase gives another demonstration for the whole house
  • Semjase says there were two strange oscillations (mind waves)
  • There were two new friends from Germany
  • Animals in nature do strive for perfection through spiritual growth
  • They strive for the evolution of nature within a set order
  • They basically strive for "instinct" development


more on The Planet Erra

The Pleiadian live on four planets in their solar system. There are nine planets in all. There are 400 million people on Erra. When her ancestors came from Earth they found a planet like it. Erra has 365 1/4 days, 23 hours and 59.4 seconds. 

A "Musal" a day. 

A "ODUR" = part of a second. 

A year is 13 ASAR (months) with a compensation time every 23 years. 

The Atmosphere = 70 to 75% Nitrites. 25 to 29% Oxygen and 1% rare gases like carbon dioxide and Argon. 

Erra has 32.4 % Oxygen. 

Surface Gravity = 1.003. 

Density = 5.521. 

Axis inclination = 22.99 degrees. 

Equatorial diameter = 12,749 km. 

The planet is moving at 11.19km sec.

By our calendars Semjase would have been born on Feb 7.

The Pleiadians are very much into Astrology. Earth Astrology is not very accurate.


Fithy Fifth Contact 

Monday 6/14/76

  • Semjase has a brother named Yukata, a sister named Pleja
  • Semjase wants to help Billy's wife with her spiritual growth
  • Her father, Ptaah is 759 years old - see drawing down


Fifth Eight contact 

Monday June 28th, 76

  • Two ships appear that belong to Semjase and Quetzal. Billy wants them to land so he can take pictures of the landing tracks. They usually float just off the ground.
  • Billy meets Pleja - Semjases sister. Teaches her to ride his moped.
  • There is life in the Centauri Star Systems. six Light Years away is the Barnard Star. There is human life. They come here frequently and make contacts.

Sixtieth Contact 

Thursday July 29, 76

The great Floods and Catastrophes, Billy wants to clear up the dates. 
  • Atlantis was destroyed by MU 11,498 years ago
  • A large Planetoid came close to Earth 10,215 years ago dividing the waters of the Atlantic again.
  • The Destroyer comet returns again 10,080 years in our past, and comes by Earth causing severe flooding. The Destroyer comes again 7957 years ago.
  • Returning again 6906 years ago, more flooding. Silence until 3453 years ago, the Destroyer comes by pulling Venus.
  • The Sanskrit scripts are the most accurate in history, not the Bible. Also the original scripts of Henoch and the Mayans
  • Venus was originally a moon of Uranus. Torn loose from its orbit 8590 years ago. 7957 years ago the comet once again pulls Venus into a new orbit. Once more 6906 years ago the orbit is changed by the comet. Again 4,058 years ago the orbit is changed again. 3453 years ago Venus moved into its current orbit.

picture only illustration -  not from org.material

  • The Destroyer came by in 1680. It was not very close and there was no damage. It will appear again in 2255.
  • A SOL system is a central sun. A SUN system is any planet with at least three orbiting bodies around it.
  • Billy has pictures of the landing tracks of the Pleiadian craft. Semjase explains about how the gravity of the ship overcomes the Earth gravity.
  • Billy is introduced to "Menera". She has a strange looking ship. She is from the planet DERON in Vega System. She will fill in for Semjase until the end of the year. Its a holiday for Semjase and Quetzal.
  • Menera is very "Pretty". Dark skin, very brown, 10 cm shorter then Semjase. Billy wants to know if she is connected to the "Hottentotts" of Africa. Her forefathers came to Earth and mated with the HUNS. They came together with the Africans and created the "Hottentots".
  • The Language that Semjase speaks on her world is called SARAT. There is a Universal language called KOSAN that most ETs speak. Menera's home language is called JENAN This is her first time on Earth. Billy is asked to not make things too difficult for her.



Good Friday 1976

  • Billy gets sound recordings under the ship.
  • No one else can see the ship, but they can hear it. Hans Schutzbach is watching. The sound is caused by the rotation of the outer parts of the ship as it hits the air. Suddenly people appear from all over.


Sixty-third Contact 

Wednesday Sept 22, 76

  • Semjase tells Billy that she has not been around because of his poor health. He is jeopardize the mission with his health. Meneras ship leaves a burn on the ground. Billy wants to take a picture of Meneras "Beam" pistol.
  • Billy is told that Sfath was Semjases grandfather. His ship was a present from Sirius, there are two inhabited planets there.
  • sfath's ship "from Sirius" was earlier  said to be bellformed - may be as the artpicture here.

Sfath's ship "from Sirius" was earlier  said to be bellformed - may be as the artpicture here.



Billy has decided not to go public

  • He is frustrated with so much negative thinking about him. The UFO circles do not approve of him. Semjase builds him up again as the great prophet of our time.
  • Semjase tells Billy that they are pushing him to go public so that they can examine "our reality". They want Billy to go worldwide so they can learn about us. They are not allowed to study Earth peoples innermost thoughts. They are trying to find out something about us by 1977.
  • She tells Billy he is becoming a success. Some govts are paying attention. People all over the world are finding out. He is making more publicity then any UFO group.
  • Billy has also been tested. There was a 34% chance he would have acted against their wishes, and caused their testing to fail.


Sixty-fifth Contact 

Oct 23, 76

  • Semjase and Ptaah show up. Ptaah explains to Billy to trust his feelings of not going out in public as there are many dangers. Some are trying to kill him.
  • There are private groups who have flying "discs" built with plans from WWII. They are afraid Billy will expose them. A man named Dunneberg heads a Brazilian group who is after Billy. Billy should not plan any travels. He should cancel his plans to go to Munich and speak.

sixty-sixth Contact Wednesday 

Nov 10th, 76

Semjase is given a teddy bear by Herbert. She really likes it.

Our astrology is not accurate enough. Should go by seconds. The head at Birth is very important. When the head comes out it is effected by radiations.

The Symbol of ERRA )0+ The symbols of stars go back to our forefathers who created them according to the radiations and oscillations of the stars.

Semjase is praising the members of Billy's group for helping him with security. There have been three more attempts on his life by the Israelis.

There are Nazi's in Brazil with a flying disc. They are after Billy also. They have a captured ET disk also. The Pleiadians destroyed the ship.

Mercury is shrinking. The interior MASS is so strong the surface is pulling in. Billy is told that someone is making drawings of his Universe Barrier photo and his Jupiter pictures.

Someone is questioning his notes, Semjase words sound just like Billy's. Billy should tell them how he unravels the symbols that are sent and converts them to German. So all of the sentences are expressed by Billy and sound the same.

Billy's pictures of the Universe Barrier was shot one year before the drawing appeared.

Sixty-Nineth contact 

Friday Dec 10th, 76

Easter Island.

 Billy has some writings to be deciphered from Easter Island. Semjase says she cannot read them - also they are confidential. Easter Island is connected to the main continent and the City of Tiahunaaco even though they are 5000 miles apart. 13,000 years ago there was an semi-Ishwish named Viracocoha. He was very greedy for power. His very cruel leadership overtook the 4000 meter high city of Tiahuanco and Easter Island. Viracocoha settle with his guards the "cherubs" on the isle of MOT situated next to Easter Island.

It was called MOT because the "cherubs" were bird like creatures.

In the ancient language MOT = "bird". Viracocoha was a Lyrian, a giant, 11 meters tall. The locals were taught to use the machines of Viracocoha. The locals were taught stone masonry. They believed Viracocoha to be a GOD so they carved the statues of him out of stones of the lava walls.

A plague of some kind hit the giants and they fled the Earth. They died in space somewhere.

The locals were left without leaders and technology. There was alot of unfinished work. They tried to finish the statues hoping the GODS would c ome back,but they didn't. They even tried putting red hats on the statues.

News about Viracocoha had reached a race of people in the Andromeda Constellation. They came to Earth about 2568 years ago. They built up a high society. They even constructed electrical energy centers with cables under the ground protected by half tube channels which still today no one understands. They left after 20 years from a sickness also, maybe the same thing?

There was a splinter group of the Hyperboreans - giants. Colonized all continents. They were cyclops, titans and dwarf like people. They were the origin of Greek Mythology. Hercules was three meters tall. Noah was almost four meters. Adam was almost five meters. Gilgamesha, From Sumerian area - was seven and one half meters. The giants of yesteryear would degenerate from breeding down to Earth size.

  • A persons name is important, it should reflect his knowledge and abilities as well his level of evolution. If not it can cause conftision

  • An Example: Eduard = "Preserver of the Treasure"


  • Semjase means = semi-Ishwish. semi = ELO, a female Ishwish is an Ishrish, so she is an ELO - ISHRISH.

  • An example of a wrong name is Jacob. His thoughts are overburdened with dangerous facts which are not characteristic for him.

  • The Center of our Galaxy is 53,000 light Years from SOL


  • Billy is led out to a spot where there is a four meter burned hole in the ground and four landing tracks. There are small foot prints in the snow. One set of footprints has no trail. They are a very small dwarf race who have become lost in time. They decided to collect samples. One was floating to watch for trouble,he touched the ground once. They landed there because of the telemeters ships impulse beam.

  • Ptaah will help them find there way home. He will find their Galaxy and send them back in time.



Seventieth contact 

Thursday Jan 6, 77

The primary or first molecule of Spiritual energy has 49 atoms. The atom is not of pure material nature. It is an intermediate thing between matter and energy of spirit. It can be explained in sevens. The Pleiadians call it the sevens of the synthesis of matter.

There are seven planes to the structure of an atom, they are all different. Current science knows two or them - the 6th and 7th. They are aware of the 5th but have no knowledge's yet. The 6th plane is composed of elementary particles. The fifth plane is a mystery to Earth scientist. There are four more planes for them to discover. There is also a micro atom plane beside the atom planes which draws through all spiritual energy and coarse matter.



Seventy-second Contact 

Thursday Feb. 3rd, 77 - Billys 40. Birthday

  • Its Billy's Birthday - he's 40. Billy is told its time to move out of Hinwil.

Semjase shows him a map of Switzerland on the screen. It shows the main areas of Earthquakes. There will be an active Volcano in Switzerland. Avoid the long flat zone in the North, it will be destroyed by fire. She shows four areas that are suitable. The best place is the area between the volcano & earthquake zones.

  • Billy says that's great (to move/buy a new house), but where does the money come from?. Semjase will send out telepathic thoughts to all who could help. These thoughts will be about the "truth" of the mission. Many of your group members will help Billy in their next incarnation. The Pleiadians will help this to happen. Some of the members will spend a short time on the other side & return to the center. The first ones will incarnate between 2015 - 2025. Others in 2033 - 2036. The last ones 2045 - 2072. Its important that the incarnate quickly to help with the spreading of knowledge.

    She then puts names to the incarnations for Billy. It's for his knowledge only. She explains the gender they will return as and where they will incarnate.

    Billy will leave this life unexpectedly. They don't want to give the date for fear he might become an idol. Billy will incarnate quickly over the next 800 years in different places on Earth to continue his mission. He will be in contact with his group occasionally. He will rejoin his center group after 800 years.

    • Billy says he knows how to control where he incarnates. He learned it in the Himalayas.


Seventy-Third Contact 

Monday Feb 7th, 77

  • Billy is excited, he had an idea about a place to buy. He had mentioned it to Semjase a year ago. He called the person and the house is available.
  • Semjase put the thought in this mind to remember the house. She tells him to let the members know about their role in the mission for the filture and the money will come. They will know for the first time the destination of their coming lives and will be investing in their future.
  • In their next lives their spiritual growth will be = 124 years causing them to become "elite" spiritual leaders to help in educating the Earth.
  • Semjase tells Billy that the land at Hinterschmidruti would be bought in the beginning of 1978 (spring) by the group members. There will surprising difficulties and intrigues and betrayers in the group.
  • Billy uses his radio in the Ship.
  • He is over "Kloten". He calls Miranos three - Jacobus, he can barely see the ship. Semjase lets the ship be seen very clearly. Jacobus responds - he can see the ship. Semjase puts Billy down in front of Jacobus's car to surprise him. Billy appears like he grew up from the ground.


Seventy-Fifth Contact 

Monday Feb 21, 77

  • On Sunday Feb 13, 77 Billy sees a small footprint in the new house. It is a friend of Semjase
  • They live on a planet close to them. They are small dwarfs who are "cleaning" the house of negative energies and fluids
  • Billy has B. Brand to take a picture. Nothing is seen by the eye, but on the film!
  • Semjase puts on a show for Bernadette Brand, J. Bertschinger Senior & Junior and Engelbert Wachter


Seventy-Sixth Contact 

Monday May 23, 77

  • Billy meets with Menera. Where is everybody, he has not seen Semjase in three months
  • There have been many problems with the new house Menera is happy to find out that Billy is not prejudice
  • The Bafath are trying to stop the development of the center. Many of the groups members are being influenced by the Bafath. Billy is doing too much manual work himself instead of delegating.
  • Some of the group members are wanting to become commanders and leaders of the community. One member thinks he is better then the others. The Irony is that none of the members have had past lives of any importance or note. They were just housewives and potters etc.
  • Billy is returned home. She moves in time and returns him just 15 minutes from leaving even though he has been gone for an hour. He was noticed to leave to the East and return from the west.

Seventy-Seventh Contact 

Tuesday May 31, 77

  • Ptaah tells Billy that certain members of the group are not going to work out. They have been monitoring their thoughts for three months.
  • They have turned the information over to the High Council since they don't trust their own reasoning. The Earth peoples reactions conflise them sometimes
  • Ptaah again warns of the evils of the Bafath and for security. There are very difficult times ahead for the group. For 12 months it will be very difficult. Some members may desert.


Seventy-Eighth Contact 

Wed July 6, 77

  • Menera shows up with ALENA. She is a Lyrian from the planet Sater in the constellation Lyra. It is 157.3 million Light years to the sun MEL. This is the second time Billy has had a chance to play with a Beam pistol. He once got to play with Meneras. This one is much older.
  • Alena lets him take photos of her arm holding the gun. The aiming screen will enlarge what ever you point it at, even miles away you can shoot a twig on a tree.
  • When you squeeze the trigger two boxes of elements come together and form a combustion radiation and dissolves everything for 62 miles without a trace of ashes. Only the place where it first hits will show some burning.
  • You can also only activate the front box to produce a narcotic like effect for self defense. This is an old weapon - 600 years old. The newer weapon are smaller and are tuned to the thoughts of the user. Only the brain wave of the owner can fire the gun.
  • Billy is curious that the animals did not react to the ship as they usually do. Her ship is not a Beamship which produces vibrations and oscillations that animals can detect. Her ship flies by the densification of atmospheric gases which are compressed and exhausted. It cannot fly in the free space.
  • Menera and Alena praise Billy. He knows much about manual work. He thinks so well and logically.


Seventy-Nineth Contact 

Sat July 26, 77

  • Billy is not feeling well, he thinks he has food poisoning from sausage. Semjase uses a device and finds he has dangerous parasites in him. It take six seconds to clean his body of all parasites.
  • She warns again of dangerous "egos" in the group which will cause giant problems.
  • Quetzal had promised another demonstration for the group. They are holding off due to the negative thinking in the group. They'll let him know.


Eightieth Contact 

Wed Aug 24, 77

  • Semjase is moving her ship next to a tree to meet Billy when she picks up strong feelings of pain from him. She is so surprised that she moves the ship to quickly and tears off the top of the tree when leaving. She goes immediately back to Quetzal and reports. Quetzal finds that Billy has been attacked by small remote control bugs on his property. All at the center were infected. Quetzal quickly puts something into the air to cure the effect.
  • Billy gets to use the "Beam" in the ship to eradicate the bugs in the tree. Semjase is surprised that he took to the controls so fast.
  • Semjase warns that the Bafath have thrown in with another ET race to help take over the world and kill Billy. Billy and others saw the large eyed other ETs



Eighty-First Contact 

Sun Sep 4, 77

  • The Bafath have obtained a vibration beam from some ETs from the Pegasus region. They used it on the back wall of Billy's house.
  • Quetzal will now station a telemeter ship above Billy's house.
  • The effects of the Bermuda Triangle are over as of July 10, 1977. Earth has moved out of range. We are moving towards the Hercules Constellation. (We will be there in 20,000 years)
  • Future events in these areas can still be caused by Earth magnetic storms, climate changes, crime, etc..
  • The Rules of the Community are drawn up. They are very strict. Basically each person must live for the community.
  • Billy is given the plans and coordinates to build the Meditation room.
  • - 

sat Sept 10. 77

  • Billy is asked to project his mind (astral project), into the subconscious of Mr. G who has stopped his contacts with the Pleiadians. Billy meets with a hostile energy surrounding Mr. G. He is almost killed. It takes 15 minutes to fight off the force. He tries three more times and fails.
  • Mr. G is in the control of some very powerful force. Billy even projected his mind towards two wrong locations to hide himself, New Dehli and Rangoon.


Eighty-Fourth Contact 

Sun Sept 11, 77

Semjase tries to get into Mr. G's sub and is repelled by the energy. She is knocked unconscious and is saved by Pleja. She has called her father to help. She also tried to use the equipment on the ship to analyze the energy, but the energy was strong it destroyed the equipment. She can't understand how Billy survived.


Eighty-Fifth Contact 

Thursday Sept, 15, 77

  • Ptaah tells Billy he is very lucky to be alive. If he had not acted so quickly he would be dead. It's good that he used New Delhi and Rangoon to throw off the energy, He only received a minor hit. A full hit would have killed him. Mr. G has been seduced by a high form of energy. His subconscious thinks he is in touch with a high form of spiritual knowledge and he is impressed. He is letting himself in for servitude. He is still a religious man and tends to worship and give away his power. He wants to be taken care of and controlled.
  • The Earth human has no idea of the huge Religious consciousness that is harming the world.
  • Billions of religious people putting energy into wrong thinking. The Bafath and evil ETS can use this concentrated energy against us. They direct this concentrated energy to their own uses and control people.



Eighty-Eighth Contact 

Mon Oct 17, 77

  • There is continued talk about how Billy must handle the people in the group. The Pleiadians have become almost "baby sitters" involving themselves with the affairs of the group members.
  • Ptaah asked Asket about protecting Billy from the energy force around Mr. G. Quetzal built a device from Askets plans and put it in the telemeter ship over the house. The Perry Rhodan books are inspired by ETs.
  • "MURG" Billy hears a sound. He gets a gun and tape recorder and scares off the intruder
  • - It looked like an amphibian women. Ptaah confirms that "murg" means "peace They are called "Cygnians" . They can't find their ship. Ptaah contacts the home "Cygnian" planet. They have four ships somewhere. Cygnians only know primary
  • telepathy - short range (planetary). On their world the strongest oscillations rule. Their govt. is a "herd" mentality.
  • They found Billy because of his metal abilities and high spiritual vibrations. The Pleiadian vibrations are not broadcast. They shield their thoughts from Earth so as not to interfere so the "Cygnians" couldn't sense them.
  • Billy is told to make himself available to the "Cygnians" in case they return.



Ninety-Second Contact 

Wed Nov.23, 77

  • Billy is so run down his mental blockade has collapsed. His nerves are frayed and he is out of control. Billy stays up at night protecting 11 people as they sleep. Now he is vulnerable to mental attacks by the Bafath.


Ninety-Third contact 

Tues Nov 29, 77

  • A member of the group, Hans is spreading lies about Billy. The "Cygnian" ship is in the Pleiadian station. All are well.
  • Their drive system is damaged - its old and can't be fixed. the Cygnians don't know how to fix their ship. They have been adrift in space for two years. The Pleiadians will help them.
  • Billy would like to take a picture of "Asina" the "Cygnian" lady.



Ninety-Fifth Contact 

Sat Dec17, 77

On Thursday Dec 15th Semjase left the meditation room quickly! Quetzal wants to know what happened - she has not returned. Semjase was visiting Billy in the Meditation room. They sat in chairs talking. Suddenly Semjase senses someone outside. Jakobus has snuck up to the door to see Semjase. She thinks they are going to come in. She gets up and trips over the heater. She hits her head on the wall and disappears. Quetzal find Semjase in her ship floating over the center. She has a broken arm - and her skull is damaged. She is in a coma. Quetzal rushes her to Erra. Ptaah tries to get help from Asket.



Ninety-Sixth Contact 

Wed Dec 21, 77

  • Billy talks to Isados. He is a messenger about the condition of Semjase. Billy is mad because Quetzal has not informed him about Semjase.
  • Billy has projected himself to Erra to see for himself He sees Semjase in a glass box -frozen dead. Her head lays inside of a horseshoe device.
  • Isado apologies for assuming Billy was ignorant. He is surprised that Billy can project his consciousness.
  • He assures Billy that Semjase is alive and well. Semjase was in a frozen state to keep the spirit within the body. Ptaah went to Asket - she could not help. Asket goes for help to another race - The Soneans. They come to Erra and perform an operation. The dead part of the brain is removed and a programmed proto plasma is inserted.

    Semjase awakes after being dead for 42 hours. She will have no memory of the 42 hours. It will take several years for the brain to completely heal.

    Semjase is not to undertake any strain in her work.



Ninety-Seventh Contact 

Wed. Dec 28, 77

  • Quetzal returns and apologizes to Billy
  • Isado will stay on Earth
  • Menera and Pleja will help Quetzal continue with the mission Semjase may return in about three or four months
  • The brain is fed and energized by the Cosmical energy force. It provides the impulses for life and nourishment but cannot cure or regenerate the brain itself. The plasma is a foreign body which in the long run would lead to the destruction of the brain. So artificial plasma is created especially for Semjase's brain with impulses similar to her natural impulses from her own life force.
  • Within three to four years the artificial plasma will become part of the natural brain through cooperation with the electrical energy of life.
  • The Soneans are from the Dal Universe.
  • Their average age is 2360. 175 centimeters tall. They have a much higher and longer. skull then we do. They are about 4000 years in advance of the Pleiadians.
  • Billy asked if the Soneans can make new brains could they live indefinitely?
  • He answers his own question! No! Through some means you can extend the life span. If you push it to far the material consciousness will turn into an embicile and the Spirit will go stagnant. You cannot deprive the Spirit its rest period forever. The sleep period is necessary for the evolution.
  • The Soneans do not need flight machines. They can transmit themselves to wherever they wish to go.
  • Billy wants to know if the 30 kilometer limit to his travels is still in force. NO he can wander, but be careful!
  • Quetzal says that his worlds are in a parallel dimension of the Pleiades because the current Pleiades are not suitable for life. This parallel world is a solid world just like ours.
  • There are beings called Elemental Beings who exist in higher spheres who concerned with Flora and Fauna of the world. It is not possible for normal humans to communicate with them either by voice or telepathically.


Ninety-Nineth Contact 

Wed. Jan 4, 78

  • Quetzal has bad news. The High Council is very disturbed by the problems in Billys group and is deliberating if they should stop the contacts. Still to many members of the group are secretly plotting against Billy. They have to much trouble with the "truth".
  • It is possible that maybe they will continue contacts with only the ones who believe and are sincere.
  • The Contacts would stop and the prophecies of the filture would most likely come true. This is a shame since the members would try harder then much suffering on Earth could be avoided.
  • Billy pleads for those who have been sincere. He sees no reason to throw away the entire mission because of a few. He reminds Quetzal that much of the problems of Earth were caused by our forefathers. They should not give up so easy on us. They should be more understanding.
  • Billy tells Quetzal to go on home if its too difficult. He defends Earth and our people. The Pleiadians don't practice what they preach. The people are trying...
  • We "can do without you" he says
  • Quetzal will stand up for Billy to keep the contacts going.
  • Billy says "let me out of here, I will feel better when I don't have to see you anymore"


One Hundreth Contact 

Fri. Jan 6, 78

Quetzal apologizes for acting too hastily. He has learned a great deal from Billy's anger. The contacts shall continue.

New Years Eve 1977,78

  • Billy is pushed to demonstrate his spiritual abilities. He bends spoons. He puts his fingerprints into coins. Earlier in the year he had lifted an oven onto a truck.
  • Billy is a very lonely person on Earth. His knowledges keep him from feeling comfortable among people.

One Hundred Second Contact

 Tues. Feb 21st 78

  • In the middle of the night Quetzal comes with Minera. The ship lands in front of the house.
  • Billys house was attacked by a Bafath remote. Quetzal parked his ship over Billys house to protect it. Then Menera went after the remote and trashed it.
  • It is becoming obvious that Quetzal is very nice. More calm and together than Semjase, more understanding and wise.

One Hundred Fourth Contact 

Sat March 18, 78

  • Billy talks Quetzal into taking him into the future to see the great earthquake in San Francisco.
  • They are 300 kilometers from San Francisco. Quetzal opens the hatch to look down. Billy takes a picture of the San Andreas fault. Billys pictures will not come out good if he shoots below the ship as the radiation will effect the film.
  • San Francisco is on fire. Billy wants to get a picture of an American building to prove he was there at the "turn of the century".
  • The Destruction is worse then he thought it would be.

One Hundred Sixth Contact 

Mon April 10th, 78

  • Quetzal tell Billy the hard news. The group is failing and Contacts are going to be limited to telepathic only for Billy. The group is on probation.
  • Their thoughts will be monitored for a time. If things don't improve the contacts will be stopped.


One Hundred Seventh Contact 

Sat May 20, 78

  • Semjase and Pleja come to Billy
  • He tells Jacobus she holds nothing against him
  • Billy wants Semjase to fly the ship over the house so everyone can see it.
  • Semjase won't let the ship be seen today.
  • The Bafath have been removed to another Galaxy
  • The group is on probation for seven months. If they don't to learning and helping with the mission - its over. He can no longer give out his "notes" to the members.


One Hundred Eight Contact 

Thursday June 1, 78

  • Ptaah and Quetzal come. They are confirming what Semjase said. Billy has been irresponsible with his work and leadership. He has spent too much time on manual work. Billy is given the names of a of members who must be eliminated from the group immediately and cannot return. Their date of death will return to its original time. The had extended their life spans in meditation.
  • Claire has caused serious damage to the mission
  • Billy is given a list of what each person at the center should do. He must become more of a leader.
  • Billy is given regulations for the group to follow.


One Hundred Eleventh Contact 

Monday July 17, 78

Billy collapses..

Billy is taken aboard the ship. He has collapsed in the forest. Billy has suffered a nervous breakdown. Quetzal has brought Billy out of the coma and repaired many of his internal organs. Billy has even suffered irregular heart beats. This has been caused by the problems with the group. It's too much for Billy to run the center. He is told to go home and rest . It will take 12 - 14 days for the nerves to regenerate. Quetzal used some sort of electrical magnetic instrument to treat Billy.

more info:

In July of 1978  Meier  came down with a bad cold that developed almost instantly into severe pneumonia. Eduard was so weak, he was scarcely able to hold up a glass of water to drink.

Meier, however, happens to be one of the most influential contactees to date. His case is highly controversial because of the large number of crystal - clear photographs of UFOs taken by Meier. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the case has divided the UFO community.

Meier, however, has a mission to perform, which is in part to tell the world about his contacts. Evidently he is succeeding as there are over eight books and five films about the case, with more of each on the way. Because the Meier case seems to be of such profound importance, it is not at all surprising that when he developed pneumonia, the aliens were there to help.

Meier was given instructions to go to a certain location. He had his friends take him to the spot. Evidently Meier's condition was life-threatening for the aliens boldly took Meier in full view of his friends. Several witnesses clearly saw Meier disappear in front of their eyes in a "flash of bluish light."

Meier says that he was taken inside the UFO where he underwent an operation. HumanLooking aliens used "strange instruments" to drain the pleural area of his chest of "a considerable amount of pus and liquid." His alien friends told him in no uncertain terms that if they had not intervened, he would surely have died. They told him that next time, he should not delay to see a human doctor.

A half - hour later, he was let out of the craft and rejoined his as tonished friends. The change in Meier left his friends speechless. Before being taken aboard, Meier was near death. His face had a "gray color" and his eyes had a "deep sunken appearance." Afterwards,Meier's pneumonia was gone. He was "sprightly and smiling," and appeared to be "in perfect health."

As it turns out, Eduard Meier is probably the only person on record who has been cured twice of pneumonia by the aliens. His first cure occurred when he was an infant, as the following case shows. It is the second earliest recorded case of a UFO healing.

 In 1937, when contactee Eduard Meier was only six months old, he contacted pneumonia. He learned later on that the family physician, Dr. Strebel, expected Meier would die. He told Meier's parents that nothing could be done and that they should prepare themselves for the death of their son.

That evening, Meier had his first extraterrestrial contact, with an alien named Sfath. Sfath administered to Meier and cured him of his pneumonia.

Meier was told of this incident at a later contact, so he asked his mother to verify the information. To his surprise, she said that it was true; he had nearly died of pneumonia as a baby, but had suddenly and inexplicably recovered. His mother remembered how they had spoken of his recovery as a "miracle."


One Hundred Twelfth Contact 

Wed.July 19th, 78

  • Dancing is not good for men. Many male forms are incomplete in their being male because of a short re-birth time.
  • They keep certain female tendencies in them which surfaces in dancing.


One Hundred Thirteenth Contact 

Sunday Aug 6th, 78

The Popes...

There will be a new pope. He will elected by 111 cardinals on Saturday, Aug. 26th. His name is Luciani - Pope Johannes Paul I. His name will be introduced to the Cardinals and in 33 minutes he will be decided on. Oddly he will only be pope for 33 days as on Sept.28, at exactly 23:07 hours he will be poisoned. It will appear as a heart attack. He has shocked the cardinals and will cause horror with his behavior. He will break the tradition of the Coronation and will only want a simple ceremony. Also this new pope is too kind to the people. They don't like this as they lose power.

The Vatican will not be caught as usual. They have gotten away with this on many occasions. They have their own country, so it's very difficult to pursue an investigation. His successor initiates the old prophecies. He is Pope Johannes Paul II - In October. His real name is Karol Wojtyla. He is the 3rd to last pope before the world change. He is the 264th pope. He will die in the near future.

The world will be astonished when the next pope is killed also. Then the pope with the number value of five. He is the 266th pope - He is the last one.

Billy must be careful not to reveal anything since it is important that all of these events happen as they should.


One Hundred Fifteenth Contact 

Thursday Oct 19th, 78

  • Billy has spent years trying to teach the members of the group the lessons and they don't listen.
  • Always the ego and materialism gets in the way
  • Billy has had enough- the members are not responding.
  • It is too much for him to be leader, teacher and contactee and prophet.




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