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A group of our Lyrian ancestors settled on Earth and created the YETI, a strange mixture of mans genetics. Many are still alive today because of very long life span. Today there are seven left in good hiding.








The Spirits World

There is no spirits world, but a finematter world. When a spirit leaves the body it has two choices, enter a new body or go into the finematter world. There he must live through certain periods before returning. If death is forced sometimes the spirit will enter another body. Two spirits in a body cause confusion.


The face of a body is nearly always the same.  

At very low levels most people look the same.

It is not a good idea to contact the finematter world. Spirits (some) are no more advanced than here and they will lie just like (some) they did before. People should gain spiritual knowledge by their own learning, not from the spirit world. There are some spirits who would answer sincerely though.

Beware of spirits who are mediums, They may imitate voices to fool people.

Tape recorded voices are sometimes caused by cosmic travelers. Most of the time it is the voice of the person running the equipment. A persons thoughts can cause voices on tape. There are real spirit voices on tape just as there are some mediums who can actually contact spirits. These may come from different finematter worlds or dimensions.

Spirits do not transmit music from the finematter worlds, there is no such thing as "ghost music".

Eighth Contact March 18, 75

happend two days before planned - cause she retured 2 days earlier.

billy asks about what matter is:

Matter and Energy

What is matter? Matter is a sizable idea. It is a solid form of energy that can be sizable. All energies can be turned into solid matter. It is only necessary to condense the concerning energy very strongly and concentrate it very highly.

By this the building blocks of solid components are generated. Neutron - Proton - Electron. This forms the atoms of the chemical compounds which then in their three aggregate forms create the solid outer wrap. This is something our scientist currently understand. Original energy is absolute matter, and original matter is absolute energy. The entire Universe consists of matter and energy. Coarse matter = matter, finematter = energy. It is possible to create machines which convert matter to energy and vice versa.

It is done naturally by Creation. From her rises the IDEA. The force of the spirit condenses and concentrates the idea to the finematter energy, which then by more concentration becomes coarse matter.

CREATION consists of an idea to create spiritual energy. It starts here.


Overcoming Time and Space

There are many different ways to overcome space, too many to tell. You must learn to master Hyper-Space in which a time dilation is caused. The theory of relativity is wrong.. It's just a theory. The turning off of a time dilation or time shift is caused by the breaking open of hyperspace.

When a ship make the "jump" it is very fast. There is a instant paralysis of the protection screens, a tremendous increase in velocity which creates a enlarging of the mass. This means that this process, which is caused by a mechanical process, happens so quickly, that matters gets distorted within a millionth of a second and becomes finematter, which is able to pass through hyper-space. Speed is not the only consideration, you can go way beyond the speed of light. The speed causes the first step, the enlarging of the mass, which enables a hyper-leap. The mass of an object increases in relation to the growth of its speed. Even in airplanes. Space travel is very dangerous. Many lost travelers. If a space ship breaks through the speed of light without going into hyperspace, a catastrophe will occur. A Time Dilation is only one danger. And other  from this contact:

Semjase offers to Billy some stones he can sell - he has no money

She also tells him how to build a machine which will cure many illness.

Semjase again mentions that they do not come to Earth on behalf of any religion or to save us.

Billy gets a demonstration of how only he can see the ship.(they screen the ship) Billy tells her he has to have his camera fixed.

the contact also touch:

The Waterman Era... The New Age

First Semjase wants to make it clear that it is not a time of the final end. Religion has wrongly interpreted it. It is the beginning of the real life as truth itself begins to unfold. It will take several centuries but it will be a time of great spiritual development.


One sad thing that will happen is that in these times of turmoil and change many new religions will form for profit and power. This will cause confusion for many people. There will be many fanatical new religious sects spring up.

There is a time span of 184 years of change, which begins on Feb. 3rd, 1844, which is marked by many new religions springing up and spreading lies and deception. Murder and suicide and exploitation of all kinds of religious slavery from unreal beliefs cause the world to shake. This is the initial phase of the new age...

The New Age demands its tribute. Religious delusion, fast development of all sciences, criminal prevailing, wars etc.. which must come to pass. The first half of the changing into the Waterman era lasted 92 years, from 1844 until 1937. On Feb. 3rd, 1937 at 11:20 am the Waterman Age moved into the second half of the transition. Since then rapidly unfolding events, discoveries, inventions etc.. are the everyday events. Things develop faster than any other age. The entire Earth is caught in the rapid changing times of the Waterman era. It is a cosmic law.


The cause of this major change is in the radiation reach of the huge central sun around which the earthly system circles one time during 25, 860 years and passes 12 different zodiac signs.

The Earth has already touched the "border" of the "golden" radiation of the central sun, which is the strongest radiation of the whole Universe.

Throughout all of this CHAOS the Earth human will slowly discover and learn to live by Creational laws.

The Age of Waterman is an exciting and wonderful time. Many will not let go of their religions easily and will come to bad ends or death hanging on to their delusions. It is a great time for Prophets, teachers and way prepares. It will be very difficult for them. Most of the teachers will be in the twin sign of Waterman.

The greatest among them will be those born on the first day of the change on Feb. 3, 1937 at 11:00 am. Many others will be born in that coming year. They are, if not influenced since childhood by religions and environment etc.. The actual way prepares and the geniuses of the new time.


Billy is told there are no other life forms in our Solar System. Billy is the first Earth person to be contacted by ET's in 2000 years.(that is HIS OWN TALK - THE INFORMED ONE KNOW HE  IS NOT THE ONLY - and more advanced life EXISTs on higher vibr levels/dimsions of the other planets which appartenly the Erra-people is not able to visit/confirm)  Pleiadians are members of alliance 127 billion both human and non human.



Twenty-fifth Contact June 16, 75

Semjase has decided that the group demonstration be called off since some of the group members are not mature enough and could not understand what is going on.

Billy is concerned about getting a job to take care of his family. He wants to stop the contacts since he does not have enough time to work and be a contactee. Semjase tells him he must decide. If he works the world will suffer. Semjase pumps him up again. She tells him he is the Prophet of our time and urges Billy to finish his mission.

Talking to Spirits: 95% is fake. Mediums are people sensitive through telepathy and tell the customer what is in their own subconscious that they have forgotten. It not good to talk to the dead. A dead spirit only has the knowledge it had in the physical world. Many spirits do not like being called, so they lie and make evil jokes. It's not good to call the spirits. It could be helpful to call higher and more evolved spirits, but there are only four people on Earth who can do that. None in Europe.


Beamships built on Earth

First ones built in 1941. First test flight in Feb. 1945, at 12,500 meters high at speeds of 2000 km per hour by Hitler's scientist. It was all destroyed at the end of the war so the enemy couldn't get it, but some of the plans and gears were discovered. The designs were continued and built. Some people see the test flights - 100 meter ships. These flying "disks" have atomic drives that are not very good and often cause illness for those around them. If they are forced to land they "terrorize" the witnesses.

There are also evil ones from space who come and kidnap but most of the kidnappings are done by our people. Sometimes the Earth discs will be seen and mistaken as ETs. The Earth pilots will sometimes tell the people they are ETs and then give the Earth person secret orders. Sometimes they are told they come to save Earth so the Earth people will serve them. Very wicked governments pretend to be ET's.


The Pleiadians are preparing for the American & Russian hookup. The Apollo Souz. They are concerned we might learn too much and plan to monitor it very closely.

They don't want them to learn too much that could be only used for power, or destruction of the Earth

They have interfered many times before. There are splinter Pleiadian groups who deceive Earth through Deity.


TwentySeventh Contact June 25, 75

Surprise: we are going to Saturn.

Billy's first time to fly in the ship. Semjase senses no excitement in Billy, he is emotionless. He walks toward the ship and and floats in.

The Board windows - they are orange outside & green inside. Windows sense outside atmosphere.

  • The windows are clear when they leave an atmosphere. They block all radiations.

  • The trip takes two hours and 34 minutes and goes 3000 million kilometers.

  • Semjase tells Billy that they have decided to take him to the Pleiades.




TwentyEight Contact June 27, 75

Billy meets Quetzal who is concerned about someone in the group. A book written by Gloria Lee, who think she is in contact with higher forms of life, is wrong (as they see it).




8,590 years ago the destroyercomet came through and pulled a planet loose from its orbit around Uranus. 7,957 years ago the comet returned and struck again changing the orbit of the small planet. Again 6,906 years ago. 4,058 years ago the little planet got caught by the comet again and was pushed toward Earth. 3,583 years ago it took a direct course toward Earth. 3,453 years ago the comet came through our system again and caused the Santorini Volcano to erupt and pushed the little planet close to our sun. The little planet greatly heated up as it moved around the sun and came into its present orbit as the 3rd planet in our solar system, Venus. 

Billy takes a trip with Semjase to see Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and comes back to Earth. The trip lasts two hours and 34 ininutes. He saw ancient ruins of an old Pleiadian city on Mars and the red spot on Jupiter. He saw the rings of Saturn and was told about the coming event of our space mission finding new moons. There are no life forms as we know them on any of the planets. A trip to Venus reveals a cloud covered planet with a surface Billy describes as looking like the bottom of the ocean. Billy see a Russian probe flattened on the ground. The atmospheric pressure there is 107 times greater than on Earth. Great heat. A slow day, the planet barely turns. No life or cities as many claim. Those claiming life on Venus are telepathically controlled by Bafath to make them feel like they are something special. There are ET bases on Venus but no human life forms as we know them.

Venus day = 117 Earth days

There is no life on Venus

Surface temp = 457 degrees Celsius

Sea level atmospheric pressure is 334 times greater than Earth.

Atmosphere is 87% carbon dioxide

Oxygen exist at 4.23 %

Nitrogen and rare gases count for 55.47%

Very few water vapors

The pressure of the Venus atmosphere is 107 times > Earth

There is a Russian probe on Venus that looks like it splattered against a metal wall.

No water to support life.

Van Allen girdle is very weak and the Solar wind factor is not screened well.

Venus is very flat around the equator.

The temperature is about the same day or night

Very great differences in wind between low and high regions.

High winds in high areas. Winds reach 117 meters per second.

Clouds hand as low as 43.17 kilometers and vary with storms.

The mountains on Venus average 2.3 km.

There is life on Venus but not in a human form or shape

Venus looks like the moon with clouds.

They have to be careful, on certain areas of Venus the temp rises> 500 degrees Celsius on the surface, where the mixtures of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium gas, argon gas and neon gas alternate, and the atmospheric pressure changes from 88 to 107

Planet is in the first stages of development and will be many years before it is habitable.

Billy is told to plan for a trip to Pleiades and beyond. He says his pictures of the Saturn trip were no good.


Thirty-First contact July 17, 75

A Trip to Venus and Beyond

Billy Meier's physical contacts with the Pleiadians started in January of 1975. Many of the contacts were held aboard the Pleiadian ships because of weather and for privacy. Billy quite often asked if he could travel to see the other planets in our solar system and beyond. His contacts had only been going on for a few months when Semjase revealed to him that she had obtained permission for him to travel with her on a special mission that would take them to Venus and beyond our solar system. On Thursday, July 17th, 1975 at 10:14 a.m. in the morning Billy was once again called to meet Semjase at her ship for a most amazing and educational adventure.

The following excerpts are taken from Billy's Contact Notes describing the conversations and events that took place.

S = Voice of Semjase   B = Voice of Billy Meier

S Today is your great day.

B From what you have said to me, I thought so.

S You had to have some thoughts, this was to be expected. But I must tell you now that you must keep silent about certain things. At a later point of time I will be allowed to give you the permission to write about all of the occurrences and experiences. For this purpose I will omit from my transmission to you later, the parts of your experience that must be omitted. But now, come on, for we will do a further travel through your solar system and for the first time, beyond.


(We walk to Semjase's ship and are lifted up into it by the transporting beam. Within a few seconds the ship floats high and I take some photos of the surroundings of the starting point from about fifty meters high. I take the pictures partly vertically from above and some a bit inclined. I can take these pictures through the still open transport-beam hatch, while very slowly we climb higher. After the shooting of the pictures Semjase closes the hatch and within seconds the ship climbs many kilometers high and I don't feel any pressure of movement inside the ship. It's just like I was standing on solid ground on the Earth. Even after sudden changes in course I feel no effects, though I can realize through the windows that several times we have hurried around like a great pendulum making the craziest movements.)

S Now we are leaving the gravitation region of Earth.

B Where are we headed to?


S At first to the planet Venus, where you may use your camera.


B What about the Venus humans, can I photograph someone?


S Always you like to joke, as I have explained to you before, this planet does not bear any human creatures.

B I know that. I only wanted to see what you would say.

S I realize. You are relating this to some assertion of pretending to contact some persons.

B Yes, so..

S Your ways of thoughts often are very difficult to discern. Now see here, we have constructed this apparatus to offer you a better chance for photographing. You only have to hold your camera before this screen and photograph the outsides. As you can see, if you look through this transparent material you can see the outsides just like looking through a simple glass panel. The apparatus generates different beams, which make visible the existing color tones etc. of the object to be photographed, and maintains these so they can be caught by the film. This way, we hope, you will be able to get good color pictures. I have also obtained a camera which is similar to yours, so if you have some film, I can assist you with this second camera.

B I am very surprised, for as you have explained to me that you have quite another technique for taking photographs. But now you suddenly show up with a camera just like mine.

S (laughing) The camera is a product of your technology, which one of our people has procured.


B You astonish me, for this means that you had to go into one of our villages or cities.

S Is this so peculiar?


B I have only seen you in your own clothing, and because of this I'm sure that neither you or the others could not be noticed by the dear earthly humans.

S Certainly, but we also own clothing of your kind. We need these, because sometimes we move among your people.

B This actually does not astonish me, yet why don't you take me with you sometime? 

S We can come to an agreement on this at any time.

B That's fine, but we have the so called police who sometimes stop people for questioning. What will happen if they demand to see some identification from you?


S That is a good question! But don't be worried. We don't have identification papers of your kind, for we don't need such things in this form. But if something should happen and we are asked for such documents, then we are able to arrange this by thought influence. This arrangement consists in, that by the force of our thoughts we can generate mental pictures for the concerned questioners and allude them to dates etc. of real existing people of your world. The policeman would then really be of the opinion that he was holding in his hands real documents etc..

B This is very deceitful Semjase.

S No, it is only the generation of an hallucination, if you want to call it so.

B I understand, we shall talk more about this later.

(The flight to Venus does not take very long but I have sufficient time to look more in detail at the apparatus for photography. The sight-screen appears to me like clear glass by which you can clearly see outside. I notice that this screen produces very fine images, similar to the look of a photographed picture. The size of the screen is about 50 x 50 cm, while the color-beam apparatus is inset into the sides and does not allow a view of the insides. Besides this equipment there are still many different kinds of apparatuses around the cockpit room built into a round table and into the walls. This strange looking equipment, which I had already seen on my first flight, seemed to be for the controlling of the Beamship. There were also localizing instruments, distance and radiation control devices etc. which play an important role. 

There were many sight-picture screens which differed very much to me from anything I had ever seen on Earth, as the screens were showing different forms, signs and figures which were beautiful with fantastic colors which are hard to describe. In contrast to the earthly pictures screens such as a television, which can only show a picture or image with one dimension, these screens seem to show everything in a kind of three dimensional way which made the objects on the screens seem like they were real instead of made up of energy pulses. We are approaching Venus, so my thoughts are interrupted as Semjase starts talking.)


S Now you can take some pictures of the cover of Venus. Then I can show you the surface of the planet itself 1 regret though you will have to take your pictures using my sight screens or through the windows of the ship. I have to turn off the special screen you are using because the temperatures of the planet are too great. The screen is able to resist very cold temperatures, but not very high heat. Don't be to disappointed by the look of this world. The planet is in the first phase of development of the lowest life.

B You have already talked about that, so I'm not disappointed.

S There exist some things here about which you will have to be quiet.

B Of course.

(First I take the permitted photographs, then the Beamship hurries from its position and races down towards the planet. Vast thick masses of clouds of very different colors suddenly surround us. Unbelievable many kilometers thick is this cloud strata, and she seems to not want to end. We continue to sink down through the clouds to reach the surface of the planet. After we go so far the clouds thin out. We are about 40 kilometers above the ground when we leave the last masses of clouds and I see the surface of Venus on two different sight screens. The landscape is wild and filled with craters and some half size mountains. At one side I see a vast mountainous plain,which is full of craters. A pole plain as Semjase explains to me, and mountains do not reach into the pole plain.)

B It is nearly all cold and lifeless, Semjase. It looks to me like a second moon.

S This is how I explained it to you.

B What is that there on the ground, there near the small crater?

S An explorer sound from your Earth.

B Yes, and could we just run around the planet two or three times so that I could see other regions also, and the nightside?

S Of course, I want to do this too.

B Thank you.

(Semjase then speeds up the ship and we circle the planet several times. Many of the observations are by regret not allowed to be told about, except that there are no human creatures located on Venus.)

I interrupt the conversations at this point because the Notes of July 1975 left out much of the information about Venus. On a separate meeting which was recorded in Billy's Notes a year later on July 1976, more information was given to Billy about Venus. I should explain that the Pleiadians had informed Billy that there is a very large and destructive comet which enters our Solar System every 575,5 years. The destructive powers of this comet have been responsible for many of the historic floods and disasters of the last 12,000 years. This comet has also played a part in the Pleiadian and Lyrian history so is also quite well known to the Pleiadian scientist. The Pleiadians have named this comet the "Destroyer Comet" as seen earlier - and attribute the current orbit of Venus to its actions. We will pick up the conversations between Billy and Semjase as she is explaining some information about the Comet and its effects on Venus.



(Here are the Notes frorn that meeting with Semjase on Thursday July 29th, 1976.)


B Semjase can you give me more exact date referring to the Destroyer comet and Venus? I mean, can you give me the rotation time. And can you tell me as well, from which solar system the planet Venus was torn away from? You had once told me, that the Destroyer would have stolen, so to speak, the planet Venus from a far a way sun-system. And what happens to the far a way sun system through which the Destroyer is running through?


S About this, I can give you very accurate information, however there is still a riddle that occupies us about the comet. Namely a riddle that is unsolved by us of how the Destroyer comet behaves, in particular how it always return to its average rotation speed.. The average time of rotation always reaches back to a constant of 575.5 years, although there are some alternations of up to 205 years, meaning, that on some occasions the time of rotation has been effected by the gravity of different planets and suns and has returned as quickly as 478 years, and on some occasions has taken as long as 673 years only to return again to its average time of 575.5 years.

This is very mysterious as we have not found any parallels known to us. Our scientists have figured out, that this phenomenon happens within extremely irregular lengths of time, and that the Destroyer, as soon as it has reached again the average 575.5 years of rotation time, once again will pass dangerously near to the Earth, and will as usual, be very destructive.

From our scientific calculations one contributing factor of this peculiar phenomenon is the escape velocity of the Sol system which moves by high speed toward the constellation of Hercules. However this is not the only factor, as further calculations and research indicate that also sharing in this peculiar "return to average speed" phenomenon, are the different sun-systems of the Sol System, for as I have already explained to you before, the giant comet always runs through the same sun-systems.


B Okay, so I understand. Now what about the effect on Venus?

S The next stop will be the planet Mercury, and then we will fly to the greater planets, which once before you have seen. But the things you will learn about can not be repeated at this time.

B Well, you already know that I will comply with your wishes.


(From my wrist watch I notice that our trip lasted until 4:30 p.m. and includes several planets in our solar system, while I take some photos, which I regret can only be taken from far distances. Close ups and photos of details are not allowed by Semjase. She offers no explanation for this. During our trip Semjase talks about many important things which only some of can be told, among these is the possibility of other forms of life on different planets. This was especially interesting since many people talk and write books saying that creatures from other planets are having contacts with some Earth humans. Most of these claims are about the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, as well as Mars. 

So of course I'm very interested in this and ask Semjase about the possibility of visiting and observing these planets. Kindly she agreed and takes me only a few kilometers from the surface of these planets and their moons. But even by extreme enlargements of the pictures on the sight screens and viewing nature through the windows, there was not even the smallest sign of the pretended life forms who are supposed to be having contacts with Earth humans. 

At all of these planets, which only some are solid planets, there was no sign of any living life forms which could be the cause of these pretended inspirations and telepathic communications with Earth humans. The life forms that do exist on these planets are of a completely different form then humans and have no interest in human beings. The only exceptions are some stations manned by extraterrestrial intelligence's which are of human form and shape. The intelligence's of these stations do not live here, but simple use the stations for certain missions. There are no human life forms or spiritual beings on any of these planets.)


At 4:40 p.m. we return to Earth, and I realize that in the free space around Earth there are two Earth made satellites as well as five more flying ships which are obviously extraterrestrial in origin. Semjase confirms my observations and informs me that one of the five ships belongs to her race while the other four ships are spaceships from other races and are here to observe the Apollo Soyus coupling. Oddly I cannot see the ships through the windows in the ship or on my specially made sight screen for photography, but must observe them on the sight screens in the ship. Semjase explains that all of the ships are screened from being seen and can only be recognized on the special zero sight screens in the ship. 

She explains that the zero sight screen is a special instrument which is capable of reproducing an image which cannot be seen by our primitive earthly instruments such as radar or with the naked eye. I am content with this explanation as Semjase does not want to be more detailed. I turn my observations towards a new appearing object, which high above the Earth appears on the horizon. Invisible to humans eyes and earthly tracking devices, Semjase flies quickly to the approaching object and moves closely to it. It is the space capsule Soyus, which intends to couple with the Apollo capsule. Very clearly I can see the initials CCCP painted on the rear. I see that are two Russian humans in the capsule.

B To me this whole enterprise seems crazy, Semjase. There are two humans living in this small gondola.

S That's true. The capsules are very small and offer no space for living. I know you are concerned that you could be inside there. You have reasons to think like that too.

B You talk in riddles Semjase.

S At a given time you will understand my words, meanwhile would you like to look into the capsule?

B How is that possible, the crazy thing is all closed in and air tight.

S You know that with our technology we have the ability to strain any materials by special radiation and cause those materials to be invisible to the naked eye. We can control this effect very exactly.

B Then let me see your marvelous work, please.

(Semjase works with some instruments while I look through the specially constructed photo screen at the Soyus capsule. Quite suddenly a part of the capsule disappears and I look down on two humans beings, who lay in bunks.

B Semjase, there...

S Don't worry, nothing will happen to them. The capsule is just the same to them, the capsule is only transparent to our view.

B Semjase, this capsule is nothing more then a flying coffin. The men are really pressed into this case. And how can they shoot this thing high up here, as all is really primitive. Just look at all this equipment and all the instruments, really primitive.

S Don't excite yourself, as nothing will happen to these human beings. They will return to Earth safe and sound.

S You were correct that all is very primitive as you Earth men are in the first stages of space travel, in the first child's shoes so to speak...

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