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Albert Coe’s ufocontact in 1920

part 2-report

Report From his book "the shocking truth"

or also "ufo-contact from planet NORCA" as WS published later.

(pictures/ill.  not from book- made of rune  ř.)


Ppoint on the case will soon be made also


this fellowing description will of course sound like a fairytale- but think of how people 2000years ago would describe the vessels of today…





"Our miniature world"


‘then he goes on with the ship’s description:


‘as you have calculated, the outer edge is just over 19miles around, with the inner circumference 2miles shorter, the intervening space taken up by various mechanism, and its revolving perimeter. It would be quite a hike to even cover the 24sq.miles of its lower level, where a variety of the more interesting experiments are being conducted, so we will utilize a transportation vehicle, and in leaving the central circular corridor, a descending ramp curves right to enter a 2100 acre tract of scientifically designed farm and pasture land!! Many tests are in progressive stages of control, the soil is complete with bacteria, animalcules and surface insects, both friend and foe to plant life, with only difference that if natural balance becomes offset by a predominant specie, its proliferation is curtailed by electronic or chemical check on its ability to reproduce.

'To the left are fields of wheat, barley and corn, rows of squash, legumes, including types of soy bean, potatoes and beet root. To the right, pasture land and the golden brown cows grazing there are bred solely for milk production, and some smaller than your cows. The small animals grazing with them are antelope. The sheep in the next field are raised for their wool only, these magnificent animals are the pride of various branches of science, and the keenness of competition is intense, as they vie for the honours of showmanship and in racing.

'As you glance around you will notice honey bees buzzing among the clover blossoms and in the flowers, bordering the two small streams that cut through the pasture. Along the ships walls, in this area, are milking stations, research compounds, laboratories and equipment manufacturing facilities.

'Adjacent to the farm lands are 900acres w.bushes, orchards of apple and plum, some in flower, others bearing fruit. The 2streams continue through the orchard,

‘…the artificial lighting effect produces identical benefit of light, heat and energy, as emitted by a native sun, to give a feeling of the true outdoors, and it is difficult to realise that you are travelling through space at the incredible velocity of 38000mils/sec.

'There are also woodland producing the oxygen. Special trees- similar to pines, cedars. Books go on describing this flying oases, but enough of this now.

'Located here are also housing facilities for 2200 families, theatres, athletic fields and archery ranges, all conforming in a motif of beauty that so symbolizes the race of mine.’



‘Underneath the ground or "floor" of this entire 16000acre lower level, is a water reservoir, and another in the topmost level of the ship. The intermediate levels house much of its mechanisms, manufacturing potentials, electronic "doctoring" centre for physical malfunction, food and clothing distributing "shops" etc.

‘My ancient ancestors were wizards in electronic genius and they worked out "magnetic gravitational fields", that flow in one line of motion, in relation to the ships direction and all entities synchronized or "fixed" in this stabilised field of equalising pressure. Although it does not restrict a freedom of action, movement of any kind, can only be achieved through motoimpulse of the entity itself.

(nederst s87)


Although rather schematic, I believe this description tour will give you a workable knowledge of this ship of destiny, and a more understanding of the part that she and her later sister ships were to play, in the salvation of a race. We should soon be nearing the end of her maiden voyage, so will return to the control room and watch the approach to Tau Ceti, and landing on Norca, just 10years after take off on this exp.flight…. looking at the last frame, you see this general view, and will notice that in this picture appears as a glowing ember, with rosy tongues of flame curling around its profile, and situated just below the centre of this screen. The disc straight ahead, near the top of the frame, that looks in size like a shiny half dollar, is the seventh or outer planet Ahreeca, whose orbital Aphelion, is 829 mill.miles, and the mean distance of the other six planets graduating down to 37mill.miles for Ne-Neeca, the smaller and closest planet to the sun. As you glace around this concentric group, these planets have appearance of 7small moons, shining in their darkened background. Ahereeca directly behind, but above the sun, is reflecting its light from her full face, and the others in various phases from 3/4full, to half and crescents. These diff.conf.of each planet, are caused by our angle of approach, as the screen are depicting, reflected light…

The scanner of the next screen is focused on Norca and the little fingers of flame, that appear in the upper right hand corner of the frame, are from the arc of a tiny segment of Tau Cetis photosphere, that the wide angle of the scanners focal beam, has picked up. Norca’s mean orbit is 85mill.miles from the sun, and is about 7/8 the size of Earth, or 7000miles in diam. We are still too far distant to reveal any surface detail, but the dazzling crescent, with its longer point curving around her top edge, is an awe inspiring sight, and the very faint luminescence or aura that continues of her circumference does outline a sphere, this resulting form the diffused glow of its ice fields. (s91)

If you watch very closely, you will occasionally see four flickers of light, beyond but following its curvature. These are the four moons of Norca, the larger and outer one, a natural moon, similar to your moon, and the other three are mechanical bodies, products of mans brain, that were designed to curtail evaporation, by retarding the fast moving molecules that steal away as atmospheric gas, to stimulate moisture and temper the sharp differential of night time cold and heat of the day, that become part of a dying planets physics, under duress of thinning atmosphere and escape of infra red light.

It would be several hours before the ship veers down to the daylight side of Norca, her guidance system fixed on the beam of the landing fields beacons, so our visionary flight will speed through those intervening hours, and as we view the next screen, she will be gliding over the top of the north pole of the planet, 60miles above surface. The glare of the ice is quite intensive, but the horizontal curvature is very distinct, and in proceeding southward, our altitude and speed will gradually decrease, and objects start to take form.


The dark mounds and spears are mountains jutting through glacial fields; the yellowish tinge is mist, rising from melting ice sheets, for the planet is still basking under the influence of a warming trend, in this glaciations era. Directly below us, now are edges of a receding frozen world, and you can see great cascades of pale greenish yellow water tumbling down its sides, and gushing form beneath ice field and glacier. The interspersed black rolling waves, are storm clouds, pouring out their contingent, in torrential rail squalls, streams, lakes and shallow inland seas, are the main pattern of the landscape, but the green of vegetation, is becoming evident and then blends into the darker green of the forests. The belt is not too extensive, and within 400miles, we will pass over its ragged border line, that appears as short fingers and peninsular of fertile soil, with its plant life, protruding into the yellow brown dust, sand and rock of desolate area that covers the entire, for it has long ago dehydrated. As we fly over this barren expanse, there is not a blade of grass, a tree or an animal and the only movement go be detected, the spasmodic swirl of dust clouds in this arid, lifeless desert. But look, our scanner is picking up hundreds of smaller craft, darting all around us, the first of a welcoming committee to honour this spectacular achievement.

Our bearing is still due south, and above the shimmering heat waves and haze of dust particles, the low contours of a mountain range, will take shape, the northern most extreme of Norca s southern hemisphere, and the ship is almost home.

Wooded rolling hills stretch beneath us, but this band is also narrow for the ice fields are not far beyond, as they mass to southward, but adversity is not apparent here, in this summertime period of glacial epoch. Our ship angles sharply down and a large lake comes into view, fed by a river that winds through the floor of its picturesque valley, the face of a great white cliff looms ahead, and the valley opens to a sparkling jewel, in an eternal setting; the city of NORMA, larger of the three remaining towns of my ancient race, and research centre that created their symbol of hope, in guise of this wonderful craft.

The ribbon like lines that interlace the countryside, are in simple terminology, "high waves" over which glide their wheel less vehicles, cushioned on a magnetic field, and similar to the one that we used on our tour. Journey s end is minutes away, as we hover motionless, 700ft above the surface of her enormous landing field, and you can see the buildings of the city terracing down the hillsides.

Architecturally, their design white stone, peculiar to this valley. Their beauty enhanced with graceful curving arches, and splashing fountains, amid a profusion of flowers, each one decorated with banners and a colored streamers, in honour of this gala event.

The ship slowly descends and just before touching down, a massive grid of electrodes, that honeycomb the landing fields base, will discharge her build up of static electricity, and radiation, flashing blue and incandescent white flames, race over her structure, to arc on the electrodes below, a necessary action to eliminate all potential of harmful effect. (ned s92).

Only then will Norca s population of 725000 men, women and children rush out, from compounds of the field’s vast perimeter, to welcome and pay homage to a ship, the branches of science and scientists, who resolve to dream of theory and diligence of research, into reality of successful test flight.

In this detailed description, you are probably aware of a very highly advanced science and mastery of electronics that created these flying miniature worlds with intimately planned phases of pastoral simplicity, reverting to primal impetus that grouped primitive man into communities of brotherhood, such as pasture land and its grazing cattle, fields of grain, flowers, birds and woodland. But, in this apparent contradiction of opposites, you will find the great depth of wisdom, which underlie our philosophies, and has equalized a limitation of the brain, to maintain a rational balance of human characteristic under impact of an advancing science that south to parry and survive a dying planet.

My ancient forebears, fully realized that unborn generations to come, conceived in this privation of adversity, that may last for thousands of years, and to be compressed in a world of chemistry, bounded by lifeless metallic walls of a ship, could only evolve as automatons, a race of human robots unable to know the value of love or even contemplation, in beauty, of their origin; if they had never seen a flower in bloom, a tree to grow, heard a song of a bird, or watched the freedom of an animal movements. The human brain is a marvel of the universe, but it is also an extremely susceptible entity.

And now, said Zret, like a mean old witch waving a magic wand, we are back in a drifting canoe, on the Hudson- twenty thousand years later!"


-These meetings, the dinners and the trips, are typical of countless, that grew into years, and through Zrets patience, the deep sincerity of friendship and guidance of wisdom.


More ref.of ZRET’s story: from ch.6-

transmigration of solar systems

-or evacuation of a dying planet

"Less than a century passed, after the exp.flight of our Norca ship, when the fickle "summertime" period of an ice age ended. With a return of its extreme cold, the receding glaciers once again started to advance, and although not as massive as those on Earth, due to far less plentiful water distribution, they did rob a considerable amount from the shallow seas, lakes and rivers, which in many instances, were completely frozen and remained in this solidified state for several hundred of years. Atmospheric thinning continued to add its complications, and when the permanent warming trend finally arrived, they watched their planet slowly die, for during the next 5000 years, the sun evaporated an unequal percentage of water and melting ice, that returned an unequal percentage of water and melting ice, that returned in the form of run-off, and in rain and snow patterns.

The people of Norca made a valiant effort, employing every scientific tool at their command, but could not retard this vapour drain off for the suns heat radiation, resulting in an ever increasing speed up of escape electrons in air and water molecules. The ice caps eventually dwindled away, later followed by the remaining water of river, lake and sea. The fertile lands dried up and deteriorated to the dust, sand and stone of relentlessly expanding great central desert. All plant life of former sea and soil withered away and without this basic source of atmospheric oxygen, and food supply, the animal kingdoms and vanishing with them was mans waning hope to stem the inexorable forces that strip an aging planet of its living mantle".

‘Only one avenue from total extinction remained open: evacuation, and the last years of habitation, in a native environment, was rather a frugal existence, that they endured, living between their remarkable ships, and the surface of this dying world, as they studied, calculated and plotted a course to a contemporary solar system. This study and its evaluation were painstakingly through, as there was little tolerable allowance for error and decision of choice restricted to the elements of velocity, time and distance, for contact with a water bearing planet. Velocity of the vehicles well established, in continuous flight, at 38000 mps, and travel distance limited by a time span of 65years, the exhaustion point of chemical and water supply capacities, through their reprocessing systems, in sustaining a compliment of selected animals, plants and 243000 men, women and children, the remaining representation of a once mighty nation, who through so many thousands of years of natural adversity, had been forced to counter balance their population in a strict practice of birth control.’

"The star which they called NI RUNTH – our sun – was situated within this time-space radius from Tau Ceti, and all electronic probes confirmed that at least two of its indicated planets were water bearing, and compatible to the materialization of matter in compounds, from which they had evolved".

"After the electronic verification of computed calculation, a momentous decision to direct their path of flight, to this solar system was unanimously acclaimed. In a touching ceremony of farewell, a brief history of their nation, with date and intended destination of migration, was inscribed upon the white cliffs face that once loaned its beauty to the side of a verdant valley, only now to stand stark and naked against a blazing sky, but each person filing past, knelt to kiss the base of this stone, in a heartbreaking gesture to an origin of birth, their faces bathed in unashamed tears, as they made their way to allotted locations, in the 62ships of the fleet." (ned s96)


"Each one of the 40 passenger ships – a sister and replica of the Norca ship, housing 4100 people, and several hundred animals of the bovine, (cattle), horse, sheep, antelope, dog and cat families, 15 specie of bird-life, plus many genera of plants and insects on their scientifically engineered ‘farms’. The 22 transport ships, were laid out in similar smaller pattern, to compliment appr.1770 men and women, who were the ‘technicians’ in charge of the major portion of all materials, machines, electronic devices, laboratory and research instruments, etc., stowed on these ships, labr.and research instruments, etc, stowed on these ships and so a determined civilisation, started its fantastic journey, to a hoped for haven, that promised the last and only salvation of their race".

‘The main duration of flight, which lasted 58years and 7months, brought them to the fringe influences of our solar system, and was quite uneventful, without too great a change from the mode of existence they had experienced, and became accustomed to, in those last years of proximity to their native planet, except an understandable apprehension regarding the ultimate goal. But with this goal in sight, and their hopes keyed to the exhilaration of victory, disaster did strike, for the opposing polarities of their ships, of the electronic devices and guidance systems, that had served so well, and accurately over these many millions of miles, was apparent impetus that terminated an epic flight in a horrible holocaust. (This miscalculation never was fully confirmed).

The sun apparently acted as a gigantic magnet, and they were powerless to fully check the tremendous velocities, as their ships fell uncontrollable into its fiery mass. 3 planets were in the general line of fall, and at least two of the plummeting ships, hit Jupiter and was never heard of again. One crashed on mars, and another into Venus, where fragments were later found. Through some miracle of destiny, the original exp.ship, intersected the path of Mars and did not burn up, explode or shatter on impact, but ricocheted and after several decreasing orbits of this planet, skipped across the sand, dust and hummocks of its surface, to finally partially bury itself in a large hill that split wide open, to only demolish the leading edge, as the most incomprehensible event of all, enabled the survival of 3700 of its occupants".

"After recovery from the shock stress that terminated this journey of hope, caring for the injured, both animal and human and cremation of the dead, repeated attempts to communicate with other craft of the fleet, resulted in negative response, as they prepared for tentative probes of this strange planet, on which they were now marooned, and at first glance did not seem much more hospitable than the homeland they had fled.

The atmosphere was quite thin, with pressure a fraction under 6 p/ at mean surface level, resolving in moderately temperate days and cold nights, but a widening scope of exploration, revealed they had "landed" on one of the extensive deserts of its, and there was water, not overly abundant, with higher atm.pressure both to the north and to the south, with some plant and small animal life, predominated by the rodent and reptile families, a few specie of fish, and millions of insects, but no trace of humanoid form. There were also shallow icecaps, at the poles, as be tapped into through engineering tech. The planet did not appear in an exact category of embracing extinction, but rather in the essence of "marking time" in an arrest from natural deterioration. The span duration, that it would remain in this state, could not be immediately determined, but at best, it promised no paradise".

‘So ends the story of the valiant flight of my venerable ancestors- as a pitiful remnant renewed a struggle to retain its grasp on a spark of life, with scarcely the rudiments of existence at their command." (ned99)

(Much of the following is out of the letters he sent to Albert where he told more details of different things.)



The first decade in this strange environment, was a precarious period; their great ship lay crippled, and beyond repair; yet a haven of shelter, with some of its life sustaining functions still intact; but the transports with their precious cargoes of much needed material, machinery, electronic devices, lab.eq and the personnel of these many sciences, destroyed or beyond the pale of now curtailed comm. system.
Every phase of this incredible incidence was an interlinking of the irony of fate with the whimsical caprices of luck. The compliment of this ship of destiny were, in major part, scientists of agricultural field, and its associated branches f agrology, animal husbandry, etc- with only a minor percentage of engineers, el-specialists and physicists. But again, the knowledge of all this group of naturalists and the experience of long years of adversity, on their homeland, was the basic nucleus that overcame the hostile conditions of this unique planet.

Centuries before, the concentrated studies of plant life and soil, by this science, had disclosed that the requisites of existence may be coaxed from most barren locale, and the knowledge of this exalting research once more put to good use, for it had also revealed how trees and plants live out complete cycle, minus a nervous system, breathe without benefit of gills, lung or the presence of oxygen, circulate sap, their life blood, without a heart, or other distinct pumping mechanism, and the intricate method of combining electronics, hydrolysis, chemistry and energy, through which they convert lifeless inorganic elements into compound foods, that are the basis sustenance of all evolving animate form. They had also originated complex compounds, derived from insect and bacteriological sources that contained tremendous protein and mineral value, when used as a food supplement.

Our Educational Curriculum has always comprised an "elementary" term of 22years, in which all of our known sciences are studied, and a final five year term or "major"- in the science are studied, and a final 5year term, or "major" in the science that the student has shown a more comprehensive ad aptitude, during the elementary term. With this general knowledge of their earlier schooling, a scanty population was welded into a previous national structure of 56 sciences, as they endeavoured to recapture a way of life, under philosophies of love and beauty.

It was just over a 1000years later, than these scientists, of a "growing nation" – had unraveled the mysteries of this solar systems magnetic fields, its energy potential and velocity power sources. They then proceed to design and construct the "ship" that were used to harness this power, as they launched twin expeditions of exploration, to the neighboring planets of Venus and Earth. The success of these missions, would guarantee a security to life, if their planet became untreatable and to perhaps, fulfill a dream, in their unrelenting search for a more compatible environment, in which to expand their studies, and to fully enjoy the benefit that this knowledge and its application in a refinement of nature, may bestow.


(Authors note- I feel it necessity of inserting an excerpt- from the 4.letter of 6- which they sent me during the past 11years. It not only gives insight as to the tremendous wealth of history, knowledge and philosophy which these letters contain, but the text of this spec.exerpt as translated and adapted to our understanding, by these "strangers"- is taken from the ancient archives and flight log of this original exploration of our planet, more than 13000years age. I believe that this passage, written in the words of these intrepid explorers, is far more impressive than any that I may coin. )

Excerpt from letter dated may 31, 1962.

"The following narrative is taken from our record and as space requisites of a letter, limit complete elucidation and detail, an epitome of generalities, will be employed in a succession of occurring events, and in the main, in present tense, as a picture unfolding. Familiar terms will be used".

"We have come to conclusion, that our planet is slowly dying, and although there is no imminent danger, we do know that at some point, in the foreseeable millenniums of the future, it will become incapable of sustaining life, if allowed to deteriorate an its natural cycle, and consequence are working on four tremendous projects.

  1. a method to nudge the planet a little closer to the sun, this a questionable undertaking for the calculated effect that an unnatural motion of this mass, in a third directional velocity, may have on it and on neighboring planets, is difficult to determine, with the possibility of upsetting the very delicate balance of opposing force, which constitutes the life and behavior of all planets.
  2. a method of temperature moderation
  3. a method of increasing water supply
  4. a craft for interplanetary travel with the verification of a great deal of our calculation dependent on physical check, through this project and also a guarantee of survival should conditions ever warrant a mass evacuation.

The basis of this narrative will concern a part of the latter project, and its initial objective; the exploration of the twin planets, earth and Venus, which for so many years have been studied through visual observation. At last this great moment has arrived, several reconnaissance flights have been completed, test made for radiation, of the atmosphere, and the general evaluation of the environment, which we may encounter, for life on both planets appear primitive, as there is no visible evidence of cities or other form and order, which indicate civilized man. Two expeditions are ready for takeoff, each with a separate objective, but of the same intent, the landing for scientific research on alien planets. Our paraphernalia has been stowed with many bundles of food, clothing, utensils, implements and ornaments to be used, as gifts should we meet fellow man, so our journey begins - 15men and their wives, wining into vast unknown, for all except the four who had blazed the test flight trails, with the hope and dreams of our people ever with us, a great joy fills the hearts of all in a pride of achievement- our destination the blue tinted sphere – earth – the insignia on our banner, Anna, a star. For 497 hours we voyage, as the awe inspiring panorama of our solar system unfolds, but ever blending with the unfathomed mysteries of the universe, whose stars dazzle, bewitch and lure as the hidden fire of diamonds in the black velvet setting, the blazing sun is our constant companion. The dot on our scanners increasing as each hour flies by, until we hover over a shimmering jewel of fleecy clouds, sparkling water and green vegetation.

We drop lower, the Earth pattern with land-locked seas, lakes and rivers stand out, mountains take shape, some indicate volcanic action, great soil rooted forests become distinguishable from fern and swamp vegetation, as we make several circles of the planet, in general observation. In many of the open areas, we note manlike figures, scurrying for cover at each; we drop a few of our gift bundles. After this close scrutiny and study of terrain, we confirm that life is in a primitive stage and prepare for our initial landing. Excitement is running high, for we are approaching the spot which we had previously chosen for this unprecedented event, a plateau, nestled in a valley of pine, palm and cypress. It is situated appr.due west of the Cape Verde islands, on a large stretch of land, which reaches from below the tip of present Africa, to within 600miles of Greenland. We drop to a few feet above ground, and pause for the rustling of the palm fronds in the breeze, we settle slowly and rest solidly on Earth and for about a half an hour, just watch. Then came the twittering and song of the birds, the first living sounds of a new world, our hatches slide open and the warm, heavy, humid air filters into the ship, but we do not experience too much difficulty in breathing , the access ramps slip silently to the ground, and we emerge to a land of breathtaking wonder, an overwhelming emotion o f joy, of thankfulness brings tears to the eyes of all, but even they cannot dim the perceptive beauty of the flora, the bright plumage of the birds, the blue haze hanging in the mountains of this wonderland. We transmit news of success back home, and plant our banner, a white flag with its (ned103) bright blue star, which almost 200years was to be a symbol of love, advancement and achievement in this new world.

"After the first joyous, emotional surge, we took stock of the surroundings, made tests of the water, soil, stone, plant and the trees. Classified many types of insect, lizards, snakes, fish and birds. The snakes being the larger of the animals we encountered the first day.

We also noted that the gift bundles, which we dropped previously, had not been touched but lay as they had fallen. In our period of observation, we had seen many large campfires, during the nights and as evening approached elected to build one in hope that it may induce the natives to come to us, but we later learned they moved very little after dark, and that the fires were basic procedure to ward off evil sprits and prowling animals. Early the next morning, our instruments indicated many people around the ship, and we could see movement amid the trees, so decided to have breakfast in the open. We kindled 4small fires, opened the gift bundles, and removed utensils and food. Every motion, each action very precise, very obvious and made a great show at cooking breakfast, but still they did not appear. We had just about given up hope when we noticed a motion of the bushes, at the edge of the clearing, and six children stepped into view. They came forward slowly, hesitantly, with several backward glances, we did not move but continued eating, as they approached to within a few feet of our circle, and stopped. 6 small light blue skinned female children, with brown eyes and straight black hair. All were naked and although they were very cautious, seemed a bit more curious than frightened, as la little flock of birds ready to fly away.

At last curiosity must have overcome fear, for 130men, women and children came out of the woods; all were blue skinned and scantily clad…

(tiltopp s107)



"…they held our craft in awe and wonder and each time they passed it would touch it, as though it were a special pet or friend, we tried to explain that we had come from one of the stars in the sky and this completely mystified them, but they did consider us all the good spirits into one. It came time to move on, and they were very reluctant for us to leave, but we told them to guard our banner well, and to watch the sky for we would return with many of our people, to teach and to free them from fear, strife and want. We made many stops during the next 2months, and charted a good deal of your planet.



"….we classified the natives in five major groups, skin pigmentation. The golden race- by far the more numerous – inhabiting the land of east southern Europe, across Asia and Lemuria almost to the shores of Central America. The white race in Greenland, across northern and central Europe and Asia, to Siberia. The copper race, from Siberia to the tip of South America. The blue race in central and northern Atlantis and across north central Africa to Borneo. The races had one characteristic in common- all had black hair, and their eyes varied from light brown to black.

"After completing 2,5months of adventure and research, we returned home, our craft loaded with specimens of soil, mineral, plant, insect and some animal life, and to assist in the planning for colonization of this new land.

Our first city, which later developed into the greater of all, was established at the site of our initial landing, the second in Peru, and the third at a point, which would be just east of the Marshall Islands, the next in southern Tibet, and the last in Lebanon. From these 5great centers, we started to fan our colonies. We had very little trouble with the natives, in fact they were all eagerly awaiting our coming, and willing to work with us and very anxious to learn, -in the beginning our great problem was their war-like and belligerent attitude toward each other, for they knew of only one way to settle disputes, might and brute force, no matter how trivial the differences. Our first established laws were codes of retaliation, a hurt for a hurt, a burn for a burn and so on…


Later in book and in time:

"…the one principle which was not divulged the breakdown of the atomic structure of matter and it had been a closely guarded secret since its development, for although its benefits were many, it also had a potential force to destroy, even to a planet, if used unwisely. During the next few years, agitation arose from these and other imagined grievances, societies were formed, which we were banned and rumors were spreading as to our foreign status, invaders from another land.

In the past we had adopted a magnanimous attitude toward the little differences, petty jealousies and flare ups, did not realize that the urge of nationalism, the lust for conquest had not been erased, but merely lay dormant in their emotional character. Now they were well educated, versed in the sciences, engineering, the arts and crafts, had their elected leaders, and ruling councils, who apparently decided that we had outlived our usefulness. We could no longer ignore these rumours, the veiled threats and incidents, so an investigating committee was organised, to determine the extent of their plan, the ultimate aim and the intended method to achieve its conclusion. A good portion of the populace was still loyal, and we soon uncovered the operational strategy of its scheme.

A plan of staggering magnitude, for we had been completely unaware of the theft of the formula of disintegration, by means of a trick of light refraction, and was being used to fashion devises of destruction and conquest. It figured that our annihilation here would be the initial phase of the campaign, and then on to the other planets. We gathered as many of our women and children as available craft would carry, and sent them home and flashed an SOS for help and equipment. We made hasty attempt, with the limited facilities at hand, to devise a neutralizing system, but did not know exactly where or to what extent they had succeeded, in their build-up, and our help never had time to arrive, for they apparently panicked through the knowledge of our discovery of this insidious plot.

Through haste, error in construction design or lack of preconceived method of control, the world literally came to an end. The main concentration of power was directed at our canters of Atlantis and Lemuria, by far the larger and most graceful of all our artistic creation in this new world. Enchanted cities and communities of wondrous beauty, conceived in love, and built for the joy, the comfort and expediency of all. A cultural excellence, which has never again been equaled.

The energy force waves travelled from north to south, swelling as they advanced, everything in its path, turned to dust and disappeared, the natural land barriers disintegrated, and the seas swept in, causing tremendous earthquakes and volcanic action, entire continents exploded, and were hurled into space. The earth’s orbital velocity quickened and it skidded off on a slight tangent, but stabilized a million miles further from the sun, and although its rotation did not cease, a new wobble added to the devastation, and the turbulence did not exhaust itself for many years. The greatest miracle of all was that a small percentage of life did, somehow manage to survive.

 a video on how comets have viped out life on earth

For more than 3000y the planet lie, as though dead, but the only sign of life- isolated splotches of green vegetation, but the seed seems indestructible. Plant and tree followed the recession of the ice, in the deeply frozen areas, the remnants of animal and human life multiplied, and again emerged with his warlike traits, in tribal form. Many were integrated collections of several races, for their fight for survival had been fraught with hardship and adversity. We had decreed to leave this world of human beasts strictly on its own, and to hope that at sometime, the blood of our own people, which now ran in the veins of some, would eventually predominate. Over the centuries, we have made periodic checks, just to see how things were going and have left observers to record the evolution of the intelligent idiot. (topp113)

A vision of paradise and the horrible catastrophe, which ended it, never left the minds of the people, and although we did not have the opportunity to benefit the majority, before the holocaust, most had the knowledge of us and awaited our coming. As time dimmed memory, actuality to these remnants of races, was replaced with myth and legend, but forever after have turned to the sky, in supplication, for aid from the stress of need and despair.



further on the cosmic journey in far past on next part

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