picture is from a norwegian weekly magazine report 

"I must give thanks to my ufo-friends for EVERYTHING!" (as he became a multi-millionaire in making medicine from flower-pollen dust, he got from "their ideas", in the later contacts which are partly reported in this article and then from a book -   which are translated from swedish -  to read here right> down).

pictures is mainly from a norwegian weekly magazine report

om case'n på Svenska

more  of  the ufo-contact story from 18th maj 1946; The Gösta Carlsson Incident:

The meeting in the forest-glade /clearing in Sweden - i 1946

happend 18th may 1946

up-left; There still is a stone monument set up in memory of this UFO landing that took place at Ängelholm, Sweden in 18th of may 1946.

It is the 18th of May 1946, the clock is 10pm.
The sky is dark blue and clear, a light breeze is blowing from the east. I once again have taken a seat on the fort´s steel dome at Skälderviksstranden. I´m sitting and listening [to] the beautiful birdsong by the thrush, robin and other birds joining the choir. As usual the so-called Sjödammarna has really started to bubble with life by all the different birds that nest here. 


(...) It started to get darker, and I realize it is time to head back home. It is now 10:45pm, I turn on my orientation lamp which I always carry with me on my evening strolls.  I walked up on a little hill where you have a great view of both Kronans and Vegeholms forest-land. On the land of Vegeholm right after the bird-dam, a short way into a birch forest consisting of big, old trees, there is a big grass glade that I know of quite well.


One of my youth’s "bad" virtues was amongst others to get hold of bird eggs of all kind(s). Then, as now, this was of course against the law. But as young boys we didn´t care much of what the law said, and the law wasn’t that strict back then as it is now.
In this very glade, yellowhammer, corn bunting, and different kinds of titlings, and in some of the old birches, tawny owls nested.


By sheer coincidence, I look at the direction of the grass glade, which you can´t see too clear by all the trees. At first, I thought I saw something shiny at the grass glade, but maybe it was just a reflectance [sic] from my lamp. I turn it off, but the light is still there. It might be early season campers or some youths that is hanging around the place I thought.


I decide to walk over there. I walk down the hill and jumped over a small hole that has been collecting rainwater. On my right there is a couple of sand hills with pines growing on them that obscure the glade a bit. I clear the pines and just as I am about to turn in to the glade I spot something that is forever stuck in my memory.
In the furthest part of the glade, just a couple of meters from a lonely pine, there is an illuminated craft, one of which I have never seen before or after. My first thought was that it was a carousel someone had drove [sic] there. But I soon realized that would be impossible, as there was [sic] no roads leading to the glade.
The craft, or object, had the shape of a discus, and the craft is resting on a sturdy fin in the direction of the lonely pine, and two telescope legs, all three evenly spaced under the circle disc. In front of the fin on the crafts belly, a hatch is open, with a ladder and leaders, like those ladders you see on boats. The hatch is about one and a half meter above the ground and I can see how light is coming out from the opening. I try to look inside the craft but the angel [sic] is too narrow. All I can see is the bright light.


On the craft top there is a streamlined cabin that I estimate to be around 8meter in diameters. With roughly 1 meters spacing there is oval windows, maybe 50cm wide and 30cm high. While I am watching at the craft I can´t keep from thinking that someone is pulling a prank on me. One thought that goes through my head is that these are maybe German pilots that have escaped from some camp. But deep inside, I know I´m wrong. 


On top of the cabin there is a telescope pole/mast, almost like a periscope on a u-boat. The height of the mast is about the same as the pine, and the thickness of the craft´s middlepart I estimate to about 4 meters, at the craft sides about 1 meter, and the mast should be about 5 meter high. At the top of the mast it splits into four parts. Under the top of the mast I spot the lamp that emitted the strange violet light that I spotted from the trail. The lamp is pointing downward towards the craft and covers the whole craft like a "cheesebowl" with just a few meters of light "leaking" outside the craft. The light itself is sort of pulsating from the lamp, kinda like water from a fountain. And the strangest thing of all is that the light has a curved path. Where the light hits the ground or grass, it disappears with a sparkling effect, like that of a sparkler. A smell, not to different from ozone is spreading throughout the air. Its like if an electric curtain has dropped over the craft.


The "body" and the cabin seems to be one piece. You can´t spot screws, studs or joint anywhere. Around the belly’s rim on the craft there is a couple of holes, not unlike those found on turbines, pointing down and are covered with what like a damper. A few meters in front and outside the light´s circle, a man with a white dress on is standing. He is dressed like our astronauts of today.
 old tv feature where he tells;

the picture left; the guard- outside of the light-globe, gives a sign to Gosta, to stop, while the workers are doing some repair-work on the ship inside this lightglobe. Gosta could see how sparkles was formed where the light-globe reached the ground!

No matter how hard I look, I can’t see any buttons, zippers or other "clothing attachments". On his feet he has blue or black boots that wraps around his legs, around his waist he has a large blue or black belt, on his head something that looks like a rain hoodie or "windcheater hoodie" with the difference that it also covers the front of his face and are made of some transparent material. On his hand he got finger gloves. On his chest hangs something that looks like a folding camera, but other than that, there is no equipment. The man appears to be a guard. Where I am standing now I´m about 10meters from the craft, and about 7-8 meter from this man.


The strange thing was, that when I approached the glade everyone turned to look at me. It was like if I was expected, but not wanted...
On top of the craft by one of the windows there was an additional three men, evidently occupied by some kind of work. Right next to them, but below, I see two more men who are assisting and inside the light circle, turned towards me, there are three girls. All dressed the same way, in the same white dress, boots and belt. All the beings that are inside the light have the transparent face mask removed to the back of their heads.
Gösta was now about 10 meters from the craft and maybe 7-8 meters from the guard post. He could see that the men and women working on the craft had normal earthly features and the women, or rather, girls, had light or cendré coloured hair, cut and managed in a modern manner.
The men’s hair Gösta never saw, because of the black hoodie they wore, kinda like the one tank-drivers have. From this hood there was something looking like earplugs and it looked like the men were talking to each other via these without moving their mouths.


Suddenly something happened.
The man who was standing outside the light - which whom I now understand was serving as a guard - did a perfect stop sign with his hand raised. It is a sign that cannot be misinterpreted and I stopped. I still have my lamp on my head, but turned off. The guard points his "folding camera" looking thing towards me, and I get the impression that he is about to take a picture of me. I think I hear a crack from my lamp on my head, that I have turned off, but don´t bother with that.


I´m about to take a few step closer to him, but he immediately raises his hand and at the same time I hear a crack again from my lamp. I stand still, and the guard took a lap around the craft, always on the outside of the light, the men and girls continue their work at the cabin _
It is possible there is two guards, one on the backside of the craft. This might explain why there always was a guard where I was.


I feel just like a wild animal must feel outside the light circle a safari hunter makes out in the bushes in the African night. Suddenly, a girl with dark curly hair steps down the ladder of the craft. In her hand she holds what looks like a bag and hands out cups to the men and girls. Everyone stop working and start to drink from the cups.
I get the impulse to step forward again and talk to them, but the guard once again raises his hand in line with my face and gives me the stop sign and everyone look at me with a seriousness in their faces. The guard too, like a police officer "this is as far as you get!" kinda look. He won´t take his eyes off from me for one second.
It is like the "cheese cup/dome" of light screens of the craft from its surroundings and the guard is there to prevent anyone from entering it. Maybe the light would hurt me if I passed into it.


When I take a step back, everyone continues their work and I feel slightly relieved. Two of the girls give me a beautiful smile and I can see their flashing white teeth. I can brag about never being afraid of anything, and I have spent enough time out in the woods to not believe in the devil or trolls. But this was something else.
The people at the craft makes me think about folks from the Pentecostal church or something similar. All are happy and glad. You get the impression that they haven’t got a problem in the world, and what they had, they have solved already.


By the time I am standing there and watching, I can see the crew go in and out the craft, up the ladder next to the fin. When they do that, I observe how the two telescope legs moves up and down. They are spring loaded like the front wheel of an airplane. Just as I am about to take a step forward again, the girl with the dark curly hair steps outside the cabin again. In her hand she hold a bright shiny object which draws the attention from all the other in the crew. She takes a few steps towards the outskirt of the light dome and throws the object out with a quick motion. It falls right next to a little up slope. At the same time I hear a happy girl’s laughter, and I realize this is the first time I hear a noise from them this whole time. But I have heard the crackling of twigs by the guards feet on the grass which is spread all over the ground.


The whole thing starts to be very surreal to me, and although I am one those person who has never tasted alcohol in any form, and can therefore not blame this on some kind of hallucination or some other kind of imagination, I decide to hike back to Skälderviksstrande and then come back to see if it is still here.
It takes about 20 minutes to get there. I take of my shoes and socks and wade out in the water to wet my feet just to make sure I´m not dreaming. It is freezing so I am awake alright.


This begins to feel slightly frightening. I decide to walk along the beach for a bit and take another path to the way back to the glade so that I come in from the "back" of the craft instead. When I am about half way there I got up on the sand hills/dunes again and sit down on a old fort to put my socks back on again and look at the direction from where I first saw the light. Where I am, there is dense young forest so I can´t see anything at all.
Then, suddenly, I see a red light. At first I thought it was the moon rising, but after closer inspection, I realize that isn´t the case. Slowly, and majestically, the craft, which I now see clearly, is rising. It´s almost like a balloon rising.

 Only a whining sound, like that of a vacuum cleaner can be heard. Higher and higher it goes with a halo of red light from the turbine holes under the craft. At about 400-500 meters altitude it slows down slightly, begins to [move] sideways a bit, I now see that the pole/mast is not up, and the two legs and the fin is nowhere to bee seen either.

  <<back towards the landing site, he meets the vessel low over the trees

It is a little hazy outside now, but the whole maneuver is clearly visible and the whole craft is illuminated by the red light and the cabin window’s light. And then the craft tilts so it is now pointing slightly up or down towards the night sky or the ground. The red light becomes more intense, and the craft shoots out with a tremendous speed, the red light turns into violet. The craft moves sideways from left to right and back again as it was searching for something, the light turns red again as the craft slows down for a bit, but the light turns to violet almost immediately and the craft is speeding again. Three times I watch the craft make the same thing before it finally disappears over Ängelholm.


I stand still for a good amount of time among the sand dunes and is quite disturbed by what I just had witnessed. We who lived through the second world war was used to see many new terrible weapons from both the allies and axis – real planes, atom bombs, the Germans V1 and V2 bombs - that almost nothing surprised us anymore. Despite the war ended a year ago I was almost certain this was some secret but delayed weapon that "they" had kept testing. But had Hitler had one of these craft. surely he wouldn´t have lost the war.


First seventy years later when reports of unidentified objects started to become more frequent, I started to make the connection between my observation and these new one. Maybe, it wasn’t a secret weapon I had witnessed. Maybe not even a craft from this earth.
This I can tell you, if the people I saw weren´t from this planet and from some alien planet, there wasn´t much of a difference between humans and them. Maybe a lot more technically advanced than us, but other than that, like height, looks and so on, if you took of their suits, I don’t think you could tell the difference from them to us.

drawing left; the commander as Gosta saw him when he arrived at the ship thru this kind of astral/4-d travel/vision


I go back over the sand dunes to get to the usual way home. Landshövdinge-road is rough and hard to ride a bike on, so I walk a little, ride a little, walk a little and so on. It is now completely dark, so, to be able to see, I tried turning on my lamp. Although I flick the on switch, nothing happens. I screw off the bottom and take out the batteries. It feels hot, I figured a short circuit had occurred. For a moment I think of the guard and the strange cracking or flicking sound he made when he pointed the black thing towards me. But it just seems too unreal for me. When the day after put in some new batteries and tried the lamp, it worked like a charm. Of course it could have a natural explanation, but it did occur during all this, because, I had it lit right up to when I went down towards the light when I shut it off because I wanted to sneak up to whomever it was there in the glade. 
It had never happened before, nor after. When Gösta Carlsson continued along Landshövdinge-road home that night he followed the road and didn´t take any more trips out into the woods. When he lay down on his bed to get some sleep, he couldn’t fall asleep. The incident in the woods had disturbed him too much, and his thoughts were on the strange craft and the crew.


Before he finally was able to sleep he decided that the first thing when he woke up was to head back to the glade.
Early next morning, after a cup of coffee, Gösta took his bike and headed towards the beach. In a few minutes he was back where it all had happened. He had returned for one reason only, would there be any remains left from the craft, or crew?


Then, when Gösta arrives to the glade just after 4am on the Sunday morning, a light rain begins to fall over Ängelholsm forest. The sun is up since an hour ago and a lamp is not needed now. When he for the second time in under 6 hours jumps over the little hole with the rainwater in it and follows the sand dunes towards the glade his heart-rate begins to rise. What will he find amongst the trees?
This time he got a notebook and folding ruler. If there are any remains, he is prepared. He couldn´t be sure. And at first glance he was disappointed. From afar he couldn´t see anything.

First when I got closer I saw the traces, he tells. The marks after the turbine holes were the most apparent trace. Where they were, the grass was burnt off completely. In a ring, about 3cm wide the sand was completely exposed. A greyish layer of ash was all that remained of the grass. The ring was that deep, just a couple of centimeters, so the liftoff couldn´t have had that kind of power as we are used to here on earth with our vehicles. And that would be according to what I saw the truth. As what I witnessed wasn´t some known craft with any kind of propulsion system we know about.


Beside the burned ring, Gösta also observed the markings after the fin and the two landing-legs. A few meters away, the branches on the pine that was closest to the craft are burned off. And some was covered in black ash, a couple of years later they wither and dies.
Gösta measure the place and take note of the sizes of the circles. He made a crude sketch and estimate that the craft was 16meter in diameter. The prints from the two landing gears have a diameter of about 90cm. Further, you could see boot-prints in the grass. Nothing spectacular, the sole of the boot is solid, with a rifle grove pattern. The length doesn’t deviate either, Gösta measure it to be about the size of 39-44. The boot prints are located in a quarter circle from north to east off of the burned mark.


 But there are more findings.
Just as I was about to leave, I remembered the shiny object the girls had thrown away. I remembered the spot it landed. When I looked for it, I saw something glimmering in the grass and lifted up what looked like shiny staff made of what it looked like, violet quartz, about 4 cm thick, 5cm wide, and about 12 cm tall. It had rounded corners and was burned and smelted in the other end (with strange inscriptions).

 A few decimeters from there I found a ring with the size about 17 in some kind of a greenish metal and a beautiful stone in it. It didn’t look like our modern rings, this one was more...fun. 

There were a couple of "X" markings on it, which I guess was kinda like initials. My first thought was that someone had dropped it and I should turn it in to the police, but I later connected it to the craft. Inside the light dome, close to the burned pine, Gösta finds two of the cups the woman had served the crew. He picks them up and notes the strange looks with the bent pip, almost like an old oil lamp. When he shakes it he can clearly hear that it still is some liquid content inside it. With his findings in his pockets he starts to ride his bike home to write a report to the authorities. But, the report to Försvarsstaben (Swedish defense staff) never gets sent away. Other, more strange, happenings stops him from doing so.

 When I got home to show my wife my findings, the first thing she said to me was "But, your face is all yellow" I looked in the mirror, and right she was. I was all yellow. What was going on? For a moment I started to get really worried. Maybe I had touch on something dangerous. But then I saw that my coat also was yellow. And I could wash it off easily with just tap water. I took some of it and put it under my microscope. Phew, it was pollen. And I knew from where too, the birches of course. The branches had scratched my face on my way to the glade. - It was about at that time I started to figure out a method, which succeeded over my expectation, and made it able for me and my company I started in 1952 to gather pollen in an almost unlimited quantity, and made it possible for me to make a medical product solely based on a resource that has been around for all eternity but never been thought of. So yes, sometime I polish my quartz staff a little (Sorry but I just had to lol [sic] that one /Netlas OP) and think about the strange happenings, the strange men and girls, and wonder where they could have come from, where were they headed, and will they come back.


What happened to Gösta Carlsson in the grass glade these hours between May18th and 19th, 1946 would led to a series of unexplained happenings. Gösta started to have vivid dreams in the night, dreams that just maybe weren´t dreams. Dreams that brought him back to the strange people he saw that night.


(also from Clas Svahn and http://fkbureau.blogspot.no/ 9


(- ON another level ...)

As in many other contact cases, it did not stop there. mr Gosta Carlsson's experience was not pure observations. Instead, it continues to develop into a more and more strange event. What initially seems simple and relatively strait observations, - gradually becomes more complicated and elusive. When Gosta Carlsson comes home early this morning, after the  visit to the clearing - are waiting everyday life with work and family. What happened a few hours before is admittedly amazing and strange, but the meeting in the glade starts still to fade as memory after only one day. 'Perhaps he had simply forgotten all about it- if it were not for a series of "dreams" that would never be let go on him.

Actually it's not right to call Gosta Carlsson experiences as dreams. Instead it seems that somehow he changes his "mind status"/ mind-level, perhaps influenced by anyone or anything. The nightly experiences will become very real.

The origin of those - well let us call it dreams for now - it seems to be the device that the guard directed at him as he approached the craft. the Box camera with the weird lens might have a different function than Gosta first thought.

The first "dream" take place as early as two days after the observation on May 20, 1946. When evening comes and Gösta lay to sleep, he feels how the body becomes paralyzed and how he slides into a strange state of consciousness:

"All afternoon I have felt a little heavy in the head and also unusually hot. I'm starting to think it's the flu at the time, although it is something I have never really a sensing of. In the evening I take a medicin and drink some honey water and falls asleep into a strange half-trance:

Then something happens. Suddenly I stare into the guard postal cam-like thing hanging in a strap on his chest. So widens the room and just like on a television set, the light and I are now in a room with lots of instruments. In front of me sits a male in a red armchair, The back of which is richly decorated and I can recognize a city that could be London, New York or any other major city anywhere.

On his right sits a backlit screen that Gosta have difficulty understanding the meaning of - but which he will later be likened to a television. Something that did not exist in Sweden, 1946 (regulary broadcasts began in 1957). On the screen appears a line and a point that the driver continuously adjusts the succor of a steering wheel. To the left of him is a second screen for anything that looks out of the messaging constantly flowing in. Type characters reminiscent of Arab or Jewish, but extremely smooth, as written on a data- machine. They move from our left to right on the screen, sometimes six-seven rows above each other.

Then turns the "driver" suddenly around, and says: "Menji, I switch on the autopilot, you want to check that the course is ok? "

A beautiful woman's face with hair combed back and trimmed in a so-called xxx-clip, emerges on his left screen into a stunning three-dimensional shape as if she myself were in the room. Later, he learns that she is in a different part of the craft.

When Gosta sees her, she sits with eyes closed and with the small dome with ear plugs on the head. Hands rests on a keyboard. Gosta get the impression that "Menji" receives messages via electrodes that are connected to her brain and she later transforms into writing with the succor of the keyboard. He hears the conversation between Menji and the man in the chair. To describe Gosta Carlsson what then happend:

"everything is allright, responding Menji and smiles so that the white tenderna visible.

then the man turns against me and I recognize the same man - the guard, who prevented me to go near the craft. Now he has facial protection down in the neck. He has a sharp eye-something-protection, blend white teehs and looks very friendly. A blue belte is visible around the waist where a pair of gloves is to be seen.

The man, who seems preoccupied with the instruments, wears a black skullcap with wires that are connected by a kind of plugs in their ears. Around him is a large mengd me okenda instruments and man studying them intensely.

"I thought I would get in contact with you and explain what we were doing when you saw us over there in the forest, he says. When we were in our rotation ( posisjon) together with the large craft in the forefront, we happened for some incredible reason, to come close to its turbine jetstream. (some more "undeveloped civ's"- use such a kind of jet-trusts in planets atmosphere- rø-rem)
Our craft is built to withstand most things, and likewise we have good protection of our forces. But the beam happened hit a cabin window and pass into the room where Luna and Jurion were. They were killed instantly, and we had to go down to repair the damage. That's when you saw us. We had first thought to bury the two dead on the spot so long, but we realized that it could cause problems, so we decided, therefore, to bring them to a sterile asteroid. We cut a number of pine branches that we packed them into, and we keep them now in a room in the ship.

Menji have the guardjob in the radio room and I am here. The others are to rest," said the pilot/driver, and then begins to explain how the ship is run/flown. We are moving at a speed of light and the vehicle is driven by twelve parallel connected quartz rods.

I felt that I constantly had an uncomfortable falling sensation. You get a feeling that one is way up and falls down. It was just wondering when to strike and how it should feel. As if he had read my mind - then tells the driver: "The falling feeling arise when travelling at the speed of light, but it's nothing dangerous." So, I look into the room where the two dead lie. Only the faces are visible, the rest is all hidden under pine boughs. "Poor Luna," he says, "she was one of the most beautiful girls you've seen." I see a deathly pale girl's face, but it's getting too much and just as I will shout, some thing wake me. But what an awakening!! I have a splitting headache and is very thirsty.

It was horrible. It was an experience that I hardly want to think about. They were there just deathly pale packed in spruce coffins with a pale, strange, gloomy light lit up. It was too much for me. I'm guessing that the contact was broken because it simply became too much for me....

(intuitive THEORY around these "dreams: when" the warden directed his apparatus against Gösta during the first meeting, he then took an "energy footprint / frequency picture of his astral body, which is an integral part of the physical body. When Gösta let himself to sleep - and yes- just fell asleep, his astral body was released, as always happens during normal deep sleep for all of us- in spite we have NO MEMORY OF IT, BECAUSE THE MEMORY IS JUST "ATTACHED" TO THE PHYSICAL BRAIN). The only problem is that we normally have no memory transfers from the astral body. (See Martinus symbol for this "energy combination/mixture" to understand this | "The Combinations of the Basic Energies ") .

 With his astral body released and with "a photographed frequency footprint" - so could the spacepeople by a method of technical-telepathic way, "pull" his astral body and so give him direct information and more explanation of what actually happened. Moreover, they could by technical-hypnotic methods ensure that the experience was connected into the brain consciousness, so that it could be passed on to the "outer" day-consciousness retrospectively - ie to a degree be recollected. Everything done so that he might be able to further bring this information forth, - to - at a later time, the book about him could be shared.
Rø- ideas) "


New meetings

Five days later, in the night to May 26, those same events was repeated. Gosta feel the same strange feeling in his head and a strange heat spreading in the body as if a cold is to come. In the evening, Gosta Carlsson once again see this mysterious "camera" with the oval lens.

Also this time, he ends up in the cabin behind the pilot/
driver. It's the same cabin, same pilots and the same instruments. It is as if Gosta never been away. He is on board what he will later will call the reconnaissance ship. This time, he feels no falling sensation.

- Now, I also took a nearer look at the chair where the 'driver' sat, he says. In some way I remembered that there was something there that I should look more into.

- What I saw was a 'plastic pattern' in relief. The pattern is reminiscent of a city, like any other, but the strange was that there were two very large buildings reminiscent of the pyramids of Egypt. These were right near each other. The city, on the contrary resembled New York or any other big-city.

- It was like a drawing. I got the impression of a great city, very modern city - Undoubtedly their hometown. Since happend the something I should just mention. I had a vision that I saw a city, a country, and they had a sun that was more violet than we have. But it seemed as if their home planet was some ten light years away. Probably near to what we call Sirius. Maybe I saw it on his screen - but I do not really know.

- One of the instruments I saw resembled a 'tipper- track' around and with beams in even intervals. Then there was another instrument that resembled a standard thermometer, something that moved up and down all the time. The driver looked very carefully at it. I think it had to do with the course.

- After a short while the driver turned against me, just like the first time, and said to me,

"We're now have arrrived, and will leave the dead ones, here," he said.

- thru the cabin window, I watched the craft had landed on a rocky and desolate place. Maybe it was an asteroid, but it can jus have been somewhere else. The other crew had gone out. All had their hoods and gloves on.

- They placed the 'coffins of pine'/sprigs of spruce - with the dead heads towards the center. Then they fell to their knees and raised right hands in a last salute. But no one was sobbing and crying. They just were serious. The dead were wrapped in 'sprigs of spruce' with their faces visible and heads resting on a bed like of sprigs of spruce. They lay with their heads together in a sterile stony desert.

A pale light lit up the place, but Gosta could not remember that he saw any horizon or the sky.

- The pilot-driver himself turned to me and smiled his beautiful - white smile. Then they went on board again.

'- I was outside the ship. I watched the entire ceremony, when they carried them out, when they put them there, when they saluted and when they went away again. It was eerie. I do not like to see dead people. And here it was almost still more true than when you see it in the waking state. Though it's possible that I'm imagining just that.

- Since the pilot-driver looked at me after the ceremony, it faded away and I became conscious on the outer level/"here and now"-level- again. This time I was not thirsty and had no headache.

The day after the second dream, goes Gosta Carlsson back to the glade to look for more tracks. After a while he finds a grave-like hole 5-10 meters from the landing - just behind the place of the fin. The hole is elongated with straight sides; 2 meters by 1.40, and the sand is up next to it. "The Grave" is large enough to accommodate three people.

- I got a nasty feeling that this was made as a grave. Just next to it, a few hundred meters from the glade, there was a tree-gathering with the branches almost down to the ground. Here I saw that the branches was cut like  with a sharp cutter had been used. The resin was "new" - so it must have been recently. I first thought it was a wood-keeper who for some reason had done this job, but if so, he had never quitted the innermost "bald" bits.

- one may be wondering why they had packed the dead into pine boughs and not plastic or anything else. But I think it may be - out in space - maybe sprigs of spruce, has a different, better effect. What do I know....

- Somehow it seemed as if they were to lead my questions to some subjects Things that I really should have asked about, I took for example, never up.

Some things he now refuse to tell about still ("one must beware of not make too much changes for the people"), but says that ten percent of what had been shown, he wants to keep for himself.

The questions came to be about God and life. When Gosta asked what God was he got the answer that there is a male and a female god, this is origin of ALL When the master mentioned names of the two aspects of God Gosta did not understand the words. In translation, however, they would mean "He, or she, who govern over everything."

- When life is over, we get our next life depending on our actions. After what the master said - is registered every thought we have thought, every deed we have done and accordingly we get our next life. He emphasized that what we call hell does not exist (physically- as it is an inner temporary state) without the penalty of incurable criminals is that they may be done as reactions - perhaps as lived on another planet under the most difficult situations. Each soul must be 'placed' and live- it is entirely dependent on how we behaved during our previous life. There are so many planets, as the space has no beginning and no end, so a person's soul can end up at a hundreds of light-years into space on a planet - just as "these two" decide for us.

- I could not help but ask my friend if there are some simple evidence that these laws really exist, and his answer was: "Gosta, at least you know now that the whole space with suns, moons, planets and more - all the time moves according to fixed laws. Remember that as soon as there are laws, there must always be a legislator. It is that simple. "
- Then I asked a question that was about similar to this: if it is so that there is someone who can create and do all this stuff, then why are we not created so that- from the beginning - we can avoid all suffering and struggle - just from Stone Age until now. Then answered the commander: "Take the example of a large oak, why is the oak from the beginning a small Seed?

- And then he said something I'll never forget: "Think of how you have been formed. A small sperm grains that you can barely see and a small egg. In that contains all of you. Do not you think that is strange?"
- What do one answer to that? I could not. It was a science that I just was dumb in to. These people we are talking about here, they are so far ahead of us and can do infinitely more than we can. They had a completely different view of it all. We are really incredibly stupid. I feel so stupid that it is not wise...
A trivial messages to come from a human being from another planet, it may seem. But Gosta did not perceive it such. Instead, he continued to ask questions that otherwise he never would ponder on. About prayer and answers to prayer, for example:
- When I took up the theme, and asked if we could really get an answer to prayer, he replied that it was possible, but only got what we asked for - IF it was practical/and possible (acc.to our learning/lessons).
"Come, first to remember that a prayer should always be done by the concentrate brain, mid. It will do no good if you - with your mouth - formulate your wishes, while the brain is set to something completely different. It is through the brains wavelengths you are in contact with "him or her", he told me.

- Then DO fold hands in the same way as we do. Then they pray by speaking through the brain: "Our natural
Heavenly, father and mother, you who decides over everything and everyone."
The prayer ends with the words "for all the good you have done to me in the past day, I thank YOU with all my heart and life-essence." So the pilot-master told me, that their prayers went by.

Gösta's view of religion is different from the state church. It has also been colored by his interest in bee-keeping. In a newspaper interview in 1957 he speculates over if the heavenly manna that according to the Bible rained on the Israelis in the deserts, could have been a pollen rain from the trees. "The best possible food thus."

He believes in a comprehensive plan for the whole universe by a creator. Everything has a meaning and seeks perfection. Nothing happens by chance. The soul is reborn endlessly.
- Next time your soul 'handed over' to a completely different person, perhaps a child born on a planet far out in space, and so life continues that way. It's not over, when a man dies - but on the contrary, to be a continuation which is even better.

- You and I and are all living beings have something called brain wavelengths that are in contact with nature, God, or whatever you want, what is the highest and have many names - but unquestionably IS, because ALL can not be a coincidence. It records every action you made, every thought you have thought and you just get the credit for it in the next life.
(Remember this he got in 1946- ca 70years ago- then long before thoughts on reincarnation and similar were very FAR OUT, here in the west/materialistic Scandinavia. rø-rem.)

CS 'ask/comment: 'a type of karma, in other words? Have you got insight into this by those people in the craft?
- Something in that way, but I can not draw any conclusions and I will not go on before I get into those things as you may offend the church, as one encounters everywhere. Everyone can think what he wants. The highest goal is that people will gradually be able to reach this God.

CS: So the whole universe is related?

- Exactly.

At one point Gosta Carlsson asked why landings does not happen more often and more openly.

- The answer was that we are far behind their civilization, says Gösta. They have passed all stages, so can fully live by the Ten Commandments. They have solved all the problems of (physcal-) life and turned their planet into a veritable paradise without the diseases, starvation and otherwise, misery and with a much longer lifespan.

- But they must not intervene either against us or other planets with the same civilization-level as/ like ours, so we must decide our own fate. But also some practical problems - like our illnesses and the difference in our planet's oxygen content, makes a landing/living here, impossible. Their overflights of our planet is part of their task in the same way as many others.

Gosta Carlsson's own theory on why the crew was in the vicinity of the Earth in 1946, is that it had been lured there by our nuclear weapons. Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945, can, according to him, have been recorded by space people far out in space. The blasts may have made them anxious about our future.

But despite these thoughts, either Gosta himself or the master - took up the subject of nuclear weapons during their talks. Something that would otherwise seem natural after such a long journey. Instead were talks about philosophical questions.

- You should know that much of what the master said - I do not understand still, says Gösta when I ask him. Personally, I had of course, no interest in such things. Then I kept on with the struggle for my own existence. It was more than I could make/manage.

After his contacts have Gosta Carlsson also become convinced that man, has for once come into beeing, outside of this earth. The craft he encountered in the clearing was manned by our distant relatives. But only the white race originated from space, says Gösta.
(well - acc. to info from the contact 'womenTHAO' in -87, also the predecessors of the black, actually came here first- seehttp://galactic.no/rune/kolraser2.jpg

 http://galactic.no/rune/kolraser2.jpg and evt  on norwegian on http://www.galactic.no/rune/jordfjs.html and if to deep-search -  read on  link -  http://www.galactic.no/rune/thaoeng.html) "- The crew's genes are packed with the same information as ours. If we look at how it is in Africa, for example, Negroes do not build airplanes, jet engines and nuclear weapons. They do not have this innate as we have. Therefore I think that we - the white - has never arisen here on this planet. We have come here and brought the legacy with us. Negroes, on the other hand, grew up here. Of course there are those who have moved to the United States and learned things there but it's not the same. They haven't it in their genes."


All experiences are concentrated around the commander, the men who directed the strange camera towards Gösta Carlsson at the first meeting in the glade and then 'met him welcome' in the first "dream". The master/captain-pilot, is the one who gives Gosta Carlsson all the information, answer his questions and make contact with him. In the summer of 1947 - a year later - Gösta Carlsson finds a curious triangular stone in the glade when he returned to look for more lost items. After one of their nightly meetings, or "seances" as he calls them, he "sees" suddenly the master's face on the stone itself!!

But Gosta Carlsson also got to see how the master's personal room looked. Not on the little ship that had the emergency landing in the clearing, but on a larger mother ship far out in space. And there he experienced amazing things.


The mothership

We are at the beginning of February 1948. (picture from that time in Sweden below)

The events that have occurred Since the May 18, 1946- meeting with the craft in "The Vegeholm forest", I have now had ample opportunity to be amazed of. I have become more and more clear that the peculiarities which I suffered - must depend on very special reasons. I often compliment me that I am pretty rough and neither believe in hell or the trolls, but now I have to wonder about those events. Among other things, that I did finish my job at the State Railways and instead began to work with medicin from plants. I've started to get ideas that I do not really master/understand. But I attribute my interest as beekeeper, as the direct reason. This day I begin again to feel extra weird.

Same symptoms as on previous 'contacts' with the crew. I'm half asleep anyway, and then I suddenly see the lens in UFO-man's unit/apparatus, and I stand behind him in the craft. I see the chair he was sitting in. I recognize the 'plastic patterns' of a city with two huge pyramids and so he wends toward me. The same face, same dress with the little hat, with two plugs in the ears and the same venliga appearance. "Gosta, it is now time for us to dock with the mother craft and I think you might be interested."

only art/illu. not from book

"I watch all the incomprehensible instruments in front of his table, - the 'blackboard'/instr.table, on which there at all the time, messages comes in a completely incomprehensible language. I see instruments which resembles an illuminated, round tipper track, and so I experience the same outlandish falling feeling, that he declared is from we are moving at light speed or even faster.

At the same time, he speaks with a girl who appears on a screen. The image is three-dimensional, and she sits up on a strange instrument with both hands and fingers on a keyboard. She smiles so beautifully, showing off dazzling white tooths and answer him in an incomprehensible language.
The master has previously explained to me that they keep in touch with their home planet and with the mother ship through a system that immitate the human thought. Otherwise one would not make contact, as you move as fast as or faster than light and a transmitted signals speed. In other words, the radio signals, should then all the time be removing, and could so not catch up. Radio signals is long since outdated and there is of course one of the reasons that we on earth can never perceive their communication that must be just as effective.

Then begins a red light to start flashing and I hear a signal, first in repetition and then a long ..... "It is our motherships magnetic beam which now captures/catches us. Now everything is done automatically, and we just have to follow." I notice that the turbine noise on the craft has stalled. I see the whole crew to stand by the entrance. Everyone looks cheerful and happy and everyone is dressed in spacesuit, but without the little hat used here, with ear plugs. Just like our own pilots, all have a bag, surprisingly similar to our own. I can for my life not to remember or pronounce the name of the leader I always meet first, so for convenience I call him Broni.

The strange is that while I understand his speech, is the rest of the crew's talk, totally incomprehensible.

"So we are arrived, there," he says, and the hatch with ladder folds down. "We were taken home by a very strong Magnet- beam that automatically lands our craft within the parent/mother- vessel. We must pass through the strong force field that surrounds the mother ship, and also are around all of our vehicles and also constitutes a defense and is speed- increasing." This entire landing maneuver has been quite imperceptibly, and must be a marvel of precision with these amazing speeds.

I see that we are on a sharply lit ship-deck. There are four more vessels of the same type, but also two of nearly 20 meters in size. So goes the crew into an airlock which takes off their clothes, and put them into a large bag. Then into a shower, and from there they come out in a row. All are clothed and the girls are now in a gorgeous floral blouse that goes up to the neck and trousers of the same model that we have seen from Turkey.
They stop at the ankles and then with sandals on his feet. We on our planet would probably say that it was the most sexy clothes we've ever seen. (again- was in - 46)
The men are dressed in a half-length jacket and something similar to pantyhose, and so sandals. My first vision is to be reminiscent of the old Roman legionnaires, shapely, strong and certainly very well-trained.

So, we reach the next deck. Here's a great welcoming party. You pass by a disk and then you are out there with their fellow travelers. First comes the girl I had seen before, and I learned that her name was Menji. Meanwhile, comes two small dogs from the recipient group, at the busy fuss, and are jumping up in the arms of her. It is apparently her dogs and for me they resemble a race that we have ourselves and called papillon.

Among this large group, I notice that no male crewmen have a beard or are bald. Then the group is suddenly divided. All falls on their knees and a wagon covered with some sort of floral fabric comes in. Those on the catafalque looks to be children. "It is our two fallen comrades Luna and Jurion that are now being taken on board," says Broni that I perceive. "It turned out that the incident was due to a navigational error. We flew in route with a larger vessel first and two others just behind. For some reason our vehicle came too closely and happened to meet a turbine jet. Our craft should really withstand this, but through an event, it passed our force field and hit a windscreen that was shattered, and in that room was Luna and Jurion, who was crushed immediately. It is extremely rare, something like this happens. We had to go down and there was when you met us."

On this deck there are a number of marking lines, presumably for some sort of sports games or something like a chess game with big pieces. Several small bright rooms are apparently for relaxation, for I see that there are groups of the crew there.

So we are suddenly in a small room with some furniture. I see a table, a bed, several cabinets and chairs. On one table is a small copy of the mother ship. "This is about 200 meters long and about 40 meters wide at the center where it is thickest." To me it looks most about an airship type of zeppelin. Arriving in the forepeak is six long .......
"It's our various instruments for controlling and more. The length depends on that they have to be outside of our force field to not be subjected to interference."

It is a small device on the table that most closely resembles one of our television sets. Broni press a button and it lights up. First appearing three red circles. So it is filled with light and in three-dimensional form emerges a control room in the forepeak. I see a dozen men up to light the screen, and the whole scene is reminiscent of the later we ourselves have seen in our TV's in broadcastings from the United States and the American Air-Defence/ air monitoring, Norad. (again-  TVsets for common people was not yet ordinary, in -46 in Sweden) All are dressed in bright, airy clothes. It is from here that the entire journey is routed.

Then, an image of the stern, and I see the whole propulsion machinery. Six huge turbines deliver the required energy, and six turbine-rays account for the move. But these are rotatable and the entire control is by means of these. He explains that with the speed of the craft, this is the only option. A large part of the energy needed, is captured directly from space, but a special reactor with quartz generators, can be deployed as extra if required. In some places in space are the areas where the power supply is too weak.

"We should have a look for a moment on the upper deck, then I'll show you some interesting pictures."

It shows to be that the upper deck appears to be a single large maze with different engines and instruments. But everything is in total silence. Now, I also noticed a light detail. The strange bright light appearing everywhere leaves no shadows!!
Beloq equipments, table, or other details are just as bright and a very pleasant light.

So we are back in his room. On the table are also something that I perceive as photograph frames. But the photographs! When he touches the first, it lights up/ on and in a three-dimensional form emerges a very beautiful, dark-haired woman. She was both moving and talking, and it seems as if she was present in the room.

Then he lifts the second frame with a picture of two cute children which to me seems to be in the six- to eight years old. Alert and happy they talk, but also in an incomprehensible language. "It is my wife and my children, a boy and a girl."
In this three-dimensional shape seems these pictures fantastic live and I can understand that he, during long voyages constantly has an incredible touch with home. It hits me then that this must be the future of photographs also on our part, a kind of hologram.

"We have a number of observation points on planets which is under development and we provide assistance as you yourselves throughout the ages, have been given. It is one of our tasks. I will now show the section of recordings that we made during our trips." In 1948, I had never seen television; it had just begun in the US. So appears a very dark picture on the device. Sometimes you can glimpse - in the front a few rays of sunlight that quickly becomes dark again.

shown an atomic war results.

"You will now see what it looks like when having used the powerful nuclear bombs. On this planet - you now are staring at - there were two superpowers - both had nuclear weapons but could not agree. A nuclear war broke out and probably fell a strong hydrogen bomb in a deep in one of their oceans, which exploded on the bottom and so triggered a chain reaction, whereby all existing hydrogen exsploded. The violent explosion extinguished all life, everything was burned and the water steamed away . The planet itself did not fall apart, but was destroyed for all eternity. "

So captures an image to something that can be a mountain ridge or the remains of any building. I see how soot and ash hangs in large chunks. Sometimes it releases and plummets to the ground. So will some sunrays come through the thick clouds, that are now all around this poor/dead planet. Not one single life, nothing else but an eternal darkness has been the result of this discord.

When I today, in the year 1994 is writing down these comments, I can not suppress a shudder when I think of how incredibly close we ourselves were under the so-called Cuban missile crisis. Might our understanding, yet now having passed (understood) these terrible results.

So, the next screen section. Now I see only a bright and almost completely normal village. I see cities, villages, individual houses, forests and meadows. But then I notice that it burns in several places. The film reproduces all the sounds, so I can follow the whole course of events (the action). I see a young woman with a little girl by the hand, running across a field toward a bombed house. A large block, perhaps of cement, have been set up against the housing side. She runs over this with the girl that seem to carry something resembling a doll. Also a small dog is following. It is in the very last hour, because in the horizon, I see now a vast air armada. In mid flies a number of big planes and at the sides a number lower. All are constructed the same. They are similar to ours but has no rudder; propulsion and steering is apparently directly from the stern.

I see up close one of the smaller planes. Through something similar to Plexiglas, I see two airmen sitting side by side. How to react both, slowing down to almost zero and has apparently captured something interesting. "Their thermal detectors have been captured something alive under cement platform," said my friend. So runs suddenly the little dog out. The man at the side of the pilot aimed a gun at the dog. I see a flame, how the dog exploded into pieces and catching fire.

"It was a laser weapon he used," says my friend. "Then maybe the others escaped," I objected. "No, not at all. Wait and see." It is clear that the flight plans have understood more, because now increases the flyspeed as making a turn and returns on the same course. Again, I see how the two pilots talking upset with each other, slowing down, and so drop something like a polished football. The plane accelerates violently and then a burst. For a moment you can only see a dirt cloud, but worst of all: on the outskirts I observe a little arm that is soon after catching fire. Perhaps it was from the dock, but more likely from the little girl....
"This war has shifted to pure extermination of each other," he says, "and will not stop until everything is destroyed. So even without nuclear weapons takes such horrors place, on some planets. It was an electron bomb that ended the two . "
Though I see all this from a distance, I feel physically ill. "Now I'll show you some pictures of my own planet, which is a bit more friendly" says Broni quickly.

I see a picture of a planet - first from distance and amazing like the image that we are now here in 1994 - see as the start of our evening report, but only the big difference- the entire is in the three-dimensional shape. Gradually emerges forests, meadows, rivers, large lakes and cities. I know again - recognice the two large pyramids as I mentioned earlier, and it strikes me that excellent orientationmarks these may have been. From the high altitude and at speed quick - they need to be excellent for all to be seen.

I see the streets, I see people in the city, something similar to parks, people sitting outside - might be shops, but all show a great peace and contentment. So it strikes me that I see very little children, and in the meadows no animals, but possibly something similar to horses...

As if he has read my mind - he now says: We have a completely different lifespan than what you and people of your planet have. We have solved that problem with the cells that I previously talked to you about. We have better food and a completely healthy nature. We do not breed up or slaughtering animals. We manufacture our main food of plants cultivated in the same varieties as you may do. Through a special process, it do not need to go through the animals to be slaughtered, but we get better and healthier food - that is also enjoyable. But we drink a kind of tea that we have produced for thousands of years and that is both healthy and tasty. "

"all major traffic goes through tunnels under the streets and electricity is our sole propellant. This we get mostly from the enormous amount available in space. We have twelve transformers stationed as satellites - as el. for our planet. Electrical energy is taken down almost in the same terms as in a thunderstorm to twenty four power plants, and then - with no trouble - to everything necessary. We have turned the rivers, we've blown off the mountain, irrigated and cultivated the deserts.There are no starvation, no diseases at all, no problems similar to yours. Hate, envy and viciousness we have come past since thousands of years ago. "

"You should also with your current intelligence - transform your planet in the same way and achieve the peace and contentment that we have. So far, you have too much left of the natural laws (animal instincts) that ruled your planet before you went on to become a thinking man and started to act 'alone'.

Natural laws hate overpopulation, this is so for all living and there are some governor mechanisms, who constantly engages in that. This applies to diseases, starvation and even wars , all only temporary expedients as the thinking man himself had the right to change, and exclusively serve to prevent overpopulation. All these problems you now have opportunities to come to terms with. But you also have the ability to completely destroy your planet so that it is similar to the movie I showed you.

So I look at the film views from different places with lakes, rivers, orchards, flowers of various kinds. Everything breathes somehow a quiet peace, and now, so long after this event, I think that such must paradise look like. Another thing I notice is that the sunlight is not as strong as here, but reminiscent more of violet color and is certainly much healthier than one our sun. Amazingly enough, I now remember a question I often had in mind. "Would it not be possible for myself and my family to go with you and remain on this wonderful planet?" He looks interested in me and as he explains:

"Gosta, I must tell you that there are no shortcuts. We have a very different air and food, quite another bacterial system, and all this has to be acquired over/ -for a long time. But, as I explained before, you have these very possibilities of your planet yourself. It You just have to use them in sorted way, and that should surely be something for your politicians to think about. There's a price for everything and that you must be prepared to pay. You can never do more than your best, but it is often enough. The only possibility (for to stay there) is that the newborn child is with us, but still would not get the same opportunities as we."

Although I'm not particularly interested, I will think about our own Christianity and Jesus, that I read about in school and which may be able to get an explanation to. I talk about this whole story about the new star, the white-robed angels, and if the baby in the manger. Could it be that way to an extraterrestrial civilization decided to help us from our cruel time to give us advice and counsel? By placing one of their own, who could possess all these qualities? Undeniably resembles the story we learned about the new star, the white angels and then the great thing this young man eventually turned out to perform, far above what his fellows at the time could understand. Was the new star a mothership/ vehicle parked in orbit around the Earth? While he made a descent and placed the child by Joseph and Mary? Where the angels who appeared here 'astronauts' from the alien planet and had this mission? The peculiarities which then occurred when Jesus grew up and was brought back to this planet after a number of years, is according to historical inquiry and then he returned to his "pupils"?

He replied that this was not at all impossible. They themselves had done the same thing with thirty planets that they had assigned to monitor and help. Probably was this event conducted by another space people, as he - himself - called the pyramid builders, and that they came from a large planet about fifty light years from our planet, in our way of judgeing distance.

(this is quite near the explanation of this event that is told in Talmud Jmmanuel  or search + No-transl. and in the explanations of the 'space-contact-women Thao' - in 87. And in the book THE HERMIT- it is described very near this "story" as Gosta was told here - from the visitors in sweden in 1946 regarding 'Jesus'. http://lobsang-rampa.net/rampaAdiobooks.html#hermit or direct link in webformat.  or pdf )

"These people have visited a large number of planets and typical for them is that in every place they have always started with building pyramids, partly for their own defense, partly to always assess/measure their position. At high altitude and fast speeds its possible to find such a building exactly. Their pyramids were never built to be the royal tombs, but in some cases could it happen that they needed some help from the indigenous population and then this was a viable reason. We have examined our own two pyramids, which are built on exactly the same way as your great pyramid (-Cheops-pyramide). "

"below our two pyramids, we have found chambers in the bedrock, and we have drilled tunnels. In one we found equipment that had been left of from the pyramid people and we had a tremendous benefit of. It was namely a device that had the ability to suspend the gravity and it means there has not been any difficulty to lift these giant stones onto the exact location. The attraction is probably due to some form of space radiation and if one can repeal this, the work will be no problem. We also found levellers, grinding equipment, so we could today be able to perform the same work. "

The commander told us that the pyramid people visited both his as our planet for about 100,000 years ago. "It was a particularly well-developed space-nation with outstanding researchers and scientists, they had even gone further than we- ourselves. The pyramid, which constituted their secure refuge during the exploration of the planet, was placed always at its center of gravity of the continental masses in order to provide a safe mark for navigation of their 'aircrafts'. In the central chamber were channels for the various instruments they needed. "

According to the master/pilot, the pyramid people placed several groups with different tasks at different places on Earth. He meant that it was possible that some of them stayed and then gave rise to the Jewish people thus inherited his ancestor's characteristics. (as esp. Semjase gives more details on and described. R.ö.remark).

"Them self at last found a suitable planet, much larger than yours, and with the sun in exactly the correct distance. To there they moved their entire population because of their sun's behavior, it had become increasingly difficult to inhabit."

We also discussed how it is that people on earth time after time was allowed to fight hard wars that is about to obliterate people - without any higher power intervenes.

"It is one of the trials on the way to the next phase of development," he answers. "You have the very possibility of a comfortable life - or a total destruction. Your planet could become a real paradise where you all reach a high age, and no diseases."

But why did we get the recipe for the atomic bombs? Why did Albert Einstein use his vast knowledge in this context? I describe how Einstein, like myself, during certain nights of half-stupor had contact with extraterrestrial men who gave him several intricate theories in which, among others, nuclear weapons were included. Several of these could neidher he nor others find out of.

"This was probably the biggest mistake he could do. All of learninig /knowledge that one gets in this way should be used only for peaceful purposes, and as a punishment, he certainly got a blockage so that he could not decipher many of his further theories. But your description of him, and theJews, with their interesting way of life, makes me think of the population of the big planet I mentioned earlier. It is located about 50 light years from your own.

Here my friend light up a globe of nearly half a meter in diameter. I've seen it before but thought it was some sort globe. Now, it proved to be a piece of space with a diameter of perhaps 100 light years. All suns were marked with yellow color, all the planets with black and inhabited planets had a yellow stripe where the thickness varied with the population's development/ growth. So were the Jews (development-) marked by a sharp yellow perimeter. Unfortunately, my knowledge of astronomy very flawed but I understood it must be a part of our own Milky Way.

'Then he points to a small yellow ring: "This is your sun and your planet." Judging by the placement, our planet must be located in our Milky outskirts, almost as it were in the wilderness of this.
(remark this was about 70years ago-rø.rem).
I also notice that between some suns and planets are lines which I understand to be routes for alien spacecraft.

But our own planet must have been completely sterile in the beginning, even after it had these huge amounts of water in lakes and oceans, I say. "It is true," he replies, "but it happens that from space, perhaps with the help of the meteors, so harbors bacterias of a particular type in this sterile water. Their task is to destroy the sulfur and phosphorus, and after millions of years, it is purified and bacteria fall to the bottom - in incredible amounts. Sediments formed on top of them and with time, you get what you refer to as oil. Then begins the life-forms in quite definite regulary order.
oxygen are formed and eventually the planet are habitable for humans. The oxygen content stabilizes and this is one of the most important thing you should be focused on. "

Ten million years ago we had a fauna composed of very large animal forms we call dinosaurs. But suddenly these died out. For what reason?

"As I explained earlier," he says, "so alternated the animal forms in connection with the oxygen development. The first animal forms had the same need for oxygen - as like these. But while the oxygen was stabilized with respect to the vegetation - it could shift more or less, and since the dinosaurs were almost half a fish - they choked simply in the same way if you leave a live fish on land. There was enough oxygen, but still they died. That it takes so long for people to adapt to a new planet is simply because of the oxygen. But some of the big forms of life were able to return to the water and adapt accordingly. "

when he notices that I doubt this lifepath, he continues: "But just think. How have yourself been formed? The microscopic egg and a microscopic sperm grain - in this - is all (physical seen), you represented. If you think this is strange, you must have the the greatest respect for the ONE who decides on everything and can do so remarkable things. "

As I previously talked about, I find myself in his room in the huge ship. Again, he switches on the picture and now first comes the usual sight. I see a planet from a great height, almost reminiscent of those pictures we ourselves now - in1994 - watch in our television before the weather and news.

Then, the image gradually becomes clearer, and in three dimensions, I see lakes, forests, towns and villages on a sunny beautiful planet. I see people who are old/archaic/strange dressed and what I perceive they could have been, 2000-3000years back in time. So captures the image a sunlit garden with an old house in the background and a paved street. I hear a very beautiful song and so emerges ten girls, perhaps ten years or something.

Suddenly is heard from the street a clumping sound of many feet. All the girls are rushing into the house and I see on the street a military column. In the lead is perhaps 400 men, each with a helmet, coat of some material, spear and a short sword. The legs are provided with guard-rails and iron-sandals. After them, perhaps as many prisoners with their hands tied and united with ropes- four aside. All have naked breasts and only a loincloth for protection. Then is a small gap, and perhaps as many prisoners follow after them. Bound in the same way and on the bodies, is seen big brands from assault or even after the war. While the first groups of prisoners in every way is reminiscent of ourselves, the last are of a completely different race. Black Bearded heads, surely over two meters tall, and with black overgrown hair.

Alongside the prisoners go a number of guards equipped with short swords and whips, as they frequently use on prisoners bareonly backs. I can clearly see the severe marks of lashes and even worse, I hear all the time their groaning.

I see that the paved street goes up a level, and against the background is seen a blue ocean. The street ends in a cliff, maybe two hundred meters deep, and a beach filled with sharp rocks.

The last few hundred meters are provided with a funnel-shaped entrance with high walls. To the right goes down, a steep staircase, perhaps a hundred meters and ends by- into the rock - carved balcony. A stone table with a large gong stands in the middle. I see that dishes of fruit, beverage cans and more are on the table. In something resembling a throne sits a man who is likely to be the emperor himself.

For the first time I see a monster with a wide coat with several necklaces of any metal and a look that would scare anyone. He may well be 160-165 centimeters tall, completely bald and with some sort of crown on his head. But the color of the face seems almost yellow-green, he has black teeth and the most evil face I've ever seen. It seems to be an incarnation of the devil himself that we here on our planet always are fantasizing about.

A gray beard, divided into two tips, perfects my impression of a real monster. On the stone benches around him sits fifty men, all armed with short swords, and is apparently his bodyguard.

some more off, a rock shoot out to the sea, and on this are a lot of people, and there is quite clear that some sort of spectacle/ play is imminent. The long column of soldiers and prisoners have been halted, waiting apparently of a signal. So rises the "emperor" himself and hit three heavy blows on the gong, as is heard for miles. The first ranks of prisoners arrives between the walls and now I understand the whole ceremony. The prisoners were to be overthrown out of the precipice and crushed on the jagged cliffs on the beach.

Now guards are using whips more diligent and even spears used when the prisoners are not voluntarily going over the cliff edge. The screams of horror from these unfortunate is almost unbearable, but in no way affect the "emperor" who apparently get some kind of physical orgasm of this, that allows him getting up and shaking all over. Then he strikes the gong and marks with his hand; "faster, faster".

I see how some giant black birds, surelyd with three or four meters wingspan, flies down and begins to feast on these human corpses. Finally, there where a few hundred and it is probably some sort of vultures. When nearly all of the First part of the prisoners are rushed down, comes the black-bearded.

But now there happens suddenly something unexpected. Some prisoners in the middle of the stage is somehow been free from the ropes. They throw themselves over the nearest few soldiers and get hold of spears and swords. Very quickly they cut off their ropes and a fight occurs that ends with most of the soldiers sticks to death. A number runs back to the city, while the other is driven by the black-bearded, that are now well-armed and are given no regard. Some are driven into the funnel to the cliff/ precipice and some try to reach the stone steps down to the bodyguard.

Then the "emperor" and his bodyguard see with surprise that it is their own soldiers now thrown over the edge and crushed on the rocks. The bodyguards are apparently been giving orders to head up the stone stairs to help, but it is already too late.

some fifty of the black-bearded has driven a number of soldiers out forward and the actual staircase' beginning, these are been beaten down and now blocking the ability of the guards to come up and assist. Even the balcony is filled with corpses and soon are alone just the "Emperor" remaining.

But now I see that the water has risen maybe fifteen or twenty meters at the water's edge, there is apparently some sort of ebb and flow. The entire scenery which has also changed. Instead of vultures, there are now some sort of fish that feast on peoples corpses. The water literally boils when they compete of those. And so I recognize the fishes on the big triangle fin. These are sharks, and BIG sharks. Perhaps twenty-five meters long and with the head and teeth such. After having beaten down all of bodyguards, is rushing, some ten of the black-bearded down and now to thake the "Emperor". One of them takes him by the legs while another takes his shoulders, and then you throw him over the balcony railing, on a drop/fall of nearly one hundred meters. The last thing you hear from him is the horror screams and even before he reach the water, are the swirling sharks waiting for him. The moment he breaks the watersurface, he is cut from one of the beasts by the leg and another at the shoulders. A blow with the tail and the man is split and each with half the sharks dive down to the depths. Some blood stains on up to the surface is all that remains.

The crowd on the cape has also disappeared. Apparently it has been understood that something has gone wrong and you know obviously their rulers wrath. But then comes the images from the surviving soldiers. In a run they have reached barracks or garrison, and out streams more armed soldiers, perhaps a thousand who starts moving along the road towards the precipice. Just forward of this, the black-bearded have set up in the square with the spears and swords utmost, securely preparing the last bitter battle.

But then something new happens. At about one hundred meters from the square stops the whole soldier squad. Three men, apparently the commanders, are heading towards the square with right hands raised hand as any kind of negotiation. Two of the black-bearded does the same and so they meet perhaps fifty meters from the two battle-ready groups. After a brief stop, makes the soldier groups to turn and after those - with still about a hundred meters, the black-bearded. With the emperor's death ended the enmity.

"In our job is included to periodically check the number of planets that we monitor," says my friend, "and often we do it with the help of film footages. As you know, our vessels can stand completely still and with our equipment, we can meet any distance whatsoever. This sequence that you saw - is about a planet located maybe thirty light years from your own and under development, but 2000 to 3000 years after yours. The emperor has brought war and conquered several countries, but with the black-bearded, he has failed and therefore, he was terrible hatred from them. In the last campaign, he managed to take a number of prisoners, and he had planned a bestial death for them. That's why he let another group of prisoners be crushed to the cliffs. He knew that the water would soon rise, then would the sharks are lured in. When the black-bearded toppled down would their fate be to be eaten by those monsters. Now he was himself that - instead. "

"But how can such tyrants arise?" I ask. "For some reason," he says, "happens such almost always, especially during a planet's development, but it can also occur when civilization has begun. According to our laws, we must never intervene or interfere with the development in other ways than through various directives so that this (development) is not made entirely impossible. As I talked to you about, is the law of HE who has control over everything, or SHE - who oversees about everything, that such incorrigible offenders will begin their development perhaps on a completely different planet. This is part of the punishment. So are the laws that all Living is governed by. There are no shortcuts. "

I must admit that I had never thought of publishing this uptake, which have actually given me many nightmares, but because I think it might be important for the reader to get an insight also in what such events, I represent all that I have written down so many years ago.
Then all these events as my friend always shows - are performed in colors and in three dimensions - allows everything that is going on to be so incredibly natural, as if I myself saw it to be on the place.

"It's getting time for us to part, but I will be in contact again. I have a few additional thoughts which I shall read to you." So at the last moment I come here to think about a question I wanted to ask if we met again. The strange thing is that when we talk, I almost never remember these questions, because I am apparently hypnotized somehow. But now I had the opportunity.

Over my right eye had long developed a type of fat lump of brownish tint that started bothering me when I wore my uniform cap. I had long been meaning to ask if these people had any method to remove it. Otherwise, I must let surgically remove it. He looks at it, open a cabinet and takes out a shiny instrument that most resembles a small pump, maybe 10-12 centimeters long. Then he looks again at the right place,  and say: "Now it cools it a bit, but it goes just over." And I probably felt a cooling feeling, but only for a moment. "So it is ok/ clear," he says. Shortly thereafter, I wake up. For some reason I had gone up and sit down in an armchair. When I try to rise, it hits me back in a dizzy feeling and so once again I come to life, and now I recognize the room, furnitures, paintings, curtains and more.

Now I'm back again.

In order not to forget anything, I go into my writing room, and for more than four hours, I write down the whole event. At some wobbly legs, I go into the bathroom and now first comes in thoughts of my surgery. I can hardly believe my eyes when I look in the mirror - and instead of the fat-bulge, are now an approximately five millimeters wide, circular wound with a few drops of blood. I set a bandage over, and so after a week - it is removed and leaves a red mark only - as evidence that something has happened. I'm thinking about if I, myself during sleep, in any way with my nails - may have done 'the surgery', but in that case, both the pillow as the sheets would have turned sharply bloodied.

I wrote that the only evidence was a red mark, but after a few years, this red mark has gone. It goes even to say that there is a small but full noticeable notch in the frontal bone over the right eye, but though nothing that bothers the least .....

*  *  *

this was amateur translation from swedish from excerpts from book "Møtet i Gläntan" published by Clas Svahn og Gosta Carlsson.

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