As your movement, you slowly and carefully enter these secret portals and as mentioned earlier, you are immediately greeted with the mystery of the ages. The path of stairs that led one to this chamber was inches deep in dust, slime and mildew - the most horrifying stench that ever assaulted one's nostrils and an accumulation of other smells that were collected there these many forgotten centuries. Once you got beyond the door, however, there was not the slightest trace of any dust particles, foul air, mildew or pungent odors. This chamber presented one of the deepest mysteries of our time, for it was nearly antiseptic clean and for the second mysterious item, the air was more pure than the breath you'd draw on the surface of the desert, 980 feet above you.

There were no visible signs of ventilating shafts, wall or ceiling vents or evidence of any forced air - yet there was a constant flow of air (as pure as one could tell) from every conceivable direction. To have found such a sealed chamber, buried hundreds of feet below the Pyramid, and for more than 5,000 years (modest figure) - with no trace of foul air, moss covered walls or dirt, was not only a mysterious factor but also a modem miracle. There of course, were no lights, traces of electrical wire or wall switches. For all that we could have known, there was light but to find it was another type of an adventure. Along the south wall, there were holes - head high, spaced approximately twenty-one foot apart that had some type of a lens covering whatever lay behind it. Since there were none at the opposite side, it eliminated the theory of an electric eye device. Such lenses presented a further mystery and during each mission there, every member felt we were being closely watched. These lens holes were on each floor and getting close to them, we found no traces of light, air or sound.

The buried treasure of ancient civilizations now lay before your eyes as you scan the room by searchlights. Without even knowing firsthand what the tomb consisted of and only guessing from a standoff view, we knew these treasured findings were records of one sort or another of an ancient vintage. Aside from what was believed to be historical records, the broad scanning of the room showed even more mysteries, for on this first floor level, were odd type machines that could never have been understood at a first glance or even at closer glances. To have tried to figure out their meaning would require another visit to this tomb, which was already in the planning.

The buried treasure of these ancients that has been kept from a public view certainly was not what the average explorers would count on finding; for there were no jewels, silver trinkets or mounds of precious stones and gold. The real treasure, worth more than all the world's gold, lies in the form of recorded documents, well chosen artifacts and strangely designed machines that could stifle anyone's imagination. Apparently, from what we could guess on that initial examination, the various antechambers (or rooms) were separated according to datings and other civilizations. Although we were scanning such relics of hundreds of thousands of years ago, everything within this tomb was apparently in the exact same condition as when it was put there and sealed. Nothing showed signs of aging and what wood was found, there was no rot or even the slightest signs of decay. Anything of a metal consistency showed no rust or even the mildest form of corrosion.

It was apparent, as we looked around, that very little could have been removed from that tomb and we were certain that this narrow entrance way was planned for that very same reason. If this be the case, then whatever heavy equipment was displayed on the various floors, had to have been placed there during the construction - and not after. Another thing that suddenly became apparent was the fact that this tomb was a time capsule of a sort and in a remote way, similar to our capsules buried in various parts of the United States.

Many years ago (more years than I care to remember), I was invited to a ceremony where our government was about to lower one of our time capsules far below the surface. This type capsule (more fitting to its actual name) was a heavy gauged cylinder, shaped similar to oxygen tanks. Before the cap was placed into position, sealed and lowered, the following contents were placed inside. The government placed in each time capsule the following articles: One Bible, one updated history book consisting of all world events, one medical book listing the ills and treatments, a copy of our constitution and copies of all manmade laws up to that date of 1932, church hymnals from the Catholic, Jewish and Protestant churches, a map of the United States paper money, gold and silver coins, a list of nearly every worthwhile invention - with pictures, the story of flight and their project to conquer far reaching planets, a list of our wars and the outcome, population count, books on food and diet, charts of the galaxy - and hundreds of other items deemed essential so the next civilization, following this Ishian age, could gain some knowledge of who we were and our accomplishments on earth.

All past civilizations (five that are recorded) have left some markings or records of their accomplishments, whether it be buried in tombs, such as this, on tabloids, drawings or in manuscript form. It is fact that each civilization has left some remembrances of their past, if for no other reason than to brag of their technologies. Thus, this tomb should be considered in the same way of thinking, only here (as we eventually learned) these records were not only of earth's many civilizations, but the entire history of mankind - here and beyond our solar system.

At the far end of the main hall whose stately architecture measured 300 feet, there stood, on a marble stand, a book that was encased in glass. (Glass is merely a word of description, for it was not of glass or plastic but a totally strange form of translucent material.) This book, open nearly midway was photographed and after deciphering it several years later, revealed all previous civilizations and when man first set foot on this earth 576,000 years ago. These civilizations were listed in the earlier pages of this book. Only these two pages were available due to its sealed confinement, but was enough to learn the basic knowledge of earth inhabitances from its beginning stages.

To give these records some form of updated documentation, I'd like to quote a scripture from your Bible, which reads as follows:

"When man began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair; and they took to wife such of them as they chose. Then the Lord said, 'My spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh, but the days shall be a hundred and twenty years (translated through universal time and by use of the metric system as 582001 years or a dating of 576,000 years ago. To 2001 A.D) The Nephilims were on the earth in those days and also afterwards, when the sons of God came to the daughters of man, and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old - the men of renown. " (Genesis, Chapter 6)

This passage reveals the fact that there were men of renown on this earth prior to Adam and Eve and as far as can be traced, the race of the Nephilims existed or began in the era of 32,000 B.C. or twenty-eight thousand years prior to Adam's reign. As far as Adam and Eve go, they began their life on earth in the year 4,000 B. C. and were justly anointed as heads of that new Christian Era under God's new ruling.... which ended as abruptly as it all began.

Other than the proven records of the past civilizations that were listed and photographed, the crew felt it was time to concentrate on the mysterious metal discs located in shelved bins at the beginning of the Grand Hallway. At a closer look of several chosen metal discs, the tiny inscription inscribed on its shiny surface indicated a language totally foreign to anything seen before. Both Sherman Stiles and Amend Abouu were well knowledgeable in the languages of Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Atlantean and Mayan and what was viewed resembled none of those previously studied. Even when the third trip to the tomb was completed, with a member more familiar with the Atlantean language, nothing fit any pattern of an alphabet known to modem man. The discs were strange in themselves for they were of an unknown metal that was tissue paper thin. If such a disc were crumpled in the hand, as you would paper, its rebound would present its condition back to normal without leaving a trace of ever being crumpled.

These discs would not discolor under the heat of a lighter nor would they absorb any degree of heat from a flame. This meant the metal itself, regardless of its consistency, was totally heat resistant. It could not be mutilated, cut by a razor or scratched by the cutting edge of a diamond. Immediately it was theorized that this type of metal had to be a relative form of the skins used on alien spacecraft. To make matters even more mysterious, the imprint on the discs, in the form of a language (or symbols) was certainly not painted on, etched on or engraved. The white letters on a grayish background was outstanding and although it may sound a bit strange, these letters or symbols looked as though they were embedded within the metal itself or put in a press with metal poured over the imprint. Their sizes varied from a rectangle shape of seven inches wide to fourteen inches long to oval discs carrying a diameter of seven inches. As it later turned out after a careful study of this tomb, nearly everything of its contents were in sevens or multiples of seven, according to our measurements, with all metals of the same consistency.

These odd pieces of metal were photographed at random for if we were to take each one as an individual photograph, the members of this expedition would have to remain in that tomb several months, for there were more than a half million metal sheets and more film would be needed than one could muster up in that quaint land of Egypt. The imprint was not quite what you could call hieroglyphics, for this comprises of mostly inscribed pictures such as seen throughout the land of Egypt, yet it was in that form for its symbols or individual characterization. To scan these surfaces, one would insist a technician of our present world could never translate them and if someone could, it may take another century of research. Some of these discs had no inscription on its facing. As a matter of fact, some were just plain sheets of metal that someone forgot to imprint or had some left over and put them on the racks to get rid of them. This, of course was surface thinking, for everything there had its distinct purpose.

At a much later date, it was learned that these plain discs contained verbal vibrations that were used in one of the machines within the tomb, after nearly six hours of finding out how it operated. Such vibrations were then re-recorded by our device and as research continued over the next four years, the vibrational tones became obvious. Rather than describe these metal plates as to their imprint, I'd suggest you refer to plate number 19 and you will see first hand what we were up against in the translation that took four years (seven days each week and fourteen hours of each and every day).

On this second visitation to the tomb, 1200 photos were taken of the discs and this was done on the chance we did not return or were unable to, and such photos on microfilm could be placed at the laboratory for an immediate work-up If and when another attempt were made at another time, more of these discs would follow suit in photography. Time had nearly expired for this visit, due to the painful lacerations of the two members, Jessie Durham and Norman Zeller. The original plans were to remain there more than 24 hours and as it turned out, we were glad we ceased the operations when we did. The two men, by the time we reached the main opening at the Pyramid's near peak, infection had set in and fevers began climbing.



lt was January 12, 1977 and the hour was the same and our difficulties began to mount, for we were too frequent a visitor not to be noticed and reported. In knowing a few higher officials of the Egyptian government, we were granted permission to measure and re-measure the exterior of the Pyramid on our guise that technical data had to be updated on its structure. To be on hand for this night's journey, we were at the Pyramid from 10 A.M., worked around its base, dug a few holes, examined some odd hundred stones, and in general, looked as though we were experts in geometry and metrics. As the guards left, one at a time, we just beckoned that we were staying on to complete our day's chore. To be perfectly honest, by the time the climb started, we were too exhausted to care if we were spotted.

From a time of 10 A.M. until after 2 P.M. the following day, our fears lessened on getting caught but mounted at the very aching thought of climbing 470 up and 980 feet down - all in the same 24-hour period. This time, we prepared ourselves with well packed (compressed to small packets) sleeping bags, added food supplies and water - for a much longer stay. Since activity begin to stir with the Egyptian officials, every expedition could have been our last and on this trip, we were prepared to examine the machinery (if one could use this crude description), take additional photos and expand our excursion to other floors. To accomplish this, each of the four had to be given specific duties for specific areas of the four floors. Time did not allow for the wondering of all who were not engaged in the process of photography. A portable stand had been rigged that would hold a light while pictures were taken. Thus the third trip was underway.

While the chosen photographers held the fort at the Grand Hallway, others were stationed at the opposite end of the hall to inspect the varied machines, during just one part of their stay. Much had to be viewed and little time to complete all that had to be done. To tour the complete complex, just five hours were devoted to four sections each and if satisfactorily completed, a move to another station would be required. In reality, all of this was a total impossibility, for if you consider we were trying to review ancient records dating back a half million years in the short time allotted, it could not be done even with a twenty man crew and all of the latest technological instrumentation. As an end result, only a minute portion of this in-depth sanctuary was scanned..

Among the artifacts, as we shall call them for the sake of a description, there were stored (or displayed) at the last room to the right of the Grand Hallway a composite of computers, what we would term visa phones, forms of computer communication - to where - still remains an unknown factor, a screen similar to a television set only encased in this same metal used on all the discs, graphic charts showing the perimeter of creation (not the universe), instruments with sensorized plates on a console, and one very strange piece of instrumentation that took many hours to figure out. It could have resembled a giant commercial searchlight (arc light) that is used today to pierce the night skies at grand opening events.

This particular machine, and once again, of a non-electronic nature, meaning it had no visible wires or underground cables such as a powerful light may need. Behind its transparent metal shield (a form of see through glass but of metal) you could distinguish the fact it had an odd type filament connected to its throat of the cylinder. Behind this arc light type of machine and attached to the supporting neck stem, there was a metal box 21" x 21" by 7," which was in the form of a computer -to turn on and off or move it in any direction. This small computer bearing tiny glass or a plastic substance over tiny holes could be described as the small covers over interior lights that would flash on and off, had it been in operation. There were larger plates that were sensorized to the touch and one such plate, by the wave of a hand, started its function. The markings on a faceplate, after translation meant "antigravitor."

After further study, it was revealed that this particular manmade device actually created an actual anti-gravitation field ray that would be capable of lifting a stone block of many tons' weight into mid-air, allowing it to be suspended or hover -then set such material down on a precise target. This type of device was undoubtedly the operational machine that was used for the construction of the Great Pyramid, and could be a form of mechanicalized levitation. How it was or is powered must have been concealed within its large and bulky base, which on examination, appeared to be seamless and without a weld or divided joint. This machine, as strange as it will seem to all readers, was completely operational at the time of the examination.

lt was, after two hours of scanning, found operable by a wave of a hand over a red lensed inset. To prevent any type of an alarm from being sounded, its very high-pitched tone only remained on for five short seconds. During this brief interlude, the flashlight, held by Sherman Stiles actually lifted from a downward held position to one of pointing directly to the ceiling and for fear of both an interrupted alarm system and the possibility of one of us being suddenly suspended, it was cut off. This sound began similar to the low pitch of any violin and each split second the pitch began to increase - or wind up to a peaked out crescendo. It was estimated that when this sound finally reached its peak, it would be well beyond the hearing range of the human ear.

Although this seems a bit far-fetched, George Makefield of Toronto, Canada experimented with a similar invention in 1931. His machine was proclaimed by both the British and American governments as a hoax and could not possibly work. At a demonstration in Ottawa, George Makefield proved his anti-gravitational machine could completely lift a 1930 Buick Sedan six foot off the ground and hold it in suspension two and a half hours, but due to the cost of whatever energy he used did not validate it as a functional item Still with this demonstration, both governments stalled their acceptance of the mechanism until Makefield died - and took the bases of his invention to the grave with him. He died in poverty as have other famous inventors.

In a similar situation, a George WorI of Philadelphia experimented with an identical machine in 1937 where he had recorded the sound and vibrations of a violin's high "C" - then magnified it 20,000 times. This unheard sound and vibration lifted a solid form of concrete weighing five tons. It remained suspended until he took possession of the violin once again and struck a discord. Instead of the block lowering gradually, as did the Buick car, it crashed to the laboratory floor. WorI was on the right track but before perfecting his instrument, he died. Thus, such a device was known during our early 1930's here in this country and Canada and to have experienced it at the tomb comes as no great surprise. Many such elaborate inventions have surfaced in the past two generations, but due to skepticism by those who control government spending, as well as private investors, almost as many inventions die on the vine without the general public having the slightest inkling of what was accomplished by many world greats.

Now that this device was finally discovered on how the Pyramid was built (by the use of more than one machine), the question remains - who built it and who the inventors were for such an unequaled machine. Another article worth an honorable mention is rated almost as strange, if not more so. Its basic description is more mystifying than all other myths of the past and is one that should have been witnessed in the future of the twenty-fifth century - and not an artifact of thousands of years past. This item, or whatever one chooses to call it was a giant-sized metallic ring, carrying a diameter of 25 feet, with a tunnel-like depth of twelve feet.

At a quick glance, one could term it crudely as a large piece of underground sewer pipe, cut off from its regular length - only this conduit was of an unusual metal rather than concrete.

The exterior (and being at least four inches thick) had a shiny smooth surface, similar to the skin of a flying saucer. Again, such a metallic surface could not be marred by any type of tool, and every metal surface exposed within the tomb revealed no paint or dye whatsoever. On the far right, as you would face its front (and this was difficult to determine) there was a similar computer box to the one round on the anti-gravitational machine. Because of the previous experience of high frequency sounds, this machine remained the unknown factor as to its operation, for no one dared to activate it.

On the inner surface, the structuring was somewhat different. The entire inner rim showed tiny thin lines, beginning at the outside lip of the ring, and ran in a tight continuous spiral that ended at the opposite lip, twelve foot through its depth. These thin lines were cut into the metal at least two inches, as far as could be determined and between these spiral lines, its walls were of a rough glazed surface and far from smooth. The floor was as round as the outside shell, except for one particular point. At a point midway, there was a horizontal bridging that was connected to each side of the normal curvature of the bottom. It looked, for all appearances as a platform where one might stand prior to the machine being activated.

With the help of our own technical engineers and then others over the next two years, the theory that was expounded upon regarding this unusual ring could be only expressed two ways. From its design of the spiral rings within a ring, it could be a form of a 'Time Machine" or a "transferral ring" of teleportation (placing a person from one vantage point to another by a re-arranging of the physical atom structure). (Refer to the book "Beyond Our Galaxy" and 'The Universal Oneness" by this same author, for a clearer explanation). In studying nineteen close-up photos of this unusual ring, the answer would have to lie with one of the two theories. As far as our technologies go, such a ring of unusual metal could serve no other specific purpose and still a "Time Machine" seems fictional.

Another item of an ancient artifact was found in a room enclosure but had in unlocked metal door. This chamber room was totally empty except for one miniature-size Pyramid boldly placed in the center of the floor. It was not picked up, but it was measured. From all measurements, it was a scaled down replica of the Pyramid Gizeh, yet not an actual model as one would expect. This miniature pyramid, measuring 7.62 inches of each side of its base and a height of 4.86 inches, did represent a replica since the Pyramid itself was 762 feet by 486 feet in height. Its miniaturized structure was of a trans-illuminated material - similar to a pyramid built of solid plastic. From its flat apex, one thin wire protruded upward 2.86 inches and this wire was the identical thickness of a piano wire of the thinnest degree. There were no buttons, sensorized discs or portals of tiny lights. From all outward appearances, it served no obvious purpose, but then the obvious is not always the real intent. After four years of studying the four photos, this device still remains a mystery, totally unsolved.


So from





A total of six visits were finally made to this great tomb with a span of time from June of 1976 to May of 1977, with the sixth visitation being the last until posterity. It was extremely doubtful that a seventh could be arranged at that time and certainly not at this time. Suspicion of this expedition and our intent began to mount by many agitated Egyptian officials, especially since members of this crew were spotted but disappeared suddenly from sight high on the south wall of the Pyramid. Our Egyptian friends may be slow in figuring out our reasons for repeated trips up the outer walls, but they are far from being stupid. The fact remained that when any member was being sought, regardless of the day or night hour, no one could be found - and to them, this was highly unusual. Any further excuses regarding a longer stay or the purchase of more film and food would have aroused the least of the alert officials and members would have been followed.

From these half dozen encounters into the tomb, 2,700 microfilms were taken of the records. A laboratory was established on the remote outskirts of Bonn, Germany where these films were both developed and magnified 250 times until the blurred effect prevented an accurate translation. It was not until November of 1979 that all translation was completed in rough form - to be more refined over the years that may follow. To even begin such a detailed and tedious task, some basis of an alphabet had to be established, whether they were letters or symbols. Certain letters that appeared more often than others were listed in certain groups of other letters. Symbols that resembled triangles first meant Pyramid but when sentences were constructed, this word changed to mean structures - meaning no particular structure as the Pyramid. One basic clue was a letter symbol of a semi reversed "S" but with more of a middle stem. This eventually came to mean center. The round symbols with an inner semi-round circle (looking very much like the drawing of a human eye looking upward) at its top - meant planet or earth with its large hole at our North Pole, as per Admiral Byrd's discovery.

Attaching these letters and odd shaped symbols and placing them in line for a sentence structure, proved out in some cases and threw you completely off track in others that were thought to have a definite meaning. The symbolization that was discovered near the beginning stages of translation resembled that of the Atlantean Language, and from that basis it moved more rapidly, even though there was only a slight similarity to this language at hand.

Petrie de La Rue, the French Biblioscriptor that headed the team of five other prominent men of the identical calabria (see credits) and who were the masters of ancient languages, dating from the oldest to our present civilization with its many subdivisions that are interrelated.

Insert pict 4 - Excerpts from the middle disc.

From picture over: The following translation was taken from a microfilm disc. These are four paragraphs on the actual disc that are confined a two inch width and a quarter inch depth.


Knowledge of Urims' seven openings form one of its central magnetics (North Pole) two at its mid regions (Yucatan region) one of a East Quadrant (the United 5tates) two at magnetic opposite (5outh Pole) one mid ocean quadrant (Atlantis). 5ub surface dwelling at east quadrant and mid of sphere-mid of circumference (Area of 5outh America) inner inhabitant of solar 500 on 1000 (meaning the inner civilizations have been inhabited 500.000 solar years) Base of Fission energy at base of sphere (this refers to the earths liquid core or inner energy).

Cavities carved by light for entrance beyond structures (meaning that the inner inhabited cavities were carved by laser beams around the cities as inner connecting. The same method was described in the Rampabook THE HERMIT). 5even of seventh of fission and sixty on three by divided atoms meaning that of the seventy cities - seven have energy of liquid fission and 63 use the separated atoms - neutrons and photons) line of departure guided by force and laser. (This carries the meaning ofa special force field used in pushing spacecraft out from within with the laser guiding its path.)

Power for liquid light (fission) drawn from central five on five plans (distance of 25 polor measures). Energy extracted by force field and cultivated.

All inner structures obtained by inner ore of inner core/refined by laser nine of ninety of rotation by lift of levitation (all structure steel mined from within and lifted into place by a laser beam).


After two and a half years of intensive research, scanning the 2,700 microfilm, enlarging those that showed an immediate promise of easier translation, studying the crude maps and other related data, much was learned even though these photo films were taken at random from that historical metal library. Among such translations, we learned of our previous civilizations, as I indicated earlier, their language and their accomplishments while they remained at peace and did little to disturb the natural element of earth's atmosphere or its central core of energy. We learned that the Egyptians were the direct descendants of the Atlantean race, how both lived as civilized people and the name changes that took place over the thousands of centuries - of the countries where they existed.

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