From Oscar Busch's book from a century ago and timeless visdom dictaded thru the curtain from the other side:  (svensk link) | another book of Oscar Busch about life on the other side | whole book translated pdf

" How the destiny is interwowen "

Great book about life and reincarnation - and cosmic fate - this book is really recommendable – but only released in the Swedish language – and now translated by me- an amateur here! | all in pdf link - laget av denne | audiobook of this below

Oscar Busch (1844 - 1916) was a Swedish writer who through spirit took down several books.

Like the strands of a rope are twisted (tied) together - likewise are our lives linked together, or carmicly bound to each other. The many strands are symbolic for our parallel life-tracks and the people that you are destined to, are bound "in the same rope." Note also that "the back of the rope" is symbolic of how life-threads continues into lives on the other side - through "death", and we also see how the same treads comes up again a little further along the rope.. This is symbolic of the soul's return to this "hard school" - the socalled physical plane. The people we are especially  linked to (destiny bound to), go into physical incarnation at the same time and our life-threads forms parallel courts/tracks over a period of time. Learn more about how this happens in practice via book excerpts below:


"How the destiny is linked together"

This book was dictated from the "other side” about 100 years ago and it says as the title reveals - how a person's destiny or fate is related logically together from life to life. What you "sow" in this life - is "harvested" in the same- or in the next incarnation. Such is the law - anything that is sent out of by thoughts and actions - will return - and trigger the effect. This relationship is described by spiritual science (especially in Martinus), and this book gives a vivid picture of how this appear in practice.

Image of Martinus' symbol of  "The living being’s arcs of fate" that binds the lives together -  fits to insert here, regarding destiny

Oscar Busch (1844-1916) had an excellent receptivity for messages from the other side - the book is very vivid and fully in line with the "laws of fate"/destiny that the cosmic / spiritual science describes.

"- Millennium memories from four lives"

This book was written nearly a century ago, but since the book contains spiritual insights about life's basic questions, the demand for it has not ceased. The story is simple and beautiful, and with his honest and warm tone he touches the reader straight in the heart.

The book tells about two brothers whose strong hatred ties a spiritual bond between them. One must take part in their lives through several incarnations - both on earth and on the "other side". The story  are exciting and written with great empathy. A book you must read from cover to cover!

Author/Författare: Oscar Busch
Förlag/publisher: Vattumannen förlag
ISBN 9187512505
ISBN-13 9789187512506
Band Inbunden
print # 5 / Upplagenr.

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From Oscar Busch’s book:

" How the destiny is interwined”


"Pagan time"

The first chapter begins with how the main character was born in today’s area outside the Swedish town of Uppsala at the time when Christianity began to spread among the "Gentiles" in the Nordic countries. His name in that life was Grane” - and he was a stubborn and abusive person, who soon came in conflict with his brother Ulf - who was more of a "dreamer" - a more sensitive human being.

They also had a foster sister - Magnhild - as Grane later fell in love with - but she preferred his brother Ulf.  This triggered Grane to hate his brother – and they soon became mortal enemies.

When both parents were dead,  Grane took over the farm and the other brother Ulf had also soon moved out.   Grane as retired became withdrawn and angry, and lived alone on the farm. ULF, the brother had married, and now lived on the neighboring farm, and they soon came into conflict about boundaries between the farms.            

 illustration. of Grane and Ulf – the brother and half sister Magnhild – in Swedish "Viking time" and these three would be tied to each other during  several of their coming  lifetimes.

Grane planned to kill his brother in secrecy, but before the plan was put into action, his own farm burned down.  He immediately suspected his brother to be the guilty one, and swore revenge. He had heard that Ulf was absent from his farm the night his house burned down, which he took as a sign of guilt: that his brother was a pyromaniac or arsonist. He gathered together some farm workers and a late night they crept up on his brother's estate. – To their surprise they were expected -  they were met with axes and swords, and it was a  fierce battle before both brothers and many others were dead.

In chapter 2 the story tells how Grane was filled with hatred which followed him into his death.  He woke up and found himself in a dark and painful world "on the other side."  To this world humans is attracted and pulled towards, by “magnetic" influence,  into the same dimension/”thought- level world-”  - as one passes over with.  As a consequence, after death, Grane came to a cruel and negative world – analogous or in sync with, his own hatred.

Like so many others who are ignorant about death - and how death is influenced by the life you have just left, he had by thoughts of hatred and fear created a separate "mental prison", as the Danish “seer”  Martinus calls it. (link to his book on this theme online/Googlebook, translated). (alternativePDF)


Well - "hell" is real enough for those who are thought-trapped in the coarse frequency region - in the lower astral planes - where these "worlds" are real as long as the ignorance remains, he is there in his own captivity – his own prisoner. But it is no "physical place", - though what we call the "physical" is also only one (albeit very slow) vibratory matter zone.


The following is an excerpt from page 14 – chapter 2 - about his first experiences on the other side (Swedish txt translated).

II. In the cleansing fire

extract from Oscar Busch's book "Hur MÄNNISKOØDAN tvinnas":

(Isbn 91 85 990 50 7 for 3.opplaget - Stockholm, 1984)

"I woke up in one of the world's deepest and darkest realms. What I experienced there was agonizing suffering. It is difficult to describe, and too embarrassing memories to be drawn up again in “the now”. Thousand years that have passed and of course the veil of the relative obscurity of the horrors I then felt is not clearly remembered, and I am reluctant to expose them more than that to the context of my story.

It took long before I got a clear understanding that I had actually left the earth. At first I thought that I was locked up in some dark prison because I had killed my brother, but wondered why no one came to ask me to account for my sins. Alone I sat there and moaned. I cried, but no one answered. I tried to crawl around in the dark, but the darkness did not budge, for everywhere I was caged in by craggy cliffs, over which muddy water trickled down. There was a large flat rock there which was comparatively dry.  It served as my couch where I rolled up and tried to sleep, but no rest came. As soon as I closed my eyes, a voice cried in my mind: "Ulf arsonist, a fire killer!" As soon I woke all the furies of hatred was raging in my chest.

Sometimes there came over me a feeling of disgust at my own thoughts. At such times I seemed to discern a human being who came creeping up to me. He was enveloped in a dark coat and had a broad hat pulled down over his forehead so that I could not see his features.

- “What do you want?” I asked.

- “I want to help you, Grane,” he replied.

- “Who are you?”

- “Your brother Ulf.”

- “I know you are lying, because he is dead! I have myself killed him!”

- “You were killed too. Don’t you realize that you are dead too?”

- “Who are you stranger, who seem to know me?”

Instead of responding, he took out from under his cloak a lantern which he held up to his face.

- “Ulf! Ulf!” I shouted. “What would you do to me? Once I have taken your life and can do it again. Get thee hence! ??? Away from me!”

With these words I rushed at him and had most likely given him a beating, if I had not at that moment been thrown to the ground by one, for me, invisible higher power.

I felt I was tied at hands and feet, and had sensation of falling with dizzying speed. I had no idea where I was – and where I was falling to.

Finally, the speed slowed and I felt I stood on solid ground. It was a horrible place I ended up in - a real hell. The air was thick with fetid exhalation.  The ground was slippery with clotted blood, and the heat was unbearable. It was not as dark as my last place, and the light was as red flames passing over me. The whole country looked like a fire ravaged wilderness. I was so horrible it cannot be imagined in your wildest dreams. I was not alone. All around me I saw creatures showing pain and rage.  They had contorted facial features crawling around. Some wailed, others cried out, only a few were quiet and seemed to sleep.     link to video (for ipad-link) on this theme + more )

It was the implacable hatred-world I had arrived at, one of the divine big “love- purifying-stoves”,  where even the hardest crust of hatred eventually are melted, and the slag from the fire being spooned from the more noble “metal”. How long you have to dwell in such a purgatory, depends entirely on yourself. The moment you let go of hatred and regret your mistakes, … you are free, and pass immediately with a friendly caregiver to another and lighted world.

(in the astral the surrondings are immedeately created by the people living in that particular matter-vibration/frequency-level zone, the spirtual science of Martinus, and as other research confirms. rø-rem.)

Let no one misunderstand this so,  -   that the horrific conditions is not intended as torture, to extort the debt-ridden confession - no understanding could be more mistaken. No, the external environment is everywhere on the astral plane, only the outer reflection of their inner state, ??? in which he similar has abode.???  And it is the inner state, which is hell itself. It is the no-remorse state, that make the inner torture, and who do not let the guilty rest. It is his vain efforts to quiet the inner voice which forces him sighs, lamentations and anguish cries.  It's from inside that ultimately impulse comes, that at last bends his stiff knees and acknowledge his own debt.

The sufferings of the unfortunate person is thus at the forefront of  the psychological nature, they are the consistent verdict of his own evil - and likewise the easiest possible means to his salvation. But though the final impetus to submission must come from the unhappy self, he is not, however, left without the influence and support of others. An enormous amount of love-apostles, who do not spare any sacrifice to save these unfortunate brothers and sisters.

Without fear of the horrors and dangers to which they expose themselves, they go bravely down even in the deepest hells, and preach the gospel of love for the captives. But, alas, they can do so little, they are able to barely make themselves fully heard, from the poor unfortunates of rough and dull minds, and their words often die unheard. Very well done, however, that these brave missionaries and they are many, by listening to their touching prayers, get rescued earlier than would otherwise achieved -  to peace and reconciliation. (Example this book)

“How long I dwelt down there, how long I endured my inner torment before I had the power to bow in humble submission, I do not know, but it was an incredible time, which then seemed like an eternity - and that certainly in the underground region, can not be estimated at less than a century. It is terrible how hate can bind their victims, but the suffering it causes is - thank God! - even stronger.  There is a purifying power that no one can resist forever. It is the spirit, the divine spark in our innermost being which turns into despair and do not leave us in peace until he can destroy the limiting bonds, whose ties of hatred and sin, makes us suffer our own hell. But it was necessary to go thru this “purifying-fire”, from where we shall come out purified and free.

SO - a time came for my liberation. I had heard a moving sermon given by a bright man (being/spirit), who often visited us. He came up to me and put his hand on my head. I sobbed violently.  It shook my whole body, and there were hot tears of anguish, which melted the ice around my heart. The crying did not stop but turned into convulsive sobs. He caressed me a few times from head to feet, and I fell asleep.

When I again opened my eyes, I found myself in an entirely different country. Although this place had quite difficult conditions.  It had a deep twilight and a grey-cold climate, but were a solace compared to those I left behind. Here I began to live under strict overseers.(Like is told in some “similar” narrative in book mentioned above + similar in  fx this: – transferred in the same time as this book here-).

It was a severe hard work, that I can not really describe, but which is most comparable to the work down in the mines on earth. I, who never had participated in the work on my farm,  - I had thought myself too good, and there down in the hell realms, was condemned to inaction, now grasped eagerly this work, which for me was a relief after the inner/outer pains I suffered. Here, I lived over a long period, a relatively decent life though monotonous and heavy. One day my guardian came and told me to follow him, - it was someone who wanted to talk to me. I dropped my hoe and went with him.

In our barrack stood the stranger and waited. Imagine my surprise when I recognized Ulf. He had come, he said, to beg me for forgiveness because he burned my farm. The prayer had weighed on his mind ever since he had come to realize how badly he acted, he also had it on his mouth when we first met, but did not get the opportunity to express it. Since then, he had not until now been authorized to look to me up. - What could be your debt to me, I said, handing him my hand. Can you forgive me all the evil I have done to you?

- Dear Grane, he said, you have suffered more than your works are worth. I have nothing to forgive, but I have here with me a blank check for you. You have now finished your investigation in this cold and inaccessible world and get to follow me to where I have my home. Then, to my great joy, heard that you were ready down here, I begged my permission to be the one to show you the way up to us.

So we followed. He brought me up to a slightly brighter sphere, where I could live with him. I had made available two large beautiful rooms, where the sun was shining in the morning. What it was good to see the sun. The landscape outside my house was not very beautiful; it was a large cultivated field with no trees, but the sun, oh what it was great to see the sun, which I have not seen for nearly two centuries!

Here I had to start going to school. Good spirits, which actually belonged to a higher sphere than ours, took care of me and gave me the kind of education I needed. But here I had to work, though not as heavy as before, I had to help in agriculture, which seemed to be people's main occupation. Everyone was kind to me and I had it so well, I could ever wish for.

The memory of that distant time has so faded that I can not read them except in general terms. But the episode has carved itself into my memory. That's when my foster sister came and sought me out. I was busy on the ground to clear away weeds. Tired of crawling on all fours, I stood and stretched his back. Then I saw a female creature coming towards me, but she was unlike the women who lived in our sphere, she was brighter and more beautiful, and she almost flew/soared over the rugged land, where the rest of us walked with heavy steps. At first I did not recognize her, but when she stretched out both arms towards me and said, "Grane, I'm glad to finally meet you!" then I understood that it was Magnhild.

picture of how the Grane working heavily on the earth at a lower astral plane and visited by former acquaintances Magnhild,  who came as a kind of messenger from a higher level - with a more luminous aura around her .... She wanted to help him.

She told me that she had had inner discomfort of the hatred we two brothers harbored against each other, and that she had so many times, but always unsuccessfully - tried to get close to me and make herself visible to me, while I dwelt down there in the horrible darkness. It had caused her such great difficulties and inconveniences to come into the hell realm, where she knew I existed, and then to walk around there, searching for me. It had nearly exceeded her powers. Finally, she had found me, but could not make herself known. She'd finally had to give up doing something for me.

- But, she said, luckily there was one that was stronger than me and also so full of compassion for you, that he never let you out of sight, but used every opportunity to blow on the flames of remorse, which, like a small hot coals was deeper under pet of your soul in a stifling ash pile of hatred and hardness, he kept me always knowledgeable about, what happened to you, and finally, he came with good tidings, that you were saved. Since then I wanted to come to you, but was not permitted to visit you until now.

We went to my home. There, we talked long together of everything I had to endure, all that I suffered. Finally, I suggested a curiosity about how long I would stay where I was. Then she answered, that I may soon have to go down to earth again, where being reborn as a small child.

This I could not quite understand, but she said that otherwise I could never arrive at any real happiness; it was what her spiritual leader had told her. Although she had initially found it difficult to understand this talk of a rebirth in the world of matter, - now she had just witnessed, how her foster mother, after long and great suffering, finally, agreed to go into the matter to undergo a new life and so being born as a little child in the same area where she lived as the strict mother Sigyn.

This took me deep, I took Magnhilds hand and asked her to talk more about how this was possible, and how to behave, if I you wanted to go that way.

-Do not ask me, she said, I'm so ignorant and stand alone wondering and trembling before such a fate, as also must be mine.

When we then went together to Ulf, who worked in a different place, although he was at first very surprised at the strange talk about the rebirth of the earth, but he gradually became acquainted with this thought. And some time later, he was determined to go that route. I remember how he and became numb, and one day he was gone. Wherever he went, I could never discover.

I long fought against an inner feeling which urged me to follow him, for I guessed that the life down there waiting for me would be full of trials and hardships, but finally, I could not resist the voice in my mind. I gave myself up, though not with any joy, but with free will and a vague hope of being able to make up some of what I - in my former life - had been violated.

So I also walked the strange way down in the world of trials, to atone, but oh how weak was not the driving force of this my decision. I was more afraid than I was strengthening; I was more puzzled than I was ready. I followed an inner call, which attracted me, but I did not know why, but I had no idea where it carried me. So it happened that after nearly 400 years staying in the spirit world's lowest spheres, I was again a little child on Earth.


A NEW SWEDISH incarnation in middle age

In his next life he is born into a rich family in King Waldemar’s time (1243 – 1302). He said that he is amazed at how similar his youth was in the two lives - the way he saw it from the view of the other side. The same firmness of mind, and with the same mother. In this life his mother’s name was Martha, she was like she had been earlier; hard and rigorous, and she died early.  (This confirms the correctness of the “repeat principle” of the former lives, that the Danish Wiseman/seer Martinus (1890-1981) describes it - that past life is repeated in the new life until about 30 years of age. 27-30 last life, 24-27-second last, 20-23; back, etc. and in early childhood is repeated the distant lifes, while "memory remains" from last incarnation - can shine through the childhood in present life. R.Ø.remark.)

Grane, which is now called Aake, took at 20 years of age over the family farm as the only son. One day, looking around the farm, he came across a shepherd girl, who he after a while made pregnant - but without taking responsibility for it. She lived with her old father somewhere near, and who later sent her away when she would not tell who the child's father was and how it had happened.


an imaginary picture of the poor shepherd girl Gudrun that the knight Ake made pregnant - but he rejected her, but they would still meet in the many lives to come, and she was always gentle and loving to him



Grane/Aake rejected her.  Gudrun (as  the picture  shows -imaginary)  came from poor people.  He instead fell in love with a beautiful woman at the king's court; Ingegerd. But she had a good eye for the lute-playing Erik, who entertained at the court. Erik was his brother from past lifes - and hate ensued as it had done before between these enemies from past lives.  Obviously they did not remember  it consciously. It's just on “the other side” - that we (partly with help) can see into past lives and those of our free will /choice - created personal “destiny-roads” and to see the connections between oneself and the different people that one's fate/destiny have been connected to in the different lives.

Eventually, however,  Aake married Ingegerd, while the rival was trying to get himself  next to her.  Aake burned inside with jealousy and hatred. So he sneaks out late one night to kill this lute-playing rival Erik.  But before he succeeded, he and his people were overpowered, and Aake was defeated and imprisoned. While he is incarcerated for three years his rival and hate object Erik took his wife, and together they went away.

But when Ake after three years imprisonment is released, revenge was foremost in his thoughts! He seeks out a man "who sees”.  This man lived in a cottage in the forest, from where he “saw” lost animals and humans. Such skills were not so unusual at that time Busch writes. This was the same man he had met before – as the father of “Gudrun”- that he seduced in his former life and had made pregnant. This he see and overviews so many years later from the "other side" – from where he dictates this. The psychic used and touched a garment that his now run-away-wife Ingegerd had worn, and the vibrations made it possible for the seer to track and see her. And from the tracks he gave, Aake found both Ingegerd and eventually the rival in Denmark. Here, in excerpts from the book from page 34, on the drama that happened:

"One day I went to Jutland (Jylland-Denmark) and came to Skanderborg, a small town inland. Next to the town was one of the moats with walls surrounding the old castle, who was owned by a Danish nobleman. There it would be a big celebration and the whole town was in motion to meet the guests from far away.  With  companions of the squire they rode through the streets towards the palace. While I stood there and gaped I suddenly saw a rider who I recognized as the one I was looking for. He rode in the company of an elderly knight and two noble ladies sitting in the armchairs and one who rode astride. The first was an elderly lady; the latter wore a veil over the face so that I could not see what she looked like. They rode slowly and I followed them as closely as I could. I succeeded in coming closer so I could tickle her horse, and the horse jumped. She was about to lose balance, and dropped her whip. I handed it to her. The veil was blown aside – and YES - it was her. (his former run-away or stolen wife).   No doubt, it was her, I recognized the “thank you” as she spoke, I could hear that she was Swedish. But she had not recognized me. Now it was important not to lose a moment.

“- My wife”, I said, “you certainly would not take offence to receive a greeting from the Knight Åke Algotson.”

As the name was mentioned, her face blushed,  and she swayed in the saddle. I gave the horse a rap, and the horse lurched  to the side, and she fell with a cry into my arms.

Eric, who rode a few steps ahead, turned and immediately jumped off his horse.

-“How do you DARE to scare the horse making my wife fall off?” He bellowed.

“-“She was MY wife before you stole her, and now I want her back!”

-“Rude vagabond, what are you talking about!”

“-I am Ake Algotson. I have been  looking for you in both Norway and Denmark.  Now I've finally found you, and you shall not escape my vengeance.”

Before he could draw his sword, I rushed at him and stuck a dagger into his chest.

People rushed in from all sides. I was arrested and my hands were tied behind me, and I was taken as a prisoner to the castle.

Here they made a short judgment. Ingegerd, who could possibly have saved me, would not talk or witness the accuracy of my information. I was not believed.  They considered me an ordinary thief and hung me in the nearest tree.



From Chap.5: Back in the darkness

It is terrible to wake up after such an end to an earthly life. It is indescribable in words. It meant so much of sheer physical pain, as from the discarded physical body which had been transferred to the astral body.  It certainly is not surprising if you think you are still living on earth, a prey to all the sufferings that bodily nerves felt. These pains, dying gradually, instead came to life as spiritual pains (martyrdom), they are far more terrible than the physical pain itself. They cut their claws into the soul and leave it no peace than what may possibly occur during shorter or longer periods of unconscious stupor.  It is nature's benevolent help since you are not bothered by the pain to suffer any more. But one is awakened again and again and inner pains returns, more intense the more consciousness awakens. And they do not leave the wretched until they accomplished its task to bend him in sincere and humble repentance.

I want to try to give you, who read these lines, a faint idea of ​ hell,  I now woke up in.

Earlier I have given some indication of how I suffered under similar conditions after my last horrible divorce from Earth. Now my situation was even more difficult because I -  though more developed - and despite my good intentions, repeated the same crime.

It's terrible to see how we often repeat the same mistakes in life after life, although we in the “Free State” (on higher astral levels one enters after the “thought-cleaning-period), sincerely regretted it and incarnate again with the best intentions to subdue our evil nature. When one is blindfolded again  - we no longer recognize our former adversaries, and when we meet them, the spark of hatred intuitively wake up.  It still lies as small hot coal under the ashes and flares up to new action. It would be quite hopeless to see this act of the crime, if we do not, by further monitoring of developments; find the confirmation that evil ultimately must be eradicated. But until you with the blindfold can approach your former enemy and reached out a hand, the hatred will harbor inside. It should be fully wiped out, and the evil eradicated. But still, my hatred and my wild nature was stronger than my resolutions. It brought me down, and brought me down again into the darkness.

Yes, dark there was  in fact. The only thing that cast a faint glow was the blood that trickled down the rocky walls, around on the ground and gathered in its cavities. It was as if it had life of its own as it was moving.  A faint light shone, but it was a ghastly glow, that spread around us.

When I woke up to consciousness I was in a cave on one of bloody, slippery stone slabs. I fumbled around and came upon a dead body. It was lying face down on the ground. I turned its head and despite the deep twilight of the day, I recognized the man, I had just murdered. Terrified, I rushed up and wanted to run away, but it was as if someone grabbed me by the leg. I tripped and fell prostrate in a pool of blood. Then I looked more closely, I was chained to the victim's body. I tried to pull it off, but it defied all my efforts.  It was attached to a shackle on the ankle.


a new imagenary image from the lower astral plane ("hell plane") where Ake (Grane) is bound by his hatred to his murder victim. But he is eventually helped out of his mind - prison

Afterwards I came to understand that this was merely a thought-image which densified - so that for me it was equally as solid as my own body. I had been through the intense hatred so long cherished, and most recently - by my misdeed - was so tied to this, my mind -fetuses, that I could not tear myself away. It was a chain which I had forged me to, and now this image had terror and an appalling reality to me.

I was thus a prisoner in this open cave, for if I had the power to carry with me the dead body I would gain nothing thereby, since I could not get rid of him.

I had no recollection of I being hanged, and still did not understand.  I was dead and thought this was an infernal punishment which the Danes had thought out to torment me. At first I fell into anger and despair, filling the air with lamentations and curses, but all was quiet around me. The only sound I could hear was the echo of my own voice, echoing from the cliffs.

Gradually, I became calmer.  It did not help no matter how much I cried and moaned, so I tried to sleep. I succeeded sleeping for a short time, but then again it was as if someone had pulled my chain and I was startled and once again I awoke with all hell within me.

So passed the time - how long time I had not any idea. In fact, it was hardly more than a year in earthly reckoning, but to me it seemed like a long life. Then there was a change in my condition. I started to feel a bit tired of myself, and therefore felt I also noticed a change in my external environment. The darkness was no longer so deep, and the blood that flowed on the ground had disappeared. But my chain still tied me to the dead body, lying there without having undergone any decay.

I was deeply depressed and looked at my sacrifice. Would I never become free from this terrible shadow, with which I had so long been linked. Yes, for a shadow it was - this I had eventually found out. This body, which first appeared horrifying to me had become a scary ghost, “like air” and still for my imagination, perceived as solid. What should I do to get rid of it? Could I in any way be reconciled with this dead person and persuade him to leave me? The thought grinded on and on in my head, until I became so tired that I fell to ground with the face in my hands.  

Then I suddenly felt a hand on my head. I looked up. Holy Mother of God! It was him, Erik, who was standing before me alive.

- “Help! Help!” I cried in utter despair.” What do you want me?”

- “I want to help you”; he replied with a friendly smile, “ - you have had such an unpleasant time here”.

-“But I did murder you! Did you not fall for my dagger and die, how can you stand before me all alive?”

-“My body is dead, but of course I live.”

- “I do not understand. Your dead body is right here beside me.  I can not get rid of it no matter how hard I toil, and yet you are alive?”

- “Yes, and you too are alive - though you were hanged in Skanderborg, don’t you remember?”

- “I was hanged? No way, I've been sitting here for years and years waiting for my judgment. But then they had the infernal cruelty to the chain me to a corpse, which I think to be yours. Erik ... Erik ... if you knew what I suffered!”

- “I know, but now I think you have suffered enough.”

- “No more -  will I then not be killed?”

- “You are - what you call dead. Your body decays in Jutland’s earth, but your soul lives, as do mine, and now you sit here in the spirit world, waiting for something.”

- “Yes, I am waiting to be free.”

- “I think you are waiting something else first.”

- “What?”

- “You expect that your soul will tell you what you did to me was wrong”.

- “It has been said that not one, but a thousand times.”

- But you have not listened – is it not so?

- “Yes, sure.”

- “Well, what are you waiting for.  You yourself must admit that your spirit is       right.”

It took me a moment before answering.

- “Maybe, but I do not understand. My spirit and myself…. - are they different people then?”

Your spirit is the divine spark within you, your conscience, the essence of your being. You yourself are all yours, your thoughts, your intentions, your desires, you're such as you “walk and IS”.

He was sitting on a rock next to me and gave me his hand.

- “The challenge now, he continued, is that you agree with your conscience.”

- “Eric, how is it that you can sit here and say that to me? Are you not angry with me because I took your life? Are you not afraid, that I can do it again?”

- “No, I'm not angry or scared. I've been there, but I have learned to understand that such feelings keeps us in the dark while friendly feelings lift us into the light.”

Who taught you that?”

- “An old father who took care of me when I was snatched away from life. He has also come to see you and wanted to help you, but you have not obeyed him.”

- “It's not true, he has never been here.”

- “Well, we have both been here with you several times, but you have not seen or heard of us, for you were not finished with your lower self.”

- “What do you mean?”

- “You have not even wanted to listen to the voice within. Now, we thought you might be willing, and therefore we are here again.”

- “You're alone, why do you say we?”

- “Pater Abilard standing here next to you. Don’t’ you see him, let me touch your eyes that they may be opened.”

And so he did, and when I opened them I saw a shining figure, who stretched out his hands in blessing over me. I was so overwhelmed by the sight, that I  knelt before him.”

- “Pious Father, I said, I'm not worthy of your blessing. I am a cruel and hateful man who murdered my brother. Pray for my soul.”

- “I have prayed for you, and now my prayers have been heard. Glory be to Him who is love.”



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