From the booklet "I AM ISHCOMAR -

the voice from beyond our stars." (from 1967 - but the message is timeless - more critical than ever)

Part 3:



"I am Ishcomar.

"Information has been requested of us concerning the shortness of your life cycles. We reply to you as follows.

"You have mentioned, in one of your mythologies, of a utopian center of existence, fabled to be the place of perfection for a paradisic environment designed specifically for perfect balance of living forms, including man beings.

"The composite history of this particular mythological story would be of intense interest to some of you, yet deeply disturbing, and undoubtedly alarming, to others.

"Our intent in this communication at this time is to bring your attention to only one part of the myth, that is not myth.

"It is stated, in your writings, a cherub with a flaming sword was placed at a gate to prevent man from return to the utopian center after his expulsion for disobedience (ulydighet) of a command.

"There is a scientific history to the parabolic myth, concerning this subject - of an obstacle standing between man beings and longevity.

"The cherub in the story is the satellite bound to your planet by orbital bonds. You call it the moon or luna. The sword that turns every way to keep the way of the tree of life, represents the radiation reflected by your moon from the solar body you call your sun.

"Direct passage of radiation through your atmosphere is of sufficient magnitude to generate, by ionic bombardment and exchange, ionosphere barriers to the passage of some harmful emanations from your sun by both absorption and reflection. On the opposite or night side of your planet, the barrier is stayed to virtual non-existence.

"Your moon, acting as a reflective surface, returns emanations and radiations to the surface of your planet. Not sufficiently strong enough for an adequate barrier to form, therefore, allowing passage through your atmosphere, energy that can be harmful to certain of your life forms. Damaging amounts of this energy reach the surface of your planet.

"Exact calibrations can be made to determine the strength of these reflective energies by computing absorption by the surface of your moon in the process of reflection and also alterations occurrmg during passage through your atmosphere. Although the variations of the strength of these energies are constantly occurring, precise measurements could be made at the surface levels of your planet. With technology now available to your technicians in your own world of scientific knowledgeability, these computations (beregninger) could be made.

"Your primary cause of premature aging of living systems which reach an age of maturity, will be found in these reflected energies.

"The secondary surges of ionic exchanges and activities that cause reactive accelerative activity among living cells results in conversion of non-maturing forms of life of this energy to mass, thereby producing accelerated growth and minimizes the damaging factors.

"The forms of life that reach the so-called state of maturity, therefore no longer retaining the ability to increase growth, become overburdened by excess energy through the secondary surges (bølge) of ionic activity, causing degenerative breakdown within the living cells - by causing premature (forhastet) cell replacements. During highs of energy surges, cell replacement becomes so rapid, wastes from replaced cells are not disposed of rapidly enough by the composite system in the being affected. This waste material, therefore, takes its secondary toll by interference with the normal functions of the living composite, causing further degenerative breakdown of the chemical balances and thereby increasing the ionic overload in the living cells, further accelerating cell replacement, adding again to waste.

"The circle spirals until the end result of complete breakdown of the living organism or one of its vital functions.

"What you know as the aging process, is primarily the results of this spiral effect, originated by reflected energies from your sun.

"Investigation of knowledge available to you will verify the key to this area of exploration by your own people.

"We will provide focus of attention. It is by your own decisions and reactions to the focus provided, what use the keys we provide are put to.

"Peace be with you.

"I am Ishcomar."



"Information has been requested of us concerning a subject you call astral travel. It is necessary to give you a short synopsis on evolution and spirit possession to enable us to clearly give you keys in this area.

"Basic ionic exchange is the root of life itself.

"Complexities of ionic exchanges exert control over existing elements present. This constitutes elementary instinct.

"Interchanges of complexities of ionic exchanges or in manipulation of elemental balances necessitates search of needed components, beyond the given point of present existing elements, constitutes intelligent manipulation of energy, and constitutes rise and growth of thought.

"Evolutions of living forms are but manifestations of this process. The process has also been reflected in the frequency areas outside your physical sensory awareness, giving existence to beings undetected by your physical awareness, yet capable of thought. As in your physical world there are multitudes of variety, so is it in this undetected world around you.

"We now offer you a key most will not understand:

"Hunger of the atom is the father of life.

"Feeding of the atom is the mother of creation.

"Time precipitates ( utfeller) ionic flow.

"Ionic flow constitutes change.

"Change is categorically evolution.

"The totality of the instinctual and evaluatory combinations of intellects of your planet comprise the singular (ene) world mind, that is the individuality of thought total of your planet. Within the structure of the overall intellectual singularity of your world exist many multitudes of varieties of individualized thought structures, independent of the total, yet subservient and within the overall thought structure. Included in this category are individualized thought beings whose area of existence are outside your awareness perceived by physical senses.

"As your material world contains millions of varieties of living forms, so also, the world beyond your physical sensory awareness contains wide ranges of types of beings - some sentient, some instinctual and others of higher individual intellectual evaluatory intellect even beyond your own thought capacities.+

"What you classify as personality is also possessed by these beings. The variations of personality and individuality in all respects are as varied as your own. Some of these higher intellectual beings are dually (både) aware of their own area or plane of existence, but also are capable of awareness of your material world by mind link or temporary possession of the physical body, with or without the consent (samtykke)of the body's original or normal inhabitant.

"Some of these beings involve themselves in possession or mind links for personal reasons or self-gratification, others being philosophers or by their own right  - do so for higher or non-self-gratification reasons, the end goal being the betterment of existence for all in all levels of perception.

"This classification of what you call spirit beings are capable of manipulations of matter, and thereby creating various forms in the physical world.

"Water is particularly affected by these beings. Therefore, by secondary effects, manipulations of elementary substances takes place, in effect, creating living forms and changing them in the flow of time.

"Many of what you call non-living elemental forms or crystals are not as you have heretofore thought in this respect. Most of these forms, whose growth and diminuations(minskning) are affected or associated with water, are in truth living formations of matter.

"When the non-elemental beings discussed in this communication inhabit a physical being such as yourself, whether by consent (samtykke) or not, many are the various effects that may be observed to signify the being's presence. The normal or original inhabitant of the physical body sets certain recognizable patterns of activity and thought processes. Radical changes may be observed to herald (varsle) the awareness of the observer to the presence of a foreign possessing intellect.

"So-called psychic abilities, not manifested before, may suddenly make their appearance in the affected being's thoughts and activities. One of these abilities may appear as what unknowledgeable minds may refer to as astral travel.

"Many believe the spirit is capable of leaving the body and commuting to another location in space and time other than where the physical body is at the moment. Such is not the true reality of the process being discussed.

"There are in existence beings capable of possession whose awareness is multiple by nature, making it possible to extend their multiplicity of focus to accomplish what you might term bi-location. By possession of a mind process, such a being or mind linked with it, focus may be made by multiplicity of focus and bring to the affected mind knowledge of other places in space and time, beyond the point of present moment existence.

'Sensations of bi-location, travel of spirit, or out-of-body experiences may become manifest to the affected mind.

"Further exploration of the keys provided in this communication may open many pathways of knowledgeable exploration for your expansion of awareness.

"Peace be with you.

"lam Ishcomar."



Note: A few of the questions asked of Ishcomar are shown below. Later booklets will contain more. The questions are shown in italics. Answers are indicated beneath each question in quotes.

Who sees flying saucers?

"This is restricted to no primary group of any kind. It only happens by chance. It is not that we allow or disallow any being to see our vessels."

What planet did you inhabit?

"We reach throughout the galaxy and beyond. We explore."

Then you are interested in more planets than earth?

"That is correct. To you, your earth stands alone. This is your home. We extend throughout this galaxy. Your planet is of little significance, yet is has a prime importance."

But you aren't the only travelers in the universe. You said there was another group that was up to no good.

"I would not say that their purpose is not good. It conflicts with our purpose. This does not mean that their intentions are not good or honorable."

But they want to control the earth?

"That is correct. We guide; they wish to control."

Is your group of travelers recorded knowledge - as you are - or do others have physical form?

"There are those of us who have been committed (engasjert) to what you would recognize as a computer system. Our mental processes have been recorded into a devise that is other than human form. There are others on our vessels who must carry out menial tasks. They are in human form. There are men upon your planet who have developed because of our physical form beings. This was done by what you would term artificial insemination. This occurred often in a recent age with a primary type that inhabited your planet. From this development, there were intermediate (mellomliggende) races as by-products to reach a higher form more near our human form. These are nearest to the form who inhabit our vessels."

Was Jesus Christ of such a birth?

"He was."

And Buddha?

"No. He consisted of an earth body and beamed knowledge. On your planet today there are thousands of men who could be termed Buddhas."


Why do you choose at this time not to make your presence known?

"The structure of your society is based upon precepts that have been developed through thousands of years of thinking and custom. You have an economic structure of your medium of exchange between yourselves. Were we to make our presence definitely known, beyond question, the structure would collapse all over your planet. Each segment of your society would be disrupted as it will be even though we have made great preparation and are now making careful preparations for our presence to be known." (this is the same reason why the mightpeople who "democratic" or hidden rules our world try to hide their knowledge on these things - and try to ridicule it. rø-rem.) 

Then you are planning to let us know definitely?

"This must be if you are to cooperate with us."

You mean me personally?

"Your planet."

Will you let your presence be known at the time of the cataclysmic disruptions?

"At that time there will be great upheavals, both among your people and in the surface of your planet."

Is there any time that you may use as to when that may take place?

"We have given this."

I don 't recall that.

"It will occur within 50 of your years (1966+50=2016). It depends upon the acceptance of your people of our presence. However, in your mind must be the understanding. Our presence must be carefully made known. You have recorded this voice, you have recorded words that have been given. There are those who will accept and those who will reject. Because of the controversial nature of your people, only gradually will acceptance come about.

The other steps we are making are bringing the knowledge of our presence slowly but surely to the surface of the minds of your people."

We contacted what is supposed to be a monitor in this area. From this monitor, they said there was a group of people that have been in the vicinity (nabolag) of this planet for about 50,000,000 years. They say that they are higher physically, ahead of you and your equipment; that they observe you as well as us. Are you aware of them?

"We are."

Are they cooperating with you in relation to this planet?

"Not identical."

Is this other group working with the idea of cooperation?

"I have spoken to you at other times about the other group.

You said there were numerous groups.

"I have spoken about the other primary group, and you are now speaking of them."

They are the ones that have the light in the sky that's up here?

"They have made vast changes on the surface of your world that have not always been beneficial. You spoke of a light in the sky; you have observed such?"

Yes, a bar of light.

"Periodically, this area, as many areas like it, are under observation, both by our craft and by the craft of the other group. You perhaps have seen one of these."

You mean the bar of light?

"Yes, it was perhaps one of our craft, or it could have been one of the other group's craft. We have other monitoring devices, however, that you may observe as lights, but are not crafts."

I want you to tell me what you think I should know.

"Listen with your mind and you will hear us, and you also hear the mind of your world. And you know of that which I speak."

May I play these tapes?

"You may play this. It is provided for that purpose. For you see, there are those who will listen and who will know, and there are those who will not believe. By this controversy our presence is not known beyond question. Therefore, it will not collapse your structure of exchange on your world. Were we to move, in the many thousands of ways open to us, to make our presence known overnight, beyond question, your world would explode in turmoil of your people." (same as "thouse in control" are afraid of. rø)

I suppose that's possible.

"It is a mathematical certainty. We know of this and have known of this for centuries. Until you reached a development, by your terminology, scientifically adequate, you were not of use to us. For you would have had virtually no capacity to understand what we require of you in exchange for that which we may do for you. Throughout the universe exchange is the law of commerce. Expect not that we will do all for you and expect nothing in return. There is that we require in exchange for what we may do. It is not given freely."

What do you expect?

"We expect for your people to make certain measurements on your planet and in your planetary environment. Provide us with knowledge of your world from the tiniest microbic form of life to the highest vibration level in your electrical part of your world."

Sounds reasonable.

"You understand."

I try to.

"You could not expect to have the knowledge of 5,000,000 years in the short life span you have lived. Perhaps you may reach the state of development in acceptance necessary to extend your lifespan for that length of time."

So far I have no desire for that.

"It will come. With knowledge comes the desire for knowledge. Restricted time cycle makes that impossible. Only by long lifespan may you acquire the knowledge you seek, and the more you seek, the more you desire, and never, in all eternity, will you learn all there is to learn."

I understand.

"Perhaps the day will come, on some other world, where you may speak to another, on their level of understanding, as we are now speaking to you. You do not understand."

Yeah, I understand. It 's an interesting thing. I was thinking about it.

"Your mind has not expanded to encompass the idea. In this meaning, I said, 'You do not understand.' You will in time.

When am I going to go for a ride?

"In time you will come to know the answer to this question."

Could you take a picture of the Apollo moon shot?

"They have photographed our craft." (as also told in the KOLDAS and Semjase- material. rø)

I wanted to get a picture of the moon shot to reveal an unusual angle to raise questions of how it was obtained.

"This is one of the thousands of ways our presence could be made known beyond question."

It would open up a lot of questions. People would call it a fake photo.

"It would be accepted too rapidly. This is the caution we exercise. Our presence must not be known too rapidly. The craft you will ride in will be made on your planet. It will not be one of ours. Our craft will eventually be duplicated on your world."

That will be interesting.

"You live in a hazardous time where you face the danger of extinction of most of the forms of life you are now familiar with on your world. All will not perish. We are attempting to instigate movements on your world, by dispensation of knowledge, to avert this disaster. There is little you can do. We are working with those who may be effective."

Our special visitor said some would see both sides of that catastrophe.

"Many who would be of value to us will not. We regret this; we cannot avoid it."

Will they be able to come back through the process of reincarnation?

"Unfortunately, your hereditary(nedarvede) factors enter in, and interfere with the true reincarnation - hereditary knowledge, that is built into the new body. You do not have the strong intellect necessary to overcome. Even we have difficulty in some cases, to overcome the hereditary factors to perfectly control the physical body."

That opens up a new school of thought.

"Such is our purpose. There are certain factors we may be involved, to educate you. You must analyze them."

I understand that in the principle it is based on.

"Peace be with you.

"We only await your call.

"l am Ishcomar."


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