Philosophy given or rather - inspired by the IARGA contactteam. Part 6

The thoughts is transformed by Stefan Denaerde

(Some words translated)

(And it is also to remark that since the author was a Catholic Christian - the material brought here is in a great part imprinted, distinguished by that in the way he here describes the fighting between light and darknes- or God and Satan as here expressed. And other biblical descriptions.



The Consequences

No Spirit without Engagement

The close of the story of creation must be a description of the concrete purposes and the consequences of this extraterrestrial intervention. Up to this point it is a story and in spite of the amount of information which is given - one can describe it as a free piece which can be taken or left at will. Human freedom is inviolable and thus this freeedom also remains intact. It can all be true but the chance that it is founded on fantasy or deception is too great and the chance that it is true would be too small to be believable, so for the moment we take it simply as notification.

At least, that is how I, as an arbitrary reader, would have reacted to a book such as this. Thus it is not without scruples that I want to ask my readers to put aside their skepticism and to think about the consequences of this book if the story of creation turns out to be true. To those who are not prepared to face these possibilities I can only give the advice to pass over this chapter to spare them exasperation(ergrelse). The problem is actually that the publication of this knowledge is not completely free but has consequences which I am not permitted to keep secret because they concern everyone.

Imagine that it is true, that this knowlege breaks open the isolation of the earth, that no person could think of or reconstruct of his own accord because this knowledge was blocked in human thought and that the publication of it unblocks Spirit or a field of knowledge with incalculable consequences for every person. Give me then the benefit of the doubt, for what I have to tell is, to the cynic, the height of arrogance, but alas, it is the truth!!


The Unchained Spirit

As has been said, the Word forbids the confrontation of a mainly ignorant humanity with the anti-god or anti-christ. Therefore all intelligent races with an open cycle (as our earth) will be startled (oppskremt) at some point by the intervention of an allied (beslektet) race which bursts in uninvited with the fundamental knowledge of the creation plan and thus breaks open their isolation for the first time. The question now is, what happens if our isolation is abolished (opphevet) -apart from the fact that our curiosity would be satisfied.

The explanation takes us back to the moment when Jesus Christ
(as the earths positive/light pole. R.Ø.remark.) blocked Satan(as the earths negative/dark pole) - twenty centuries ago until the final phase. The principle of this blocking is of importance now in order to explain how it can be lifted again. The Son and Satan are the two poles of the new love-power of direct absolute Origin and as such, just like the Father and Lucifer, have no self-awareness (no ego-entity). To manifest themselves independently or to become incarnate they must have the Spirit, for he is, as it were, their self-awareness or ego-entity - and that is best described as knowledge, experience, awareness of objective and powers of recognition (with the note that the recognition of the goal is fundamental knowledge with a pole-direction or love-polarization - or, to put it another way, knowledge with a particular 'color' - which leads to distinct affections and aversions, a sort of rational form of love). Therefore the Spirit can be converted to KNOWLEDGE with a 'color'.

The Son and Satan cannot become incarnate without their Spirit, no more than they can take possession of another person if they do not have their Spirit. The Spirit is still original in every divine or anti-divine Consciousness. This is to make it clear that the blocking of Satan cannot be anything other than the blocking of his Spirit and since only absolute opposites can block each other, this must have happened through the Spirit of the Son (Christ). The strange thing about it is that if two absolute opposites have a hold on each other, they are both blocked so that also the Spirit of Truth was excluded from manifestation. How does that tally (stemme) with the sending of the Helper, the Spirit of Truth, by Jesus Christ, Who will stay with us for ever? (see descent of the Holy Gost).

The answer shows again what an enormous Intervention was needed in order to save mankind. It was not actually the Spirit of the earthly Christ, not the Spirit of the Son of Man, but the Spirit of the cosmic Christ, the Spirit-Q (of intelligent races who have already reached the completion) which blocked the spirit of Satan; it was an outside Intervention. The Spirit of the Son of Man was not yet almighty and could not block Satan and furthermore His Hands were tied by the external Intervention but He was and remained free.

(As I see it - this last is to be understood such that the Earths own consciousness did not have the strength alone - through its own strength and its own microcosmo (incarnated and discarnated men) - to fight its own destructive thoughtpole ("satan"). This planet therefore got the help of other planets and especially planets in the Pleiades - form where? Jmmanuel/Jesus incarnated. But later - a much higher spirit entered through the process of "walk-in" -into the body of Jmmanuel/Jesus and acted through this until the crucifixion - when Christ left and Jmmanuel/Jesus again took over the body and lived further in the far east. This conclusion is drawn from studying the material from TALMUD JMMANUEL (for english try this link), the Rampabook TWILIGHT and the Rampabook "the hermit"/ EREMITTEN. That these assertions IS SOMETHING - does also indicate in the information in other books - "Jesu lebte in Indien" of Holger Kersten, "Issa" of Nicolaj Notovitj, "Christ in Kashmir" of Mohammed Yasin, "Gåder omkring Jeso liv – før og etter korsfestelsen" of Kirsten Bang, Dänikens book "travel to Kiribati"(p.171-187) and information from "the dead sea scrolls". See also 

--rø-remark) - so back to the book here:

That is to say, his knowledge with a 'color' was free and every person who believed could have Him. But how handicapped was he? In John (16, 13) Jesus says: he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak... he shall receive of mine and shall shew it unto you. John (14,26) He shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. He could only tell what he had heard from Jesus and that, in comparison with what Jesus really could have told, was very little. Thus the complicated situation came about in which an earthly consciousness was joined with an 'alien' Spirit (his knowledge) which held Satan blocked, while the earth-quality of the Spirit (the earthly knowledge) remained free but was handicapped.

What does the blocking of the Spirit mean now, in daily life? It is the blockade of the knowledge - and goal-awareness (power of recognition) of the Son and Satan - plus the knowledge of the great plan of creation - without which they are both incomprehensible and not really recognizable.

This complexity of knowledge was blocked in the earthly-consciousness. In practice this means that however long humanity had endured, no person could ever have envisioned or reconstructed the true story of creation - or, to put it another way, could have planted the real power of recognition for the Son AND Satan.

For the modern scientist this sounds unacceptable. The human spirit has unlimited possibilities, with life and health we will at some point unravel all the secrets of the universe; nothing is blocked... The spiritual reality is really quite different; there is much which is blocked. We 're' discover only that which the absolute gods in prehistoric times prepared for us in the earthconsciousness, and all the rest was blocked (right up until now).

For instance, we could never have discovered the basic structure of the atomic field or of gravity, but now the Spirit-Q is set free and joined to the earth-consciousness - these things are possible. Hence the prediction in the first chapter of part two of this book that we will build anti-gravity machines as one of the proofs that the Spirit is unchained.

The conclusion of this argument is that the Spirit will be unchained at the moment that this quantity of knowledge is published-it is necessary to let his powers of recognition come into being. Exactly where this knowledge comes from is not in the least bit important; as soon as it is there, the blockade is lifted. The spiritual reality is difficult to explain in words but I hope in some way to have been successful.

The second condition which has to be put on this publication is that the knowledge and purpose of the Son AND Satan must be released. The giving up of the blockade requires the unchaining of both opposing forces so that the power of recognition for Satan must be planted also. From this conclusion it must be apparent that the publication of this knowledge concerns us all.

If the story of creation turns out to be true then not only the Spirit of Truth but also its counterpart will be unchained and the development will be set in motion, as described earlier. Then the spiritual principle of a self-fulfilling prophecy will become clear.

If this publication unveils(avduker) the Truth then the Spirit will be unchained, so that a new absolute polarization will come to exist within humanity, for or against the Christ. The coming happenings are not to be stopped, clairvoyance is no longer necessary to predict that now that the spirit of Satan is freed he will immediately take possession of those who are predestined for that and in whom Satan is already incarnate. (this is for example the extreme materialistic people that deny all talk of a meaning with life and of life after death, etc.


The Individual Incarnation of the Spirit

The next question which arises is whether or not the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of lies will be incarnated as individuals. At first sight that seems superfluous (overflødig) for they will incarnate as the self-awareness (egenbevisstheten) of Jesus and Satan and thus they acquire their human quality. But that is not enough, these spirits still have a separate creation task, that is to take possession of all the people who have their respective identities.

But still this is no argument for an individual incarnation, even if they have a separate and independent task, they will incarnate in all people, a more complete incarnation is unimaginable. Theoretically the Spirit of Truth should not need an individual incarnation; He does not overpower but takes pity on those who ask for it. He is not egocentric, He wants the unity of all people and does not seek power, but his counterpart is just the other way round. Just like the spirit of Lucifer (first generation) he wants "Sole" rule (eneherskelse), he is exclusively selfish and has to have great personal power in order to conquer. The objective of egoism (egoismens mål) therefore makes the individual incarnation of the Spirit of lies (of Satan) necessary.

Through the law of counterbalance of absolute Consciousness - the Spirit of Truth must then also become an individual at some point, since the Objective of the Spirit does not prevent it. Thus it can be reasoned that the Spirit of Truth as well as his counterpart will incarnate as an individual. With that the confirmation was given of a stubborn misunderstanding which, it seems to me, comes from occult circles, that during the final phase we can expect the second coming of Jesus Christ and even that He will be there already. The Person whom they perceive is actually not the Son of Man but His Spirit, his SELF-awareness, in fact, and that difference is not noticed in occult observation. Both People stand, as it were, in each other's line.

The law of counterblance dictates not only the necessity that two counterparts both incarnate but also the necessity that these incarnations are simultaneous. This demands some explanation because in reality there are so many restrictions that it seldom happens simultaneously. If, for example, the Son is born on a planet with a closed cycle then, because of the reincarnation selection there would be no disciples of Satan living in order to allow Satan to incarnate.

Then Satan must be called up through a special intervention, but that happens later, thus not simultaneously. If Satan should incarnate prematurely on earth through the low polarization-level of a particular group (Sodom and Gomorrah) -then the Son could not have incarnated at the same time since there was no living person who fulfilled the requirements, thus it would not have been simultaneous.

When, however, through a special Intervention on earth the Son incarnated, his Awakening of Consciousness took place at the end of forty days of fasting in the wilderness, then Satan was also there because it was no problem for him to find someone who belonged to him, so then it was simultaneous.

In fact the simultaneity depends on the availability of a particular person and thus it is established that the Spirit of Truth and that of lies will incarnate at the same time. In the final phase on earth both the disciples of Satan and a number of the chosen ones of Christ will be living, so that the requirement of availability (tilgjengelighet) will be fulfilled.

Immediately this question follows: When will this happen? Before this question can be answered the Spirit's way of working must be described. To begin with this is in two parts; in the first place He is the knowledge and Self-awareness, and the power of recognition of the Son himself (or Satan), through which He comes to self recognition and awakening of consciousness. Besides that the Spirit has a second and purely individual Objective, and that is to bring all real people (or, respectively Satan's disciples) to recognition, choice and unanimity (enstemmighet).

This also certainly demands the necessary explanation. The first point is easy to understand; first the Son, or Satan, must be there before we can be in a position to recognize Him. During His life the Spirit is a part of the Personality of the Son, a two-in-one process just as a human is-soul and spirit. He helped the Son to fulfil the identification procedure in the life of Jesus, He was his wisdom, knowledge and power over life and death.

Without the Spirit - the Son will be only the Love-pole, and immeasurable lovepower in being. He needed someone to make Him recognizable, and the same goes for Satan. Then it was not the hands of the Son, which were bound, but those of His Spirit.

If He is the Spirit of Jesus Christ why is he not called so? Why did Jesus speak in the third person when He told us that He would send the Helper? (John 15,26) The reason is that the Spirit has a separate and individual creation-task and at first sight that is nothing special since the same applies to our own individual spirit. Our spirit creates the collective human knowledge-awareness, in death we are only spirit without our love-power, and this collective Spirit of Truth, will create unanimity through His knowledge and powers of recognition - without the love-power, without the Son. In the Person of Jesus He fulfills His identification, the beginning, but to follow up He has to be able to operate independently as a completlely separate Person. Now His hands are no longer tied and He is a powerful Source of inspiration for every person who opens himself to Him. Everyone who recognizes Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life has the Spirit and as such He was and will incarnate.

Nonetheless, according to the law of contradiction, He will also become an individual person in one of the first chosen ones of Christ. It seems superfluous, for these 144,000 have, by definition, the Spirit, but in this special cycle on earth this incarnation definitely seems purposeful considering the point of time at which He will appear. On this subject the following words can be stated confidently: from the above it follows that He can come only when the entire identification procedure of Jesus Christ is completed and thus, when His Hands are no longer tied. Now the Spirit is unchained so that theoretically He could be here. But there is another restriction, one which comes from the compensation of Satan, mentioned earlier as a result of the unnatural Intervention on earth; the blocking! Satan must not be in a back-seat position through the premature Coming of Jesus, and that excludes the possibility of an earlier incarnation of the Spirit of Truth. Thus it must happen simultaneously (or later).


The Incarnation of the Spirit of Lies

Now is the waiting for the other spirit but his incarnation is exactly predictable, i.e. at the moment that the anti-christ has fulfilled the identification procedure. That will be when he has subjected the earth to himself as the beloved savior of the world. Will he then also have to die or leave like Christ to make the way free for his spirit? No, Satan does not die before the end and even less can he go away because he belongs to the earth and its solar-system's matter-consciousness, he is materially bound and comes OUT of the earth. He cannot even leave when the earth implodes into a black hole. What happens to him when his spirit withdraws and manifests in a separate person?

He remains on earth as a person but without his spirit-only with the memory of it, without direct power, without knowledge and insight, thus only with the possibility for self-love of the earth-and solar-system matter. He can then be visualized as a person with a black-out, temporarily robbed of his aggressiveness and knowledge, with only the wish to receive love and to be worshipped.

This period will be very instructive for us to understand what the spirit is now, in relation to Satan himself. He will be an individual person, the false prophet, which can be described as the spiritual aggression of Satan, but without the love-power. He perpetrates (forøver) no self-love but stimulates, creates and directs the love of real people on the selflove pole: the true Satan. He does not allow himself to be worshipped but compels others to worship Satan. Without this knowledge it is impossible to understand this phenomenon.

Where does he leave Satan with his black-out at that time? He cannot appear with him in public any more because selfish people no longer understand anything about him. The powerful savior after whom they had all followed in wonderment is changed into a person who has no power, does not go out any more, makes no more stirring speeches (bevegende taler)and is turned in on himself. Still the false prophet will want him to be worshipped and that seems to be a difficult problem, but the solution appears in Revelations. He puts Satan in an image and allows that to be worshipped.

Many will ask why this complication is necessary, why was Satan not simply left in possession of his spirit? He could not complete his consciousness if his spirit was not free. The spirit bound to the self-love pole, the complete Satan, strived for power, acknowledgement and worship, but did not tempt people in direct sense. The spirit 'alone' on the other hand leads, organizes, stimulates, persuades and deceives.

The most particular feature of the false prophet is his speech, which is the argument of the failed man in optimal form. He does everything with his mouth; he argues, persuades and brings about all manner of disastrous (katastrofale)things, but lets others do the dirty work. He is the most dangerous of this unholy pair, the antichrist is in fact the false prophet. Satan is only out for power and admiration(beundring) and acquires that slowly enough to remain credible to the people.

For verification it is worthwhile reading Revelations 13,7-15. When the beast has acquired dominion over every tribe and nation, language and people, a second beast wil rise from out of the earth and he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. And he doeth great wonders... saying to them that dwell on the earth that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should... speak...


The Incarnation of the Spirit of Truth

After all the disastrous announcements which I have had to make - it is now a great privilege and a great pleasure to announce to you the present most powerful Personality of the whole universe who comes to help all intelligent races, the Spirit of Truth incarnate.

The heavenly armies follow him because here on earth he has dual identity with the Spirit Q. He has the Spirit of all intelligent races who have already reached completion and is thus the equivalent of the Spirit of God. His name sounds 'The Word of God' because he too operates verbally in the first instance. His speech is such a manifestation of power and superiority that it can be described as a two-edged sword which comes from his mouth destroying his opposors. He will call into being a manifestation of spiritual and moral rearmament (gjenopprustning) in humanity, which is far beyond our powers of imagination and which will ultimately destroy the anti-christ and the false prophet.

He comes at the zenith of the satanic explosion of God-hatred which will be let loose by the false prophet - thus just before the end. He comes too late to be able to warn us and therefore it was necessary to break open the isolation of the earth by means of an outside intervention before the evil had occurred. He is Spirit and works with the huge power of universal thought, knowledge and insight. It will be an all-encompassing spiritual process and therefore extremely effective. He does not come to do it for us, he is only the Helper, we will have to do it for ourselves. He creates the spiritual preparedness - already a piece of the unanimity (enstemmighet) - through which we will be in a state to resist the anti-christ.

He is and remains a purely human-bound Spirit, 'our' Helper, Who during the thousand year Reign will have the Self-awareness of the collective spirit of humanity and as such will be our awareness of truth and our power of recognition. But He too will be unchained in the sense that his Hands will no longer be tied so that he will bring us to the full Truth. At least, if the allied race which made this intervention can indeed speak in the name of the Spirit Q and proclaim the real Truth. In that too we must still look critically.

He will create a wave of courage and trust, which will make heroes of millions of people and in which many, will be saved for the Kingdom on earth. Once he has come He will remain with us forever and guide us to eternal happiness.

For a biblical verification se Revelations 19,11-21 the knight on the white horse.



The Purpose of Knowledge of the Final Phase

Although the purpose is already apparent from the foregoing information, it is useful to define it more precisely. It is actual the same purpose as that of all true religions throughout the ages, namely the avoidance of the denial of the Spirit and the reduction of the purification-suffering through obedience to God.

This requires some explanation since the knowledge of the final phase is not a religion.

To begin: the first purpose, the avoidance of the denial, requires a new vigor(energisk), the spiritual and moral defense against the lies and aggression of universal evil. We will have to pounce (slå ned på)upon the conspiracy, which has spread evil on earth. The great danger now is that people without a personal relationship with God will busy themselves with this spiritual and moral rearmament and thus reverse cause and effect. The spiritual readiness of the Spirit of Truth exists only through a personal relationship with God.

On the other hand, knowledge is the supreme aid for building up a personal relationship with God, and for some people it is even a religious experience. Certainly for a relationship it is necessary to get to know the other and, even more important than the external is to know his objectives(mål). What does he want, what does he strive for which concerns me? The only way to know the Father and to be able to love Him is to know his Objectives.

Note here the direct connection between the story of creation and the personal relationship with the Father.

Therefore it is necessary that His Aims should be published with a certain emphasis and that requires initially the destruction of atheism.

The age of ignorance is gone for good. This is a call to the more intellectually developed readers to help to complete the proof of God, to fill out the hiatus and to take part in discussions. Without massive help this cannot succeed.

The result serves as the evidence in the personal talks with words, which challenge to further thought or discussion, in particular with young people. The direct purpose must be the creation of wonder and thankfulness to the Father in personal conversation with Him.

Thus it is important to know that every person has his transformation-original, the divine spark within us which can be defined as the smallest fragment of consciousness of the Father Himself. Thus, each person has, as it were, a direct 'telephone line' to Him and we can speak to Him directly at all times even if He does not answer. In the Plan it was determined that the angel within us can never manifest itself in our dayconsciousness (unless there is a very high grade of polarization), because otherwise our freedom of choice would be destroyed.

It is to be hoped for that we will have taught each other to pray again when the final phase tests begin - and not just the Lord's Prayer. Here lies the emphasis on the internal personal conversation out of a feeling of respect and dependence.

Is this then an argument for a new kind of religion outside the Church? The answer can be neither yes nor no. Once the relationship with God is there, the risk of the denial of the Spirit and thus the failure of people disappears. For those who have grown up without any realtionship with God or any connection with the Church or religion - this is so important that everyone can be satisfied with it. It must be regarded as wrong to make this process difficult by setting any further conditions. As such the answer is yes.

The second aim of the knowledge of the final phase is the reduction of the purification suffering and that comes about through obedience (lydighet) to divine Laws, as explained earlier. The consolidation of a personal relationship with God takes place through the self-denial which obedience demands. Considering that we cannot make these Laws ourselves, it follows from the story of creation that we seek attachment to or joining with one of the existing (true) religions, or respectively a fastening to the present beliefs, to intensify our religious experience more than ever. The knowledge of the final phase is not a belief or a religion; it gives no laws or rules of life but it refers to the existing religions. As such the answer is no.


The Purpose of True Religions

The breaking open of the isolation of earth must never result in the attacking or weakening of the great world religions. My teachers never ceased to warn against this. At first sight that is completely logical - if the purpose is the personal relationship with God then the existing relationships must under no circumstance be damaged. On the other hand this danger is created by themselves, and to a huge extent. Their story of creation knows only one Purpose: The Son and ourselves must all reach the Consciousness of the One Christ (that means - the level of cosmic Consciousness from the REAL LOVE POLE (=Christ) in earths total Consciousness, - where we SEE that ALL IS LOVE IN THE END . R.Ø.remark.) -ultimately even cosmic consciousness. For those who know that, there exists but one religion - Christianity!

This last is totally wrong for 99% of humanity, that is for those who were not chosen for the first Kingdom. As a logically thinking person, it caused me a great deal of trouble to see the fault in this, but now I see it. It is actually a fault in thinking, which arises from an incorrect definition of the word 'religion'.

In the cosmic meaning of the word, religion is simply personal service to God and nothing more, for the argumentation (teaching) is only a means to achieve the personal service.

Here we must all, as disobedient earth beings who know better, switch over to the way of thinking of the obedient cosmic beings, for otherwise their explanation will be impossible to understand. On the planets with a closed cycle the whole race obeys the divine laws absolutely meticulously(eksakt). There is one religion, one Law and thus one personal service to God. In fact there are no teachings or theological discussions there, but only the feeling of dependence and attachment to the One God - whom they either know personally or whose existence is not doubted. Only with an 'own boss' cycle, there exists the argument or teaching of 'why' and 'how' God must be served personally - as such it is necessary, but it is still only a means to an end. Rituals help the recognition of the teachings.

If the Son incarnates on a planet with a closed cycle, then the race has already achieved a very high level of unselfishness. He brings them to the full Truth ad the impact of what is greater than here, because they do not know the division between good and evil. Through gaining the knowledge of the creation plan, what sin is, of the Judgement and justice they eat of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil and become independent, their own boss. The purification, the reconciliation and the completion they also do completely under their own power. Just as on earth, here too the effect of this knowledge of the final phase is that true obedience will be destroyed. If someone knows why, he/she must be obedient, according to the divine valuation it is not obedience any more but the goal-consiciousness of the (team) Spirit - and that is precisely the Son's objective. The old divine Law must be obeyed exactly as before and he changes not a word of it. Thus the personal service to God (religion) remains unchanged, even though it now comes from conscious conviction. Thus the old divine Guidance remains completely intact, a huge help towards driving out the demoniac and reducing the suffering.

Also on earth the old divine Guidance of Yaweh will be restored to its full range during the thousand year Reign. In Matthew 5, 17-18 Jesus says that He has not come to destroy the (Jewish) Law and Prophets, but to fulfill them; For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the Law, till all be fulfilled.

In the thousand year Reign, the strict observance of the Law will seem to be in a position to completely replace the purification suffering.

In fact it is totally irrrelevant WHICH divine Law will be obeyed. In the divine valuation of a religion only the extent of the personal service to God is a factor and an exact judgement of the truth of the teachings plays no part at all. Another conclusion is that the value of the present belief is greater than the belief which comes out of the knowledge of the final phase. True belief was the acceptance of something on the authority of divine command without knowing why and that was the real obedience in thought. In contrast, the knowledge of the final phase creates not belief but insight and in this context that is something quite different.

During the final phase all people, living and dead, will come to know the anti-christ as the ruler of the world and then the Christ as the King in the thousand year Reign. We will all be able to choose freely but still the result is fixed in advance, for no real person chooses for the monster.

Thus it is unimportant whether in former lives we were Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists or atheists, this division no longer exists. In the second or great "Resurrection" we will all be true Christians or anti-Christians; neutrality does not exist here. Other religions are other paths to the same objective.


In Righteousness He Doth Make War (Revelations 19, 11)

The building up and the affirmation of a personal relationship with God is the condition for making the goal-consciousness of the Spirit come into existence - and which manifests itself as spiritual and moral preparedness against the activities of universal evil. Earlier the new polarization was mentioned, which will come into existence through the breaking open of the earth's isolation. Thus it is natural to suppose that this polarization will be let loose by the adepts of evil. Until now the power of evil has appeared as the more aggressive and dominant; mental poisoning, criminality and profiteering quickly win ground, whereas good is not worth a newspaper article.

The close of the dictation will certainly cause some surprise because the roles will now be reversed, the polarization will be set in motion by good, together with the awakening of consciousness of the woman.

On the other hand it is easy to understand that if the power of evil is already so aggressive and dominant, the polarization can only be occasioned through the power of good. The purpose is to set in motion the mobilization of the silent majority through a new vigor(energi).

Why is that necessary? The earth will already be bothered by many social, political and idealogical polarizations, must there be an absolute polarization too? People of good - will stimulate tolerance, not polarization and certainly not fanaticism.

It is not so much a question of wanting something - as of something which is going to complete itself. The Spirit is unchained and He goes his on way. He wages war through righteousness and preaches intolerance of universal evil. This war is about saving people from a fall to eternal death, and then tolerance is complicity. (the "eternal death" does not exist as I see it - only a nonlogic religious expression. R.Ø.remark.)

People who know the Judgement cannot remain in their chairs doing nothing when they observe the mental poisoning on radio, TV or in newspapers which destroy young people. Silence is then complicity(delaktighet). The polarization completes itself unwished and unavoidably and therefore the discussion of it desirability is senseless. Automatically those who know the Truth, will start to contact each other.

In many places information centers will be set up from where local talk-groups and action groups will be formed and coordinated. The urgent advice about this is to select the members of these groups according to their identity.

Allow only those people in who can be reasonably accepted - also on the grounds of their own declaration, that they have a personal relationship with God.

The great danger that will deceive these groups is the tendency for violence and that must be avoided in this selection. We are still in the mobilization period and we must never give cause for violence. Only when the Spirit of truth (of Christ) come - will war be declared, his vesture is dipped in blood.


The Superiority of the Subordinate Woman

The new role of woman is predestined in the development of mankind. The present emancipation(frigjørings-)movement which is manifesting mainly in the western world is the result of this. The knowledge of the final phase tries to point this process of selfconsciousness in the right direction, from the difference in creation task between man and woman. For the man it is the talents of the spirit and for the woman the talents of the soul. She will appear superior in her power to restrain and conquer universal evil. This is a call to the subordinate (underordnede) woman with a personal relationship with God to take the lead in the coming process of spiritual and moral rearmament in the Spirit of Truth. They are created by God for this task and it is not for the man to dispute that.

This is not a negation of her task of serving in respect to the man, but the affirmation that it is her task to lead the attach against evil in this world. Thus she serves first to create order in her own ranks and especially where the word emancipation (frigjøring) seems to be an open invitation for selfish behavior, free sex, free abortion or for the neglect of her family. She serves to free herself from the satanic indoctrination which supposedly aims for the equalization of man and woman but which in fact aims for the elimination of the woman. She must become conscious of her own identity and be prepared to accept a certain amount of subordnation, to be able to claim the right to leadership in the fight against evil. She must not do that out of the illusion of creating a better world but just to avoid a further slide.

In the first place the attack must be launched on the publicity media which contribute to the present mental poisoning of stanic indoctrination. In this we must not be afraid of attacking people - the originators of it. For them the admission to al forms of publicity media must be blocked. That is equally an act of love of humanity when it concerns real people. They indirectly deny the Spirit and the guilt which they lay on themselves is horrible, because of the great number of people they reach. They can cause so much! On the other hand, they must not be discouraged if they want to recall previous pronouncements (erklæringer).

The second place is reserved for the fight against laziness, inactivity and boredom of the young. Youth unemployment is the greatest enemy of humanity which should have the greatest priority. In the same breath we can mention prison sentences drug and alcohol addiction amongst the young, which stimulates all the laziness and boredom. Prison sentences should be replaced as soon as possible by worktherapy, compulsory (obligatorisk)necessary, preferably based on social service or the learning ofcreative skills - then the procurement (-skaffe-)of work.

Addiction to alcohol and especially to drugs lead to a compulsive selfishness and laziness and even to defenselessness against the demonic part of our dualism. This leads to the failure of people in the final phase - because there will be no further life for correction. It is literally fatal. Therefore compulsory habit-breaking cures and work therapy are not cruel, they are to save people including children, from eternal exclusion(utelukkelse).

A gigantic problem, which my teachers clearly play down is the atomic, and germ (bakterie-)arms race. On the one hand the complete inadmissibility (ikke-aksept-) of a massive destruction and on the other hand the threat of a loathsome (vemmelig) ungodly society, the embodiment of universal evil: communism. A satan system of subordination which shuts off all freedom, inventiveness and creativity of the majority and gives 'priority' only to a small select group of the 'chosen'.

The attitude of my teachers is laconic, we will have to accustom our selves to the idea that the earth will be ruled at some point by universal evil and that the armed and armored hordes of the anti-christ will come from the east. Even total destruction could never avert the fact that we will learn to know the antichrist as the ruler of the world because it is preordained in the Word.

In the last case a very special operation must be executed, about which no information was given. The only thing I understood was that "Nature would interfere". The atomic or germ warfare is and remains inadmissible(ikke-aksept-), the latter is at least as dangerous as the first.

End of dictation.




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