Pictures from Mars by J. P. Skipper

Joseph Patrick Skipper was the webmaster for the page who show hidden pictures from Mars. He died on January 9 in 2018.


This site contains pictures taken from Mars orbiting satellites and robotic rovers showing vegetation, water and cities. The implication of this is that the official scientific picture about the planet is wrong, and that the planet have higher atmospheric pressure and is much more inhabitable than the official view.

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 Mystical prints in sand                 A second face                     Mystic prints on stone1         Mystic prints on stone2  




Mystic prints on stone 3             Strange vehicle                           Strange vehicle 2                    Strange object




             Bush plants                 City and agricultural area                      Building                              Buildings




               Ancient city                        Ancient city 2                 Skull from dead animal               Strange object




            Strange object               Dead animal and object           Stone with writing                  Strange objects




           Dome with light                        Dome 2                                   UFOs                                 Big city




                Grass                              Forest and lake                  Forrest and lake 2               Forrest and lakes                   




                 Rain shower                             Forest                         Forest and lakes                     Big trees




             Strange trees                               Trees                             Alien plants                         Vegetation                                                                     




                   Forest                           Alien life form                        Alien life forms                 Water pipeline




      Underground base                       Water reservoir                   Phobos monolith 



                                     Plants                          Close up Plants                More plants               A group of plants 


                                   Two plants           Interesting terrain                    Some plants                       Interresting terrain  



                                 Tracks                                        More tracks                 Dust devils                   Medallion




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Best view at 800x600 resolution.

Updated 27 February 2018.