The initial radio/physical ETcontact- from -61 continued into the 80s:


More on the Korendor talks where "ArKay" told of their homeworld and else gave advises for earth in 1988

remark: this is NOT channeled information-but via radio + self-experienced



As the axis is not so much inclined as for earth, there are less pronounced seasons than here. 6dg north-south of not liveable; 6-20dg:too varm, but one can live there, but most tropical rainforests. Only few cities so long south.

Temperate zone: 20-75dg.where 98%live- and 60% live north of equator

Surface of K= earth's X 7,5 and 53.7% is land.(i e 4xE's landareas) and 5% of it is cultivated and only every other year seeding/harvest for not soil exhaustion.

They use no form of animal-products, but fruit in abundance. Have many types of them, but just apples they only found on earth and imported "home". Have also seafarms for seaweed=source for fiber/+protein.



In a far past time (1000y ago) they used forests/wood as buildingmaterial+ burning it for energy - ruthless exploitation leading to a near-eco-catastrophe -

but not now; therefore many enormous big forests -upto one mill.sq.miles- 2592000km2.

After the wood-burningperiod which made so much pollution- they used sunpowerstations in the for a time (and they still exist there he says). And so they developed fusion energy.


TYPOGRAPHY- no big mountains because of the high gravity - max 2700m high. A mountainplanet like earth is rare in cosmos they say. But many big lakes and rivers as ex the Nile on K. And the waters are used for relaxation, but they do not fish of ethical standpoints. They are shaken of people doing such things as hunting here.

There are also some enormous caverns on K.- so big they could house big earthcities inside - and they admit they don't know how these are formed. Also a 140km dia meteor impact crater exist on K.- 7km deep.



Their maincity or capital on Korendor is named Vrell - pronounced "virell."

  • Has many parks and gardens since you are always near one of them.
  • Almost absence of traffic on streetlevel - only some electric cars - most people are walking when not riding underground or overhead transit tubes linking most buildings.
  • Most cities on "wheels" of concentric rings of buildings at the hub of each wheel. Ca.25rings pr.system. Those wheels are in turn part of bigger wheels and centre in this big wheel is the capital complex where the planetary
  • Outside the city is a forest/meadows ring - ca 21km wide with wild animals not afraid of people.
  • Outside that ring is the houses for people and past that the farmland with fruit trees of many hundred kinds. And automatic farming + harvesting.

an idea of a Korendor-city and a big mothership of kilometers in diameter hanging above - not from the book and not to be taken as a correct or exact interpretation from the Korendor-material - buy the e-book and evalutate yourself!!

  • CITY SPACEPORT is located 8km beyond the forestbelt Northeast: parking-area for 1000s of ships there of various designs: also some old winged and triangles. Most discshaped from some metres up to 800m+ in size. There are "air-columns" for in/out-traffic. The old winged museum type plane is hydrogendriven. A flight-museum of 15km2 with history of flight back to the first 800years back and 35000 crafts from many of the Alliance' planets! He says that many of those museumsplanes there are still much more advanced than our most moderns here!
  • HOTELS and restaurants for visitors from other planets are there many of - all made so that the visitors shall feel at home and flourish - also with the type of food the visitors are used to - but of course not slaughtered meat. A part of the capital is related to the alliance-related operations and there is an alliance museum there with more than 8million visitors a year. A lot of institutions devoted to music and art exist there.
  • THE ALLIANCE WORLD CENTRE: show life and things from the 740.000 planets in the alliance on pictures, datafiles etc. Holography and hightech shows life and conditions. They claim they also had added earth in the collection there -as they operated help/surveillance -bases here and he says people there were very interested in earth.
  • They underline that FOR NORMAL EARTH PEOPLE KORENDOR IS NOT A LIVABLE PLANET - as earth is not suitable for their korendorbodies.(talk 16.oct88) One of the reasons is the gravityconditions. They give the example of deepseafish not "made" for living in shallow lakes.



  • The planet KORENDOR have 8000000000 (8xe9) - 8billion -people living there. 
  • They said "human is not the shape of the body, but the essence of the spirit".  
  • They too feel joy, laugh, sorrow and sometimes also anger and hatred. They also thus have a dark side they admit. (it shows they are still "polarised" or still some kind of unbalanced - it is first in the last levels of evolution where yet  incarnating into physical bodies, one get free of all kind of negativity - and then able to materialise bodies at pure will-manifestation cosmology of the real initiated - rø-remark). They admit they are not prefect, but say they can give advises as they have walked the same way beforehand.
  • They say that "some planets have permitted the dark side to control their lives", and that's why the Korendors are here on earth now to help against these dark ones.
  • Culture: the capital have a lot of artists in many forms and show their work in galleries.
  • WORLD CENTRE - photos and advanced info showing life etc on some of the 740000 planets in the alliance. Though not a member yet - also earth is represented as they have their bases here.
  • Last in that talk they said they did in the past try to modify the weather there - but found out that is was best to let the nature steer that ifself. 

FOR BETTER MAP - buy the e-book on the case ca 20usDollars. A book, which can be found on -  site of Wendell Stevens who's honour it is that much of this "old" information is now accessible again.


And for the following one can agree or disagree in what "they" mean - but here he said:

-on energy-supply in the transition to new tech on earth:

They meant that fusion (hydrogen) atom-power-stations were to recommend for us. Not fission as used today. Hydropower in limited use. (They themselves had gravity-control- equipment -why didn't they give us them??? - probably afraid of misuse-R.Ø.rem)

DRIVES FOR SPACECRAFTS: - magnetic, but most used is gravitycontrol.

Magnetic: as a linear motor where ship= "rotor" and planetary field= the "stator".

But most used is as said above just gravity control, where they for "roto-engines" can partial shield half of the rotor for grav.pull. The imbalance causes motion. Else on tech as earlier described in part 1.

  • on telepathy is said that many cosmic races out-there use ONLY this ability, but those are usually group-connected having no singular traits and no privacy. The Alliance uses it to some degrees, also teaching their children to use it in some way.
  • For information purposes etc they use bio-electronic implants- linking all citizens as a personal telephone in brain: make conferences, learn and research. Also so connecting to the ships computers and common computers. Plus personal ID. All use is free of course. Here we are afraid of those implants because we see the danger that those in power or else will misuse them.
  • TELEPORTATION: earlier they used a system sending the body as a atomscanning-picture which was copied on the receiver -place - but often this body was not adapted to that place, so now they let a computer build up a suitable body adapted. They seem to use the implants to "synchronise" it all. The datapicture/"file" can also be stored to make a copy to possibly incarnating into later - or for shorter periods they can store the "empty body waiting for its owner". The body-data-files for the different people using the system is then stored on the places where they use to teleport/"travel" most - identified by the implant-code - and so the system is much less dependent of transferring big amounts of "body-building-data".
  • All visits on Korendor must be done only through a system where the suitable bodies are teleported on the way described above and the suitable body then composed there. So their form and appearance on Korendor would be different from how they appeared -  fx on  their earth-bases. (insert picture)



Some data for and their sun KORENA acc. to the material:

*Sun/star called KORENA

*411 lightyear away

*magnitude 7,386

*diameter 1,693 x our sun

*masse for sun there 4,694 x e27 tons

*12 planetets around their sun

*one year there is.4.53 earth-years

*day in earth-hours 24h-19min-31sec

*diameter for planet Korendor: 21,847 miles v. Ekv.(=2,74x earth)

*axis-inclining 11,9633gr (i.m. less marked seasons than here)

*masse: 24,0843 x earth

*volum 20,6909 x earth

*density 1,164 x earth

*population 7,9 billion

*capitals name is "Vrell" with a pop.of 37 millions in 2001

*landareas 53,7%

*saltwater was 91% of waterarea

*atmos: 76, 9% nitrogen - 21,7% oksygen - 1,5% other gases

*middeltemp 27,3 grC.

*airpressure 2,36 x earths


-they warn against our use of fossils fuels and the pollution of our planet, and the fellowing greenhouse-effect, and this last have our scientists now understood. The Korendors warns - as THEY themselves did the same to their planet in the far past - with catastrophic results.



MORAL DECAY They also warn us against this - but know it is a level! They know that those who have abolished god in their lives will come to defeat. Morally decadence. They talk as what they call the OMEGANS are here to destroy the moral codes and ethics. "We will do our part by ridding you of the OMEGAN influence, but we cannot bring you back from moral chaos. This must come from within each and all of you. …We will give you the light you seek, but in the end it is you that must pilot the ship toward the safety and security of your home port."

And …"the purpose of the Alliance is to eliminate the Omegan influence from your world. Once we have attained that goal we will withdraw to act as observers".

They say they only are here to protect us against these dark-influencing forces they call the Omegans, whom they also say inspired the development of the atom-weapons. But it is also said in this material that the same Omegans try to prevent another major war - only making the small wars going on continuously, all over earth where it is possible.

"Our many centuries of peace have rendered us quite frankly unprepared for the military way of life that has been forced upon us within the last thirty years by Kalran and Omegan initiatives against the Alliance"

(regarding the notion "omegans" ; the different ET- visitors through their contactpersons have all warned in their ways against such "dark influencing forces". But they call them by different names and sketches. And it is up to the particular person/reader to find out about what and whom those "forces" are. R.Ø.remark).

DISSATISFACTION. The Korendors admit (late-88) that they try to create a dissatisfaction in the dictatorships / so-called communist-countries. They assert that they inspired the glasnost -era in soviet in the late 80ths.


  • first level is "protectorate"- a prospective member until it meets the criteria for advancement:
  • that means certain sociological conditions must be reached
  • adoption of UNIVERSAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM (measuring workingtime alone instead of use of money – a PERSONAL measure-unit that cannot be traded, and have the same value for all and everywhere in the Alliance.)
  • form a planetary super-government: nations can exist, but is united into this one.
  • Before becoming full member of the alliance one can have "protectorate" :

It means having full use of the high-tech in the alliance, whom have the control of it: fx through access to space, but no spacecrafts of Earth jurisdiction, and getting no technical data for the spacecrafts one manage.

  • Once a world meets the criteria for elevation, then they can be "Associate members": and then the particular planet have no opposition to any of the rules of the Alliance. On this level the only exception is having no voting in the Alliance, and no communication-possibilities through implants, and restricted access to the databanks of the alliance. This is usually a brief stop. But some have resistance to let the alliance control certain "local planet matters" – yes, exactly as the accustom-phase that new members of EU in Europe have to pass..
  • (we see the process in small scale here)
  • A common beginner problem is that the alliance do not permit the planets to have their own military force. And that new ones will not subdue its old ego and way of thinking + and dealing to the alliance’ eco-system. Plus stubbornness and planetary pride.
  • All 740000 planets in the alliance went through this procedure and the steps through "childhood" and "youth" levels, becoming "adults" in the alliance - with the following duties and pleasures with the adventure of seeing all as vital and indispensable facets of the giant diamond the alliance is.
  • It seems like what is called the "Council of Elder Masters" had recommended special help for our earth.
  • Again they underline that although they can communicate, they are absolutely not allowed to give any material proofs of their existence here. (same as all "contact-planets" say)



  • Also means as fusion power tech- to get free of fossil fuel etc.
  • Ability to make anti-matter –power for spacecrafts.
  • New tech in the medical field- but they themselves (ETs) have no sickness-problems, as such things is mastered in the ALLIANCE.
  • Getting computer- tech that are intelligent and reasoning. Getting super-conductors.

Planet-covering communicating system based on personal freq/implant, which opens up and linking to info about "everything"; this from computers on may be all the planets in the alliance. Including history of the galaxy thousands of years back.

  • Cultural and artistic ideas.


next part  on THEIR RELIGIOUS INSIGHTS- AND –LIFE, FAR, FAR HISTORY OF Korendor etc  | 2008 update on this case from early 60s

Remark this case is not channeled info as so much is today of such stuff

link to summary of report from visit on their moon-base



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