--From the "Conversations with Drunvalo", a video-tape interview conducted by Auroria Genie Joseph. © 1993

Atlantis and the Fall

INTERVIEW QUESTION You say that something happened 13,000 years ago that is still affecting us. Can you talk a little bit about that?

DRUNVALO: Well, 13,000 years ago, there was a continent that we have all talked about but nobody really believes it. Plato described it, it was called Atlantis and it was really there. And something happened on Atlantis. Actually it began about 16,000 years ago when a comet stroke the earth very near Atlantis. There was something that occurred on Atlantis the of which we are still feeling today, and the problems we have are a direct result of what happened at that time.

There was a particular section of Atlantis that was really different from the rest of the people there, and it initiated an experiment based upon what is called the Merkabah which we'll probably talk about at some point here.

They set up an external Merkabah that went out of control and began to rip the dimensional levels apart. That Merkabah is still rotating in the Atlantic in the place called the Bermuda Triangle. It is based on a tetrahedronal field and it is a triangular field that comes out of there. But what happened in that experiment almost caused the earth to die, meaning not to be able to be used as a starseed, as a base to grow cultures evolving into other levels of consciousness.

Many of the Ascended Masters ( the Ascended Masters have been around here for a long time even before Atlantis) did everything they could to try to heal the situation and at one point realized that it was almost unhealable. The situation in Atlantis began to deteriorate beyond our beliefs. Right now we think it's getting bad here with our environment and all this kind of stuff, but it was much worse then, a lot worse.

INTERVIEW QUESTION Are we still being affected by that field that was set in motion 13,000, 16,000 years ago?

DRUNVALO: We sure are. And in fact there have been many experiments set up by our governments, the secret government, the outer government and certain E.T. races...some that we do know of like the Philadelphia experiment and the Montauk experiment and other ones, that have been used to try to correct that initial experiment. Because that experiment is not only affecting earth but it is affecting huge eons of space at distances away from us that we can't really comprehend.