What is channeling?

by C.C. Raphael and Lynnéa Deva Raphael

Channeling has become a loaded word to many people. So many limited definitions of channeling exist in publications, news media and workshops. Many of these definitions focus on the appearence of an “outside” entity speaking through the human host. This limited definitiion frightens and excludes many people. This excerpt from C.C. and Lynnéa’s soon to be released book reminds us that channeling has as many unique forms as the universe has beings. Human beings, in particular, channel so many wonderful gifts to themselves and each other. May each person honor and recognize their Soul purpose that he/she brings to daily life and to the Earth .

This evening presentation was offered by the Council of Zoleen through C.C. and Lynnéa on August 20, 1996 in their Illumination Unlimited Center. The Council is a group of Master Guides who lovingly offer a safe space for human beings to embrace all that they are. The focus is embracing the parts of oneself that have previously been unembraceable.

One of the greatest things that you can do -- and that you all will do in this lifetime if you are not already doing it -- is allowing your Higher Self and Soul to come through you and express itself. Some of you have asked how to channel. We wish to say now that channeling is not necessarily what you think it is. There have been and will continue to be many millions of people around this planet who have channeled and never know it; they take it for granted. They do not know where their creative ideas originate, where their love originates, where their magic and wonder originates. They do not know where their physical bodies come from. This is all channeled energy! If you exist here, on this Earth, as a physical being, it shows that you have the capacity and the skill to translate spiritual energy into physical matter. You may not be aware of what you have done or how to recapture it yet.

The throat chakra is one avenue through which spiritual signature can be expressed in the physical world. Music, dance, art, love...any expression whatsoever can also be channeled. And this whole life upon this physical plane is nothing more than your increasing ability to call who you are as Spirit here unto this very place and this very body.

Up until now you have hovered around your body, afraid to land here, for it was a hostile climate. And so the Soul has retreated, far away from this separation and this pain. It is, in truth, the time of the quickening! All of your lessons, all of the purification and release of all of the pain and fear of separation will be quickened and made known and felt by you. Is it not so already? Can you forgive these pains and voices of denial so that you may heal them unto the light that you are fast calling upon yourself?

It must be said to you, Dear Ones, least you should forget, that everything you have ever wished to be you already are in this moment! And though this has been said to you in varying ways throughout many years, it still needs to integrate to the degree that you live it here, in this physical reality.

You are always asking how and why: How do I channel? Why have I come to this place? In the last meeting in which we came here we have told someone that the why is too philosophical and the how is too scientific. Your awakening is not concerned with how and why; it is concerned with what is in present time. If you can, in truth, embrace the messages from your mind, your emotions and your physical body in any given moment, you will know all the hows and whys.

Enlightenment and spiritual awakening is not some great secret given only to a chosen few. The whole idea or concept of a chosen few is outdated. Everyone of you is the chosen one -- otherwise you could not be here in physical embodiment. You have been chosen to come here and you have chosen to come here. Because you have not yet been able to embrace your humanity, because your feelings have been too painful, you have retreated into your religions and your drugs! Religion and drugs have had a great connection in the time you have been upon this Earth. Drugs and religion have served the same purpose: to help you escape this world, to help you cope with it so that you could go somewhere else. It has been said that religion is the opiate of the masses, and it is true! Your religions have been nothing more than attempts to control you so you do not feel who it is that you are. Governments exist to control you; a good citizen means one who is controllable. Cut off your life source and the government will give you a few goodies to distract you. Up to this point you have been satisfied with this, more or less.

We would like to tell you, Dear Ones, that the game has changed. You can never be satisfied unless you bring your Spirit here unto physical embodiment. No large house will be a substitute for you. No group will be a substitute for you. No amount of possessions will be a substitute for you. And so you all, in truth, are seeking to channel your Self with a large S unto the body of the smaller self. And you shall succeed! As we see you, your success is assured. Nothing can stop you. It has been said by us before that what you deny yourself, no one and no thing can give you, yet what you give yourself no and no thing can deny you. And so it is with channeling the abundance of Spirit unto this physical reality. If you can honor your body, emotions and mind, if you can stay with their messages without becoming religious or drugged, without escaping to a safer haven, you will create the framework through which Spirit will come here. The energetic coding of everything you need have been placed within your physical embodiment.

It has been of no small amusement for us to see you move away from your physical reality to some promised Heaven, as if your reward is in Heaven. The reward is here, now! All you need to know is within you, yet you move away from the messenger: you deny your feelings, you suppress your thoughts, you have not listened to your physical embodiment. And because you have not plugged into present time to listen to the very systems you have created to find God, you have created for yourself great esoteric religions. Be the good boy or girl to the parent figure of the priest or politician and you will be promised your reward.

We have come here to tell you all that there is no reward outside of this moment! There is no Heaven outside of this very place! All is an extension of you, and until you can find this place as Heaven, you will never recognize the other dimensions as such. In your journey everything wishes to come with you. Deny anything within you and it will be pulling at your shirt sleeve, it will create trouble for you. Place these voices within the dungeons of your subconscious mind and they will not leave you alone; they will serve as stumbling blocks in your journey to the light. And so it is that these voices are to be embraced and considered messengers. If there is some voice inside of you that needs healing and love, it is giving you the message. Do not deny the messenger, for in judging what you consider to be bad or non religious you have, in truth, shut off the spiritual within you.

The channeling we wish to speak of in this council, in this moment, is the channeling that happens when you accept yourself each moment. Your body, your emotions and your mind will continually show you where you need to place your radiance, your love. And so it is that you begin to see the reasons why you have manifested here: so that the very vehicles that you have created can serve as messengers so you can bring Spirit to heal them. You have come here to heal and to bring God! That is the greatest channeling work you can do!

If you had a cold, a wound or a broken arm, you would listen to your body -- would you not? -- and place proper healing unto these areas. So it is with your other bodies -- your emotional and mental energy bodies. It is the same. They are letting you know what needs to be healed and loved. And if you can work this way with the emotions and the mind, your physical body need never be ill again! The physical body is the last stop; it is the place where all the voices go to when the mind and the emotions have not been heard. Then you must listen -- your very survival is at stake.

God has never wished to curtail or terminate your life. You never meant to come here so burdened. You came here to listen to what you have created -- your body, emotions and mind as extensions of yourself. We ask you not to believe the voices of your mind; we ask you to heal them. We wish for each of you to utilize these very physical, emotional and mental systems to heal yourselves.

You need not drug yourselves or become great followers of any religion. No one can control you if you are courageous enough to listen to yourself. A spiritual society will be unruly in the sense that there need be no imposition of rules. A man or woman of consciousness needs no rules; love is the only rule. Without awareness and love there must be many rules and commandments. Create the love for yourself -- then you need not be victimized by others. You will, in truth, be a creator of your reality. And you will magnetize towards yourself other creators. And you shall re-tribalize and create unto yourselves your own societies, so that this Earth can lay down the gridworks for the psychology of the Buddhas, the new paradigm. Then no one and no thing can interfere with you because you deny yourself nothing.

When there is this strength of Higher Purpose amongst you in groups, however small, you will all channel that unique piece of God that you have agreed to bring here through the physical body. It may be in spoken word, it may be in art, it may be in love or magic. You each have a certain energetic frequency that no one else on this Earth has, and you are meant to give it to Gaia and to each other. This is the channeling of which we speak, and this is the only channeling in which we have any interest.

Have you embraced this human experience? Have you accepted the disowned voices within you? Have you embraced your judgments and your temptations? Have you embraced your abusers and those you have abused? Have you released and forgiven your wounding of many lifetimes? If not, Dear Ones, then you have work to do here, not in Heaven -- here.

Allow the Heavenly energies -- of which you are a part -- to be channeled and placed upon that which needs to be healed as human being. This is the channeling which will create for you a Heaven upon this very Earth and a place within this very body where God may dwell.

Dear Ones, go with God.

C.C. and Lynnéa Raphael are teachers, healers, channels and authors. They combine over 50 years of training and expertise in transformation practices which includes Reiki Mastery, Regenesis, Light Body Activation, Meditation, Guided Visualization, Hypnosis and Emotional Release. Their intention and guidance is to ground the dimensions of spirit into the time and space of the human body, emotions and mind.

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