Interview with Dr. Frank E. Stranges


The following is a short transcript from the TV Talk Show –

Let’s Talk…Paranormal.

Guest – Dr. Frank E. Stranges

Host & Executive Producer – Tracie Austin-Peters

LTP: Welcome to this week’s Let’s Talk…Paranormal, and boy do we have a show for you today. Every single one of us has some kind of a story to share, but my special studio guest today – Dr. Frank Stranges - has a rather unique story to share, because during the 1950’s, he claims to have met a man from outer space, named Val Thor, and it’s all documented in his book – “Stranger At The Pentagon”. In it Dr. Frank explains who Val Thor is, why he’s here, and actual photographs to prove his existence!

LTP: Dr. Frank, thank-you for joining us today

DFS: Thank-you Tracie

LTP: This is a real life – The Day The Earth Stood Still isn’t it?

DFS: Yes, plus!

LTP: And you must have met a heck of a lot of skeptical people with this story?

DFS: Oh yes, especially in the University circuit.

LTP: Let’s hear a little about your background, Dr. Frank

DFS: Well, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I went to Eastern Bible College which is now at Valley Forbes, PA, following that, I went to North Central Seminary which is now North Central University of Minneapolis, MN, and thanks to my dad pushing me on education, I’ve managed to get three PhD’s.

LTP: That’s wonderful, congratulations. Now you use to be an avid UFO researcher correct?

DFS: Oh yes, I still am.

LTP: You still are?

DFS: I’ll be a researcher until the day I leave this planet. I love to investigate these things.

LTP: Likewise, the same for me to.

DFS: And the most difficult task is to separate fact and fiction, but once you get a hold of cold hard fact, you hold on to it for dear life.

LTP: Exactly, exactly. Now this whole story with Val Thor, tell us about how it all happened.

DFS: My phone rang in Irvington, NJ, where I lived for a short time, and on the other end of the line was a gentleman by the name of August Roberts, a former US Air Force photographer. He said: “Frank, I’ve got photographs of a man who claims to be from another planet”. I said: “Auggy, what have you been smoking”? He said: “Now look, cut it out, cut out this joking.” He said: “I’m serious, I’ve got a picture of a man, who I photographed in High Bridge, NJ, at the house of Howard Menger, another UFO researcher.” I said: “Alright, can you bring the photographs over here and let me look at them?" He said: “Fine; I’ll be right over.” So he came over and he showed me pictures of a gentleman who looked like a normal human being, and yet there was something about that picture that struck me, I couldn’t quite explain what it was. So he gave me that picture, including several others which from that time forward I took with me through University’s, Churches and Colleges throughout the world, and I posted them on a board along with other pictures of UFOs, and the one picture that I had less information on was the picture of Commander Valiant Thor, that more people would ask questions about.

LTP: Right, okay.

DFS: So then came 1959, December. I was invited to speak at a Church in Washington D.C. Very Large congregation. The night I spoke about UFOs and the Bible, the place was seating room only, several thousand people, and at the close of the meeting, this one lady came to the platform and she went right to the picture and she said: “I’ve got to see you privately, right now.” 

Well, I was bending over autographing books on the platform, and I said: “Ma’am”…(you know they teach you in Bible College that you’ve got to be good to women,) I tried my best to appease her but it didn’t work. She said: “ I’ve got to see you now.” I said: “Alright, just wait a few minutes.” She reached inside her purse and she produced an ID: United Sates Government Pentagon Building Department, so and so, office so and so, I was converted immediately. I excused myself from the platform, and just as we left the platform, she pointed to the picture of the Commander. She said: “How would you like to meet him personally?" I said: “By all means; I’ve been carrying his picture around with me for over a year.” I said: “Where is he?” She said: “Come in to the office, I’ll tell you.” I borrowed the Pastors key, and I told the Pastor this lady wants to see me privately. He said: “Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.” He gave me the key, we went inside the office, and she pointed her finger at me – she said: “Can you as a former Special Investigator still follow orders?” I said: “Yes Ma’am”. Again with the finger, “Can you follow instructions?” I said: “Yes Ma’am”. She said: “Alright, I’ll take you to where he is." “Where is he?” “At the Pentagon.”

I thought, Oh boy, this is really something else. Well, I didn’t sleep much that night. She said: “Meet me in front of the hotel eight O’clock sharp tomorrow morning, and I’ll take you to where he is. I said: “Fine.”

I got down there about seven o’clock in the morning. It was a cold December morning, and sure enough at eight o’clock her car pulled up. I got into the car; she saluted me. I saluted her back, and she started across the bridge leading to the pentagon, and instead of turning to the right following the flow of traffic, she turned to the left, parked against the fence. A security guard went like this (saluted) to her, and she want like this (saluted) to him. He looked at me and naturally I saluted back to him. So we got out of the car, and we got in line.

One line outside, one line inside. Past another security guard who had a writing tablet, checking off people.

While we were in line, she reaches into her purse, takes out her ID, her badge, her photograph I.D., put it on the inside of her jacket right on her blouse, and closed it again, and there were people behind me both military people and plain clothes, and there were people in front of us, and we got closer and closer and closer to this one guard, and I said: “Nancy, I don’t have any I.D. what shall I do?" She said: “Do exactly as I do." “What are you gonna do?” She said: “Observe me.” I said: “Okay, don’t get mad.” 

As close as we got, I was second in line, and she opened her coat and walked on by. I don’t know what he wrote about her, but when I got up to him I opened my coat and walked on by, and so I didn’t turn around to see what he wrote because he didn’t challenge me, I didn’t stop. I caught up with her, and she said: “It’s fine, we have one more.” “One more what?” She said: “ One more security guard.” I thought once maybe, but twice I’m not so sure, this is a government building.

Well the same thing happened with the second security guard. When it came for my turn to pass by, I opened my jacket and I didn’t know what in Gods name he saw, but I walked on by, and I was on the inside looking out.

We turned right and went back to the corridor to the right, extremely to the right. Incidentally, that’s where the plane smashed into the Pentagon just a short year ago or so, and that office is no more. She said: “He’s in there.” I said: “Alright." I put my hand on the door handle while she walked away and she was murmuring something: “I’ll see you in church tonight,” to which I said: “I hope so,” and it dawned on me, how do I get out of this establishment, and I quickly turned around and caught up with her, and she said: “I know what you’re going to ask, you’re some investigator, do the same thing (opens jacket back and forth) as when you came in.”

I said, “Alright, alright.” I went to the door, opened the door slowly, stuck my head inside the door, and here was an office. Two Air force personnel, at flat top desks writing.

The Sergeant in the right hand corner, he was typing, neither of these three men paid any attention to me which is highly unusual in a Government office. Well, I cleared my throat, I slammed the door, I shuffled my feet, and still no recognition whatsoever. From my right, I saw something move. I quickly turned around, and here coming toward me with his right hand out stretched, the man whose picture I’d been carrying around with me for over a year.

Tracie Austin-Peters
© Tracie Austin-Peters

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An Interview with Dr. Frank E. Stranges

This is a transcript of a radio interview conducted by Art Bell on his "Dreamland" radio program on Sunday night, October 1st, 1995. It deals with Dr. Stranges meeting of a man from Venus, Valiant Thor, at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., in the late 1950's as well as other UFO and religion related subjects. I found this very interesting and thought you might find it interesting too. If you would like to get a better sense of this interview, let me suggest that you order the cassette tape. It's not possible to correctly transcribe verbal nuances in such a free-wheeling conversation. Anyway, being such a controversial subject, I thought this would be best presented in the words of Dr. Stranges. Click here if you would like to get a postal address for Dr. Stranges. Valiant Thor has written a book titled "Outwitting Tomorrow." Click for a book review.

This interview was transcribed by Jerry Hill, January, 1996. Link back to Jerry Hill's Home Page. Leave Email for JerryHill@Compuserve.Com

Art Bell: Now, to Dr. Stranges. Dr. Stranges, are you there?
Frank E. Stranges: Yes, I'm here.
Bell: Good. Welcome to the program.
Stranges: Thank you very much. My pleasure.
Bell: I think I will start at the end and work my way back to the beginning, which I rarely do, but I would like to flat out ask you, what, in your opinion, are UFO's?
Stranges: Well sir, the term itself, Unidentified Flying Objects, speaks for itself because UFO represents an unknown object not readily identifiable as a conventional aircraft or any other aerial phenomena.

Bell: Alright. That answer would definitely qualify you for the Clinton administration.
Stranges: Thank you very much! I'll go further if you'd like to. (laughs)
Bell: Assuming that they are unidentified, and I will concede that point, being from earth or being from elsewhere, I guess... is what I'm really asking Dr.?
Stranges: Alright.
Bell: What are they in your opinion?
Stranges: Let me begin at the beginning. In 1945, my research into UFOs started when I was a student at Eastern Bible College in Pennsylvania. And my roommate was an ex-U.S. Marine flyer... claimed that he saw during the war 3 dish shaped objects that buzzed his squadron of which he was the commander 3 times. After they had regrouped the third time, they were instructed to return the planes to the base and they were told, not asked, they were told, "Gentlemen, what you saw was a flight of high flying Canadian geese."
Bell: Ahh Hah!

Stranges: Well, he whipped out his pen, being a mathematician as well as a Bible student, and he started figuring and calculating. And said, "Sir, the velocity, the rate of speed, the impossible right angle turns... No sir! These were not geese!" And he was told, "Sir, you shut your mouth and don't ever open your head about this again.
Bell: Really!
Stranges: That's right! Now, you can put the category of UFOs, in my estimation, in about 7 different groups. If you draw a circle and make 7... cut that circle into 7 pieces...
Bell: Right.
Stranges: Some UFO's could be figments of the imagination.
Bell: True.

 In the second place, they could be secret weapons of the United States Government. We can't rule that out one single bit.
Bell: Easily true, yes.
Stranges: Third, they could be some vehicles created by Russians using some German intelligentsia... German scientists. And fourth, they could have been built by, in fact some of them are built and are now seen and in fact being photographed in South America, by the early Nazis. And the information has been passed down from father to son and we have the name of the U-Boat as well as the U-boat commander who transported these things to South America so as not to allow these things to fall into the hands of the Furor.
Bell: You do?

Stranges: Yes sir. And we also have number 5, some of these could be originating from the inner earth. And Admiral Byrd's ledgers and some of his secret diaries have come to light in the past 5 years would strongly indicate that there is a race of giants on the inside of this planet. And in the 6th place, they could be time travelers. And in the seventh place, they could be some vehicles from outer space. Now you lump all these together, all seven categories, I believe that some of them come from all of these seven points of origin.
Bell: One moment, Dr. Seems to me that from your perspective, there should have been 8 possibilities?
Stranges: What's number 8?
Bell: Demonic entities.
Stranges: I haven't come to that yet.
Bell: Well, you gave me, I thought, all seven.
Stranges: No, this is a separate category all it's own.
Bell: I see.
Stranges: I believe now... you know, some people, they must look at these things rationally. Not only as scientists, those who are scientists but those members of the clergy and those who are neither scientists nor members of the clergy, they should still maintain an open mind and examine and weigh all the possibilities.

Bell: Alright then.
Stranges: I firmly believe, from the depth of my soul, that these so-called aliens that have come and have kidnapped and abducted people, men, women and children, against their will...
Bell: Right...
Stranges: Subjected them to, God knows what types of embarrassing situations when they're thrown on top of a stone slab or a steel slab, whatever you want, and examined and probed and poked against their will.

Bell: Don't forget the big ol' needle. They have these long needles.
Stranges: Oh yes. Yes. Yes. This is not in my estimation from my study of angelic beings and my study of the possibility of life in outer space, these do not represent the good forces. These are definitely demonic and they were first cast out of the heavenlies according to the book of Revelation and they're part of the entourage when Lucifer and one third of the angelic host were cast out of heaven. And here they are, they're proving themselves to be the biggest counterfeiters in the business. They're trying to counterfeit everything good. And if some of these UFO's are good guys, let's call them good guys for the sake of argument, coming here to help mankind, these people are out to destroy mankind by playing with their brains. It's bad... This is bad...

Bell: Sort of, "I'm from the federation and here to help you."
Stranges: Yes. Do you remember that movie, not too long ago, I believe it was on Outer Limits or someone (sic), they were giving our people a big cookbook to serve mankind?. Do you remember that?

Bell: Uh, I do recall that Dr..
Stranges: I think Rod Serling put that out.
Bell: Of the first seven, again, avoiding the eighth for a second, if you would have to pick from the first seven possibilities, which would you consider most likely?
Stranges: I would consider most likely... I would be remiss if I ruled out six and just chose [number] seven. I believe every one of these seven are a strong possibility and they would account for some of the UFOs visiting this planet.
Bell: Dr., you've got an obvious religious background and you come at it from that direction...
Stranges: Yes.

Bell: If you were to find out that indeed these beings were not only extra-terrestrial or extra dimensional but were actually our creators, how would your mind process that information? Now it's a big "what if." I know, but I can't resist.
Stranges: I would have a hard time accepting that because in my studies, I have looked into the Hebrew and the Greek and the Aramaic and some other languages and I find nothing to support that whatsoever.
Bell: um Huh.

Stranges: See the Genesis record is quite clear and if you examine that in its entirety in the ancient Hebrew language you'll find out that the answer is in the beginning God created man and that's it! And the big problem we have is the space of time between the first and second verses of Genesis because the following verse says, "And the earth was without form and void. Darkness... shapelessness and uh, all kind of...
Bell: Oh yes...

Stranges: ...confused... There's something that took place between the first and second verses of Genesis 1 and I found the answer over in the book of Jeremiah which speaks of an entirely different civilization of grandeur and greatness before Adam was ever created on this planet.
Bell: A civilization of this earth?
Stranges: A people. A people who looked like us and talked like us and were just as crazy as we are.
Bell: Of this earth?
Stranges: Yes sir.
Bell: There are a lot of people who believe that, as a matter of fact.
Stranges: Yes.

Bell: There's been a prior civilization. Uh... interesting. Though... Is it not possible... do you not concede that those who study and read the Bible are able to pretty much interpret it to fit what they wish to believe.
Stranges: This is what has been done in the past, but with the release of some of the information of the Dead Sea Scrolls I've come up with a different story. I've come up with the whole chapter of... the first chapter of Ezekiel taken apart in the Aramaic language where Ezekiel is trying... attempting so hard to... to explain what he saw using the own technical language of his generation. He saw a wheel within the wheel. He said the eyes are high and terrible. That word eyes is interpreted windows. So you've got a wheel going one direction and another one counter clockwise. And he said the thing landed and a portion of the Dead Sea Scrolls that I've been able to get a hold of, much to the dismay of the authorities in Israel, they claim... the scrolls claim that Ezekiel came aboard the silver bridge... walked over the silver bridge into this craft and sat down and he saw the earth disappear in between his knees.
Bell: My, my, my!

Stranges: And we put this on video tape and believe you me, I got 2 calls from Israel and they said I should be put to death for releasing such information.
Bell: I understand that reaction. There are a number of people would like me to be put to death just for doing this program.
Stranges: I believe that. I believe that.
Bell: So, uh, this is a direct translation from Aramaic...
Stranges: Absolutely.

Bell: From the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Stranges: Absolutely. And we made the two video tapes now called "The Mysteries Of The Dead Sea Scrolls" and uh, if you treat me right tonight, I may send you a copy of both of them. (Both laugh)
Bell: That'd be great. That would seem to argue all, or most traditional religious interpretation of the Bible that we understand... and so it's going to make a lot of people angry.

Stranges: To a great extent it will either make them angry enough to go and search the scriptures in the original language or else accept the dogma that they are studying today. One or the other. I believe people have a right to know the truth and you cannot, just like a court case, you cannot present a decent case until you have all the facts available. But if you take a little fact here and hide it, a large fact there and hide it because it may not set will with the people, you're making a big mistake, You're violating all the laws of interpretation.
Bell: How in the world did you get these portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Stranges: I was afraid you were gonna ask me that!
Bell: Uh Huh.

Stranges: I got it from this gentleman that I met at the Pentagon back in 1957 who claimed that he was from another world.
Bell: Ah Hah! And that's where the title of your book comes from.
Stranges: Right. "Stranger at the Pentagon."
Bell: "Stranger at the Pentagon."
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: Sort of an extra-terrestrial "Deep Throat."
Stranges: Extra-terrestrial "Deep Throat" is right!

Bell: So he called you? Made contact with you? You had a clandestine meeting somewhere on a...
Stranges: No. This is not the way it was. I was speaking at a large Church in Washington, D.C., and I was... I had some pictures on a board behind me on the platform, speaking on the subject of UFO's in the Bible. And in with those pictures were three particular pictures taken by airforce man Augie Roberts. You've probably heard his name.
Bell: I have. Yes.

Stranges: And he gave me these pictures. He said, "Frank, this guy's from another planet!" And I said, "Augie, what in the world have you been smoking?" Well, he was irate at first but then he told me, not what he was smoking, but he told me exactly what happened. He took these pictures at the home of Howard Menge. You've heard of Howard Menge, no doubt?
Bell: I have.

Stranges: In Highbridge, New Jersey. He now lives in Florida. And I said, "Well, what else makes you think that this man is from another planet?" He said, "Well, when he looks at me I get the distinct impression that he could see straight through me!" And I said, "Augie, my daddy does that to me now!" And slowed him down a bit, but he continued. I said, "What else?" And he said, "The man could speak every dialect and language of the group of people who were assembled at the back yard at Howard Menges home in Highbridge." I said, "What else?" He said, "The man had no fingerprints." That really got me. I said, "Alright, I'll take these pictures from you and from now on I'll show these along with the other UFO pictures and I'll only be able to tell the congregations and the audiences the words that you gave me relating to this particular three pictures. Which he did. Now, I'm on the platform, the service is over, I was autographing books and people came to the platform... close to the platform, and a lady came behind me on the platform and she said, "I've got to see you now!" Well, in seminary they teach you that you've got to be good to the ladies or else! Well, I tried to apologize without success. And she said, "Dr. Stranges, I must speak to you this very moment!" She got very irate. And then finally, she reached into her purse and pulled out identification, her photograph with her number beneath it, the other part of the identification was United States Government, Pentagon building, office so and so, department so and so. And she said, "I've got to see you now!"
Bell: Alright. And by then, she has your attention...
Stranges: My full attention...
Bell: And by now the attention of the audience so hold on just a moment, we'll be right back to you....

(Commercial Break)

Bell: Alright. Back now to Dr. Stranges. The lady had approached. She presented him with ID Got his attention. Now has ours. What did she do?

Stranges: We started leaving the platform. She stopped in front of the picture of this gentleman, who I found out later his name was Commander Valiant Thor. She said, "How would you like to meet him personally?" Well, my God, what would you say? I said, "Absolutely so. She said, "meet me downstairs in front of your hotel at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning sharp and I'll take you to where he is." I said, "Where is he?" She said, "At the Pentagon."
Bell: She represented Commander so and so to be a Pentagon official?
Stranges: That's right.
Bell: Alright.
Stranges: And then we proceeded into the office and she fired two questions at me, "Can you as a former special investigator, still follow orders?" I said, "Yes ma'am." She said, "Can you follow orders to the letter?" I said, "Yes ma'am!" She said, "Alright. I'll meet you tomorrow morning. God bless you." And she walked out the door and left me sitting there with my mouth open.
Bell: Wow.

Stranges: I didn't get much rest that night, nor did I call my parents or anyone else that night. And I was downstairs at 7 o'clock, not 8 on that cold Washington sidewalk during the month of December just prior to Christmas. And she pulled up at 8 o'clock, right on the dot. Greeted me. I greeted her. I got in the front seat. She pulled away from the curve. We went out to the... toward the Pentagon. And, if anybody is familiar with the flow of traffic after you cross the bridge it turns to the right but she turned to the left! Parked against the fence... a gentleman with a tablet and uniform saluted her, she saluted back. He looked at me, saluted me. What am I gonna do? I saluted him back. And we got in the line and she fished in her purse again and put her picture ID... pinned it right to her blouse, closed her jacket and closed her coat. I looked in front of me. I looked behind me and I saw everybody in that line, people in uniform and people in plain clothes... they all had ID. I had nothing. As we got closer to that first security guard, I said "Nancy, uh... I don't have any..." She said, "Please get back in line." "Uh, well, I don't have any ID." And she said, "Do exactly as I do!" "What are you going to do?" And she said, "Oh my God! Watch me and do exactly as I do!" That put us third in line. And then second. And when she was first in line, she opened her coat and her jacket and then walked right on by the guard. I did the same thing. Opened my coat and jacket... walked right on by. I said, "Oh! That is really something else." And she said, "You did fine. We have one more." I said, "One more what?" She said, "One more security guard." I said, "Once maybe. Twice, I'm not too sure." She said, "Get back in line and shut up and let's do it again!" And we did it again!
Bell: Huh.

Stranges: And when I... Let me just jump ahead to the following Monday. When I got off the plane in New York City at LaGuardia field the FBI was waiting to pick me up, not to ask a question... not one question about speaking with a man from another planet, but they said, "How in the hell did you get by two security guards going in and two coming out without any proper ID.
Bell: Right.

Stranges: And they grilled me for nearly three hours. Finally one special agent said, "Well, they must have visualized something on his shirt because they've seen so many hundreds, maybe thousands of people going back and forth everyday. Now let's get back to the second door. I got in there, walked down the corridor right behind her. She pointed to the outer office. She said, "He's in there." Alright. She said, "God bless you. I'll see you in church tonight." And I said, "I sure hope so." My hand was on the handle... on that door handle... no markings on the door, no number, no ID whatsoever. And the thought struck me, "How do I get out of here?" Then when I swung around and caught up with her and she said, "Do the same thing you did coming in." Which I did. I went back to the door. Opened the door very cautiously. Walked into that room and straight ahead there were two Air Force officers sitting at two flat top desks pushed together and there was a Sergeant in the right hand corner typing. They ignored me as though I were non existent. I coughed. I cleared my throat. I shuffled my feet. I shut the door behind me again. They paid me no mind whatsoever. And then without warning, toward my right... behind me toward my right, here comes the man who's picture I'd been carrying with me for quite a long time. And he's got his right hand out stretched. And he says to me, "Hello Frank. How are you?" Well, Art, [that] started the biggest adventure of my life. And it's just continued. It continues to this day. When he was gone... He left on March 6th, 1960. The same place on the outskirts of Alexandria, Virginia, where his craft touched down. And all this has been written up in Blue Book.
Bell: Wait, wait, wait, wait. He... I got lost after you greeted him. What did he do?
Stranges: Well, we spoke for about a half hour. Being a minister, I first asked him religious questions. I asked him about his garments. If he had a space suit? He showed it to me. He handed it to me. It weighed ounces. It looked like a heavy, bulky...
Bell: Was this man to all appearances human?
Stranges: 6 feet tall. About 185 pounds. Looked from every appearance like a human being.
Bell: Uh huh.

Stranges: But then I did catch his hand and saw that his fingertips were bald as a peeled egg. He had no fingerprints whatsoever. And I looked at him questioningly. He said, "You ought to know that the Bible teaches that every man on earth is marked from the beginning because of the transgression."
Bell: Well, I'm afraid it is possible to have your fingerprints removed, is it not?
Stranges: This is true. When I worked for the Secret Service, they showed us ways and means in which you could destroy your fingerprints for just a while but they always come back.
Bell: They always come back...
Stranges: Yes. Even with the acid.
Bell: You were awarded the FBI gold medal at a police convention in Las Vegas.
Stranges: That's right. Yes.
Bell: This... You're living up to your last name. This is a very, very strange story!
Stranges: Well...

Bell: No doubt about it. Is he the one who handed you these Aramaic documents?
Stranges: He's the one who gave me the information and this is the information we've put down in our Dead Sea Scroll video tapes. Yes.
Bell: Well. Why were you... Uh... I guess the next question.... and the one we're going to have to hold until we finish the top of the hour here is why you were chosen to receive this information? Dr., stay right there. Relax for a few minutes. We'll be back to you.
This begins the second half hour of the interview:

Art Bell: ... Are you there, Dr.?
Frank E. Stranges: Yes. What is your book about? (In reference to a commercial on Art Bells autobiography, "The Art of Talk).
Bell: My book is about... Well, I've been doing talk radio for about 15 years. So, it's an autobiographical thing. But it's about the behind the scenes talk radio that a lot of people have wanted to know about for a lot of years.
Stranges: That sounds great.
Bell: It's about this program with a lot of photographs of the kind of things you're talking about right now. It's very comprehensive. It's a hard back book and uh, I'm very proud of it. It took me a long time.
Stranges: Send me a promo. We'll carry it in our book store.
Bell: That'd be excellent. Alright, um, now, you met the man at the Pentagon...
Stranges: Yes. Can I say one thing first?
Bell: Yes, of course.

Stranges: My last name is spelled S-T-R-A-N-G-E-S...
Bell: Stranges.
Stranges: That's the way it is on my birth certificate and we still have relatives in Italy by the same last name, if you can believe that.
Bell: Well, that's a good last name.
Stranges: Isn't that amazing?
Bell: No. It's a good last name, Stranges. And it goes along with your story.
Stranges: It certainly does.
Bell: And yes, I'm sure everybody tells you that.
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: So you met this man at the Pentagon?
Stranges: Right.
Bell: And, you had about a 30 minute chat with him?
Stranges: Yes.

Bell: And then, how did that lead you to this new Aramaic translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls that you some how laid your hands on?
Stranges: Alright. He said he is leaving... he was the guest of the Pentagon at the U.S. government for 3 years ending March 16th, 1960, at which time he found himself at the same point in Alexandria, Virginia, where he first landed 3 years prior. As I mentioned before, this has been very carefully studied and is a part of the Blue Book and it's also in the declassified CIA documents.
Bell: OK. Where does this man claim to have come from?
Stranges: The inside of the planet... he said, "your Bible calls the morning and the evening star." I said, "Venus?" He said, "Yes, Venus."
Bell: So, he claims to come from inside Venus?
Stranges: That's right. And then he left here for one year and he said, "I'll see you within one year." One year from that date, I was driving up toward Beverly Hills for an appointment and in my back seat at 8 o'clock that morning this familiar voice rings out of the back seat, mind you, "Hello Frank. How are you?"
Bell: Huh!
Stranges: Well, I nearly ran a red light!
Bell: I'm sure at the very least.

Stranges: I pulled over to the side of the road. He got into the front seat like a normal person's supposed to and we had a chat and we have been corresponding... we have been meeting ever since and he has been giving me material for my books and our newsletters and the video tapes.
Bell: Alright. What is the up shot, if you don't mind, of the message that he's trying to send to us through you.
Stranges: Alright. The message that we've been spreading throughout the entire world is the fact that mankind should learn the basic fundamental rules of the Golden Rule which is something that's taught by every discipline and by every major religion.
Bell: Do unto others.
Stranges: Yes. Do unto others as you'd have them... not as some have it down, do unto others before they do you first!
Bell: (Laughs)
Stranges: And then he said, it's very, very important that we seek to... in our religious work... to learn tolerance and get rid of this, uh, Hell fire and damnation preaching, although that has its place, and give people something that will lift them up, that will make them have a better image of themself. And people can have faith in God, which is true, but they must also have faith in themselves for people to accomplish certain things.
Bell: Alright. Let me slow you up now. Uh, do you remember the movie "Oh God!"
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: George Burns.
Stranges: Yes.

Bell: Uh, George Burns... when God came to see George Burns, I think initially in a super market, I can't recall, um, after the shock wore off, first question was why me?
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: Why me?
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: So I'm sure you must've asked that.
Stranges: I've asked myself that many times and I believe because of the fact that we're able to reach people of every denomination and my world wide travels that we were in a good position to be able to spread this truth no matter where we go.
Bell: Alright. Here's a fax. I want you to listen to it and answer it. "Art and Dr. Stranges, there is nothing wrong in assuming that UFOs and aliens are from another planetary system, dimension... whatever. Scripture does not say that we are alone in the universe. As you know, it indicatres otherwise. The Bible is not a science book for the cosmos but is a quote "repair manual for the human spirit" endquote. If we are in rebellion to God, why can't others in the universe be also? In other words, if Satan and his boys can corrupt us then they can corrupt folks a few light years away too. This explains the good and bad guys in the visiting aliens. Though we are warned to look out for the angels of light who are masters of deception.
Stranges: That's true.

Bell: You agree with that?
Stranges: Absolutely. But you see, an angel of deception is not going to verify the diety of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, they'll do everything they can to oppose it!
Bell: Have you seen the recent autopsy footage?
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: I would be more than interested in your reaction to it.
Stranges: As a former special investigator, private investigator, uh, I think it was a phoney from start to finish.
Bell: OK.
Stranges: That's my opinion.
Bell: Based on?
Stranges: If I... If I were the government or any branch of government who retained the services of an expert cameraman to focus in and take a... a filmed record of an autopsy of a person from another planet, I would not allow that cameraman to be photographing peoples shoulders and backs and the back of their heads and their legs and their feet, whatever, who are supposedly performing this autopsy. For me, I believe something should have been set up that would leave no question whatever. No question whatever as to it's authenticity.
Bell: OK. Well there are certain things that we do know. Uh, we know the film was from stock of one of three 20 year segments, one of which is '47.

Stranges: Yes.
Bell: I had an FBI analyst on, actually somebody who does contract work for the FBI, who verified with some of the actual imagery that he tested that it had to be exposed between 1945 uh... 1947 and 1949.
Stranges: Yes. I'll go along with that.
Bell: So... you will?
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: Well it... it seems... it's pretty hard to buy that you would do this grand, expensive fake way back then and hold on to it so you could release it nearly half a century later? I mean...
Stranges: I'm afraid the U.S. government has been responsible for postulating quite a few expensive fakes at our expense... at the tax payers expense in order to help prove or disprove a point. We spent no less than a billion some million dollars shipping all kinds of things to a country in Africa and among that shipment were a shipment of, I think it was about... oh something like 150 thousand toilet bowls the people never used nor saw a toilet bowl in their lives. And the only thing they did with them was plant some flowers in them or some other kinds of things. And then with that same money... with that same expenditure they built an airport complete with a control tower and planes never went anywheres within 3-400 miles of the place.
Bell: Well, we're famous for doing things like that. So, in other words, you're saying uh... so then you're not surprised they would spend a lot of money to perpetrate a hoax back then and hold on to it for whatever reason.

Stranges: No. No. If you recall the history of the Central Intelligence Agency, it was first known as the OSS? And when Truman changed it over to the Central Intelligence Agency the first object... the first point on their agenda was to investigate unidentified flying objects. Now all of that truth has been lost in the maze of uh... all kinds of documents that have been lost and stolen and what have you. And back then, they were interested, during the Truman years and in the Roosevelt years and way back as far as 1938 our government was involved in UFO investigation but it never came to the forefront.
Bell: Do you believe the man you met in the Pentagon...
Stranges: I believe every word he says...
Bell: Excuse me... excuse me... you do?
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: And you believve he came from... was it Venus?
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: Interior of Venus?

Stranges: Interior. Correct.
Bell: Seems to me what you believes argues with itself? In other words, on the one hand you seem to believe there are others elsewhere but on the other hand you don't seem to believe uh... that they are anything other than uh... devils?
Stranges: Oh no. I wouldn't say that. Those are the kidnapping and abducting... they're the devils. But you've got countless numbers of UFO encounters and stories and accounts by people from every race, from every walk of life that have had good meetings with these people. And they have been healed and they have been helped in many, many ways. Even financial assistance.
Bell: Ok. What are those entities? The good ones...
Stranges: These entities, I believe that they could be classified as angels of God or placed in the same catagory as Adam before the fall. Created beings.
Bell: Created beings.
Stranges: That's right.
Bell: Actual beings versus entities.
Stranges: Right.

Bell: But I believe these created beings have the ability to pass through a solid just like I've seen Val do and his brother, Donn, and some members of the rest of his crew which are not too far from Las Vegas, Nevada tonight.
Bell: Tonight?
Stranges: That's right.
Bell: Well thanks for making me feel all the more comfortable.
Stranges: Well, I'm glad you feel comfortable.
Bell: ... about 65 miles west of Las Vegas. I'm out here near the real Dreamland.
Stranges: I see.
Bell: By the way...
Stranges: Their ship is parked, for your information, not too far from the lake shore of Lake Mead. And they've been there for several years.
Bell: Let me tell you something.
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: I got a call prior to the show tonight from a man in Las Vegas who said, "Art, as the moon came up tonight, I saw no less than 47, 48 objects surrounding the moon. Disc objects moving in ways that nothing else could move."
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: Now, I... you know... it was an off hand reported... it came in just before the show began tonight.

Stranges: Who's to say what the man saw? Who knows? Who knows his psychological profile? Who knows what... what trauma he may have gone through during the day? Or maybe it was a valid sighting and, uh, many of these sightings, believe it or not, are seen by individuals and several other individuals in that same locale see nothing!
Bell: Well, my audience is going to have fun with you! Uh...
Stranges: I hope so.
Bell: Oh, they will. Believe me. Stay right where you are, Dr. And in a moment, I will begin to open phone lines for anybody who has a question for Dr. Stranges. Frank E. Stranges. A very interesting individual who has received an award recently, as a matter of fact, gold medal award from the FBI in Las Vegas and is just a very different sort of individual. I'm... It's interesting, I'm still not altogether sure that I know what he's saying to us. Uh, I think I'm beginning to get there regarding UFOs and his view, but I'm not totally there. In other words, they do exist... I believe... well I'll ask him when we... well wait a minute, I've got to know. Dr., just before I go to this break, they do exist? You're saying they do exist and there are creatures from other planets but your belief would be that they are either entities or beings created by God or from the darker side.
Stranges: I believe that with all my heart. Yes. You know, even Christ said, "In my father's house are many dwelling places." And he said, "Other sheep have I that are not of this fold." We can't just draw a line and give that a simple theological explanation!
Bell: Alright. I just had to get that straight before I went to the break. Now we'll go to the break....

Commercial Break

Bell: Alright. This should be very interesting. Dr., are you there?
Stranges: I'm here.
Bell: Alright. good. Let's rock 'n roll. Let us begin here. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Good evening Art and good evening Dr. Stranges.
Stranges: Good evening.
Bell: Hi. where are you sir?
Caller: Coon Rapids, Minnesota.
Bell: Oh, OK.
Stranges: That's good country.
Caller: Excuse me?

Stranges: That's good country. I built a church in Spring Lake Park some years ago.
Caller: Oh, OK. Yeah, I know where that is. Uh, my question for you Dr. Stranges is, have you, or are you planning at some point in the future, to go on... or are you going off of this planet?
Bell: Ho ho!
Stranges: No. I don't expect to leave here until I die, practically... or almost. In other words, am I going to be taking any trips into the wild blue yonder?
Bell: Yeah, that's what he was asking.
Stranges: No.

Bell: No. So the offer was never made by this individual at the Pentagon.
Stranges: It was made quite some time ago but I feel I have a work to do here.
Bell: The offer WAS made!
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: Uh. My, my, my! I've often wondered about that. Now, if such an offer were to be made to me, I don't know that I would refuse. Why did you?.
Stranges: Well, I have a church. I have an organization that I'm the head of. I've got a family. I've got loved ones practically all over the place.
Bell: Ah, that's a good answer. That's a good answer. And uh, in other words, they were offering what, a one way trip? Or...
Stranges: They were offering a 10 year period for me in space but I wasn't prepared to take that, right.

Bell: Uh, you sound uh, sane to me...
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: On the other hand the story you're telling , believe me to a lot of the audience, they're sittin' out there going "nut case... nut case," but you've really got so many credentials that it's... um, I'm not going to say that. I just... I'm sure some people will say it to you all the time?
Stranges: Uh, that's getting less and less as we travel through the world now because UFOs are looked at a much better, higher perspective now than they were years ago.
Bell: Alright. Well I've got a great challenge for you when we come back. Stay right there, Dr.

Part Three of the Interview

Art Bell: Back now to Dr. Stranges. Dr., I've got a number of questions for you. One involves a show that I've done recently with a couple of individuals. Are you familiar with the term nano-technology?
Frank E. Stranges: Yes.
Bell: Um, nano-technology eventually promises to be able to manipulate at the molecular level by small, little, tiny machines. We're on the way toward it right now. It seems to me, Dr., that eventually it promises the ability of creation. Creation of biological entities...
Stranges: Entities, right.

Bell: ... or, or combinations of machines and biological beings. It's a pretty frightening prospect. If it were possible for a human being through nano-technology to create another being what have we done?
Stranges: I think, basically, we have violated the laws of God. But even if they succeed in doing that the big question is will this entity have a soul?
Bell: That's a big question!
Stranges: Will he have feelings?
Bell: Do we? We certainly...
Stranges: I wonder sometimes.
Bell: Well, we have feelings, there's no question about that but with regard to the soul there is still much heated argument.

Stranges: Oh yes. And it will argue until the end of time.
Bell: Yes. So if we create a biological entity... if we order it created... and it has feelings and emotions and in all ways we can measure is a living being... an entity, we have, in your opinion, violated God's law?
Stranges: Yes. That's my opinion.
Bell: Alright. Back to Venus. Somebody... a doctor here as a matter of fact... writes that Venus is several hundred degrees fahrenheit on the surface.
Stranges: 800 degrees plus...
Bell: Thank you. It gets...
Stranges: ... at the North and South poles.
Bell: And, he says, it gets hotter as you go toward the liquid magma center which produces the volcanos. How is living space for your friend from the Pentagon cooled?
Stranges: Well, to be kind to the good doctor, we are making calculations with our human technology that we've learned here on this planet. There might be some rules and regulations that apply to Venus that are not calculable by people here from earth.
Bell: That's a good point. Alright. This is an incredible story, the doctor tells, but can anyone else corroborate Dr. Stranges claims? Did the stranger leave any tangible evidence behind with which Dr. Stranges can verify these events to others?
Stranges: Yes he did. He was questioned personally and the gentleman who did the questioning was none other than Harley Byrd who is the nephew of the late Admiral Byrd. And he at that time was in charge with the Navy department of one phase of Blue Book whose sole purpose it was to examine the testimony of the police officers who saw the craft come down in Alexandria and transport him to the Pentagon.
Bell: And you're telling me that all of this is contained in Blue Book?
Stranges: A portion of Blue Book, yes. And also a portion of the de-classified pages of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Bell: Well, having all of this in Blue Book, how could they have concluded from Blue Book that UFOs were, quote I think, no national security risk...
Stranges: That's true. They said we have absolutely no evidence that UFOs even exist.
Bell: Yeah, that's right.
Stranges: Well this goes contrary to the millions of people who have seen UFOs all over the world. Now, how they can make a statement like that and live by it, and live with it, I don't know.
Bell: The crash at Secora or Roswell... whatever it is...
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: ... crash of something like we're talking about or a crash of something like a mogul balloon?
Stranges: I believe it was definitely a crash of an Unidentified Flying Object. There's too much evidence. Too many good witnesses, honest to God witnesses, who saw something. Some of them took fragments home with them. To this day they have not revealed that they even have this in their possession.
Bell: It is true.

Stranges: Yes. I believe it did happen. I believe there could have been bodies and the bodies were removed by our own powers that be and brought to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The possibility is there 100%.
Bell: Alright. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Hi, Art. This is Frances, KOM. Did you get my fax... Saturday night fax?
Bell: Uh, does this relate to our guest now, miss?
Caller: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Bell: OK. What is your question?
Caller: Did you get it right away?
Bell: I don't know. What is your question?
Caller: OK. (Unintelligible) OK. First of all, the Las Vegas man who saw 48 UFOs, could that have been... could that have been a hologram and how could the mind be programmed to see holograms? And, um...
Bell: Alright. Well I'm gonna stop her right there because we don't possibly have any of the answers to those questions. When you hear about a sighting, you hear about a sighting and could it have been holograms? Yes. Could it have been a bit of undigested baloney?
Stranges: It could have been Canadian high flying geese, as well!
Bell: Yea... that's right (both crack up). West of the Rockies, you're (dial tone)... would have been on the air, excuse me. Wild card line, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Good evening Art. Good evening Dr. Stranges.
Stranges: Good evening, sir.

Caller: Uh, my name is Rick. I'm calling from Madison, Wisconsin.
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: Dr. Stranges, are you still in contact with this being from Venus?
Stranges: Yes I am.
Caller: You had mentioned earlier in the program that you had an opportunity to take a ride with him over a 10 year period of time and you declined. Is that correct?
Stranges: Uh... no, the question was that [would] I ever accept an out of Earth experience with him away from this planet.
Bell: Um Hmh!
Stranges: And I did decline, yes. However I have been on board his craft on many occasions. As a matter of fact, we have meetings on board his craft twice a year.
Bell: You do?
Stranges: Absolutely!
Bell: Biannual meetings?
Stranges: That's right.

Caller: Does he... does this being allow other people to participate in this experience.
Stranges: He has in the past depending on their background and, uh, as our government says, "their need to know."
Caller: Hmm. Well, I'd sure be open to something like that.
Stranges: Well, he receives, I don't know how many, letters every week from people from all parts of the world written in Foreign languages and the only thing I do is turn the letters over to him and, thank God, he answers them himself.
Caller: I see. So I can send you some information and uh...
Stranges: Sure.
Caller: ... apply for this position, I assume.
Bell: (Laughs)
Stranges: Why not? Other people have.
Bell: I'm curious, sir. Why would you want to go for a ten year period.
Caller: I've been... since I was a kid, I used to take my flashlight out in the middle of the night and shine the light up to the stars to want a being to come down and talk to me. I've been interested in this for the last 20 to 25 years. I'm 30 years old and it is something that I would do. I'm not married. I have no earthly ties, if you will.
Bell: I suppose that would be one qualification in your favor.
Stranges: Well, you should drop us a letter and I'll be glad to deliver it for you.
Caller: How could I... would you give me the information for that.
Bell: Alright, we'll do it. Listen on the radio. Dr., uh...
Stranges: Frank Stranges.
Bell: Yes.

Stranges: P.O. Box 5, Van Nuys... capital V A N and capital N U Y S, California, 91408. That's P.O. Box 5, Van Nuys, California, 91408.
Bell: Wow.
Stranges: And if you wish to write me or fax me or call me, the same number is 818-989-5942. That's 989-...
Bell: Well, it's too late...
Stranges: ... 5942.
Bell:... you're giving it out. Give out the number again so I can write it down.
Stranges: The phone as well as the fax.
Bell: You'll be sorry!
Stranges: 818...
Bell: Yes, 818...
Stranges: 989...
Bell: 989...

Stranges: 5942.
Bell: ... 5942.
Stranges: Right.
Bell: Well, guests who give out numbers... uh, that's their business, uh, good luck! Alright, Dr., I, I find you a real enigma. I can usually pin down my guests pretty well or peg hole them or put them in a box and you don't go into any of these.
Stranges: Did you know Joe Pine?
Bell: Uh, well not personally.
Stranges: He tried the same thing.
Bell: Did he? I, uh... As a matter of fact, I watched Joe Pine.
Stranges: Uh huh!
Bell: As a matter of fact, I worked for many years with the person who produced the Joe Pine Show.
Stranges: Did you!
Bell: Oh yes! Uh, so, yeah sure, I know of Joe Pine. I mean, you, you appeared with Joe Pine?
Stranges: Oh, many, many times on radio and on TV.
Bell: And did you confuse him in the way you've been confusing... I guess you did!
Stranges: Well, no. He said, "I'm flabbergasted!"
Bell: I'm flabbergasted too.

Stranges: You know what he did? He called some of the contacts at the Pentagon and they asked him the same question that they asked Barry Goldwater and that was, what is your need to know?
Bell: You know what? I've got Barry Goldwater on tape, maybe you heard me play it a couple weeks ago. I don't know if you listen to this show. But I've got Barry Goldwater on tape right here saying he asked General LeMay about Wright-Patt and what was there and he wanted to see it and General LeMay cussed him out and said don't you ever ask me that again. And I've got that in Barry Goldwater's own words!
Stranges: My God.
Bell: I've got that. So if you ever want that tape, maybe we can have an exchange.
Stranges: I believe it. I'd like to have that, yes.
Bell: (Laughs) West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Frank Stranges.
Caller: Yes. Good evening. This is Mike In Phoenix.
Bell: Hello, Mike!
Caller: How ya doin'. I have a couple of real quick questions for ya.
Bell: Alright.
Caller: OK. Number 1, there was a lot of talk going on about a couple weeks ago, or maybe longer, uh, about the possibility that project Blue Book was completely fictitious. It was made up as a cover to divert people's attention away from the real facts of the Roswell incident and all the other UFO incidents.
Bell: Yes.


Stranges: Do you want my opinion?
Caller: Yeah.
Stranges: You can put project Blue Book in the same category as the Warren Report.
Caller: Oh! OK. And, my other question is, uh, for Art. I... uh... sent you a letter a few weeks ago and I was wondering if you had received it. It was in a black envelope? And I discussed about being your field reporter for the Hale-Bopp comet? I would help you talk it in from out in the field?
Bell: (Laughs). Well, you'll... if you've been listening, you know I have appointed my wife to that position should it occur. We'll have a little remote mic out there, I'm sure.
Caller: If she comes across mine, I'm sure she'll show it to you.
Bell: Yes. Alright. I'll look for it, sir.
Caller: OK.
Bell: Thank you. I think, you know, you're applying for her job! Uh, Dr., while we're at it, have you heard the talk about Hale-Bopp? You of course heard the intro to the show...
Stranges: Yes. I thought that was very fascinating.
Bell: And Dr. Marsden who's the expert.
Stranges: Yes. They forgot to mention a few other things.
Bell: Umm, indeed!
Stranges: That this particular heavenly body sometimes appears to be square and sometimes appears to be round.
Bell: Where'd you get that?
Stranges: Which is very confusing. I got this from Griffith Observatory.
Bell: Well, I do have one photograph of Hale-Bopp with what appears to be a spiral. It's the doggonest thing you've ever seen!
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: But you say sometimes it appears square?
Stranges: That's right! And it's really excited some clergy persons in the world because they think that this could be the coming kingdom...
Bell: I know.
Stranges: ... which is four-square.
Bell: I know. Um... So your take on the comet right now is just watchful waiting? You don't... or what would you say?
Stranges: Uh, I'm with you. I'm watching and waiting.
Bell: (Laugh) OK. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Hello. I like your theme music.
Bell: Well, I'm glad. I like it too. That's why I picked it.
Caller: Well, I'm glad you did because I think... find it very... well, I like it!
Bell: Good.
Caller: Now, I wanted to ask the Dr. he mentioned uh... the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Bell: Yes. Oh yes. I wanted to get back to that. Where are you by the way, ma'am?
Caller: Oh. Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Bell: Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Caller: Um Hmm.
Bell: Yes. On the Dead Sea Scrolls...
Caller: And then he also mentioned that there was life in a previous time before what the Bible mentions?
Bell: An entire...
Caller: as we know it...
Bell: An entire civilization.
Caller: Yes.
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: And I wondered if he knows... I imagine he knows about the Sitchin books?
Stranges: Of course.
Caller: And if... uh... what he's talking about would refer to that. Or that there would be anything in common there.
Bell: Alright.
Stranges: I think there's a lot in common.
Bell: Would you review the Dead Sea Scroll information you've got that nobody else does?
Stranges: Alright. The information that we have in those two video tapes contains facts, figures, names, dates and places of Biblical personalities who have had an experience... personal experiences with unidentified objects that were later identified and with people supposedly from other worlds. That's the long and short of it.
Bell: So it actually contains detailed information in the Dead Sea Scrolls about UFOs.
Stranges: That is right. And this is why that neither the Huntingdon Library nor the Rockefeller foundation nor the Institute of Biblieque (sp?) in Jerusalem will ever allow any of this to get out through their channels.
Bell: I'm surprised... well, of course you really wouldn't want to accuse them of that... but, uh, have you been threatened?
Stranges: Yes. I received two calls. I've got the distinction of having two phone calls from Israel from a very high ranking Rabbi working on the authority of the Dead Sea Scrolls. And in his first call he said, "I'm going to have you fired from your denomination if you release this information!" I said, "Fat chance. I'm the President!" He hung up in my ear.
Bell: Huh!
Stranges: And the following day he said, "You must be put to death and the fellow who gave you this information should be put to death because you will absolutely ruin organized religion!"
Bell: Uh, well, you might. Dr., on that note, stand by. We'll be right back to you. Dr. Stranges with information which would ruin all or most of organized religion. That's a dangerous man. We'll be right back...
Commercial Break

Bell: You know, I'm beginning to realize there is a serious parallel between the larger story told by Richard Hoagland Friday night, Saturday morning... what an incredible story that was about Hale-Bopp... and what Dr. Stranges is saying. Has anybody else noticed that? Dr., did you happen to catch Richard Hoagland?
Stranges: No.
Bell: No?
Stranges: I'm sorry I didn't.
Bell: Uh. Well, I'll tell you, uh, try and catch him. He will... he'll begin the show at eleven o'clock Pacific Time. They'll do a repeat. And, uh...
Stranges: What night?
Bell: Tonight.
Stranges: Oh really.
Bell: Tonight. Yeah, at eleven o'clock. There are many radio stations you'd be able to hear it on.
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: And, uh, try and catch it because he deals with Hale- Bopp and I'm just realizing there are a lot of similarities between what he said and what you're saying. So...
Stranges: Um Hmm.
Bell: ... we'll see. Let's go back to the lines. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Hello.
Bell: Hello.
Caller: Yes. This is Monte from Seattle on KOMO.
Bell: Hello, Monte.
Caller: Yeah. I had a question about, uh, a, uh, comment. I was requesting a comment?
Bell: Yes.
Caller: About the, um, interference by alien beings, perhaps long ago, that interfered with our DNA structure? And that, perhaps, they're back here now to re-establish that full potential that we have?
Bell: Um Hm. Alright. I think if you're listening carefully, uh, that couldn't be from your perspective, could it Dr.? Or could it?
Stranges: No. No, I haven't touched on that tonight at all.
Bell: Well, touch on it. In other words, could that be... there is a theory that they interfered with our DNA structure but with what you believe they are, that really couldn't be. Could it?
Stranges: I believe they may have tried in the years and years gone by. Because, every once in a while you'll find an excavation that uncovers the skeletal structure of people who are neither animal nor human. That could be put into that category.
Bell: Uh huh. Alright. Uh, wild card line, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Hi there. I'm calling from San Diego.
Bell: Yes sir.
Caller: I have a couple quick questions and I'll just hang up and listen.
Bell: Alright.
Caller: Uh, first, he mentioned that somewhere in Jeremiah there is a reference to, uh, previous civilizations on Earth?
Stranges: Chapter 4.
Caller: Chapter 4. OK. That's what I was wondering.
Bell: Alright.
Caller: Also you mentioned that one of the types of beings could be, uh, a demonic sort of being and that they are the ones that are doing the abductions and probing and all this.
Stranges: Yes. Those are the ones that were cast out of the Heavenlies God knows how long ago.
Caller: OK...
Stranges: One third of the angels.
Caller: ... yes sir. And my question is how is it, uh, I'd just like you to explain or describe briefly how they could, uh, adopt physical form and manipulate things so directly in the physical realm.
Bell: Alright.
Stranges: Alright. That's not a difficult question. Uh, these fallen angels and demon spirits have powers that are far beyond a man's wildest imagination. And over the years, in fact, many, many aeons, they have proven themselves as the destructors of the human race. And in, uh, other recent times, the destruction of the animals out in the field. No, these are not created by people from outer space. I believe that these murders are and slaughters are committed by these evil spirits and evil demon powers who have been loosened on this earth after they were cast down. Now they're... they were cast down to the Earth. I don't know how we ever got so lucky to have them all come down here to this planet Earth. But, no other planet is mentioned in the scriptures as being the repository of, uh, demon spirits or fallen angels. And they have had the power in the heavenlies... tremendous power... and now the only ones that have the power to leave this planet is Lucifer himself who has free access before the throne of God. And he's continuously accusing the brethren. Accusing the people of God.
Bell: Well, it was probably that damn apple! Alright.
Stranges: It could have been.
Bell: Yeah. Dr., hold on. We'll come back to you in just a moment. Fascinating Dreamland and, uh, but that's what we're here for. You know, if you wanna hear somebody bashing politically, I'm sure you'll find that on most other channels. Here it's a little different....
This Begins the Fourth Half Hour

Art Bell: Back now to Dr. Stranges. Dr.?
Frank E. Stranges: Yes sir.
Bell: Um... beginning next month... well this month, now... it is the 1st of October... Um... next week, for example, we will kick off a whole series on ghosts and things that go bump in the night. And my guest next week is going to be Brad Steiger...
Stranges: Oh! He's great!
Bell: ... who wrote "The Awful Thing In The Attic." And, so it leads me into asking you about such entities, ghosts.
Stranges: I believe they exist. I most certainly do. I believe that people have given some graphic illustrations and some photographers have, uh, both on video tape and still pictures, have taken pictures of, uh, entities, ghost like apparitions. I believe they're there.
Bell: I have such a photograph.
Stranges: You do?
Bell: I do. Uh, it is the scariest, most hair raising one you've ever seen! Do you have a... are you a computer person?
Stranges: Uh, not yet.
Bell: OK.
Stranges: I'm just getting started.
Bell: Well, um, let me tell the audience. If you would like a picture of... actually, we have several ghost like entities. They're on our bulletin board. Our bulletin board is open 24 hours a day and is free to go up once a day and get a free photograph. A GIF file. And the number is, area code 702-727-1709. 702-727-1709. In addition, we've got the Unabomber's manifesto. All 37,000 words up there for you to download. Uh, whenever you get a chance, Dr., you're gonna want to get a computer.
Stranges: Yes. Some of the people in our church have one.
Bell: Uh, well, in that case, have them download the ghost photograph and print it out for you.
Stranges: Alright.
Bell: It is absolutely incredible. Alright. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Hello Art.
Bell: Hello.
Caller: Uh, Dr. Stranges.
Stranges: Yes. Good evening.
Caller: Good evening. Uh, you were discussing Hale-Bopp.
Bell: Yes. Where are you, by the way?
Caller: I'm in Collinsville, Illinois, on Satcom.
Bell: OK.
Caller: You were discussing Hale-Bopp and uh...
Bell: Yes.
Caller: ... and maybe a Biblical connection. Uh, Dr. Stranges, I'm surprised you didn't bring up Wormwood! OK. To begin with, I talked to Sitchin, I've talked to a Mr. Morningsky and there is something more that Mr. Hoagland is leaving out. Uh, Sky and Telescope, October issue, talks about this thing looping through Sagittarius.
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: In Sitchin's "Genesis Revisited" he talks about the return of the celestial Lord. And there is a paragraph that's from the book of Jerold (sp?) the earliest translation talking about it coming through Sagittarius. Also, you mentioned the swirl in the photograph.
Bell: Yes.
Caller: The Hopi Indians might have something that, uh, might, parallel with that. A, uh, swastika on a sacred tablet.
Bell: Alright.
Stranges: Uh, so I would recommend your listeners to look at "Genesis Revised," page 328. Also, from an ancient Babylonian text, it talks about within the station of Jupiter the planet increases in brilliance. There's a lot of things that Mr. Hoagland wasn't hitting on.
Bell: Alright, sir. Thank you. Um, Dr., this is going to be a little complicated, and I don't know if you've heard my show enough to know, but I've been doing talk radio, this brand, this show actually for 11 years...
Stranges: Oh, that's marvelous.
Bell: ... and talk radio in general for 15. I've noticed what I've decided to call "the quickening." And it relates to social, economic and political events in this country... in fact the whole world... whether you want to talk about... I believe we've got hurricane 'O' now out there. More hurricanes in any recorded season. We've got earthquakes. We've got rumblings. We've got, uh, people like Gordon-Michael Scallion predicting great earth changes.
Stranges: Weather changes...
Bell: Weather changes. All of it seems to be converging and quickening. It's the only good word I can come up with.
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: What's goin' on?
Stranges: I believe that the earth itself is experiencing some tremendous changes at this time and it's going to reach a point just prior to the end of the century that these things are going to continue. And then I believe there's going to be a tremendous spiritual awakening all over the globe. And it's gonna actually change everything from weather patterns to earthquakes and everything else.
Bell: You...
Stranges: Notice I didn't say religious awakening, I said spiritual awakening.
Bell: Yes, you said spiritual awakening. Yes.
Stranges: Yes. And in my meetings in South Korea, uh, I've had many, many Bhuddists in my meetings and we've discussed some of these things about the spiritual awakening and they're so glad that I didn't say religious awakening because it's going to touch on practically every religion. Every religion there is in creation.
Bell: That's quite a statement.
Stranges: It's going to create a respect for each other.
Bell: Alright. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi. Hello there.
Caller: Yes.
Bell: Yes, you're on the air, sir.
Caller: Uh, this is James in Oklahoma City.
Bell: Hello James.
Caller: Uh, I was wondering if, uh, the gentleman that he talked to that was supposedly from Venus, does he have any information about the faces on Mars?
Bell: Alright.
Stranges: Yes. He gave us some information and he said there is really nothing highly significant about that whatsoever.
Bell: What have you learned about a previous civilization on this earth? Now, you've mentioned that a couple of times.
Stranges: Yes. As is mentioned between the 1st and 2nd verses... [of Genesis] that's reflected way over in the book of Jeremiah. And what makes this unique is because you'll find that language in a portion of the 4th chapter of Jeremiah is not Jeremiah speaking but it's Moses! And the big question that's, uh, bothered many theologians and Biblical instructors and interpreters is how in the world did that section of scripture go from the 1st chapter of Genesis and land way over hundreds of years later in the book of Jeremiah?
Bell: Well, you mentioned that the person you communicate with twice a year now, uh, also gave you information on this. What has he told you?
Stranges: Yes. He said that this was a fantastic city at one time. He said it rose in stature and wisdom and understanding that no other civilization on the face of the earth has reached. And all of a sudden, something went wrong. And that's when they had to meet their "Waterloo."
Bell: See, that's...
Stranges: Something went wrong because they achieved the ability to fly off of this planet onto other planets.
Bell: Yes.
Stranges: And they were going to take their greed and their hatred and everything else in the gamut with them. And the Almighty would not allow that so He shut them down.
Bell: Uh, this quickening that I'm talking about, how close... is this leading to, uh, you said a spiritual awakening...
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: ... How do you know it's not leading to a shut down?
Stranges: No. I don't believe it's going to lead to a shut down because if you've taken the pulse of people all over the world they are reaching out for something better than what they had before. Even in their belief system. That they want to believe that God is a good God. That He's not up there like an angry man sitting in a chair with a huge horse whip. That He's here to help mankind. To appreciate him and to appreciate each others ability.
Bell: I like that. I never thought of God as having a horse whip myself.
Stranges: Yes. People do, believe me!
Bell: I know. I know. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi. Hello there? Going... going... gone. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi... he says having, I guess, pushed the wrong button, I'm so sorry to those two people. First time caller line, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hello.
Caller: Yeah. I was wondering have you considered this Thor character to be the Anti-Christ?
Bell: The what character?
Caller: The Thor...
Stranges: No. Simply because he glorifies Jesus Christ and he glorifies God. Anti-Christ in no way, shape, manner or form is going to tell you that Jesus Christ is God or that the word of God is true.
Caller: Ok. Thank you.
Bell: Alright. Thank you. Interesting. Very interesting. Wild card line, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Uh, hello Art. KABC, Los Angeles.
Bell: Yes sir.
Caller: Uh, Dr. Stranges...
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: ... on your contacts from Venus, does he ever mention anything about, you know, the human soul?
Stranges: Oh! He most certainly does. He wrote a book called "Outwitting Tomorrow." And that's in your book stores right now. And in that he explains the make up of the physical body and the soul and the spirit. He also gives the 5 pointed star of life that if man can perfect all of these points evenly, why he'll be a well balanced individual.
Caller: And one other quick question. Uh, I'm a little bit skeptical because Hoagland mentions this, you mentioned it and a few other people Art has had on as guests and they talk about these civilizations that existed before, you know, uh, Mesopotamia and stuff like that.
Bell: Yes.
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: But yet, you know, we can find fossils that are millions of years old, but we find nothing of these civilizations, you know, concrete-wise.
Bell: Yeah. It's a good... it's a... a point. How would you answer that.
Stranges: This is true. But you see, finding fossils is like putting the puzzle together. And because of the journeys that many of these peoples took in the wilderness and other areas across the planet you'll find, uh, certain bones of certain individuals in India and then you'll find the same structure... the same type of bones in Africa and the same in Egypt and places like that and other places far removed from these three countries that I mentioned that show that, uh, these people became nomads shortly after the destruction of their massive cities. You take Sodom and Gomorrah. If you go to that place today, you will still to this day find in the ground or on top of the ground green glass... what appears to be green glass... which is a perfect testimony to nuclear fusion!
Bell: Dr., uh, let me try this on you. You've done a lot of world travel, haven't you?
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: Have you ever been to Thailand?
Stranges: No.
Bell: Uh, well I have and fairly recently.
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: Uh, in Bangkok in Thailand there is an area called Papong.
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: Uh, if God were to look down upon Papong where they sell little 11 year old... 10 and 11 year old girls...
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: ... to any comer with uh, uh, their little Girl Scout uniforms on...
Stranges: Yes...
Bell: God would immediately wash the planet clean, PSSHH! just like that! Uh, there is a lot of that that goes on, uh, Papong may be one of the worst examples in Bangkok, but, all over the world.
Stranges: You've got white slavery going on right here in the United States. When I worked as an undercover agent both in Minnesota and Boston and many other places, we saw the exact same thing where little kiddies were kidnapped off of... off of the face of the earth.
Bell: Yup!
Stranges: From little parks where they were... the attendees... the attenders were supposed to be watching them and they were looking in the other direction. These kids are sold into slavery. Not just in America but in other foreign countries. But I believe there's a day of reckoning coming. I believe there's a day of reckoning coming when God's going to lower the boom on these people. I bet they're going to feel His weight!
Bell: Well see now, here we go! Now, you're putting the whip in His hand?
Stranges: Well, whatsoever a man soweth, so shall he reapeth. They're not going to plant corn and eat spaghetti!
Bell: Uh, well said. Uh, East of the Rockies, uh, no... West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Hi. Dr. Stranges?
Bell: Where are you, sir?
Caller: I'm up in Reno, KOH.
Bell: Reno. Alright.
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: Well, in, in your travels... in your information sharing, has there been anything that could give us some guidance in terms of looking after our health as humans?
Stranges: Yes. People by and large in the... let me use this term very, very carefully... in the section of organized religion... have looked to the ministry... have looked to the clergy persons for everything. And, uh, instead of training their children up in the way they should go, they're depending on the church and the school and the police department to bring up their kids and to discipline their kids. Uh, what I see is that there's a trend that people are looking within themselves for the first time, perhaps, and they're not liking what they're, they're seeing. And they're reaching out to try ways and means to gather information and to put that information to work... to implement that information so that they can help themselves, their families and their neighbors.
Bell: Alright. Dr., I'm going to ask you to hold it there for just one moment. We're gonna take care of a little bit of business which we must do and supports all of this. And we'll be back in a moment.

Commercial Break

Bell: Alright. Back now to, uh, Dr. Stranges and, uh, here we go once again. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Ah, yes. This is Austin, Texas.
Bell: Austin, Texas. Yes sir.
Caller: Uh, yeah. I had, uh, two questions basically. Um, first of all, um, this gentleman that he speaks to from Venus, is he basically, uh, just saying what the Bible is saying is true? Or, is he saying anything different about maybe the purpose of life or what this is all about?
Stranges: The bottom line is he has verified that everything that the scripture teaches is true and he believes it.
Caller: OK. And so, exactly, I'm sorry, they cut off the first hour here so we never get to hear what you're saying.
Bell: Oh my.
Caller: On KFON.
Bell: You might give them a call and ask them to restoreth the first hour.
Caller: Ok. Wonderful. And, um, also, uh, when, uh, when you're talking about adding text to the Bible...
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: I know the Bible does say, you know, if you add anything or take anything away... So what should you do with these versions....
Stranges: Well, let me, let me be specific. As a, as a Bible scholar and a Bible teacher you're, you're referring to the verses in Revelation that say, "If any man adds to or takes away from the words of this prophecy, let him be accursed."
Caller: Right.
Stranges: That only talks about the book of Revelation.
Caller: OK.
Stranges: Just the book of Revelation.
Caller: But, is that really fair then not to give the full picture? Not to have the full disclosure to mankind?
Stranges: It's not fair. Not at all. This is why the Dead Sea Scrolls that I made... video tapes... will, will enlighten people all over the world. And furthermore, there is so much information that has been withheld because the original scriptures at the very beginning were changed and some of them were distorted, some of them were omitted just to suit the fancy of the people in charge of the project at that particular time. Remember the 1611 King James Version, uh, had to be completed by the time the King's birthday came along and thus allowing room for many mistakes and errors and omissions. Some by accident. Some on purpose. And if they didn't finish it by the King's birthday their heads would have come off!
Caller: Um, one last question, uh, I, I know if you follow the Christian Bible. I guess you wouldn't really...
Stranges: Of course I do!
Caller: ... espouse to this thinking. But I've heard lots of interpretations where, uh, there is a lot of, uh, references to UFOs and maybe it is in the Dead Sea Scrolls but there's also been, uh, references that Jesus was an alien himself.
Stranges: No.
Caller: And that he gave this as the only palatable way for mankind to understand what's goin' on. And kinda be controlled, uh, be controlled under a certain way of thinking, under certain rules or laws and he gave it to them in a form that they could understand whether it be a Heaven and a Hell, and so forth. Because, those ideas originated well before the Bible was ever written.
Bell: Alright. We've got to hold it there. Any response?
Stranges: Well, I don't subscribe to that at all. Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
Bell: Alright.
Stranges: And in the Dead Sea Scrolls he is revealed as God Incarnate.
Bell: You must run into a lot of trouble, uh, Dr. with religious folk? Umm...
Stranges: Oddly, oddly enough, only some of the leaders!
Bell: Huh...
Stranges: (Laughs)
Bell: Alright. Stay right there. Um, I understand why Joe Pine had a lot of trouble with Dr. Stranges. This is very interesting. He is a very interesting mixture of a man, isn't he? But then again, that's what we have this program for. From Dreamland, from next to Dreamland, this is Dreamland. We'll be right back.
Bottom Of The Hour Break
This begins part five of the Interview with Dr. Stranges

Art Bell: Dr. Stranges, uh, uh, here is a, uh, question for you...
Frank E. Stranges: Yes.
Bell: "Do you have any knowledge about the whole Billy Meier affair? The contacts with the Pleadians, so called?"
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: "Please ask him," that meaning you, "if he believes that our souls have lived many other previous lives? As many as a million, not all on earth?"
Stranges: I usually don't make comments about other authors and lecturers but in this case, uh, let me just briefly say that the pictures that he produced have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in laboratories in both Japan and the United States. But, his story, uh, has changed quite a few times to the point that, uh, you just wonder which is true and which is not true.
Bell: Alright. Uh, one more. "A very enlightened guest. Has his friend..." you're friend... "ever revealed why there are so many different races?" Fred, down in San Diego.
Stranges: Yes. The answer to that is because we have so many species of flowers, and so many different varieties and species of fruit and vegetables as well as people and animals. God is a God of, uh, not just a, uh, I would dare to say even a flamboyancy because of all the colors and size and shapes that he even made people!
Bell: So, variety...
Stranges: He's a God of variety.
Bell: Variety is the spice of.
Stranges: Right.
Bell: Uh huh. Alright...
Stranges: You know, in Sunday School we used to sing, "Jesus Loves the Little Children, red and yellow, black and white." Right?
Bell: Right.
Stranges: Well, pretty soon we're going to have to add a few new voices because when some of these people reveal themselves because some of them have a different type of hue, like a bluish hue or a greenish hue...
Bell: Oh yes...
Stranges: We're gonna have to expand our music!
Bell: (Laughs) Alright. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Hello Art and hello Dr. Stranges.
Stranges: Yes, hello.
Caller: I have a question regarding uh, a different kind of phenomenon then you've been discussing.
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: It's with the UFO kind of thing. In the... 1966 in central Pennsylvania, there occurred glistening, comet like things in the sky. I observed one myself, which must have been miles in height. Sort of with the sun lighting back behind it in a cloudless sky. And a large... a twin jet or bigger plane that was... you could just see the contrail... flew around it. A big, "J" shaped flight and several other planes investigated it. Have you seen things like this? Or know of...
Stranges: I have seen several UFOs, maybe 4 that I hold highly significant. And the nighttime sight... uh, the nighttime sightings are very difficult to identify because they could be just about anything including experimental jets.
Caller: Well, this was at, uh, just before dusk because the sun was setting. And it appeared for a good 20-30 minutes during rush hour traffic, uh, near the Harrisburg area...
Stranges: See, we would classify that at our committee as a... an unidentified flying object because we would check with the local airport and with the Airforce and find out if there were any weather balloons that were up at that time. Make a complete search and in order to determine whether it was anything man made. And when we rule those out, then it still remains in a category called unknown... unidentifiable.
Bell: Hmm. Alright. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Yeah. Any new, uh, any new, uh, any new information about the hollow earth theory?
Bell: The hollow...
Stranges: Oh yes.
Caller: Or Admiral Byrd.
Bell: OK. Where are you, sir?
Caller: San Francisco, KSFO.
Bell: San Francisco. Alright. Uh, Dr.... the hollow earth theory?
Stranges: Yes. I believe that... you know, it's amazing because I brought this out in several universities and they've told me in private that they're beginning to do some private investigations into the theory, especially since they saw the NASA pictures that I have that show a distinct opening at the South Pole.
Bell: Oooh! Uh, there's also a very interesting project going on up in Alaska called HAARP.
Stranges: Um hmm!
Bell: And HAARP has two stated goals. One is to do ionospheric heating and in some way modify the ionosphere...
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: ... and the second goal is to look for underground tunnels, uh, and caverns.
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: And I thought that really odd! Really odd, uh, to look underground as though they suspect, obviously, that there's a lot more there than does not meet the eye.
Stranges: They do more than suspect because the United States Government with our satellites were able to detect certain openings in and around the poles as well as in Alaska and many other... many other places of which they had no rational explanation. This stuff is still top...
Bell: And you, you, you... wait a minute. Wait a minute. You've got a photograph... run this by me again...
Stranges: Yes. I have 3 NASA photographs on slides...
Bell: Yes.
Stranges: That show pictures that were taken of the South Pole by our United States, uh, orbiting satellite.
Bell: Yes.
Stranges: The first time around, everything was clouded over. The second time around, 50% of the cloud covering was gone. And the third time around, there was a... there was an opening at the poles and they figured approximately 1500 miles across!
Bell: Uh huh!
Stranges: And these are NASA pictures.
Bell: Dr....
Stranges: They've been published before.
Bell: Yes, Dr., would you be willing to send me... I've been pretty good to you so far... uh, would you be willing to send me a copy of that particular photograph? The one that shows the hole?
Stranges: I will if you send me a copy of your newsletter!
Bell: (Both laugh) I'm sure something can be arranged.
Stranges: Good.
Bell: I really, really would like to have, uh...
Stranges: I will send those to you because I have just had more copies made.
Bell: Uh, oh, very good. Uh, East of the Rockies, you're on the air... would it be alright for me to post that on the bulletin board or maybe put it in the newsletter?
Stranges: Absolutely.
Bell: Maybe?
Stranges: Why not.
Bell: Huh. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hello.
Caller: Hello Art, this is Sky in New Orleans.
Bell: Yes sky.
Caller: And hello Dr. Stranges.
Stranges: Hello. How are you.
Caller: Uh, real... real quick, uh, Art, this has been a fantastic weekend with Richard Friday night and, uh, this gentleman tonight.
Bell: Yes.
Caller: I mean, you're on a roll!
Bell: I hope so.
Caller: I'm telling you. This is fantastic.
Stranges: You're in New Orleans?
Caller: Yes sir.
Stranges: I spoke to the Catholic University there just about half a year ago.
Caller: Well, I was truly deprived, then. I missed that.
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: Basically, uh, the things that I'm hearing tonight... that we heard Friday night, Saturday morning, it's just great.
Bell: You also...
Caller: It's making people think.
Bell: Yeah, Sky, do you see the same parallels that I do between Dr. Stranges and, uh, Richard Hoagland, uh, with regard to the comet?
Caller: Big time!
Bell: Yeah. Big time is right.
Caller: As far as the Richard Hoagland show, I missed the last hour because we're down here in the "Bubba Belt" and they had to have a fishing show come on.
Bell: I see.
Caller: But what I wanted to ask, uh, Dr. Stranges, uh, uh, I'm just finding, uh, everything you're saying, uh, for how we should be looking towards ourselves spiritually and everything is, uh, just makes so much sense. Like you said about, uh, you know, with that nano-technology.
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: Creating, uh...
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: I was trying to get in that night and I couldn't. And the same point you made about the souls...
Stranges: Yes.
Caller: Uh... We don't have that right to create. And if we do create an organism like that they, uh, I don't see where they would be assigned a soul.
Stranges: No.
Caller: And the only thing that they would have is their desire to survive. And that would be a problem for us!
Stranges: That's true.
Caller: And, uh, what I wanted to get to lastly was, uh, how do you see things currently, especially in this country, going on politically as far as what we should focus on? About what we should try? And is there any credibility to claims that they're making to where they need to... you know, our government needs to have, you know, more power to come into our lives more? You know, everything they're claiming like ozone and everything?
Bell: Let's just take the whole leap. The New World Order.
Stranges: Yes. I think that they're making a big mistake in even espousing this, uh, theory that this might work, the New World Order. I believe that, that people have common sense enough to, when they go to the polls, keep in mind what these fellahs are saying. And screen every speech that you hear from these so called politicians. These statesmen.
Bell: Well, I'll vote for that. Alright. Hold on a moment, Dr.... right back to you.
Commercial Break
Bell: OK. Back now to Dr. Stranges. Dr., are you ready?
Stranges: Yes. I'm here.
Bell: OK. Uh, I want to give you one more chance to plug your own stuff. Uh, you've got video tapes...
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: ... obviously. And, uh, your book. How do people get 'em?
Stranges: Well, they can either go down to the bookstore and if they're sold out they can write to me at this address: P.O. Box 5, Van Nuys, California, 91408. We'll send them a full, uh, catalog of books and tapes including the one that Val wrote called "Outwitting Tomorrow."
Bell: And, if they want to make a phone call?
Stranges: If they want to make a phone call let them call 818-989-5942. Now, if they call the space station in Houston, oddly enough, just three weeks ago, uh, NASA agreed to steer all of the UFO inquiries that come in there up to our office.
Bell: You're kidding!
Stranges: Isn't that something! You talk about a surprise?
Bell: Uh, that is a surprise.
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: You know, somehow the award from the FBI, all the committees and so forth you're on, you seem awfully well connected on the inside.
Stranges: I appreciate that. I've tried hard. It's been... coincidentally, October 6th is my birthday.
Bell: Oh, it is?
Stranges: Yes.
Bell: The day my book comes out.
Stranges: That's wonderful. I'm going to look for your book.
Bell: (Laughs) OK. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Hi. I'm calling from San Diego.
Bell: Yes sir.
Caller: Yes. What's in our future here on earth for us humans that the aliens want us to have? And do these aliens look and speak like us humans?
Stranges: The aliens speak every language and dialect on the face of the earth. And what they have done was take the, uh, Golden Rule more than any other single doctrine and asked people to examine it, to probe it and to practice it.
Bell: Well, I guess if everybody did, we wouldn't have problems.
Stranges: None whatsoever.
Bell: We wouldn't even have police.
Stranges: No.
Bell: Or the FBI. Or the FDA.
Stranges: That's right.
Bell: Or... any of the rest of the, uh, alphabet organizations.
Stranges: That's true.
Bell: West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Hi Dr. Stranges.
Stranges: Hello.
Caller: This is Mack and I'm calling you from North Bend, Oregon.
Bell: Alright.
Caller: OK. Dr. Stranges, uh, I get to give, first of all, my opinions. I think you're pretty loose guy, but I may be incorrect. Anyway, what I'd like to know is your friend is from, uh, from Venus apparently?
Stranges: The inside of the planet, yes.
Caller: Yeah. My understanding is that the surface temperature of, uh, of Venus is somewhere between 8 and 9 hundred degrees?
Bell: Right.
Stranges: That's correct.
Caller: So how is that managed?
Bell: He has a great suntan?
Stranges: (Laughs)
Caller: Yeah, I guess something like that.
Stranges: No. You see, you're accounting for the surface temperature. These people live on the inside of the planet.
Caller: So you're saying that beneath that they could survive.
Stranges: That's correct. That's correct.
Caller: OK. The other is that you seem to be a Christian. Is that true?
Stranges: Yes. That's true. I am a Christian minister.
Caller: OK. That's fine. Uh, the whole thing is you, you said something that, that I don't think is quite correct. You said Jesus Christ... and what it would be is Jesus didn't have a last name to my knowledge. It was Jesus of Nazareth. And Christ is Cristo in Roman. I don't know what it is in Hebrew.
Bell: Pretty picky, sir!
Caller: It means redeemer.
Bell: Yeah, alright. Pretty picky, I would say. You want to comment on it?
Stranges: Well I agree that He's the redeemer because He did redeem mankind back to His Father by what he did on the cross. Not only on the cross but His resurrection confirmed it.
Bell: Alright.
Stranges: I have no quarrel with that whatsoever.
Bell: Alright. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Where are you calling from, please?
Caller: Houston.
Bell: Houston, Texas. Yes sir.
Caller: Yes. I wanted to, uh, also say I like your music, Art.
Bell: Oh. Thank you.
Caller: And what's the name of it?
Bell: Uh, it's called "The 'O' of Pleasure."
Caller: Oh, OK.
Stranges: That's nice.
Bell: (laughs)
Caller: OK. Yeah. I wanted to say I think I'm in agreement with you in what you were saying earlier when you said a third of the angels were thrown out of Heaven and then made into devils...
Stranges: That's right. Cast down into the planet earth.
Caller: They come now... OK... here... My theory has been for years that we... that this... the planet earth here is Hell. We are in Hell. We are the people who were thrown to Hell. We just weren't told, uh, told that. But we are suffering in Hell right now. So that to me would make sense.
Stranges: You can't tell that to people who are vacationing in Hawaii.
Bell: (Laughs)
Caller: No.
Stranges: And other places of the world. You see, Werner Von Braun was asked a question many years ago by one of our committee members, "Sir," he said... before he passed away... "what is your opinion of life on earth as opposed to life on other planets?" Well, he stroked his chin and he said, "Man would have to be an egotistical fool to think he's the only living creature in the entire universe." And he went on to say that, "It's my humble opinion that the planet earth is the insane asylum of the universe.
Bell: Hmm.
Caller: That makes sense.
Stranges: I hope he's wrong!
Bell: Alright. Thank you. It was kind of a heavenly lay-off then.
Stranges: (Laughs)
Bell: Sort of a cosmic lay-off. Uh, first time caller, caller line, you're on with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
Caller: Hello.
Bell: Hello. Turn your radio off. That's number one.... Off, off, off!
Caller: I'm off.
Bell: Where are you calling from?
Caller: Uh, Mississippi.
Bell: Mississippi. Alright.
Caller: Uh.... first off, that's a bogus state. But I don't want to tell where I'm at because I try to remain anonymous.
Stranges: Um Hm.
Bell: Alright.
Caller: Uh, years ago back in the, probably, 60's I was what you call in the dark in my mind and I started reading the Bible and I carried it to such an extent that I, uh, kind of got the true meaning of the Bible. And since that time God has shown me a lot of things.
Stranges: Um hmm.
Caller: And one of the things that I feel like... that, uh, you could say my job is going to be is when people go so far or they cross the line, you could say...
Bell: Yes?
Caller: It's my job to release the information that will cause society to fall.
Bell: That's quite a load there you've taken on!
Caller: Yeah... I'm nervous right now talking to you because of the kinds of things that I do know and revealing myself...
Bell: So, how are you going to do this?
Caller: Well, for about probably 15 years every thought that comes into my mind I've been writing it down.
Stranges: Hmm. You must have quite a volume.
Caller: I don't try to memorize anything, basically. It's when I get a thought, I research it...
Bell: Yes but, how are you going to cause society to fall?
Caller: Well, you've heard the saying don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing?
Bell: In other words, you're not going to tell us.
Caller: No. I'm telling you. Right now.
Bell: Uh huh!
Caller: If I'm in the center, I'm not of the left or the right, I'm in the center. That means I can see in all directions. Like standing on a mountain top. And the information that I have, if I revealed it, if I just went and rented a Xerox copier...
Bell: Yea...
Caller: Started copying it and leaving it in different places...
Bell: Yes.
Caller: (coughs) It'd all be over.
Bell: Well, it sounds like it because all of the forests would fall. Uh, I mean that much paper, uh, left in that many places with all those thoughts, presuming you've had that many, uh, the forests would fall. Wild card line, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hello.
Caller: Yeah. Art?
Bell: Yes sir.
Caller: Yeah. I, uh, was, uh, not figuring that I would get through. Uh, what I wanted to ask the Dr. is, uh, and you might have... being on, uh, on some part of the show that I didn't hear, but has he ever, uh, read, uh, Graham Hancock's "Fingerprints of the Gods?"
Bell: Good question.
Stranges: Yes I have.
Bell: And what is your, uh, take on it?
Stranges: I believe it's a book that's been well thought through.
Bell: That's interesting because that also, uh, is the view of Richard Hoagland, who will be coming up here in about an hour.
Stranges: Great.
Bell: And, uh, I hope you get a chance to listen to that. We are out of time, uh, Dr. So, final word time. Do you have a final word or anything that you would like to tell everybody?
Stranges: Yes. I would like to tell everybody to have faith in God. That's, that's a must. But have faith in yourself. Have confidence in yourself. Treat your neighbor like you would want to be treated and look for the better things of life and expect great and wonderful things to happen because the doomsday sayers are wrong.
Bell: Well, we do live in amazing times, don't we?
Stranges: We most certainly do. Yes.
Bell: Dr., thank you.
Stranges: Thank you for having me. I really appreciated this time.
Bell: We'll have you back sometime, believe me.
Stranges: Thank you.
Bell: Uh, what an enigma of a person that man is? Uh, fascinating. That was Dr. Frank E. Stranges.
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