from the first contact

TU. 28 Jan 14:40 1975.

This material may seem messy or leaping - because she touched different themes in the same contact - and remember those are only summaries.

drawing of Semjase


" For a very long time we have been urged to come in contact with an Earth human being, who is sincere and really wants to be helpful in our mission. Many times we have tried this, but the chosen human beings were not knowledgeable enough or willing, and also often lacked loyalty and sincerity. Those who we have endeavored to meet with feared for themselves and kept silent about our appearing. They asserted that they would be thought of as insane and could be damaged by official and stupid human intrigues, even accuse them of lying. Because of that many boastful human beings pretend that they have had contact with us and have flown in our Beamships.

They are nothing more than Charlatans and deceivers who bath themselves in doubtful glory and try to earn profits from others. There are many Earth organizations, which trouble themselves for explorations of our Beamships, but they have very little materials which are really authentic. They have many of photos which expose nothing more than lights and light apparitions of natural things or are just conscious falsifications. Only very few of these photo-proofs are authentic and really show our Beamships. Most of the photos are fabricated deceptions or photographic deceit, manufactured by cheaters and charlatans who become known worldwide by this. They then write books full of lies and evil deceit all for the purpose of their reputation or of maliciousness.


"On the other hand there are many who dare to connect us with human religion, with which we do not want to become involved in or have anything to do with. Your so called sectarians even don't shrink from this as they themselves deceive their fellow man with this belief. These infamous and primitive machinations should be stopped before the whole world gets caught up in this lie. If these cheaters and charlatans would really be in contact with us and in mantel connection, then we would have offered a chance for them to get very clear photo proofs of our Beamships. As they are insincere human beings we have not given this chance to them. For evidence of this fact of truth we offer the chance to you to make distinct pictures of one or our Beamships. Even further on we will offer this chance to you to obtain still better and clearer picture evidence.


The Earth human being call us extra terrestrials, or star people, or whatever he wants. He attributes to us super-natural powers without knowing us at all. In truth we are human beings just like the Earth human, but our knowledge and our wisdom are very much superior to his, especially in the technical areas. Of course the Earth human has taken the first step towards cosmic space flight, but this is only the first primitive tries. Even if he has reached the moon with his missiles, he has not reached the cosmic space. In this manner he will not reach it at all since necessary for that is the Impulsion, which is able to break the hyper-space and bring together the tremendous distances. 

Space and time are not overcome by space and time, but by the space and timeless, what that means is that space and time collapse into one another and equal-directed enter into the null time. Then just a few seconds are sufficient to hurry through billions of light-years, practically without loss of time, because the null time neutralizes space and time.

Many deceivers and charlatans pretend to stay in contact with other planetary human beings of your solar system and have even flown in their Beamships. That is nothing more than a lie, as mostly the stars they talk about are so desolate that human life is impossible there. Other planets in contrast are since long time died out of life or they are in the first stage of development. Other solar systems yet carry many life forms, and not only human. The forms of life are various, both human and animal. There are also many animal and even plant forms of life which have themselves evolved to high forms of life. So there does exist many sorts, which have reached large knowledge and freed themselves from their planets and travel through the Universe and sometimes come to the Earth.

Many of them are but rather nasty contemporaries and live in a certain barbarism, which is still worse even then yours. Your should be on your guard of these types, because they often fight against and destroy everything that comes along their way. They have often even destroyed whole planets and beaten their inhabitants into barbarous bondage. This is one of our missions, to warn the Earth human about these creatures. Let the human beings know this, because more and more the time approaches where a conflict with these beings becomes unavoidable.

A further mission of ours is aimed at your religions and the connected subdevelopment of the human spirit. Above everything else stands one power that resides over the Life and Death of each creature. This is the Creation alone, who has laid her laws over all. Laws which are irrefutable and own eternal validity. When the human being troubles himself he will recognize them in Nature. They expose for him the way of life and the way towards the spiritual greatness, embodying the goal of life. While the human being continues to indulge himself in his religions and because of that to a wicked heresy, his spirit pines more and more away and finally leads to a bottomless abyss. The human being must recognize that never can a God overtake the part of the

Creation or control the destiny or fate of the human being. A God is only a governor and moreover a human being, who powerfully exercises a reign of tyranny over his fellow creatures. God is not the Creation, but only a creature from her, like all Creation dependent creatures. But the human being hunts after his religious wrong belief and affirms that God is the Creation itself He even goes further and pretends that a normal Earth human being by the name of Jmmanuel, who from conscious heresies also is named Jesus Christ, would be God's son and the Creation itself. Still different sectarians of the New Time go on and maintain things which already come near the delusion. Yet as already mentioned, also Beamships cheaters and charlatans walk into the same direction.

Very clearly they put the lie into the world that we or our brothers and sisters from other parts of the cosmos would come on behalf of a God (with whom they mean the Creation) as angels or similar, to bring to the Earth human the long-hoped for Peace and the truth of religion and the protections of order of God. That is nothing more than a well considered lie from sectarians, deceivers and charlatans. For we have never been given any such orders, an as well we never will.

The Creation itself never gives commands, because she embodies the greatest power in all the Universe, and never is in need of commands or religions. Religion is only a primitive piece of work of human beings, its purpose being to lead them and to suppress them for exploitation into only, which a spiritual wicked life can fall. Bring this truth to the light of the world and make it known to the human beings. This is a further part of our mission. If this does not happen like this, then the mankind slowly destroys itself and falls to complete spiritual darkness.

We know that you have knowledge about a secret old script, which the originals unfortunately were destroyed by the carelessness of our commissioner, who was your friend and by regret has failed in fear. Diffuse the translation of this script, because she is the only one, which is in truth authentic and contains no lies. And as we know, you also are writing a book about this script and about the real truth. To us, it seems the most important book to be written by a human being of your Earth, even though it will be harsh in its language and which will meet with hate. It but offers the truth to the Earth human beings when he speculates on it. It is but finally able to destroy in many people the madness of religions or at least to temper them very deliberating. It is an extraordinary good work and you ought to make it accessible to the human being.


The Ozone Problem

For many years the Pleiadians have controlled the dangerous effects we cause by our irresponsibility toward nature. Many different chemicals are let loose into the atmosphere, including Bromine gas, which slowly dissolves the ozone layer. In 1975 they told Billy that the ozone layer is 6.38 % affected and destroyed. This began 60 years ago. It allows ultraviolet radiation into the atmosphere affecting all creatures. There are currently three different areas where the danger exists. Bromine gas is not the only source of the problem. Our scientists are aware that explosion motors and matter destroying processes of other sorts, including atom splitting devices also contribute to the problem.

Since 1945 the problem has increased greatly due to the splitting of the atom. Some governments have designed missiles that release bromine gas into the atmosphere as a weapon stupidly thinking that such an action would be harmless to their own country. To close these ozone holes may take hundreds of years. The problem looks worse when we realize. The holes can wander. Billy has contacted Mr. McElroy at Harvard University with this information but has received no reply. The splitting of the atom is a far greater danger than we realize. 

Setting atomic energies free creates radiations of electrical energy at very high frequencies. This is not to be contused with what we think of as electricity but of a different kind of electrical energy around the ultra violet radiation field which our scientists are not aware of yet. Normally, this energy mingles with oxygen to generate huge quantities of ozone. Normally there is 1 part ozone to 500,000 parts air. When an explosion occurs due to atom splitting, the ozone value increases to 28 parts. These dangerous energies then destroy many varieties of microorganisms important to the preservation of all earthly life.

The ozone value then decreases very rapidly. The effects of these energies can continue for hundreds of years. Atomic explosions also effect the van Allen girdle by disturbing the electrons and photons important to the function of Earth life. The girdle exists at the height of 1000 kilometers and consists of charged particles in constant motion traveling in a spiral-like course from pole to pole. Billy sent letters to many universities and governments about this problem but did not receive one reply. The problem is worse today, just as predicted. Please read Discover, Scientific America, Time or most any current article about this problem. We are in serious danger.

For our first meeting I now have told you all necessary, but it is not enough with that. Many further contacts will follow after this first and I will call you in given point of time. But also by the way of "thoughts" transmission, which you call telepathy, I will come in connection with you and transmit further matters to you. Don't worry that I would do this at an unsuited time, but only then when you want it. I know to regard your character and also your will for independence, thus I will always take my direction from you. 

This time will come for you, when we will meet together in my Beamship and when also you will get able to undertake flights into the cosmic space with me. But for the next time this will not be possible because from certain circumstances of regrettable occurrences this is not advisable. I will inform you more in detail about this later. So live well until the next time, when I will give you further important information. In the future our conversations will not be so one sided like today when I had to explain many things to you. In the future each conversation shall be quite normal, as is usual, with questions and answers. See you again, and until then. Goodbye.



Second contact Monday Feb 3, 1975

  • Billy is complemented about his telepathic abilities and his thinking.
  • Beware of other space travelers who come to Earth and examine humans.
  • They search for planets with developing life forms and make contact with someone to Prepare them that they are not the only rational thinking beings in the Universe.
  • They don't make contact with Governments because without exception all Earth Governments are held by mighthrusty beings who are only interested in power. They really want the Beamships.
  • They want to capture the cosmos but they cannot even make peace here on Earth. One problem is that people will look to them as Gods. Many would fall into hysteria and become ill in their spirit. So they feel it better to pick out certain individuals.
  • ET's can not live for millions of years. Man evolves into spirit after so many physical lifetimes.
  • Semjase is 330 years old

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