The end of the voice of Sfath

On Eduard's birthday, February 3rd, 1953, the voice of SFATH became silent and was never heard again. It was only a few hours though before a new voice came into his mind. SFATH had told Eduard that there would be a new teacher of higher intelligence to guide him. The new voice was fresh and full of force, sounding - quite wise. The voice was also soft and quite harmonic. The new voice introduced herself as Asket, his new companion. By her abilities, Eduard gained much knowledge and experienced his first trips off the planet to examine and explore many exciting and educational things. Eduard was just turning 16 when his emotions and thoughts were already far different from the rest of us. Asket was to educate him and make use of his accelerated mind.


Eduards thoughts about himself

Although SFATH had revealed much knowledge to Eduard about himself he was still left to learn about himself on his own. Most interesting was the increasing awareness he had of the feelings and reminiscences of earlier lives. Eduard remembered visions of a large aerodrome of Beamships of all different sizes and shapes but couldn't remember exactly where he had seen them. Perhaps a former life on another world? But which one? As his education continued his awareness of himself grew. He had always felt like a stranger on this world and even thought he seemed to knew the good Earth quite well he had always felt strange. He would often know what lay ahead over the next hill or would see events happen just before they occurred. He had the ability to see the life span of other human beings as well as the effect it could have on their date of death if they knew of it. He learned to keep to himself


Eduard leaves home to learn about life

Young Eduard became such a problem in his community with their non-ability to understand him that he was blamed for all the wrong doings. He was sent to several institutions, which soon released him, because he was such a strange young boy. He soon found himself in the forests for many weeks living off the land, sleeping on the ground and eating wild berries, fruits, eggs of birds, grasses and roots. He was accused of robberies and other wrong deeds and was seized by the police and sent to court to account for himself. He did not feel moved to argue with the court and even signed confessions, knowing that he was not guilty. He told the police about his ET friends and the things they had taught him. He was committed to the Rheinau clinic.


Escape From Rheinau

Eduard found himself locked in a clinic and under psychiatric observation. Within a month he decided to break out. He fashioned a special key from the wooden carpet and opened the window of the bathroom. He looked down to see the concrete seven meters away. The decision had been made, he could no longer stay so he jumped, landing poorly, breaking his right foot. Although the pain was great he was committed so, climbing over a two meter fence he disappeared into a nearby forest. He could hear the dogs in the background howling as they tried to pick up his trail. He ran through the forest on his broken foot as the dogs closed in on him. He slipped and fell down a hill and rolled up on the bank of the Rhine River. Into the water he went. They wouldn't expect that. After all it was 11:00 on a cold November night.


The French Foreign Legion

A long swim through the night and a few days travel brought Eduard into France where he reported to the French Foreign Legion. He soon found himself to be a legionnaire in Algeria. Was this an escape or not? After some time, Eduard began to think about leaving the legion which was not so easily done. The other men told him that only a real man could escape. They looked up to such a man as a hero. Eduard prepared himself. It took Eduard two and a half months to find his way back to Europe. 

He remembers this time as a trial of seven hells where he more than once came face to face with death. Upon his return to Europe he turned himself in to the authorities and was sent before the judge. He had intended to explain himself but before he was allowed to do this he found himself finishing another four and one half years in the Rheinau clinic.


His first pfysical meeting with Asket

On his birthday, February 3, 1956, Eduard was summoned to another secret meeting with one of his teachers. This time it would be Asket. It was around 2 am when the telepathic call came. In the bitter cold as he made his way to the contact site climbing the hill to again search the stars for signs of the approaching ship. He didn't have to wait long as the bright light of the ship came shooting down from the dark, cold Switzerland sky to gently come to rest not far from him. As Eduard approached the ship he was gently lifted up and through the side of the ship a to ghostlike entrance, for there were no doors or stairs, just an unseen power gently moving him into the ship. He was a little surprised as he entered the ship because only one empty seat awaited him. Where was Asket?


Invisible Experience

No sooner had he sat down in the seat when a mind challenging event took place. The air around him turned bright white, as if in a dream, and all around him became invisible. In a rather natural manner he raised his left hand only to discover that he was also invisible. He looked down to Earth as he began to rise and move slowly toward the neighboring village. Within a few seconds he was just a few yards from his parents home. Asket's voice came into his mind with some new knowledge about his family down below and about the family he would have later in life. The ship then shot straight up and was soon leaving him with a view of the Earth as if it were a small moon. The ship moved around the Earth revealing the sun shining down on the Indian Ocean. He could see the sleeping west as a new day was beginning in the east. As his thoughts lingered on the beauty of it all the ship suddenly shot down toward the planet. The ship began to become visible again and Eduard soon found himself standing outside the ship in an unknown land.


A Meeting in Jordan

Something seemed familiar but he wasn't quite sure what. He slowly walked over to a large boulder and put his hand on it. As he did this, something like an electric blow come over him and he realized he was in Jordan. As he stood examining his thoughts, searching for an answer as to how he knew this, his attention was drawn to a bright white light shooting down from the sky in his direction. The speeding ship stopped suddenly about 300 feet above him and then, like a feather, slowly drifted down to the ground. Eduard waited 30 minutes before someone suddenly appeared behind the ship. Asket walked toward him with an air of confidence and beauty. Eduard suddenly felt such a feeling of love, as he had never experienced before. She was allowing him to experience her feelings of love towards him in the same way that we might extend a hand to another to shake. Eduard was so moved that he has never forgotten the feeling.


Asketů His teacher from the Dal Universe

Eduard could not help having the feeling that she seemed familiar to him. She remarked that he should look to other lives for the answer. This lady, from a neighboring universe called the Dal universe, spoke to him in a soft voice which stirred Eduard's emotions. She was beautiful. He also noticed with some surprise that she was not dressed in a flight suit as he would have expected but in a beautiful long gown, richly pleated and girdled at the waist. Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders and Eduard could not help but think that she looked just like many pictures he had seen in religious books. Anyone seeing her could easily mistake her for an angel. 

not ASKET -art just to illustrate a nice girl - Meier did take some photos of her at one time - but it seems that the CIA &co/MIBs.later mixed them and used these against him. It seems they threatened the local photoman/store to let his pictures be "filtered" through "them" - and they often took the originals and Meier got copies - which could be seen from the filmlayers on film. Some few years ago a FN employed from INDIA confirmed she had seen ASKET and her ship together with Meier in the 60ths - where the local people viewed her as a goddess.

She explained that she was not from our universe but that she was from another universe existing next to ours called the Dal universe and that her people were called Timers.


A Trip to Egypt

Eduard was 19 years old experiencing travel in an invisible ship floating over the great Sphinx in Egypt with an alien from another galaxy about to discover the secrets of the great pyramid of Gizeh looming before him. They use a special screening when covering the ship.

 He was having a little trouble believing that all this was real. He asks Asket for an explanation of the invisibility when she slips a belt-like device around his waist explaining that this will allow them to see each other while remaining invisible to others. They leave the ship floating over the Sphinx and Eduard finds himself standing on the ground trying to believe all that is going on. People are walking all around them without noticing. Feeling a desire to test his senses, Eduard pulled on the cape of a nearby Bedouin man. The man turned to look but made no notice of Eduard. He was truly invisible.



"The Kiss of an Angel" 

Excited and yet bewildered by his new found power, Eduard raced to a nearby tent where he discovers seven Arabian women washing clothes. He steps inside and they don't seem to notice him at all. Throwing caution to the wind he moves to one of the women and kisses her lightly on the lips. The women's eyes roll back in her head and she slowly slips off the bale of hay she was sitting on and slumps to the floor. The gentle laugh of Asket invades Eduard's head as he watches the woman slowly recover. As she excitedly tells the other women what happened, Eduard notices their disbelief so, he moves to each woman and kisses them each on the lips. One by one they slump to the floor, slowly regaining themselves. As Eduard notices them all talking to one another Asket informs him that she controlled their thoughts so they would all believe themselves to have been kissed by an angel and that their lives would now be for the better.


The Great Pyramid of Gizeh

Asket leads Eduard into the great Pyramid of Gizeh. They move down dark tunnels that seem to go deeper and deeper under the pyramid. Soon they reach a large alter of some kind which seems impassable. Asket makes a motion of some kind on her belt and moves forward. The walls just seem to dematerialize allowing them to walk through. Eduard glances over his shoulder to see the hole closing behind them. Asket then comes into Eduard's head to tell him to be very quiet when coming close to the guards who must not sense their presence. These guards belong to a race of aliens who are hiding out below the pyramid striving to take control of Earth humankind by the telepathic control of many of our leaders. They are thirsty for power and therefore they must be very careful. Eduard is quiet and they move by the guards, soon coming into a large room.


The Secret room below the pyramid

Eduard had to grab hold of his senses because here, perhaps 300 meters down inside the pyramid, was a room with a great silver ship. It was immense, probably measuring 1200 feet in diameter. Eduard pinched himself in disbelief. It had probably been here for thousands of years. 

picture from "taken" on the theme AREA 51 - reminds of ship he said he saw under the pyramids on giza.

As his mind searched for answers he suddenly noticed something else in the room. Asket led Eduard to a platform and gave him a few moments to take in what he saw. There, lying before him, was a very old, large and heavy wooden cross. Just beside it were three rusty, handmade nails covered with what seemed to be blood stains. The stains were also on the cross. There was a crown with thorns, a purple covered coat and a little leather bag filled with precious stones. He was looking at what seemed to be the tools of the crucifixion.

(another person claims he have been taken to the same room and having written about it in his book here)


Return to Jordan

Eduard was greatly puzzled by the crucifixion tools. SFATH had taught him that the Christian religion was enslaving millions of people with lies about Jesus Christ and yet, here was what would seem to be proof of the New Testament. Asket sensed the turmoil in his mind and lead him out of the pyramid. It did not take them long to return to the ship still floating, unseen above the Sphinx. They returned to the Jordanian wastelands from where they had come from and Eduard spent the next two days with Asket in her ship receiving explanations and teachings. These days were filled with joy, recognition, learning and most importantly, they were the beginning of his mission.

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