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UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity

Of Enriuqe Castillo Rincon

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Chapter 6: "from surprise to surprise"



The "drawing-pen" that was "self-drawing"

Once I had located that, he had me pick up something like a little tube joined to a thin flexible cable, perhaps twelve or thirteen centimeters long, and twelve millimeters in diameter. I looked at it from all sides, trying to decipher it, until Cyril came to my rescue, calling my attention to its tip. Pressing, I felt a slight vibration in my hand. "Enrique, draw whatever you want to," said Cyril.

"I am not good at drawing," I answered.

"It doesn't matter: draw for instance the house where you lived as a child."

"No, Cyril, I had better draw a butterfly." I drew the first few lines with the strange pen, which ended in a little sphere. I was astonished! On the paper appeared a flill color, well-defined butteffly, just as I had imagined it.

It was incredible; the little pen interpreted my thoughts with astounding fidelity. And it was not a common drawing; it was three-dimensional. My hand had only to touch the wondrous pen against the "paper." Cyril and his friends were smiling and curious, myself surprised. They gave me back the Parker, and I proceeded to read one of the questions.


Question on planets in solar system

"Cyril, is it true that on the same orbit of the Earth, on the opposite side of the sun, there is a twin planet like the Earth?" This question had arrived at a newspaper in the capital, sent by a person who claimed to have contacts with inhabitants from this twin planet.

"No, Enrique, that planet does not exist. Your solar system had thirteen planets. One of them disappeared as a result of two great wars long ago.

picture: those wars included weapons that created terrible eruptions - creating those gigantic waves - that smashed everything before the whole planet MALDEK was blown up - rø.

You know the remnants as the 'Asteroid Belt.' The last and farthest planet, number thirteen, is dark and cold. It is the place where those who have failed repeatedly during their reincarnations go. (must be on the after-death state and supposed in the (lower) astral vibration - so-called lower 4.dim. R.Ø.rem.) Murderers, thieves, corrupts death dealers (those who promote wars) will suffer there the corresponding punishments at the hands of others similar to them, of the same kind or vibration.' Until they learn their lesson, they will stay there; then they will have another chance. But not only the inhabitants of the Earth suffer such an experience. People from other places within the solar systems go there too. It is what you call hell but it is just an inferior planet. "


The coming war (if it is not karmic prevented since this was told)

Cyril was always very precise and answered my questions directly. "Cyril, the information about the upcoming war caused a big stir in my group. Can I give more information about it?"

"You will find the right moment to do it; in the meanwhile, I shall try to be more specific about it. The Great War will be preceded by a shorter one, which will leave open wounds for the big one. At first, no nuclear weapons will be used. All will happen while peace talks are underway, and a beginning of agreement will have been found. But there will be a TRAITOR. A small unimportant conflict, perhaps in the East, will become uncontrollable and will fire the detonator involving the so-called big powers. Politicians and governments will not think about the consequences derived from their intransigence (stahet) and little contact with the reality offacts."

"And how should we prepare?"

"There will be a period of grace for humanity. It is the time corresponding to your wrong chronology. You have a long period of time in error. This somehow has served to 'protect' the prophecies, making them difficult to place in time.' These years will serve to attenuate (fortynne) the conflict and help some be better prepared. Pay much attention to environmental changes, the ozone layer (remember this was said in -73, not much talk about that then ), the weakness of your leaders, and their lack of credibility, the loss of religious values, which the religious' claim to have, the growth of crime, and the lack of countermeasures against it. No government on earth will be able to win the battle against crime and insecurity; this will be obvious. Yes, Enrique, all of this fills the heart with anguish, and the spirit suffers. I am sorry. It is the truth!"

Cyril kept talking, while I felt a deep sadness and unrest.

"After the war there will be REMNANTS. At these places, thousands of people will survive the effects not only of radiation, but of other parallel hazards. Thus, humanity, with its power and dominant zeal will cause much destruction, and a change in the earth's rotation axis. Climatic changes will occur in many countries, making life difficult.

"At this moment, Cyril interrupted the conversation, called by the others. They exchanged words in an unintelligible language. With a concerned countenance, he turned to me and asked, "Enrique, what would you do if we told you that you were going to die with your family, at a certain time and place?"

"Cyril, I would avoid passing by such a place and fight the circumstances predicting our death!"

"That is the correct answer! In this way, Enrique, we are warning you by all means at our disposal and we expect that some souls, afraid of the destruction of their brothers, will react correctly and try to save their lives. A spirit will flow over many people at the right time, carrying a leadership born inside them, so they will know what to do of significance for all. They will act with great self-assurance, and people will trust them.

"Dear Enrique, we must make something clear. Do not believe that you will have our protection. We cannot give it, to you or anybody else. The best protection is the one the individual gives himself according to his way of facing problems. This information may serve others who wonder about the protection that we are supposed to give. We don't."

"Brother, are you going to intervene in these events?"

"We cannot intervene directly. There are several reasons, and we have been quite strict about it. We can subtly implant ideas in some people's minds, placed in certain positions."

"What about all that pain, misery, and sadness? Where will it all end? Can't you give us the key points to improve the situation?"

"I repeat again, we cannot intervene, we must not do so. In spite of our efforts, there are many who, with their words and actions, misdirect many of the truth seekers."

"But can't you show up more often, more frequently, in the eyes of the people? Or at least initiate a direct contact with the leaders of the planet?"

"Enrique, we will answer these questions for you in some other way. Come, follow me."

We returned to the same place where the small scout ship was parked. Now another one was there, of the same size and shape. We entered the control room through the transparent dome, and then I felt an invisible force project the ship through the ramp and open hatch, into the darkness outside. Slowly, very slowly, we moved toward some unknown destination. The stars speckled the dome with hundreds of bright points of light. Through the observation "window," sort of a lengthened TV screen, I could see the flagship receding into the distance.




We were: the two "Mercurians", Cyril, and myself. I estimated that it might be about 5:00 a.m. We descended to the first level of the ship, to the observation cabin.

"Enrique, we are going to answer your first question, why we do not contact people in general. Watch carefully."

The ship descended slowly (I was still wearing the space suit). It flew over a ranch, where some people were milking cows. Two cowhands were behind a large barn, milking two cows tied to the corral fence. We flew at about 300 meters altitude, according to Cyril, so that they could now see us. As soon as they detected our presence, they ran away, very scared, to hide in a hut located near the stable. The cows, very scared, also ran away, breaking their ropes and kicking the milk containers. Other animals in the corral also became very nervous, sensing something unusual. From the hut emerged first a dog and then three men. A woman followed, wiping her hands with her apron, and an eight-year-old boy. All looked at the sky, pointing to where we were. Hidden, or rather camouflaged, by a cloud, we watched the people moving. My first question had been answered! I reflected that perhaps man has not yet reached the stage for extraterrestrial contact.

(some of this incident is also described in another part - taken from UFO-CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES)

Cyril must have read my mind, for he said, "Now we will experiment with cityfolks. "We moved away from the ranch towards a road with a lot of traffic of trucks, mainly, loaded with cattle, food, and materials in general. We let them pass unaffected. Then we saw a jeep, but it wasn't suitable for Cyril's purposes, either. We finally spotted a luxury automobile, speeding along the road. This was our objective. The driver was a man of about thirty-five, chatting in a lively manner with another man sitting in the front seat. Both, wearing their ties loose, were city people.

A third man slept on the back seat. We swooped down in the direction of the car, trying to show our peaceful intentions. The driver of the car turned sharply to one side of the road, leaving the car stuck in the ditch. The two men in the front opened the car doors and ran away looking for cover. The third one woke up, surprised, and watched the other two running cross country without understanding why. He opened the door and looked up, half scared and half baffled. We kept looking down from a 200-meter altitude. When he saw us, he ran away also, through the fence, tearing his clothing on the barbed wire. The three, yelling, hid in the bush. They looked at us, excited, without understanding our presence.

We moved away. Cyril, at my side, looked at me and asked, "How do you like it? What do you say now?"

"People's reactions to the unknown are incredible," I said. "Those individuals are city people, with a different cultural level.... I understand now why you cannot scare people just to show them that you exist. Besides, that would not be the way to make contact with us. We need a well-conceived education of our own, which is already underway, in fact."

"Enrique, we are going to answer the other question, as to why we don't contact directly the leaders and government heads of the earth? Wait a little longer."

Silently, and without any sensation of movement, we headed at moderate speed and great height towards an unknown destination. It was daytime, and the sun's rays impinged on the metal surfaces of the craft, striking beautiful colors. I failed to look around at the observation cabin, perhaps because of my thoughts, which were in a turmoil.

Cyril had left the room, and when he returned about ten minutes later, he called my attention to the screen. The African continent was clearly visible, identical to pictures taken from satellites. The position of the sun surprised me. When we had left the stunned travelers, it was on one side. Now it was on the opposite side. Cyril explained that in this part of the planet it was afternoon….

(some of this incident told before/above is also described in another part - taken from UFO-CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES)



Back on the mother-ship

Page 92 from UFOs: A Great new Dawn for Humanity

"I already knew the way towards the room where we first stopped, and we moved rapidly in this direction. In the room, the same "people" were awaiting us. The conversation started once more. About ten minutes later, a sliding door opened. A strange character walked in, about sixty centimeters tall, with a very large head with impressive-looking brain convolutions visible. Instead of a skull, he had at some portions something transparent, like crystal. His eyes protruded, and he walked with a peculiar gait (gangart), swaying from side to side, like an automaton. His shoulders tapered into a triangular back and a narrow waist. For the first time, at the moment when I could see his back, I noticed a strange symbol on it. All turned their heads, and there was silence for a while. This strange character walked out through another door and was lost from sight, without any explanation. He was kind of a robot, but with some human features. I thought I understood that they made it appear in order for me to be familiar with it.

We returned to the conversation. It should be mentioned that no notes were allowed; all had to be memorized. As the talk continued, I coughed (hostet) frequently to clear my throat. They, with curiosity, looked at Cyril, and he asked me, "Have your tonsils been taken out?"

"Yes, in 1968."

"You shouldn't have permitted it. They are essential for the health of the body."

It was too late for this advice. They were out, and nothing could be done. All smiled, and Cyril especially, with his open smile, must have found my tonsillectomy rather funny. The rest, with more subtle smiles, also expressed some surprise.


The smart pleiadian women

During this pleasant interlude, when I felt relaxed and at ease, I heard a door opening. What emerged was one of the most impacting visions I could have in the ship. Two women entered the conference room. I remembered that during my first trip I had thought of the possibility of women living aboard the cosmic ships; and "they" read my mind and answered affirmatively. Now the moment had arrived. Their golden hair framed the most beautiful faces that I had ever seen. How envious Goya or Da Vinci would have felt! As tall as the men, perhaps 1.75 meters, they swayed their incredibly beautiful bodies while walking. They approached our table, but nobody stood up, as if gentlemanly manners did not exist.

One of them turned towards me, and with rather poor Spanish pronunciation, greeted me, "Good day, Enrique...."

"Sister, good day, how are you?"

She answered with a slight bow of her head. She leaned on the edge of the table where the samples were kept. Her expression was very human and feminine. She balanced one of her legs on the other, showing her shapely thigh. Her tight-fitting dress showed the shape of her bosom. The other girl was standing a little distance away, with her back in our direction, her splendid hair shining. Straight, very straight, it made strange loops, passed through "military type" clasps on her shoulders, and fell intertwined almost to her walst. Really, it was very charming. I discerned, in her manners, the wish to please and be friendly. I had the idea that such feminine charm was exclusive to our terrestrial women, but these astronauts from the Pleiades were proving the opposite. They stayed with us for two or three minutes. Then, with a slight bow, they disappeared through the sliding doors.


The upcoming crisis that can lead to war

My hosts showed me things in a subtle manner, as if filling in gaps for me that they detected constantly. Their explanation of human evolution on Earth was unforgettable, starting with terrifying conflagration to take place in the near future.

"The cup has overflowed, Enrique. There is no way back. Unfortunately, the more alert spirits, who will detect the upcoming preliminary changes, will not be believed; to the contrary, they will be ridiculed. An incident will take place in the Orient that will have resonance at the diplomatic level, then extend to Europe, and then to Asia. It is quite possible that this could be avoided, thanks to the good judgment of two Latin men. This probably will take place when safer peace treaties are signed, and men will feel safer and protected.

"One of the signals for identification of these times will be when several Latin American countries will be almost bankrupt and will dare to protest. The world moneylenders will take advantage of them mercilessly and will force their conditions upon them. This will not take many years. All, absolutely all the political and religious organizations will collapse."

I felt unable to answer, and cold. Cyril looked at me, to see my reaction to these predictions.

"How is it possible that these events will happen here?" I inquired, incredulous, thinking that perhaps they would not materialize, or not happen after all.

"The future is very unstable, Enrique. It changes with the actions of men and the decisions of countries. That is why I said 'possibly.' We have to stay alert!" Step by step, they sketched the complicated web of difficulties that to an extent would affect them also.



"The struggle is not only among you. We are also directly involved. We are trying hard to surpass THE OTHER FORCE, against which we struggled for a long time in OUR OWN LAND. The 'other organization,' like ourselves, is also extraterrestrial. We belong to the Great Cosmic Solar Brotherhood, to which you, sooner or later, will have to adhere. In so doing, you will obtain all the benefits and prerogatives from organizations similar to ours, allowing a closer relationship with these 'advanced societies' from other planets. This struggle I am mentioning has been moved to your own land. What happens is that you did not notice how this subtle invasion occurred, being persuaded that you were alone in the Universe.

"This was fatal! You never suspected an 'enemy that did not exist,' and these undesirable extraterrestrial visitors took advantage of that. Many governments believe that the enemy is here on Earth. The same happens with religions. But this force, which has subdued several societies and planets, IS HERE NOW! We the Pleiadeans confront the enemy; we never ignore it, because we are aware of their tricks and how they act.

"Enrique, the knowledge of evil leads the individual to confrontation with himself to line up with the right side, the only way to vanquish the opponent. We did it and have vanquished! The ignorant or fanatic believe that ignoring the existence of evil can win, but if they do not know the enemy, they cannot protect themselves. The terrestrial history is saturated with this struggle to prevail. Do not underestimate it, they can surprise you."

While listening to Cyril speak, I was perplexed. How would I convince leaders and governments to listen? I was not qualified, and besides lacked the bravery to undertake a world crusade to alert humanity. Who would help me? What means did I have at my disposal? Add to this that many people say I am insane. Doubtless, I thought, I need proofs. That way I might dare to face the public and people in general.

During this second encounter, I had the chance to meet two additional races - I would become acquainted with a third one a few months later, in 1974. I now had been without sleep for several hours and felt very hungry. Without my asking for it, they offered me manna, and the effect was instantaneous; my hunger disappeared. A pleasant warmth spread throughout my body, and I felt fortified but very sleepy.

"I feel very tired and would like to sleep," I told them. "How long will you keep me here in this ship, brothers?"

"We can drop you at any place close to a road, whenever you like. As far as resting, you can do it here in the ship." They took me to a room containing at least thirty beds, made of a vitreous material, with comfortable blankets. Cyril was again in charge of explaining certain things about the operation of these comfortable beds. Inside them, at the right side and within reach of one's hands, were some buttons and LEDs, which controlled an oscillatory movement, and light intensity. I even thought about patenting them. How soft and comfortable they were! They were about 1.20 meters wide and two meters long. Cyril walked the length of the room with me, to help me feel at ease. When we arrived at the end, in front of a dark glass door, Cyril pressed a button on its left side, and the door opened, revealing an individual cubicle. Suddenly, a "capsule-bed" appeared, and Cyril offered it to me.

"When you go to bed, you can take off the uniform, or you can sleep in it."

I noticed that there were no sharp ninety-degree intersections between the roof and the walls; all were rounded.

"Don't worry, Cyril, I plan to sleep about three hours; it won't be necessary to take it off." Cyril smiled, amused, and left rapidly, after telling me that he would wake me up at the right moment. The dark crystal door closed, and I found myself alone in the cubicle. It was illuminated by a golden light that did not bother me at all. In front of me, hanging from a wall, was a picture of a strange, winged animal, ending like a snake. It resembled the dragons of mythology, with wings similar to a bat's, and a terrifying appearance. Its greenish color, not repulsive, was its main feature. My eyelids were heavy, and I soon fell asleep.

I was awakened after about nine hours. Cyril was again to guide me to receive more information. During all this second experience, I had the chance to ask questions. One of them I directed to Commander Kramier from the Pleiades. I was feeling a little depressed and anguished after listening to such stern explanations and arguments. At the first opportunity, I asked him, "Brother Commander Kramier, (he smiled), when do you believe peace will arrive at the planet, and can you intervene or help us in some way?"

At this point he told me that it was preferable not to call them "brothers," that it was better to address them by their names. I agreed with a nod, accepting the advice. He continued, "Peace on your planet does not depend on us or your avatars. In essence, it depends on how you apply the knowledge that we already gave you."

No doubt, he referred to the millenary teachings contained in the sacred books of all religions of the world, the papyri, the Ancient Books, and the oral tradition of all peoples. Kramier assured me that there was no place in the world where those teachings had not been distributed. In the course of time, they have been promoted also by means of Great Instructors of humanity. Stopping briefly to catch his breath, seeing the impact on me of what I had just heard, the Commander also took a break, while watching me very closely. I asked another question that was choking me. For many years I had rejected the notion that we humans were descended from apes, or from a common ancestor. I disliked the idea but lacked a solid answer. The moment to ask had arrived.

"Commander Kramier, what is your personal opinion, or your opinion in general, about the teaching that we are direct descendants from apes?" With a certain shyness I looked at the Commander's face, expecting an answer that would unsettle most of humanity. The answer was complete and devastating!

"One of the great mistakes of your civilization has been to classify Man as a 'rational animal,' lowering him to the level of the beasts. If you could grasp the principles of His creation, you would comprehend then that Man, within the scope of His Life, can degrade himself to the animal level, or upgrade himself to the level of the Gods."

Listening to such a statement, my soul, which was anguished, made me feel a Man once more. More confident, I asked, "How and by whom can we prove that we are not alone in the Universe?"

"Scientists and wise men on Earth should already take for granted the existence of intelligent life on other planets. The great majority knows well that there are very good reports on 'sightings' of ships, called flying saucers or UFOs, by reliable and respectable witnesses, who have been ridiculed, slandered, vexed, and forced to shut up, to maintain the belief that you are alone in the Universe. The miserly minds of some politicians and organizations have profited by this forced silence, capitalizing in their favor on the time factor, in order to obtain superior technology and progress never dreamed of before, through investigations in genetic engineering and medicine. Some governments, military, and scientific groups have already achieved considerable progress in this direction."

I interrupted him at this point, "How, without anybody knowing? To me, it seems difficult to keep secret!"

"Yes, Enrique, the details and particulars of certain events that originated several years ago, have stayed occult. I will inform you only in a general way. Some 'crashes' of' explorer ships' belonging to other races have taken place here on Earth, from where the lifeless bodies were extracted.

On other occasions, living crew members have been captured and kept captive by the military of some of your governments, and subjected to merciless interrogations, forcing them to reveal formulae and knowledge on several scientific specialties. This could be all right if humankind were ready to access superior knowledge that could benefit all peoples, but IT IS NOT SO. (this is also stated from many other sources ex. Michael Wolfe see link in the end)

"Man, through his multi-staged process of evolution, and by natural curiosity and investigative spirit, has manifested in various forms his desire to discover new frontiers; it is as if something propelled him to obtain answers to the riddles that have concerned all races of the Earth. This drive or compulsion is GENETIC, and as such it generates an unquenchable thirst for answers. For this reason, when Humankind reaches THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE LAW, as never before Man will have the values to handle the superior knowledge that will lead him, first, to selfknowledge, and second, will open the way to the Stars.

"Furthermore, Enrique, terrestrial scientists should realize that developments such as exist on Earth in the fields of electronic technology, computers, medicine, genetic engineering, and science in general does not normally develop in such a short time. Therefore, it must be imported." (as doc.wolfe stated.R.Ø.anm.)

Here, I interrupted him again to ask another question that was pressing in my mind. But his dissertation interested me so much that I begged him to excuse me and go ahead with it.

He continued, "It is said that interstellar trips are impossible. The narrow minds among your scientists only blunt the wholesome development of intelligence. They have subdued humanity and robbed it of its spirit of selfimprovement. The imagination has been blocked. This has contributed to what the religions around the world have done.

"You should know, Enrique, that there are inter-spatial tunnels of 'plancton' energy, which are detected by our ships and utilized for their displacement, at speeds inconceivable to your scientists. This depends, of course, on the type of craft used, because our science and technology has permitted us to develop systems that are utterly fantastic. This is one of the reasons why, in the past, our presence on Earth was taken as visits from the Gods.' Our presence here on this planet will not be revealed openly until after the end of the present century."

As time elapsed, I felt uneasy, trying to determine how late it was, since my watch, same as the first time, was dead. I was getting ready to leave, and this time they would drop me near Bogota'. They asked me to return the uniform, as well as the boots. Cyril, laughing, in a jolly mood, told me that perhaps some day he would give me one of those uniforms, as a souvenir of the trips. At this time, he gave me to understand that I was not the only visitor to their ships.

We said goodbye quickly to the other crew members, who seemed pressed to take care of other business. Cyril, aware that the time to end the trip had arrived, escorted me to the scout ship, which was parked inside the great ship, with the "Mercurians" waiting for us. We boarded the scout ship, and we felt a movement when the door closed and the ladder was retracted. A powerful mechanism took hold of the scout ship, brought it to the slanted take-off ramp, where a great hatch had opened, and projected us into empty space.

The beautiful and swift craft approached a well-traveled road, where I could get transportation to Bogota'. The area chosen for the landing had many trees (pines and eucalyptus). I was positive that this was north of Bogota'. In fact, the place was only about 500 meters from a road to La Caro, a small town. The ship landed softly behind a clump of trees. We said goodbye very warmly.

"So long, my friend, give my regards to the group!" Cyril shook my hands.

"Where are the rest of your companions?"

"They are upstairs, Enrique."

"Give them my regards, Cyril." With a pleasant smile, Cyril reciprocated. We shook hands again, and I tapped him on his right shoulder.

"God bless you, Cyril!" He just smiled. I descended rapidly and walked to the nearby road, waving to them. The legs retracted, the door closed, and the ship took off at great speed, allowing me to see it for the last time as "a pearl in the sky," far, far away.

The day was breaking. I walked with confidence and jumped two times, with my fists clenched, exultant! I uttered a tremendous yell, as of victory:


In less than one hour, the road would be full of traffic.

This is how my second encounter with the extraterrestrials ended. I had been with them for approximately twenty-six hours."


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"Some 'crashes' of' explorer ships' belonging to other races have taken place here on Earth, from where the lifeless bodies were extracted. On other occasions, living crew members have been captured and kept captive by the military of some of your governments, and subjected to merciless interrogations, forcing them to reveal formulae and knowledge on several scientific specialties. This could be all right if humankind were ready to access superior knowledge that could benefit all peoples, but IT IS NOT SO. This is also stated from many other sources ex.: Michael Wolfe