The ufo-contacts of the french "Rael" in the early 70s

Claude Vorilhon/Rael

- much on describing the bible-ufo-connection

as also the contacts of "edward james" in the 80s, came partly into


Extract of FOREWORD by Anthony Grey

international best-selling novelist, journalist and broadcaster

"The author of these unique writings was born Claude Vorilhon in

France in September 1946. He changed his name to Rael, which

means 'messenger' in Hebrew, after meeting a human being from

another planet when a small spacecraft landed in a remote volcanic

region of south central France in December 1973*. During several

meetings on successive days, its human occupant verbally dictated to

him most of the first book of this volume, saying it was 'a message to

be addressed to all humanity'. He told Rael that all the great prophets

of the major religions throughout our history had been given

information appropriate to the educational level of their times in

precisely this way and invited Rael to take on the mission of making

what he called 'our final message' known worldwide. Rael accepted

the task and rapidly wrote and published the first book himself in

French under the disarmingly simple title The Book Which Tells the


*) a cosmic wave from the center of this univers opened up a second phase of 'the new world impulse'
in the early 70s cosmic info from the danish wiseman MARTINUS (1890-1881)

Nearly two years later, in October 1975, a second encounter

occurred in woodland near Brantome in the Perigord region of

France, and this time Rael was invited aboard the advanced spacecraft

and taken on an astonishing revelatory journey. Rael describes this

fully in the second section of the book entitled Extra-Terrestrials Took

Me to Their Planet, which he also originally published as a separate

volume in French in late 1975.


An international journalist such as I have been is of course

accustomed to assessing the reliability or otherwise of those he quotes

for information, even when sometimes concealing his confidant's

identity behind a stock phrase like 'a usually well-informed source' or

'a usually reliable source'. In this regard, my estimation of Rael is that

he is an eminently reliable witness to what he has experienced,

fantastic though it often may seem. I think that he is indeed 'a

uniquely well informed and reliable source' and, after hearing him

speak in public lectures over a period of thirteen years and after

reviewing my own and other recorded broadcast interviews with him,

it is my impression that perhaps even now he is saying less than

everything he learned during those extraordinary, unsought meetings

in the mid-1970s on this planet and beyond. More importantly

perhaps, the profound logic and rationality of what he was told by his

informants appear unassailable to me.


I interviewed Rael twice in preparing an investigative radio

documentary series for the BBC World Service entitled 'UFOs - Fact,

Fiction or Fantasy?' I also interviewed sane, responsible Frenchmen

who met and decided to support him during the period immediately

following his two extraordinary encounters in the 1970s.

For more than thirty years now, Rael himself has, with gentle and

patient good humour, explained his story again and again, certainly

thousands of times to radio, television and print journalists in most

of the countries of the world. When mocked or derided as he has

often been in live or recorded studio interviews at which I have been

present as his English language commercial publisher and a supporter

of his extraordinary mission, he has always conducted himself with

the same quiet courtesy and unshakable confidence. Never once have

I seen him lose the calm demeanor of a man who knows without any

shadow of doubt that he is telling the truth.

Anthony Grey is a former foreign correspondent with Reuters in Eastern Europe and China

– where he was held hostage for two years during the Cultural Revolution -- and the author

of the international best-selling historical novels, Saigon, Peking and Tokyo Bay.


extract from chapter


Ever since I was nine years old I have had but one passion - motor

racing. I founded a specialist motor sport magazine in 1970,

simply to be able to live in the environment of a sport where man is

constantly trying to surpass himself while striving to surpass others.

Since my early childhood I had dreamed of one day being a racingcar

driver, following in the footsteps of someone as famous as Fangio.

Thanks to contacts made through the magazine I founded, I was

given the opportunity to race and about ten trophies now adorn my

apartment as a result of those races.


On the 13th of December 1973, however, I went to a volcano

overlooking Clermont-Ferrand in central southern France. I went

more to get a breath of fresh air than to take a drive in my car. My

legs were itching after a full year following the races from circuit to

circuit, almost always living on four wheels, so to speak.

The air was cool at the time, and the sky rather gray with a

background mist. I walked and jogged a little and left the path where

my car was parked, aiming to reach the center of the crater called

Puy-de-Lassolas where I often went for picnics with my family in the



What a superb and breathtaking place it was! To think that

thousands of years ago, right where my feet were standing, lava had

spurted out at incredibly high temperatures. Decorative volcanic

‘bombs’ can still be found among the debris. The stunted vegetation

resembled that of Province in France but without sunshine.


I was just about to leave and looked for the last time towards the

top of the circular mountain, which was formed by an accumulation

of volcanic slag. It reminded me how many times I had slid down

those steep slopes, as if I was on skis. Suddenly in the fog, I saw a red

light flashing; then a sort of helicopter was descending towards me. A

helicopter, however, makes a noise but at that moment, I could hear

absolutely nothing, not even the slightest whistle. A balloon maybe?

the contactplace-pictures


Site of Rael’s first encounter: Puy de Lassolas, near

Clermont-Ferrand, December 13th, 1973.


By now, the object was about twenty meters above the ground, and I

could see it had a somewhat flattened shape.

It was a flying saucer.

I had always believed in their existence, but I had never dreamed I

would actually see one. It measured some seven meters in diameter,

about 2.5 meters in height, was flat underneath and cone-shaped. On

its underside, a very bright red light flashed, while at the top an

intermittent white light reminded me of a camera flash cube. This

white light was so intense, that I could not look at it without



The object continued to descend, without the slightest noise until

it stopped and hovered motionless about two meters above the

ground. I was petrified and remained absolutely still. I was not afraid,

but rather filled with joy to be living through such a great moment.

I bitterly regretted not having brought my camera with me.

Then the incredible happened. A trap door opened beneath the

machine and a kind of stairway unfolded to the ground. I realized

that some living being was about to appear, and I wondered what it

was going to look like.


First two feet appeared then two legs, which reassured me a little,

since apparently I was about to meet a man. In the event, what at first

I took to be a child came down the stairway and walked straight

towards me.


I could see then this was certainly no child even though the figure

was only about four feet (1.2 meters) tall. His eyes were slightly

almond shaped, his hair was black and long, and he had a small black

beard. I still had not moved, and he stopped about ten meters away

from me.


He wore some sort of green one-piece suit, which covered his entire

body, and although his head seemed to be exposed, I could see

around it a strange sort of halo. It was not really a halo but the air

about his face shone slightly and shimmered. It looked like an

invisible shield, like a bubble, so fine that you could barely see it. His

skin was white with a slightly greenish tinge, a bit like someone with

liver trouble.


He smiled faintly, and I thought it best to return his smile. I felt

rather ill at ease, so I smiled and bowed my head slightly in greeting.

He answered with the same gesture. Thinking that I had to find out

if he could hear me, I asked: ‘Where do you come from?

He answered in a strong, articulate voice that was slightly nasal:

‘From very far away.’

Do you speak French?’ I enquired.

‘I speak all the languages of the Earth.’

Do you come from another planet?

‘Yes,’ he replied.

As he spoke, he moved closer and stopped about two meters from


Is this the first time you have visited the Earth?

‘Oh no!’

Have you been here often?

‘Very often - to say the least.’

Why did you come here?

‘Today, to talk to you.’

To me?

‘Yes, to you, Claude Vorilhon, editor of a small motor sport

magazine, married and father of two children.’

How do you know all that?

‘We have been watching you for a long time.’

Why me?

‘This is precisely what I want to tell you. Why did you come here

on this cold winter morning?’

I don’t know... I felt like walking in the fresh air...

‘Do you come here often?’

In the summer yes, but almost never in this season.

‘So why did you come today? Had you planned this walk for a long


No. I don’t really know. When I woke up this morning I suddenly had

an urge to come here.

‘You came because I wanted to see you. Do you believe in


Yes, of course, it’s something I’ve always been interested in - as well as

the subject of "flying saucers". But I never thought I’d see one myself.

‘Well, I used telepathy to get you to come here because I have

many things to tell you. Have you read the Bible?’

Yes, but why do you ask?

‘Have you been reading it for a long time?’

No, as a matter of fact, I bought it only a few days ago.


I really don’t know. Suddenly I had an urge to read it...

‘Again I used telepathy to make you decide to buy it. I have chosen

you for a very difficult mission, and I have many things to tell you.

So come into my craft where we can talk more comfortably.’

I followed him, climbing up the small staircase beneath the

machine, which, on closer inspection, looked more like a flattened

bell with a full and bulging underside. Inside it, two seats faced one

another, and the temperature was mild even though the door was still



There was no lamp, but natural light emanated from everywhere.

There were no instruments like those you find in an aircraft cockpit.

The floor was made of a sparkling alloy, which was slightly bluish.

The chairs were colorless and translucent, but very comfortable and

made from one piece of material. I sat on the larger one that was set

closer to the floor, so that the face of the little man sitting in front of

me was at the same level as mine.


He touched a spot on the wall, and the whole machine became

transparent except for its top and bottom. It was like being in the

open air, but the temperature was mild. He invited me to take off my

coat, which I did, and then he started to speak.


‘You regret not having brought your camera so that you could have

talked about our meeting to the whole world - with proof in your


Yes, of course...

‘Listen to me carefully. You will tell human beings about this

meeting, but you will tell them the truth about what they are, and

about what we are. Judging from their reactions we will know if we

can show ourselves freely and officially. Wait until you know

everything before you start speaking publicly. Then you will be able

to defend yourself properly against those people who will not believe

you and you will be able to bring them incontestable proof. You will

write down everything I tell you and publish the writings as a book.’


But why did you choose me?

‘For many reasons. First of all, we needed someone in a country

where new ideas are welcomed and where it is possible to talk about

such ideas openly. Democracy was born in France, and this country

has a reputation the world over for being the country of freedom.

Also we needed someone who is intelligent and quite open to

everything. Above all we needed someone who is a free thinker

without being anti-religious. Because you were born of a Jewish

father and a Catholic mother, we consider you to be an ideal link

between two very important peoples in the history of the world.

Besides, your activities do not in any way predispose you to making

incredible revelations, and this will make your words all the more

credible. Since you are not a scientist, you will not complicate things

and will explain them simply. Not being a literary man, you won’t

compose elaborate sentences, which are difficult to read for a great

many people. Finally, we decided to choose someone who was born

after the first atomic explosion in 1945, and you were born in 1946.

We have in fact been following you since your birth, and even before.

This is why we have chosen you. Do you have any other questions?’


Where do you come from?

‘From a distant planet about which I will tell you nothing for fear

that men of the Earth might be unwise enough to disturb our peace.’

Is your planet very far away?

‘Very far. When I tell you the distance you will understand that it

is impossible to reach it with your present level of scientific and

technical knowledge.’

What are you called?

‘We are people like you, and we live on a planet similar to Earth.’


How long does it take you to come here?

‘As long as it takes to think about it.’


Why do you come to Earth?

‘To monitor and watch over the development of humanity.

Human beings on Earth are the future, we are the past.’


Are there many people on your planet?

‘There are more people than on yours.’


I would like to visit your planet. Can I?

‘No. First of all you couldn’t live there because the atmosphere is

different from yours, and you have not been trained for such a



But why meet here?

‘Because the crater of a volcano is an ideal place, away from

irksome people. I shall leave you now. Come back tomorrow at the

same time with the Bible and something to take notes with. Do not

bring any metallic object and speak to no one of our conversation,

otherwise we will never meet again.’

He handed me my coat, let me climb down the ladder and waved

his hand. The ladder folded up and the door closed without a sound.

Still without making the slightest murmur or any whistling sound,

the craft rose gently to a height of about 400 meters, then

disappeared into the mist.


The following day I was at the meeting place again as arranged

with a notebook, a pen and the Bible. The flying machine

reappeared on time, and I found myself face to face once more with

the little man who invited me to enter the machine and sit in the

same comfortable chair.

I had spoken to nobody about all this, not even to those closest to

me, and he was happy to learn that I had been discreet. He suggested

I take notes, and then he started to speak:

‘A very long time ago on our distant planet, we had reached a level

of technical and scientific knowledge, comparable to that which you

will soon reach. Our scientists had started to create primitive,

embryonic forms of life, namely living cells in test tubes. Everyone

was thrilled by this.’


The scientists perfected their techniques and began creating bizarre

little animals but the government, under pressure from public

opinion, ordered the scientists to stop their experiments for fear they

would create monsters, which would become dangerous to society. In

fact one of these animals had broken loose and killed several people.

Since at that time, interplanetary and intergalactic explorations

had also made progress, the scientists decided to set out for a distant

planet where they could find most of the necessary conditions to

pursue their experiments. They chose Earth where you live. Now I

would like you to refer to the Bible where you will find traces of the

truth about your past. These traces, of course, have been somewhat

distorted by successive transcribers who could not conceive of such

high technology and could therefore only explain what was described

as being a mystical and supernatural force.


Only the parts of the Bible that I will translate are important.

Other parts are merely poetic babblings of which I will say nothing.

I am sure you can appreciate that, thanks to the law, which said that

the Bible had always to be re-copied without changing even the

smallest detail, the deepest meaning has remained intact throughout

the ages, even if the text has been larded with mystical and futile



So let us start with the first chapter of the Book of Genesis:

In the beginning Elohim, created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1: 1.


Elohim, translated without justification in some Bibles by the word

God means in Hebrew "those who came from the sky", and

furthermore the word is a plural. It means that the scientists from our

world searched for a planet that was suitable to carry out their

projects. They "created", or in reality discovered the Earth, and

realized it contained all the necessary elements for the creation of

artificial life, even if its atmosphere was not quite the same as our


And the Spirit of Elohim moved upon the face of the waters.

Genesis 1: 2.

This means the scientists made reconnaissance flights, and what

you might call artificial satellites were placed around the Earth to

study its constitution and atmosphere. The Earth was, at that time,

completely covered with water and thick mist.


And the books first chapters goes on telling on how much of the old testament/Genesis is a

Long story of contact to those "ufo-people" from above.

For ex. In the Book of Joshua, Chapter 3, Verses 15-16, we read about the

crossing of the Jordan:

And as they that bare the ark were come unto Jordan... the waters

which came down from above stood and rose up upon an heap

very far from the city... and those that came down toward the sea

of the plain, even the salt sea, failed, and were cut off: and the

people passed over right against Jericho.

Thus the creators helped the "chosen people" cross without getting

their feet wet, just as they had done in their escape from the

Egyptians by using the same water repulsion ray.


another extract on from page 45

The Flying Saucers of Ezekiel

It is in the Book of Ezekiel, that we find the most interesting

description of one of our flying machines:

I looked, and, behold, a stormy wind came out of the north, a

great cloud, with flashing lightning, and a brightness round about

it, and out of the midst of it as it were glowing metal, out of the

midst of the fire. Out of the midst of it came the likeness of four

living creatures. This was their appearance: they had the likeness

of a man. Everyone had four faces, and everyone of them had four

wings. Their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was

like the sole of a calf's foot; and they sparkled like burnished

brass. They had the hands of a man under their wings on their

four sides; and they four had their faces and their wings [thus]:

their wings were joined one to another; they didn't turn when

they went; they went everyone straight forward.

As for the likeness of their faces, they had the face of a man; and

they four had the face of a lion on the right side; and they four

had the face of an ox on the left side; they four had also the face

of an eagle. Their faces and their wings were separate above; two

[wings] of everyone were joined one to another, and two covered

their bodies. They went everyone straight forward: where the

spirit was to go, they went; they didn't turn when they went. As

for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like

burning coals of fire, like the appearance of torches: [the fire]

went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was

bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning. The living

creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of



Now as I saw the living creatures, behold, one wheel on the eretz

beside the living creatures, for each of the four faces of it.

The appearance of the wheels and their work was like a bareket:

and they four had one likeness; and their appearance and their

work was as it were a wheel within a wheel. When they went, they

went in their four directions: they didn't turn when they went. As

for their rims, they were high and dreadful; and they four had

their rims full of eyes round about. When the living creatures

went, the wheels went beside them; and when the living creatures

were lifted up from the eretz, the wheels were lifted up. Wherever

the spirit was to go, they went; there was the spirit to go: and the

wheels were lifted up beside them; for the spirit of the living

creature was in the wheels. When those went, these went; and

when those stood, these stood; and when those were lifted up

from the eretz, the wheels were lifted up beside them: for the

spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.


Over the head of the living creature there was the likeness of an

expanse, like the awesome crystal to look on, stretched forth over

their heads above. Under the expanse were their wings straight,

the one toward the other: everyone had two which covered on

this side, and every one had two which covered on that side, their

bodies. When they went, I heard the noise of their wings like the

noise of great waters, like the voice of Shaddai, a noise of tumult

like the noise of a host: when they stood, they let down their

wings. There was a voice above the expanse that was over their

heads: when they stood, they let down their wings. Above the

expanse that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as

the appearance of a sappir stone; and on the likeness of the throne

was a likeness as the appearance of a man on it above.11

Ezekiel 1: 4-26.


There you have a description, which could not be more precise, of

the creators who had come out of their flying machines. The "stormy

wind" is the trace of smoke or vapor trail that present-day planes leave

behind them at high altitudes. Then the machine appeared with its

blinking light, the "flashing lightning" and "glowing metal". Later,

four creators appear wearing antigravity suits with small directional

jet engines attached. These are described as the "wings" on their metal

suits and "their feet... sparkled like burnished brass". You have surely

noticed how shiny the suits of your astronauts are.


As for the "flying saucers" or "wheels", their appearance and their

operation were not at all badly described considering it is a primitive

person who is speaking. "as it were a wheel within a wheel...they

didn't turn when they went".


In the center of the flying saucer, very similar to the one in which

we are now sitting, was the habitable section - the rim. "they four had

their rims full of eyes round about". In the same way that our

clothing has evolved and we no longer wear those cumbersome space

suits, our vessels then had portholes - the "eyes" around the rims -

because we had not then discovered how to see through metallic walls

by modifying their atomic structure at will.


The flying saucers stayed near the creators ready to help them if the

need arose, since they were loading supplies and carrying out routine

maintenance on the large intergalactic vessel above them. Other

creators inside the vessels were directing them. "...for the spirit of the

living creature was in the wheels". This is quite clear.


The suit described with its four portholes was similar to your first

diving suits. "Everyone had four faces... they didn't turn when they



The smaller saucers were something like your own LEMs - lunar

excursion modules - small, short range vehicles used for exploratory

missions. Above them the larger interplanetary vessel waited.

Above the expanse that was over their heads was the likeness of a

throne, as the appearance of a sappir stone; and on the likeness of

the throne was a likeness as the appearance of a man on it above.

Ezekiel 1: 26.

The latter individual on the large vessel was supervising and

coordinating the work of the creators.

Frightened by all this, Ezekiel fell flat on his face before these

things, which were so mysterious that they had to have come from no

one other than "God". But one of the creators said to him:

Son of man, stand on your feet, and I will speak with you... hear

what I tell you... and eat that which I give you.

Ezekiel 2: 1 and 7-8.

This is an image, like the eating from the tree of science of good

and evil. It was intellectual food that he was given. In this case, it was

a book:

There was a hand stretched out to me; and behold, a scroll of a

book was in it... there was writing on the inside and on the

outside.12 Ezekiel 2: 9-10.

There was writing on both sides, a very surprising thing at that

time when usually only one side of parchment was written on.

Then the scroll is "eaten". This means that Ezekiel absorbed its

meaning. What he learned is what you are learning now about

humanity’s origins. It was so exciting and comforting that he said:

Then did I eat it; and it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness.

Ezekiel 3: 3.

Then Ezekiel is transported in the creators’ vessel to the place

where he was to spread the news:

Then the spirit took me up, and I heard behind me a voice of a

great rushing.

Ezekiel 3: 12.

Further on, the prophet is transported once again in a flying


...and the spirit lifted me up between the earth and the heaven,

and brought me in the visions of Elohim to Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 8: 3.

Ezekiel noticed afterwards that beneath their "wings" the

cherubims had hands like humans:


extract from page 90:

Mankind: A Disease of the Universe

There, now you know the truth. You must write it down and make

it known throughout the world. If people on Earth want us to give

them the benefit of our experience and help them gain 25,000 years

of scientific knowledge, they have to show us that they want to meet

us, and above all demonstrate that they deserve it, and that all this can

be done without any danger to us.

If we give our knowledge to humanity, we have to be sure they will

make good use of it. Our observations in recent years have not shown

that wisdom rules the Earth. Certainly there has been progress, but

some people still die of hunger, and a warlike spirit still exists

throughout the world. We know that our arrival could improve many

things and unite nations, but we have to feel that people really want

to see us, and that they are truly starting to unify.

We also have to feel that they really want to see us arrive, knowing

fully who we are and understanding the true meaning of our arrival.

Several times human warplanes have tried to chase our crafts,

taking us for enemies.


You must tell them who we are, so that we can show ourselves

without any risk of either getting hurt or killed - which is not the case

at present - or of creating a dangerous and murderous panic.

Some researchers want to contact us by radio, but we do not

respond because in this way they could locate our planet. On the

other hand, transmission times would be too long, and our

broadcasting system uses waves that your technology cannot pick up

because you have not yet discovered them. They are seven times faster

than radio waves, and we are experimenting with new waves that are

one and a half times faster than that.


Progress continues, and our own research continues for the

purpose of understanding and relating to the large being of whom we

are a part, and on whose atoms we are parasites. These atoms are the

planets and the stars.


In fact, we have been able to discover that intelligent living beings

in the infinitely small live on particles that are planets and suns to

them. They ask the same questions as ourselves.

Humanity is a disease inside this gigantic being, and the planets

and stars are its atoms. Also this same gigantic being is in its turn a

parasite on other greater atoms. In both directions, it is infinite. But

the important thing is to make sure that the disease, which is

humanity, continues to exist and never dies.


We did not know when we were creating you that we were

accomplishing a secondary mission "written" into us, thus repeating

what had been done for us.


From what we created and how it has developed, we have

discovered our own origins. For we were also created by other people

who have since disappeared. Their world has quite certainly

disintegrated, but thanks to them, we were able to continue in their

steps and create you.


We may disappear one day, but by then you will have replaced us

and taken over our roles. So you are the link in the precious chain of

human continuity. Other worlds exist, and humanity is certainly

developing in other parts of the universe.


But in this region of the universe, our world is the only one to have

made new creations. This is important because, from each world,

innumerable children can be brought forth who are precious for

preserving continuity. This allows us to hope that one day humanity

will no longer be in danger of disappearing completely.


But we are not sure that humankind can ever stabilize itself in

abundance. The chain has always continued, but we must not upset

the equilibrium of the immense body in which we are a parasite

because, by developing too much, we could trigger a catastrophe,

which at best might bring about a recession and at worst cause

complete destruction.


In a healthy body, a few germs can live without danger, but if they

develop too much, they cause a disease, which troubles the organism.

Then the organism reacts to destroy the germs responsible, either

naturally or with the help of medication. The important thing,

apparently, is to create enough worlds so that humanity does not

extinguish itself, but above all else, to make sure that the equilibrium

is not broken by concentrating our efforts anew on seeking to make

those who exist happier.

It is in this area that we can help you tremendously.

Evolution: A Myth

I make a parenthesis here, because you must dispel from your minds

all uncertainty about evolution. Your scientists who have elaborated

theories of evolution are not completely wrong in saying that

humanity is descended from the monkey, and the monkey from the

fish, and so on. In reality, the first living organism created on Earth

was unicellular, which then gave rise to more complex life forms.

But this did not happen by chance! When we came to Earth to

create life, we started by making very simple creations and then

improved our techniques of environmental adaptation. This enabled

us to make in turn fish, amphibians, mammals, birds, primates and

finally man himself, who is just an improved model of the monkey to

which we added what makes us essentially human.

In this way, we made human beings in our image, as it is written

in the Bible in Genesis. You could have realized for yourselves that

there is little chance of a series of accidents producing such a large

variety of life forms - the colors of birds and their elaborate mating

rituals, or the shape of certain antelope horns.

What natural need could lead antelopes or wild goats to develop

curled horns? Or birds to have blue or red feathers? And what about

exotic fish?


All that is the work of our artists. Do not forget the artists when

you yourselves create life. Imagine a world without them - no music,

films, paintings or sculptures... Life would be very boring, and

animals very ugly if their bodies corresponded only to their needs and



Evolution of the various forms of life on Earth is really the

evolution of techniques of creation and the increased sophistication

of the creators’ work. This eventually led them to create people

similar to themselves. You can find the skulls of prehistoric men who

were the first human prototypes.


These were replaced each time by others more evolved. This

continued right up to your present form, which is the exact replica of

your creators who were afraid to create anything highly superior to

themselves, although some were tempted to do so.


If we could be sure that human beings would never turn against

their creators to dominate or destroy them - as has happened between

the different human races created successively on Earth - but instead

would love them as parents, the temptation would be great to create

an improved humankind.


This is possible but at what enormous risk! In fact, some creators

worry that the people of the Earth may be slightly superior to their

fathers. "Satan" is one of those who has always thought, and still does,

that the people of the Earth are a danger to our planet because they

are a little too intelligent. But the majority among us thinks that you

will prove to us that you love us, and that you will never try to destroy

us. That is the least we expect before coming to help you.


It is even possible that at each creation of humankind by

humankind, a small improvement is achieved, a true evolution of the

human race, which is gradual, so that the creators do not feel

threatened when faced with their creations.


This makes it possible to speed up progress. Although we do not

think that at present we can give you our scientific heritage, we do

feel it is safe to give you our political and humanitarian knowledge.

This will not threaten your planet, but will allow you to be happier

on Earth. Thanks to this happiness, you will progress faster, and that

could also help you to show us more speedily that you deserve our

help and our inheritance in striving to achieve an intergalactic level

of civilization.


Otherwise, if humanity cannot calm its aggressiveness, if peace

does not become your only goal, and you allow people to promote

war, produce arms, test nuclear weapons, and maintain armies just to

seize or retain power, then we will stop such people from becoming a

danger to us, and there would be another Sodom and Gomorrah.

How could we not fear people from Earth when they attack their

own, we who are from another world and slightly different?


You, Claude Vorilhon, you will spread the truth under your

present name, which you will replace progressively with RAEL, which

means literally "light of God" and if we translate it more accurately,

"light of the Elohim" or "Ambassador of the Elohim", because you

will be our ambassador on Earth, and we will come only officially to

your Embassy. RAEL can be simply translated as "messenger".

And it is through telepathy that we made you name your son

Ramuel, which means "the son of the one who brings light", because

he is truly the son of our messenger, of our ambassador.

And following that pronouncement, he left, just as he had done on

other mornings.


So extract from page 97


Second point: Your world is paralyzed by profit, and Communism

fails to provide a carrot big enough to motivate people and encourage

them to make progress.


You are all born equal; this is also written in the Bible. Your

governments should ensure that people are born with approximately

the same level of financial means. It is unacceptable that children of

low intelligence should live in luxury thanks to the fortunes amassed

by their fathers, while geniuses die of hunger and do any menial

chore just to eat.

This way they forsake occupations where they could have made

discoveries benefiting the whole of humanity. To avoid this, property

ownership must be abolished without establishing Communism.

This world is not yours - that also is written in the Bible. You are

only tenants. Thus all goods should be rented for forty-nine years.

This will eliminate the injustice of inheritance. Your true inheritance,

and that of your children, is the entire world, if you knew how to

organize yourselves to make it pleasant. This political orientation of

humanity is not Communism; its preoccupation is the future of

humanity. If you want to give it a name, call it "Humanitarianism".

Take for example a man who has finished his studies at the age of

twenty-one and wants to work. He chooses his profession and earns

a salary. If he wants to find a place to live while his parents are still

alive, he "buys" a house - but of course, in reality, he is renting a

house or apartment for forty-nine years from the State which

constructed it.

If the value of the house is estimated at 100,000 francs, he can pay

that amount divided into monthly installments for forty-nine years.

At the age of seventy (twenty-one plus forty-nine), he will have paid

for his house and can live there until his death, without ever paying



After his death, the house will go back to the State, which must

then allow his children, if there are any, to benefit from it freely.

Supposing there is one child, then this child can live freely all his life

in his father’s house. At his death, his child in turn can also benefit

from the family house, and so on indefinitely. Inheritance must be

completely abolished, except for the family house. This does not,

however, prevent each person from being rewarded individually for

their merits.

Let us take another example. Someone has two children. One is a

good worker, and the other is lazy. At the age of twenty-one, they

both decide to go their own separate ways. They each rent a house

worth 100,000 francs.

The worker will rapidly earn more money than the lazy one. He

will then be able to rent a house worth twice as much as the first one.

If he has the means, he will even be able to rent both houses, one as

a country house….


So from page 100:

World Government

The creation of a new worldwide currency and a common language

would help you to establish a world government. The Auvergne

dialect is no longer spoken in Clermont-Ferrand, and  'very soon',

French will no longer be spoken in Paris, nor English in London, nor

German in Frankfurt. Your scientists and linguists should unite and

create a new language, inspired by all languages and made obligatory

in all the schools of the world, as a second language.


The same must be done with money. Worldwide currency values

cannot be based on the franc, the dollar, or the yen, but must be

based on a new currency created for the needs of the whole Earth,

without depriving one group of people who would ask themselves

why another currency has been chosen instead of their own.

Finally, the trigger required to bring about such a union is the

suppression of military conscription, which teaches only

aggressiveness to young men. Professional armies must then be put at

the service of the public.


This must happen at the same time in all countries so as to provide

an indispensable guarantee of security.

>>read how this came about on (similar to Earth-) planet Akart as told in a physical contact in Brasil in the 50s

Your Mission

As I have already told you, we know that our official arrival would

accelerate many things. But we will wait until we see that human

beings really want us to come, that they love us and respect us like the

parents that we truly are, and that our spacecrafts will not be

threatened by your destructive military forces.

To achieve this, make it known throughout the world that you

have met me, and repeat what I have said to you. Wise people will

listen to you. Many will take you for a madman or a visionary, but I

have already explained to you what to think of the imbecilic majority.

You know the truth, and we will stay in contact with you by

telepathy to give you confidence and additional information if we

think it is necessary.


What we want is to see if there are enough wise people on Earth.

If a sufficiently large number of people follow you, then we will come


Where? At the place you will have prepared for our arrival.

Have a residence built in a pleasant country with a mild climate,

with seven rooms always ready to receive guests, each with a separate

bathroom, a conference room able to accommodate twenty-one

people, a swimming pool and a dining room capable of seating

twenty-one people.


This residence should be constructed in the middle of a park and

should be protected from curious onlookers. The park should be

entirely surrounded by walls to prevent anyone from seeing the

residence and the swimming pool.


The residence should be situated at a distance of at least one

thousand meters from the walls around the park. It will have a

maximum of two stories and should be further screened from view by

an inner barrier of trees and bushes. Install two entrances in the

surrounding wall, one to the south and another on the northern side.

The residence will also have two entrances.


There will be a terrace on the roof where a spacecraft of twelve

meters in diameter may land. Access from that terrace to the interior

is essential.

The air space above and around the residence should not be under

direct military or radar surveillance.


You will try to ensure that the area where this residence is built - if

possible larger than stipulated here - is treated as neutral territory by

other nations and by the nation on whose territory it is located, by

virtue of it being our embassy on Earth.


You may live with your wife and children in the residence, which

will be under your direction, and you will be able to have servants

there and invite guests of your choosing. However, the area

containing the seven rooms should be directly under the terrace, and

it should be separated from the section used by human beings by a

thick metal door, lockable from the inside, which is kept permanently

closed. An aseptic chamber should be built at the entrance to the

conference room.


The financing of the project will be made possible through the

help you will receive from those people who will believe in you, and

therefore in us. They will be wise and intelligent, and they will be

rewarded when we come.


Keep a record, therefore, of those who contribute financially to the

construction and upkeep of the residence, however modest their



Also, in each nation throughout the world, appoint an individual

who will be responsible for communicating the truth, and who will

help others join together to spread it.


Once a year, on a mountain near the residence, gather together

from all over the world all those people who have heard about us

through these writings and want us to come. Assemble the largest

number of people possible, and have them think intensely about us

and hope for our coming.


When there are enough people, and when they wish intensely

enough for us to come without any religious mysticism, but as

responsible people respecting their creators, then we will land openly

and give you our scientific knowledge as our heritage to all peoples of

the Earth.


If those with warlike temperaments are rendered harmless all over

the whole world, then this will happen. If the love of life and

humanity’s love for us and itself are strong enough, yes, we will come



We will wait, and if human beings remain aggressive and continue

to progress in a manner which is dangerous for other worlds, then we

will destroy this civilization and its repositories of scientific wealth,

and there will be another Sodom and Gomorrah, until such time as

humanity becomes morally worthy of its level of scientific



The future of humanity is in its own hands, and the truth is in

yours.Communicate it throughout the world and do not be discouraged.

We will never help you openly, or in any way that would give proof

to the skeptics, since skepticism often goes hand in hand with

aggressiveness. Intelligent people will believe you since what you will

say contains nothing mystical.


It is important to us that they believe you without any material

proof. This proves to us more than anything else that they are

intelligent and so are worthy to receive our scientific knowledge.

Now go. You will not be forgotten if you succeed during your life

on Earth - or even after. If necessary, we can wait until the time of

your descendants to make our landing, because we can make you live

again scientifically, just as we can resurrect all those who have led

humanity along the path of human genius guided by the love of their

creators - so long as their remains are preserved in coffins or tombs.

The only help we will give you will be to appear in the skies more

and more frequently from now on in order to make people aware of

the problems, and make them want to learn more about the truth

that you are transmitting.


Gradually, thanks to these increased sightings, public awareness

will also increase, and our presence will no longer trigger stupid

adoration, but instead a deep desire within the population to make

contact with us.


You will call your movement Madech23- the "movement for

welcoming the Elohim, creators of humanity", which carries in its

initials a message, Moise a devancé Elie et le Christ, which means:

Moses preceded Elijah and the Christ.


Nuclear Weapons

‘Before we leave each other for the last time,’ he said, ‘do you have

any questions to ask me?’

‘You have interpreted the vision of Ezekiel as people equipped with

space suits,’ I replied, ‘and you told me that the atmosphere of your

planet was not the same as that on Earth. So why aren’t you wearing

a pressurized suit now?’


‘Because we too have progressed scientifically, and now we can do

without them. My face seems to be in the open air, but really it is

protected by an invisible shield composed of repellent rays inside

which I breathe different air from you. These rays let waves pass

through, but not air molecules. It's a bit like the way you prevent fuel

deposits escaping from certain ports in your technology by using

emissions of bubbles.’


‘Are nuclear weapons a danger for humanity?’

‘Yes, a great danger. But if humanity does not become wise and

peaceful, the existence of your nuclear weapons will mean that if the

need arises, we will not have much to do in bringing about the

destruction of your civilization. Perhaps you might even destroy



‘If you do not, however, and if you become a threat to us, we will

only have to destroy your stocks of bombs without sending offensive

weapons against you. We could do this with either rays, or telepathy,

in such a way that, in effect, one of the great powers would become

the aggressor, and this would automatically release a fatal retaliation.’

‘If people do not want to be exposed to that danger any longer, all

they have to do is take nuclear weapons away from the military. Such

nuclear power used with care could enable countries that lack energy

to make great strides forward. You urgently need to stop nuclear

weapons testing because you know nothing of the risks to which you

are exposing yourselves. However, if humanity continues to play with

nuclear weapons, it will simplify our task if we have to reduce you to



‘Do you have any women on your planet?’

‘Yes, it is mentioned in the Bible, and I made you note the

appropriate quotation.’

‘And children also?’

‘Yes, we can have children exactly like you.’



‘You told me you were immortal in some way. How do you prevent

over population?’

‘This problem will, in fact, be making itself evident very rapidly on

Earth. To resolve it - and you should resolve it immediately because

you are already sufficiently numerous - you must develop

contraception and pass strict laws authorizing women to have no

more than two children.


If a couple has only two children, the population will arrive at a

point where it no longer increases. We will be watching how well you

deal with this too. It will be another test of your intelligence, which

will help us see if you have earned our heritage. This solution I offer

is for humanity now where people only live for seventy-five years on

average. For us, the problem is very different. We are not eternal, but

we are able to live ten times longer than you, thanks to a small

surgical adjustment, which in effect is the biblical "tree of life". We

have children, and we observe the rules, which I have just explained:

two parents, two children. This keeps our population constant.’

‘How many of you are there?’

‘We are a population of about seven billion.’

‘We have met on six consecutive days, but did you always go back

each time to your own planet?’

‘No, I returned to an intergalactic ship, which we use as a base and

which stays constantly close to the Earth.’

‘How many of you are on that vessel?’

‘Seven, and on our planet there are seven provinces. Each has a

representative on that vessel. If we add the two who are responsible

for the vessel, there are permanently nine of us.’

‘If the people here on Earth do exactly as you wish, what will



‘We will come officially and land at the residence, which you will

have prepared. We will ask you to invite there the official

representatives of the most important countries of humanity, in order

to bring about total unification of the people on the Earth. If all goes

well, we will allow humanity to benefit step by step from our

scientific advances. Depending on the uses that will be made of it, we

will see if we can give humanity all our knowledge and allow you to

enter the intergalactic era with our 25,000 years of scientific progress

as your inheritance.’


‘Are you the only world to have attained such an advanced level in



‘In this region of the universe, yes. There is an infinite number of

worlds inhabited by beings of the humanoid type whose scientific

level is lower than ours, although much superior to yours. What

makes us fearful of disappearing is the fact that we have not yet found

any planet with a civilization as highly evolved as our own. We have

economic relations with many other planets on which life has been

created by other people who must have reached a scientific level

equivalent to ours, because their religious writings prove this to us.

‘Unfortunately, we have been unable to find the civilizations who

created the closest of these worlds. But perhaps we will find them

farther on as we continue to search the universe, each time moving

further away. In most cases, their planets approached the sun too

closely, and life became impossible, or their sun exploded, or became

too cold. Although we have not noticed anything abnormal at present

in our system, all this makes us fear the worst.’


‘So there is no religion where you live?’

‘Our only religion is human genius. We believe only in that, and

we particularly love the memory of our own creators whom we never

saw again and whose world we have never been able to find. They

must have disappeared. However, they had taken the precaution of

putting a huge space station in orbit around our planet, containing

all their knowledge, and this landed automatically when their world

was destroyed. Thanks to them, we have taken on the torch, and we

would like to see this torch taken up by the people of the Earth.’

‘And what would happen if your planet was destroyed?’

‘In case our world is destroyed, the same arrangements have been

made in advance, so that you would automatically inherit all our



So from 108

The Secret of Eternity

‘Do you really live ten times longer than we do?’ I asked.

‘Our body lives on average, ten times longer than yours,’ he


‘Like the first people of the Bible, that is between 750 and 1,200

years. But our mind, our true self, can be truly immortal. I have

already explained to you that, starting with any cell of the body, we

can re-create the whole person with new living matter. When we are

in full possession of our faculties and our brain is at its maximum

level of efficiency and knowledge, we surgically remove a tiny sample

of the body, which we then preserve. Then, when we really die, we

take a cell from this preserved sample and re-create the body in full,

just as it had been at the time the sample was taken.


I say, "as it had been at that time", meaning with all its scientific

knowledge and, of course, its personality. But in this case, the body is

made up of new elements with the potential for another one

thousand years of life - and so on eternally. But in order to limit the

growth of the population, only geniuses have the right to eternity.

Everybody on our planet has a cell sample taken at a certain age,

hoping that they will be chosen for re-creation after their death. In

fact they not only hope for it, they try to earn this resurrection during

their life. Once they have died, a grand council of the eternals

assembles to decide in a "last judgement", who among those who

died during the year deserves to live another life. For a period of three

lifetimes, the eternal is on probation, and at the end of this time, the

council of the eternals reconvenes to judge who, in the light of their

work, deserves to join the council of the eternals as a perpetual



From the moment that one wishes to have a new life, one no longer

has the right to have children, although this does not of course

prevent love. This explains why the scientists who were members of

the council of the eternals wished to create life on other planets. They

transferred their procreative instincts onto other planets.’

‘What do you call yourselves?’

‘If you wish to give us a name, even though we call ourselves men

and women in our language, you may call us Elohim, since we did

indeed come from the sky.’


‘What language do you speak on your planet?’

‘Our official language closely resembles ancient Hebrew.’

‘Each day we have talked here, weren’t you afraid other people

might have surprised us?’

‘An automatic system would have warned me immediately if

people had approached within a dangerous radius, by air or by land.’

‘What is your lifestyle and your work where you live?’

‘Most of our work is intellectual, as our level of scientific

development allows us to use robots for everything. We work only

when we feel the inclination - and then only with our brain. Only our

artists and our sports people work with their bodies and only because

they have chosen this.


‘Our highly developed atomic energy is almost inexhaustible,

especially since we have discovered a way to use the atom in a closed

circuit and solar energy. We also have many other sources of energy.

We do not necessarily use uranium in our atomic reactors, but several

other simple and harmless materials.’


‘But if you live so long, and do not work, do you not get bored?’

‘No, never, because we always do things we enjoy doing - especially

making love. We find our women very beautiful, and we make the

most of this.’

‘Does marriage exist?’

‘No. Men and women are both free. Couples exist. Those who have

chosen to live as such may do so, but they may have their freedom

back whenever they wish. We all love one another. Jealousy does not

exist, since everyone can have everything, and property is nonexistent.

There is no criminality where we live, thus no prisons and

no police. However, there are many doctors and regular medical visits

for the mind.


Those who show the slightest sign of psychological imbalance that

could threaten the life or liberty of others are immediately given

treatment in order to bring them back to normal.’

‘Can you describe the day of an average individual where you live?’

‘In the morning, they would get up and bathe, since there are

swimming pools everywhere, have breakfast and then do whatever

they feel like doing. Everybody "works", but only because they feel

like working, as there is no money where we live. Thus those who

work always do it well, since it is by vocation.


Only the eternals have specific tasks, for example supervising the

electronic brains and computers used for dealing with vital functions

such as energy, food and organization. Of the seven billion

inhabitants, there are only 700 eternals, and they live entirely apart

from the others. They have the privilege of being eternals but with

this goes the duty of doing everything for the others who are not

obliged to work.


To these 700 eternals, we must add 210 probationers (about

seventy each year, that is to say, ten from each province). Of the seven

billion inhabitants, there are only about forty million children. It is

only when they become of age - between eighteen and twenty-one

years, depending on the individual - that the children undergo the

operation, which gives them a life span of more than 750 years. From

then on, they too may have children. This enables the oldest of our

non-eternal inhabitants to know their descendants for up to fifty



Out of seven billion inhabitants, there are only about one million

inactive people, and almost all of them are under treatment for

psychological disorders. Our doctors treat them for a period of six

months. Most people are interested in the arts, and they paint, sculpt,

play music, write, produce films and participate in sports etc... We

have a leisure civilization in the full sense of the word.

Our cities have an average population of about 500,000 people

spread over a very small area. A city is in fact a huge house situated in

a high place, inside which people can sleep, love, and do whatever

they please.


These city houses are about one kilometer in length and height and

are traversed in all directions by waves used by everyone for travelling.

You tie on a belt, and then place yourself in a wave current, which

transports you very rapidly to wherever you wish to go.

The cities are cube-like in shape, so that they do not eat up the

countryside as they do where you live. Indeed one of your cities with

say a population of about 500,000 covers a surface area twenty times

greater than ours. The result is that when you want to go into the

country, you have to travel for many hours, whereas in our case, we

are there in only tens of seconds. The same architect conceives an

entire city, so that it will be pleasing to the eye and will harmonize

perfectly with the scenery surrounding it.’


‘But don’t the people who have nothing to do get bored?’

‘No, because we provide them with numerous activities. The

individual’s true value is recognized, and everyone wants to show that

they have worth.

Whether it be in art, in science or in sports, each person wants to

shine in order to become eternal, or simply to be admired by the

community - or by a woman. Some people like to take risks, and to

deprive them of the risk of dying would take away their joy of living,

and that is why dangerous sports are very popular.


We can bring back to life any injured person, but those who

practice these sports may do so only if they state in writing that they

agree not to be taken care of if they die during their sporting

activities. We have a kind of atomic automobile race that would

fascinate you and more violent activities like boxing, and even more

violent than that, a kind of rugby game, which is played in the nude

and where everything is permitted - boxing, wrestling and so on. All

this may seem barbaric to you, but do not forget that all extremes

must be balanced to avoid breakdowns.


An extremely sophisticated civilization must have primitive

counterbalances. If our people did not have their idols in their

favorite sport, they would have only one wish left, to die. The life of

another individual must be respected, but their wish to die, or to play

with death, must also be respected and permitted within well

structured and well defined specialties.


Where we live, contests are held each year in all branches of the

various activities, one of which is a worldwide contest, permitting us

to decide on the best individuals who deserve eternal life. Everyone

lives only for that.


Each year, whether it be painting, literature, biology, medicine, or

any other specialty where the human brain can express itself, a

competition takes place in every province, with a vote from the

eternals of that province; the "champions" are gathered in the capital

to submit themselves to the vote of a jury of eternals who designate

those who become "champions among champions".


These people are then presented to the Grand Council of eternals,

who finally choose those who are worthy of becoming eternal

probationers. This is the goal and everybody’s ideal. Distractions may

well take on a primitive aspect when the supreme goal is so high.’

‘Does this mean that the eternals have a totally different way of life

from the other inhabitants?’

‘Oh yes. They live apart in cities reserved for them and meet

regularly to make decisions.’

‘How old are the oldest ones?’

‘The oldest, the president of the council of the eternals, is 25,000

years old, and you see him before you now. I have lived in twenty-five

bodies up to this day, and I was the first one on whom this

experiment was successfully carried out. That is why I am the

president of the eternals. I myself directed the creation of life on



‘Then your knowledge must be immeasurable?’

‘Yes, I have accumulated quite a lot of knowledge, and I will not be

able to gain much more. It is in this way that the people on Earth

may be superior to us because the capacity of that part of the brain,

which accumulates information, the memory, is larger. Human

beings on Earth will be able to accumulate more knowledge than us,

and therefore will advance further scientifically, if they have the

means. This is what frightens those who oppose the council of

eternals. People on Earth may progress faster than us, if nothing stops



From page 113

Chemical Education

‘The knowledge that students need to accumulate must be enormous,

and must take a very long time?’


‘No. Thanks to an important scientific discovery, which in fact

your scientists on Earth are beginning to consider, we can teach a

student his lessons surgically. Your scientists have just discovered that

if you inject the liquid from the memory of an educated rat into the

brain of an uneducated rat, it will learn what the other knew.

We can transmit information by the injection of brain memory

matter, thus our children have almost no work to do. They regularly

undergo injections of brain matter taken from people possessing the

information necessary for instruction. Therefore, children only spend

their time doing interesting things, which they decide on themselves,

such as rebuilding the world in theory and fulfilling themselves in

sports and the arts.’


‘You never have wars among the provinces of your world?’

‘Never. The sports competitions are sufficiently developed to

eliminate the war instinct. Besides, psychologically, the fact that

young people are able to risk their lives in games where systematically

there are many deaths during each event suppresses the war instinct.

This enables those who feel this instinct too intensely to satiate it

at the peril of their own life, without involving those who do not

want to travel along such perilous paths. If on Earth sports and games

were more dangerous but organized, it would greatly reduce the

chances of creating international conflicts.’


‘Are the seven provinces of your world similar?’

‘No, as on Earth there are different races and cultures. Our

provinces were created and based on those races and cultures, while

respecting the freedom and independence of each one.’

‘Would it be possible for a man from Earth to visit your planet?’

‘Yes, but you would have to wear a space suit adapted for your

breathing. You could live without such a suit in a special residence

where we have reproduced the Earth’s atmosphere. There, many

people from Earth live, including Moses, Elijah and Jesus Christ

along with many other living testimonies of our creation. We will be

able to bring all these people back to Earth when the time comes to

support your statements.’


‘Why not bring them back at once?’

‘Because in your incredulous world, if Jesus Christ returned, he

would be placed in a psychiatric institution. Imagine someone

landing among you saying he is the Christ. He would certainly be

mocked and quickly locked up. If we intervened by performing

scientific wonders to show he really was the Christ, that would bring

back religions based on God. It would also lend support to the idea

of the supernatural or the mystical, and we do not want either.’

Having said that, the small man saluted me for the last time and

told me that he would return only when all that he had asked of me

was accomplished. Then he climbed back aboard his machine, and it

took off and disappeared just as it had on other mornings.


 Book that described the socalled miracles told in the bible etc. in a understandable way, - from 'above astral' spiritual medium-contacts in the 30s in Germany | intro