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"How the destiny are twisted together"

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Chapter XII. Down to earth again


How long we stayed with Atle, I can not say, but time passed quickly in pleasant fellowship and interesting studies. We both had so much to learn from him and he was happy to lead our teaching. Gudrun was of a very formable nature and sought with the greatest ease even the most difficult things. I had a slower at comprehending and could not with the ease of her fellow the studies. Often, we made long trips in the Grand “alpnatur” that surrounded our house. The climate was not as severely as it would have been on Earth, it was the other way very pleasant, and I well understand, that the tranquillity and the pure air, which prevailed, would facilitate Atles studies, especially his observations of celestial bodies.

It brings strange memories to look back at that time, memories of awakening, confused emotions, who fumbled their way forth. I had never really known what a more tender feeling was, for the one I had harboured for Ingegerd could not get this name. Gudrun had so suddenly come into my path that I had not had time to know my impressions. At first I thought she was almost a little uncomfortable with her sure belief in her own feelings toward me and her age-old allegiance to her youth’s knight. I had nothing else to give her, but I regret the arrogance, for which I had sacrificed her happiness. But the daily intercourse during joint studies with this gentle and tender creature brought eventually to life in my nature something that the previous stormy life on earth never had a chance to sprout.

It was the love of another being, for which I longed to sacrifice myself. Gudrun soon became the hub around which all my thoughts turned. Still, I carried it as my own sweet secret, but she could hardly fail to notice the sympathy, which occurred in my relationship with her, and her own heart trembled for joy over it, that I could feel. The one who especially enjoyed our mutual affection was old Atle, but he said nothing. And what was in fact to be said. When two hearts find each other, all words are superfluous.

This happy period was, however, in an unexpected manner to by broken. The message came from Eric, that I should come to him; he wanted to speak with me. I would rather refuse to come, but Atle felt it was my duty to comply with his wishes, and so I followed the summons. I thought I would soon come back again, and this thought made the parting less difficult. Gudrun followed me a piece of the road, I kissed her goodbye and so we parted. Little did I know that I should not see her again, until on the physical earth level or -plane?

When I came in Eric's home, Ingegerd came to me with tearful eyes and told me that Eric was about to walk away from her down to earth. He had at times been had been taken or seized by the sleep that precedes a new incarnation, but before he became completely numb, he wanted to talk to me.
(The new incarnation will be stimulated and activated by that the person glides in its focus into the memory body, or remembering-body - and it will look like, from outer look, like the person goes into a sleep as here told. Through this body, the person will from “inside” be able to see the context and development thread in the last 2-3 lives - and this stimulates even more longing for spiritual growth, which can only be experienced through the incarnations of the so-called physical plane. More on this in Martinus cosmology. R.Ø.remark.)

I followed her into the room where Eric was. He was currently at full consciousness and it spread all over his features a friendly smile, as he recognized me.

-I asked you to come here, to tell you some words, before I go into a new earthly life, he began. I've just learned from above, that I should go down and this bid has won the echo in my breast. It is also not too early. I've been lazy, too long have I been here and enjoyed the pleasant life in this sphere together with her I love. It's close to six hundred years since I was on earth, if I would stay here longer; I feel that it would curb my growth. It remains to me, therefore, nothing more than to go where the bid call me, unknown fate to meet. I'm ready, and it will not be long, before the band that pulls me down, is so tightly linked that I can no longer let me be known here (on the astral. R-remark). Thank you for coming, before it was too late!

I uttered some words of encouragement and told him to be of good cheer.
So am I, he said, it's not for actual entry into the new life, I shudder, it is for the destiny that awaits me. I am of a weak and reckless nature, who might easily go astray. And you know Ake - he said and took my hand - that we have unsettled business with each other. I have a feeling that we get to meet, our paths may cross in circumstances, which perhaps may become sad enough, unless we both go down with the firm intention that, whatever may happen, we sincere and faithful join hands. You know what it is, the fact that now we are friends, and not think of any hate against each other, is no guarantee for us, when we again meet down there with the matter blindfolded, and not recognize each other, even where we should hold together in friendship and trust. You know that on the same plane, where we made each other worse, we shall atone for male well-doing our actions, but when it happens so easily, that in the unconscious feeling of guilt - harden us instead of the hand of reconciliation.


It happens that we suspect an enemy in it, which is our creditors, and that old grudges breaks out again - instead of that old wounds would heal. I have not yet atoned for the violent deed, I committed when I burned your farm. May I do so in a way that consolidates the good relationship between us!

- What is your debt to me? Twice I have taken your life, the first time of hate, the other time of revenge. God save me to once again do you any harm! I must confess that I have not devoted the relationship between us any attention, but I understand now, you're right. This is a thing of the utmost importance. Though I do not now feel anything but the friendliest feelings for you, so I can imagine the possibility that life on earth to test us, put us in such conflicts, the old resentment may flare up again. God grant that the inner sense of cooperation and understanding may be so strong that it overcomes all evil passions! God grant that I may instead get the opportunity to serve you in one way or another!

Ingegerd, who stood by and heard our conversation, took both our hands.

-Yes, she said, may I also be involved and do what I can to facilitate your deal, instead of as before to be a bone of contention between you. It will not be long before I too will go down. An inner promptings addition, I have already known, and when Eric is gone, I have here no comfort anymore; I have to go down to find him.

I stayed with Erik in the short time, he still had left of his free life - However, freedom was, in fact, already at an end, for now he was taken more and more of the torpor that heralds the birth into the flesh. Eventually he fell asleep and “melted away”. He had as descendant crossed the border.

His passing and the warning words, he previously had whispered to me, had taken me deeply. I felt it was my duty to the life he has now begun, support and serve him so much as my ability was, and I asked for my spiritual leaders to follow Him and be born in such circumstances, that I had to stand close to him.

I got word that my request was granted, and that I should keep myself ready. I had thought that before going back to earth myself, should get time to again visit Atle and Gudrun, and bid them farewell, but I had misjudged so. Dormancy grabbed me almost immediately and I could not leave the home, where I was as a guest.

It is a remarkable similarity between the metamorphosis, which is called birth, and that which is called death. Both are preceded usually by a disease or decay, which is less painful in proportion as the spirit has reached a higher development. But if death to earth for man is a fright because of uncertainty about what to expect, on the other hand, then birth in the flesh is hardly less alarming, because even when you go out to meet trials, about whose nature we can possibly make any idea, but whose full meaning one does not know. And yet the descent into matter usually is a completely voluntary act. It therefore requires no little courage to take this step.

Abilard came and sat with me in the end. He promised to convey my greetings to the two dear friends; I left behind me in the mountains.




A new life in Sweden - 1820

Born as Birger - son of a merchant in a small town. Studied in Uppsala, where he met several fellow students - including "George" - and again, had his "old enemy brother" come on his destiny road on the earthly plane - as he predicted from the higher astral levels, they were prior to this coarse or "low level". His father wanted Birger to become a priest, but not so himself. When his father died, he had to take over the business, which went reasonably well.

George so again met “Ingegerd” from the previous life, and from life on the other side - in this "covering" she was “Gunhild” and was a beautiful and wise young woman. And when Birger was George's friend, he also became her friend - and the temptation arose again - as before - so it could be "more than friendship." This is when George was going to study music in Dresden, as he was so devoted to his music studies that his young wife and son at home in Sweden was a kind of being pushed slightly into the background. It was during this time that Birger comforted and helped Gunhild mentally - with consoling words, and his "morality" was now being tested. They had unconscious traces of their old relationship, without that the "incarno being" could remember any from these.

But "the old brother" (meaning his brother from the life as Grane) and "now" as musician George, had constant financial trouble. His compositions did not have the success he hoped for, and at a time the family was totally run down economically. And in this urgent situation was George to issue a loan guarantee / bond, when he false signs it with the friend Birger's signature. Of different circumstances George was unable to redeem the loan, and when the police contact the friend Birger, he understands the situation and "take on" responsibility for having written under the warranty - and so save his friend (and the old and now forgiven foe) from being punished for fraud.

Birger (Grane / Ake) had lived with his elderly mother without having found a wife, but one day his mother gets the idea to bring in a maid. With this Birger's life immediate gets so much brighter, and such "came" Gudrun (from 2 lives back and from life on the intermediate level) into his life again. After a time he marries her, and they get some good years together - before Martha as she was called in this life, is dying of a sickness, tuberculosis.

Somewhat later dies also the musical friend George of pneumonia and Birger is the funeral of his ancient enemy - but now gone friend. He tries to comfort his friend's wife, which he himself had been married to in life as "Ake knight and the castle-virgin Ingegerd" and we follow the drama further from this funeral; here on from page 111 in the original Swedish book and out-> page 120:


“She first held hands on her heart, and then she laid both arms around my neck and fell into a severe crying. Previously, she had not come up with a tear, but now the bands were broken and she was crying out.

”I stayed in Stockholm and arranged the funeral. But when I was going home, the thought struck me: how are these people going to survive? George had supplied some money to the family thru his lessons. Gunhild had managed the household and the home and had not been able to contribute to their livelihood. Now she stood there with empty hands. I left her a small sum for the near future and promised soon to return to try and arrange something for her.

Alone, she stood and alone I stood, it is then easy to understand, how it was possible to Marta's vision yet finally became a reality. (His wife Martha had short before her death had a vision where she saw that he would find and help also Gunhild after Martha herself was gone). She brought her children with her to care for my house, and so soon became my wife. I shall not dwell on the inner struggles; it cost me to get to the bottom with myself, before I took this step. It was natural that the daily intimate intercourse between us, which had always been best feelings for each other, would eventually lead to the idea of ​​a union, and I think this idea soon woke in us both, but it was as if we both struggled some against it and no one would say the final word on it. And it did not need to be said, we red each other's thoughts, and one day when the atmosphere became overpowering, Gunhild stretched out her arms to me, I brought her to me – and she was mine.

Again the fortune smiled at me, and I was happy in the feeling that Gunhild was happy. But for long would we not enjoy this pleasure. Care and disease laid its heavy hand upon us. I had the last few years had to struggle with serious financial difficulties, but always at the last minute, found a way out, and thus kept it going. The business was eventually in decline, it was no longer as productive as before. I had to lay off one of my assistants and tended so almost everything myself. Then came a severe crisis, and I had no other alternative than bankruptcy. I felt it hard, most for Gunhild's sake, if she once again should have to go through such a heavy testing, but there was no choice. I had made the most strenuous efforts to keep it going, but in vain. My credit was over, now the heavy blow had to hit us. Gunhild was during this crisis far more strong inside the soul and hopeful than I was. She still held up our spirit. And she also became the saving angel.

One day when I sad and depressed was sitting at my desk in the office, she came in having a registered letter in her hand.

- SAVED! She exclaimed, handing me the letter. It was from Gunhild's uncle and contained no less than 10,000 kr. and also the very kindest remarks about my person.
(Remember that this amount is probably for time now equivalent to nearly a million. R.Ø. remark.)
Gunhild now confessed that she had written to his uncle and told the whole story of George's frivolous handling with the exchange, and how I had intervened and saved him. We had mutually promised each other that this story should not be spoken of to any person, but after a short battle with her misgivings, she had, without saying a word about it to me, given the uncle a part of it and also talked about our critical situation. This had moved the old man so much that he, who was very wealthy and had no more heirs than Gunhild and a cousin of hers, now sent this amount to us as the heritage Gunhild one day should have.

So we were once again rescued. And so she had done, my lovely wife, who was always strong, thru the storms of raging adversity, how heavy she felt about the trials and burdens on her shoulders. Now she was particularly pleased and happy that she thus was able to repay what she felt like an old debt.

So went a time during the comparatively peaceful external environment and the safe, domestic happiness, which is built on mutual affection and confidence, but now came the disease. I had felt certain heaviness in the abdomen, but did not place much thought on it initially, and it did not particularly bother me, but eventually entered some worrying symptoms, which prompted me to seek medical advice. I underwent a thorough examination which showed that it was a cancerous lump (tumour) that were already quite large. I had to choose between an operation of dubious output and a disease, which result was no doubt, but that could also go for a long time and for now would not stop me in my work.

Gunhild was deeply saddened and dared not give me any advice, she otherwise always knew what she wanted and was quick to advise. But when I chose the latter option, I saw that it drew a relief over her face.

- So can I, however, be with you still some time and care for you as best I can, she said. Thank you for not taking the option to loose you right now!

I was now a doomed man. How long I had left, no one could tell me - it could go fast but it could also be long. It is strange how the certainty of a soon coming death can paralyze a man who still has forces in reserve. So great is the love of life, the certainty of its loss will corrode not only life itself, but also of courage and zeal. And yet I had to tell me that many who were healthier than I would die before me, but this had not the thrill of certainty that the end came.

The weeks turned into months during the uncomfortable feeling that the enemy of life, which I carried within me, still grew in size and stature. I soon could not walk and move without the greatest difficulty, and finally I had to occupy the bed.

I can not think back to that time, but with heartfelt gratitude, remembering the doting care, Gunhild devoted myself. She was indefatigable in her kind attentions, and not only did she cared for my sick body, she was even more my spiritual doctor. With her firm belief in a continuation of life in the other world, she was the one that sustained my courage, when it often came close to wobble under the double burden of suffering and death-certainty. Although I know that she was about to succumb to fatigue and grief, she could at my sick bed have a freshness and confidence that made me forget the pain and powerlessness. She was always the tense spring that sustained my sinking courage. And her children - why have not I talked more about them? - They were so unspeakably tender to me. Kurt was now 18 years old and was in the highest class, a handsome boy, who had inherited her mother's beautiful, expressive eyes, but of course brought to life one for all suffering beings, compassionate heart. Gunilla was 16, a blond and gentle little girl who crept on tiptoe into the hearts of all. How often did she not come with fresh flowers and laid them on the table.

One evening, when it was toward the end, Gunhild was sitting as usual at the bedside, sewing. Suddenly, she looked surprised about.

- What was it, my friend? I asked.
It was so strange, she replied, I thought I felt Martha glimpsing by/past. It was as if she had come from the hall, she stopped for a moment by the bed and then she disappeared. Did you not see her?

- No, I've never any sensation of that kind - as she herself so often had. She must have come to fetch me.

- It was so strange; I got such a strong feeling that it was her.

- Did she say anything?

- No, but she made a gesture with her hand as if she said hello to me, and I felt as if she wanted to thank me.

- She surely would and I also.

I handed her my emaciated hand which she caressing took between her two.

- Yes, Birger, when we meet again up there, so be very clear, that now seems so dim. You should greet them both, who have gone before us. Say to George, I never forgot him, even if I with joy and gratitude, though are looking back now on those years, I have stood by your side. Many times I wondered, that I from the first moment we met, could keep in touch like we were old friends, and that I  - at the same time could - give my heart to take it all the way to George. Life is full of mysteries, but some time, they probably be solved.

Her words died away, they were heard as speaking in the distance, I had the strange feeling that something snapped inside me. It went around for my eyes. I fell into a swoon. A few clicks and it was over.


Chapter XIX. Epilogue
The first sensation I had, after crossing the border, was the muffled sound of a violin. I was in a daze, I felt so utterly powerless that I could not even open my eyes, but it was a pleasant sensation of tiredness, such as one feels at recovery from a serious illness, when the crisis is over. And the sounds of the violin rocked me to calmness. I fell asleep.
When I awoke, I was very intrigued. I was in a big, beautiful room with high windows. The sun was shining through the thin curtains and threw light beams on the opposite wall. There hung the portrait over the couch where I lay. It was my own portrait - strange. I had no idea where I was or what had happened to me. I thought myself the victim of an illusion.


When I have been so for a while and wondered what this magic would mean, slowly the door was opened and in came a light and airy shape, a real revelation. I thought I recognized those lines ... Was it not ... Yes, of course, that was Martha, my Martha.
She stretched her arms toward me, bent down and kissed me.

- Welcome, you loved, she said. I have let you sleep as long as possible, but I've been sitting in the next room and listened, and when I heard that you moved, I could understand, that you were awake.

- But where am I and where is Gunhild, who watched as closely over me? Have you now taken over the care of me?
- Now you have left Gunhild and the earth and now you are in my home, which also shall be  yours ... if you feel inclined to, she added with a smile.
- Am I therefore dead now, you mean?
- Yes, they call it so on earth and they think it is so terrible, terrible and dark and surreal. But now you see how easy it is to die, and how you can ...
-What can you mean?
-Gain on the exchange.
She blushed up to her hairline.
- Yes, it was not myself I meant, she added, but the others here in our world. See how beautifully I live, feel how the roses smell through the open window, listening to the birds in the park. You may believe, this is good to be real.
Once heard the muffled sounds of a violin, who played adagio in pianissimo.
- Who is it, who plays so beautifully? I asked. I thought I heard it just now in the dream too.
- It's George, 'she replied. We went down and picked you up and he had his violin with him to play a show for you to sleep, he said. He's sitting out here in the park and burning with impatience to come in and welcome you. Do you feel strong enough to speak to him now, or do you rest yet a while.
- Ask him to come. I can not wait to see him. Martha shouted at him through the window. He came in so jubilant that she had to silence him.
- You must be quiet, she said. Birger is still very weak and need rest. Greet only slowly and then go out again, keep playing for him.
He made a face, like when you silence a child, sneaking up to the couch, grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes.
- Welcome! Welcome! I thought you would never die ... as I've been waiting for you!
- Thank you brother! Was all I could say. Then his eyes fell together and I fell asleep again.
When I woke up again, I probably slept for quite a while, but now I was also fully restored. I could immediately get up and started to look around.

It was really a delightful place I had come to. The room had three windows, two facing out to a large park with lush trees and green lawns between the meandering sandy paths, the third gave a sweeping view of the surrounding neighbourhood. In the foreground was seen a narrow valley with steep side slopes, where beyond the widened landscape was. A lake lay glistening in the sunshine and distant blue mountains rose up with snow on top.
- What this is beautiful, I said to Martha, who just walked in while I stood and admired the scenery.
- Yes, it is a lovely region, we live in. But now you also should see how nice we have indoors.
- Who lives here more than you?
- Actually, I have lived here all alone waiting for you, you dear, but I have often had guests with me, and now I have, except George, also another old acquaintance of you who come from a higher sphere to welcome you, our dear friend Abilard.
- Abilard ... Abilard? The name is so familiar to me but ...
- When you get to see him, be sure the memory awake all that he has been for you. Come on.
She led me first to a large room, comfortably furnished and artistically decorated with a broad frieze in bright, cheerful colours, and a pair of beautiful marble statuettes. Middle of the floor stood a large palm plant and in an expanded window were a lot of flowering plants. Then we came to a small room. In the wide window, which was temporarily postponed, was a large desk with a bunch of beautiful things, including a lovely statuette in bronze, of a young Scandinavian woman with a lamp in her uplifted hand, as if she was looking for something.
- This electric lamp is a gift from Abilard to you -
- For this is your study room. He has ordered it from an artist. The castle girl who is out looking for her knight, he says.
- It looks like you, you know, I said.
- Yes, the castle maid, it's probably me that, and the Knight, - it's you
- Do you remember that story?
- Strange memories emerge, but they are so vague, so unreal.
- We get enough time later to collate them, but now we have to seek Abilard, who impatiently await you. I think he's sitting in the library.
We passed a large hall, which with three arches was open to the park, and then come into a high octagonal tower room which was lined with bookshelves from floor to ceiling. This way Abilard so absorbed in reading a large folio, that he did not immediately notice our entry. I therefore had a moment of opportunity to look at him, and that was enough to awaken so many memories and feelings of gratitude, that I absolutely threw myself at his feet and stretched his arms towards him.
- My beloved old teacher! I exclaimed.
- Well, I have you finally here my son. He took my head between his hands and kissed my forehead. Blessed - because you filled your duty faithfully and patiently bore earth troubles of life.

Now also George came in. He embraced me and thanked me for what I had done for him and also for my affection and help for Gunhild.
- Have you felt no bitterness towards her or me because we finally were united in our destinies?
- Not the slightest. You had an old right to her and she is one unfulfilled duty to you, because you should meet and also be as united as we can on the ground plane, but mine she is anyway, just as you will not lose the preferential right to belong to Martha. The earthly bands are temporary - but the spiritual ties remain.
We talked together a long time now about old memories and then fell a clear light on a lot, which seemed to me obscure.
- But tell me, Abilard, I asked, why would George have to go through that much harder trials than I, as he was from the beginning, not nearly as cruel and fierce as me.
- You must remember that he had not been incarnate, since he was the musician Erik at King Waldemar's hoof. Meanwhile, you had a strict school as a soldier in Carl the12.'s army. Where did you get the opportunity to GRIND of the roughness, which was charged at your being, and also suffer you free from a lot, which was weighed on your soul. That's why your last earth visit was relatively easy.


An important part of your later life was your last illness; it has been you a blessing. It is wonderful how a patiently borne bodily suffering has the ability to cleanse, not only the astral envelope, as we here stand and move in, but also remove the very nature of the spots, which as earlier misdeeds sullied us. One would think that these purely physical torments, should have nothing to do with the more spiritual of our being, and yet it is so. So intimate is spirit, soul and body in one life spun together, that the vibrations of pleasure and pain, that reach the heaviest (most coarse) of our shells, then will be re-added to the spiritual values, and taken up by our being's inmost core.

- I asked for Sigyn and old Ulf, and Abilard told me they were back in the earth beneath, slightly ahead of my last incarnation. They had lived in Norway, where he was a good captain and she was his daughter. Both had been under harsh life. In particular, he had had a hard life. Finally, after a difficult shipwreck, he came home with a broken foot and a broken health. She then nursed her father, and supported him and herself by, brave and fearless, as she was herself part in the local fishery. After passing from the earth trek, they had come back with the spiritual treasures of patience, humility and confidence and were very happy.

George, who had long been silent, took place.
- Yes, everything was fine, if only I had my Gunhild - my Ingegerd - here, but she is still down there and pulled with disapproval conditions.
- She has her children, who are fond of her and make life bright for her, said Martha, remember that she needed them.
- But things get tight for her, in economic terms, I said, for what I left behind me is not enough.
- Be calm, said Martha, I have seen a vision that her uncle, before any know, goes home, and then she will inherit her fortune.
- How have you seen it? Said Abilard.
- Recently I was with him one night when he slept, and then I saw a light appears over his head, and it means liberation. I have seen that at many different times for different people, and it has always been so. Already during my earthly life, I learned to see and understand this character.
- Yes, I have so often received confirmation of what you have seen or dreamed of, I said. You have a wonderful ability. Many times I have wondered why many people have this gift.
- It's probably not just a gift, she replied. As for other skills, it takes practice and work and not at least all knowledge. I was at a good school of Father Atle in the mountains, you remember him? He was a complete magician of the good battle, he was a well of wisdom to draw on, and I drew extensively during the short time I was with him, for I had a burning taste for mysticism. He also led my exercises, he gave me problems to solve, the test to perform, he was the best teacher, I could wish for. Thus I have become sensitive to nature's hidden powers and means of expression, but what can I compared to old Atle. He is a richly endowed man, and versed in all arts and sciences.
- Have you seen him, since you were last on the earth?

-              Yes, he was the one who received me, when I left. And the first time I stayed with him, but his snowfields became a little lonely, as I longed for a more beautiful scenery. He then gave me this house, which he pre-erected on my behalf, as he probably could understand I wanted a home where I could take and welcome you.
- Has he, who is engrossed in his books and his laboratory, did you say he had built this house, Yes, he has such rich opportunities for things and relationships of so many different kinds, that I do not know what he could accomplish. This house was his favourite idea, has been done the first draft of the plan scheme and even the supervision of the construction, though he lives quite far away, but he's so easy to get around, he just wants it, and so he goes off/away, and then we see no sign of him.

- Yes, he is actually from a higher sphere, said Abilard - and with that follows some mobility, which does not belong to the lower spheres, but he has fallen in love with his alp landscape and the observatory he was decorated for himself and he is therefore more sedentary there in his proper home. He also has a power over the forces of nature, which he acquired through assiduous work and in-depth studies.
- But is he always alone, and studies? I asked.
- No, not always. First and foremost he is at long times up in his proper sphere, and even higher and take the education of those who know more, and secondly, he has often disciples with him, enjoying his teaching. Yes, it is not unusual for men of learning from higher spheres pilgrimage to Atle, to hear his opinion on any difficult question.
- If he were to go down to earth, he was certainly a great scientist, George said.
- Yes, more than that, said Abilard, he was, what people would call a miracle man, but I think, he is not urgent with that step. His time is not yet come.
- No, but it may not be as distant as you think, said Martha, because to me he said, when last we met, that he is following with great interest the spiritual movement that has started to dawn on earth. It has large problems to overcome, she said, but it is to win the victory, because it is truth inherent power. And when it has grown so strong that something can be done to dispel the materialistic darkness, then his hour have come. Then I, too, and many others which are infinitely high above me, will go down to, every to their city, helping the people in distress, as they have brought upon themselves. I tremble for the moment, but my mirth, that I found worthy, to be a little warrior of the light that are flowing down upon us from the Great Spirit, who fashioned the Universe and with His love draws us up into their bright Heaven. "

So about fell his words, I shall never forget them, and how his face shone as he explained, and he raised his clasped hands and added:
"Father! See the grace to your poor servant and give me the strength to walk YOUR way, also if it should be thorny."





Words at last from this translator/Rune Ø.:

Thus, the book describes in a poignant way how our fates are intertwined and how the people who "randomly coming in" in our lives, are old friends, who as to the extent that they cause us unpleasant fate/destiny, we are to forgive. This is based on the understanding that we all are on the way - even as imperfect beings and it takes time to learn to love out of compassion.

Examples of past "fate-specific meetings," is falling in love that such brings people together in relationships and possible (temporary) marriage. Such are those of the past’s certain events, and the children who possibly come out of this – planned from the other side/before we went into this coarse -matter. Often they – the children -  have made ​​the effort to incarnate into disharmonic conditions in order to bring their parents karmic together, where they at last will learn something important from each other - and especially MUTUAL FORGIVENESS.

Although the book as it is dictated, not directly, "proved to be true" – so IT speaks of strongly feelings, sensations and other research in this spiritual field - as being true and taken down from reality and happened history. Read the book as a whole yourself - it costs hardly more than a hundred in
if it still can be obtained?

The book has isbn 91 85990 507 and was the 3.print - published in 1984 by Livs Kraft,. Google Search on the book here

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A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands By Franchezzo

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