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..something which can observe all the things a person may                                you have remained the individual, and you will continue

falsely believe he is. This detached observer is Soul, the                                to be an individual after the last physical incarnation. The

real You.                                                                                                                    physical bodies, personalities, surroundings, and experi­

  If you close your eyes and create the face of a friend on                                ences may have changed, but always there was the real

the screen of your mind, it would be Soul that is looking                                awareness, the real you, learning lessons and unfolding

at the picture. The mind is not looking, because it is only                                spiritually. To learn, grow, and awaken was the reason that

the tool used to form and hold the image.                                                        Soul came into the physical world in the first place, eons

 Another way to experience the reality of Soul goes like                                ago.

this. As I speak to a friend, are the words coming from                          Soul's journey to the physical world involved many

my mouth myself? Of course not! But if I were to watch                                other worlds beyond ours. These are the so-called parallel

carefully as I speak, being fully aware of each word as it                                universes I spoke O{ which the Venusians and many other

comes out, I will begin to notice that something is listening                                peoples discovered and explored. To the people of Venus,

to those words.                                                                                                    these planes of existence are the ultimate frontier, contain-

  It is not a thought but a unit of awareness. Why is it not                                mg within them the answers to all of the mysteries of life.

a thought, or the mind? Because I can think a certain clear                        On Earth books have been written about other worlds,

thought as "I wonder if there is a difference between the                                and people have wondered about them ever since they

mind and Soul", and be aware of it as the thought passes                                were able to wonder, but few have discovered the secrets

through my mind. The still, silent something which watches                                of consciously visiting these worlds during their physi-

thoughts being produced by the mind, and knows they are                                cal lifetimes. Even this will change in the near fliture. To

thoughts, is the unit of awareness we call Soul. Very often                                consciously experience them once could prove their reality,

we conflise thoughts with the unit of awareness that can                                but to never experience them at all leaves them vague and

watch them. We can have a thought such as, "I am fully                                unreal to that one.

aware of my thoughts", accept it as trne, and forget that it                      Each of these worlds or planes of existence has a dif-

too is only a thought. It too can be consciously watched                                ferent rate of vibration or frequency. The matter in the

as Soul. The awareness and the mental world of man are                                world just beyond the physical is at so high a frequency

two different things.                                                                                            that a person living there could easily pass through walls,

  By far the best way of finding out that you are Soul is to                                mountains, and even people here. The highest sounds here,

leave the body in Soul form while you are still living. This                                beyond detection by Earth scientists, are the lowest sounds

is called an out-of-body experience and it proves that you                                in the plane beyond the physical universe. This explains

are something beyond the physical body.                                                why the existence of these worlds is a religious matter on

  It is useless to become involved in how old you are as                                Earth, rather than a scientific matter of personal experience.

Soul, because Soul Itself exists beyond time and space.                      The worlds beyond have very much in common with

Counting the many lifetimes before this one, you are eas-                                the physical world, but they are all much more beautiflil

ily many millions of years old. Through all those lifetimes                                and heavenly. They too have all kinds of people, cities and




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villages, animals, plants, mountains, oceans, deserts, and                         The Supreme Deity Itself is actually a void. It has no

sunsets; but in every imaginable way, these worlds are                                relationship to anything outside of It. This is why nothing

vastly more beautiflil than the most advanced planets here.                                can be said about It. But It can be experienced. The best

The colors are out of this world, so radiant and breathtak-                                thing to say is, "It just is!"

mg that words cannot do justice to them. The universe                              Issuing forth from the Supreme Deity, sustaining and

just one step beyond ours is so beautiflil that many people                                giving life to all worlds including the physical is the audible

who live there after "death" mistakenly believe it is the                                life stream of Spirit. Matter and energy in our physical

ultimate Heaven.                                                                                        world are nothing more than this universal energy whose

  I use a familiar analogy to help explain how these worlds                                vibrations have been stepped down. It is within this sea of

are designed. First let us take a centriflige, which is a sci-                                Spirit that Soul exists. It is a part of Spirit. As an uncon-

entific instrnment that spins liquids at high speeds. If we                                scious atom when it was first created Soul did not know

take a mixture of water, mud, sand, and stones and spin it                                who It was, what the Supreme Deity was, why It existed,

at high speed in the centriflige, the heavier materials will                                and what the power is that It can control. It was asleep in

collect at the outer edge in the order of their heaviness. As                                this ocean of Spirit and somehow needed to be awakened

we look toward the center, we will see less and less gross                                to the fact that It even existed.

materials, until in the innermost area we find only air.                            In order to provide Soul an opportunity to wake up,

  The outermost layer can be thought of as the physical                                the Supreme Deity created the worlds of form where the

universe, the densest and most material of all the universes.                                opposite of Spirit exists, which we call the Kal or negative

As we look toward the center, we will find the layers hav-                                power. There Soul could be tested and purified in polarity

mg finer and finer materials. These are like the worlds of                                until it became aware. There it could acquire the experi-

time and space, where everything is at the higher frequen-                                ence necessary to awaken and then be a conscious atom

cies. To a person living there, things are as real and solid                                separate from the body of God, and yet a part of it. It will

as to us in the physical world. This is because the senses                                then remain an individual being for all eternity.

used there are at the same higher frequencies. Likewise,                                 Soul exists naturally in the pure, positive spiritual

our physical senses cannot record objects and people there                                worlds, where there is no matter, energy, space, or time.

because physical senses were designed for use in the physi-                                Not a trace of the negative power exists here. These worlds

cal universe only.                                                                                                are very real, but it is almost impossible to describe them

  The very center of the spinning liquid, where there is                                with words, because they are beyond the realm of the mind

only air, can be compared to the pure spiritual worlds                                and its workings. To know them a person must experience

beyond time and space. These worlds are the home of Soul                                them for himself.

and what religions call God, the Ultimate Reality. Soul                                   The denser worlds are constrncted as a school for Soul

originates in the pure, positive spiritual worlds beyond time                                through the creation of polarity between the positive and the

and space, but It was born as an unconscious atom in this                                negative forces. Soul remains in these worlds of polarity,

cosmic sea.                                                                                              positive and negative, only temporarily, until the schooling




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is accomplished and the Soul graduates. The lower world                                uses to operate in the lower worlds. It has no life of its own,

with the most Spirit is that level Soul first entered on its way                                but depends on the energy Soul allows it to have.

down into the Physical Plane eons ago. This most heavenly                Just below the Mental Plane is the Causal Plane, where

plane of the lower worlds is called the Etheric Plane. In                                Soul picked up the still coarser causal body. It allows Soul

spiritual terminology it is the crossing over line, between                                to have recall of past lives in the lower worlds. Some teach-

the denser planes and the higher Spirit levels.                                                ings on Earth call it the seed body because the karmic seeds

  As Soul came in touch with these denser worlds, It                                of our actions are planted here to be reaped later.

needed to protect Itself with sheaths or bodies. The best                        On the Causal Plane is a region often called the Akashic.

protection for Soul in a lower plane happens to be a body                                Although the trne Akashic records really exist beyond the

made of the same materials as are found naturally on that                                lower worlds, those who visit the Causal Plane have the

plane.                                                                                                                    chance to learn of our past lives on the planes below the

  The first body you took is more or less a clear sheath or                                causal. The famous American psychic, Edgar Cayce did

light that surrounds the Soul. On Earth it is known as the                                just that. He viewed these records in his investigations of

subconscious mind, one of Soul's most powerflil instrn-                                past lives. Any person can in time learn to visit the Causal

ments in the denser worlds. The limitless resources of                                Plane and discover facts about his own past lives on Earth

man's subconscious mind exist on the Etheric Plane, where                                and other planets.

many saints and mystics received the cosmic conscious-                          Below the Causal Plane in frequency is the plane which

ness. As a world of being, it is as real as the Physical Plane;                                plays the greatest part in people's physical lives - the Astral

in many ways more real. The Etheric Plane has people,                                Plane. This is where you, as Soul, picked up the astral body,

cities, beautiful landscapes and sights that can be seen and                                and with it the ability to register what you call emotion.

remembered by those of us on physical planets who have                                For this reason the Astral Plane is also called the emotional

trained ourselves in the art of leaving the body.                                            plane. When a person experiences emotion, this is really

  The next lower plane that Soul entered on its way into                                an energy flowing through the astral body. In any lifetime,

the physical universe is called the Mental Plane. It also is                                your astral body is an exact duplicate of the physical body,

a world of glorious sights and sounds, some of which are                                only more beautiful and perfected to behold.

recorded in the religious literature of Earth. Your St. John                         The Astral Plane as well as the other worlds of time and

is one individual who visited the Mental Plane during an                                space is a very real world. In fact, everything we know

out-of-body experience and described what he saw there,                                in the physical world, such as people, mountains, trees,

which included the capital city that was called Kailash. On                                homes, and cities existed first in the astral world. The

this plane are the heavens of many of the world religions.                                Physical Plane was created with the astral in mind, but

  To exist in this rarified density, Soul must protect Itself                                in a less colorflil and luminous way. People living on the

with a coarser body, called the mental body or mind.                                    Astral Plane have more powers, such as telepathy, manifest-

Our mind is actually this body, and its energy appears as                                mg things with the mind, and traveling at fantastic speeds

thought. Each of us has that body, for it is a tool that Soul                                without vehicles or devices. The astral body is luminous





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and does not have physical pain as we know it in the physi-                                rain, and it serves as food for the higher forms of life. After

cal, which explains why people sometimes conflise this                                many lives and deaths as moss, flowers, vegetables, and

astral body with Soul.                                                                                        trees, on Earth and other planets, Soul is ready for the next

 Having all these bodies, Soul entered the lowest plane to                                step. It begins its lives in the animal state of consciousness.

begin the experiences which one day would lead to becom-                     As an individual, Soul will inhabit bodies that suit its

mg a conscious co-worker with the Supreme Deity. We all                                own nature or individuality. Soul is the life force in the

know it as the physical universe, where Soul picked up the                                animal, but always remains a unique individual. It spends

physical sheath or body which was needed to survive here                                a great deal of time in the animal state of awareness, pro­

and begin Its experiences.                                                                                gressing from one species to another, from insects to rep-

  In the beginning, when you first entered the Physical                                tiles, to birds, to mammals. These lives are not always on

Plane, you were not immediately a human being in form.                                Earth, but on many different planets.

For Soul to have every possible experience, which every-                      The last stage of physical unfoldment, and the high-

one must have in order to be perfected, you need to experi-                                est state that Soul can reach in the physical world, is the

ence every state of consciousness that the physical world                                human being. This is the divine apex of evolution in the

has to offer.                                                                                                        physical universe, and is the form Soul uses to have Its final

  The first experiences that you as Soul had, or the first                                experiences here. As a human being, Soul must go through

level of consciousness that you lived within, was that of                                every possible experience. One lifetime is only a speck of

the mineral state. Granted, minerals do not seem to be very                                time in evolution, much too brief a moment in the physical

aware (as we think of it), but even the seemingly limited                                world to do all the learning and growing needed. Man on

experiences possible by living that mineral state are neces-                                Earth does not even manage to complete one full cycle of

sary as Soul first begins to wake up and comprehend Its                                144 years in an incarnation.

physical existence. In the beginning, most of us were in                           Soul reincarnates as a human being over and over

the mineral state for a long, long time, depending on what                                through millions of years in order to have all the experi-

experiences we needed. Of course, you were never really                                ences it needs. History is not the story of our ancestors;

a mineral or rock, but you as Soul inhabited such bodies                                it is the story of our own lives, for we are our ancestors.

on your way up.                                                                                        Each of us has lived as many different characters, male and

  Between lives there is a period of time where you are                                female, in many different races, on a number of planets,

placed on a plane above the physical, according to your                                and in an almost uncountable number of circumstances and

level of consciousness. In the very beginning most Souls go                                situations. Each time that we return, we arrive with a new

to the Astral Plane, staying for a while before reincarnating                                body and a new mind.

again into the physical universe.                                                                 New Souls are constantly being created, however, so that

  After the mineral state and the experience in awareness                                the lower worlds will continue to live. The Supreme Deity

at that level, Soul begins to have experiences in the plant                                uses this plan of ever-constant life in order to live through

state. As a plant, Soul can feel the sunshine and the wind and                                Its creations and to never perish.




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  It is for our own benefit that the memories of our own                                and rich, powerflil and weak, famous and unknown, healthy

past lives are hidden. If a person were deluged with so                                and crippled, intellectually keen and slow-witted; but there

many memories, he could very easily end up in an institu-                                comes a time that Soul approaches a state of balance in

tion. These memories are a part of Soul knowledge, of                                the physical world. As the individual is winding up his

which we are not very aware until we become mature                                lives here, he begins to seek earnestly for answers to why

enough to handle it.                                                                                he exists, why he is here, where he is going, and what the

  Anyone who is fortunate enough to remember expe-                                greatest power is that exists beyond the physical world. He

riencing the worlds beyond time and space knows that                                finds that the conventional paths no longer satisf~~ him. At

these lower worlds leave much to be desired. Why then,                                this point a person begins to become more aware of the

do we as Soul remain bound to the lower worlds for such a                                person within himself - his feelings, thoughts, and intu-

long time? In order for us to be purified and perfected, the                                itions. He may soon begin to consciously explore the planes

negative power was established to bind us here as long as                                beyond the physical in his search for trnth.

possible. Its instrnment is the law of Karma, which, like the                        No longer is Soul comfortable with the religions of the

law of gravity, holds us here long before we become aware                                day, because there is not enough trnth in them, not enough

that it even exists. No one would dispute that the law of                                answers. As Soul, you are ready to seek something beyond

Karma is invisible, but the longer a person is unaware of                                the physical world.

how real it is, the longer will he be bound to the physical                                   This is when you discover a spiritual teaching that tells

world.                                                                                                    you about Soul, and about your existence before you were

 Christ referred to the law of Karma when he said, "As                                ever in the physical world. You find that by having this

you sow, so shall you reap." Spiritual leaders of almost                                teaching consciously, you are able to learn Soul Travel.

every religion or path on Earth at one time taught this                                Through this art and science, you leave the physical body

universal law, and even today most people of Earth know                                temporarily to visit and explore any or all of the worlds

of Karma, especially in the East.                                                                beyond the physical universe, in the Soul body. It is like

  It has been said that mind can be a useflil servant, but                                teaching what religions call heaven before death; only this

a terrible master. Soul should always be in control of the                                experience can prove life after death to each individual.

denser bodies, but all too often it is not. Instead of Spirit                        Soul Travel is the main feature of the Laws of the

controlling the mind, the Kal power can take over so that                                Supreme Deity, which sets it apart from other teachings.

person will sink into the five passions of the mind - anger,                                The whole system is based on personal experience within

vanity, lust, greed, and attachment to material things. As                                the planes beyond this one. Instead of hoping and trying

long as this is happening, Soul will be bound to the lower                                to believe in life after death, the individual can experi­

worlds through the creation of karmic debts; for as long as                                ence life apart from the physical body and visit the places

you have a debt to pay, you must be reborn.                                            he will eventually inhabit, after the death of the physical

  Throughout the many incarnations as a human being,                                body. He will learn the simple difference between death

Soul is entangled in webs of Karma. You have been poor                                and Soul Travel.





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  In Soul Travel, he returns to his living, inhabitable body.                     There are a mind-staggering numbers of denser world

In death, he can not return because the physical body is                                teachings whose purpose is to suit the consciousness of

for some reason no longer operable. Instead of believing                                Souls who must stay in the denser worlds for additional

in reincarnation, he will know that it is real after visiting                                experience. These were established to bind the Soul to the

higher planes and having recall of his own past lives.                                denser levels until it is strong enough and aware enough

  With this conscious knowledge, there is opportunity to                                to escape. They have a limited truth and serve their pur­

balance out the Karma from past lives. When one learns                                pose well, and they are varied to suit the many levels of

that the physical body is just a vehicle in which to learn                                consciousness that exist in the denser worlds.

lessons, then he is reaching a point where it will not be                              Each individual must be careful not to be trapped by a

necessary to incarnate in the denser worlds any more. You                                teaching which does not satisfy his inner need for truth. The

have a choice to become a conscious worker with the Cre-                                seeker must also be wary that he does not mistake a lower

ator, even before physical death.                                                                        plane, within the realm of Karma, for the true spiritual

  The physical world is not the only place where Soul must                                worlds. The Astral Plane is today peopled by many who

balance out Its Karma. There are also the Astral, Causal,                                believe it is the ultimate heaven, so much more beautiflil

and Mental Planes Soul has lived and created debts. In                                than the physical world is this plane.

Its upward journey, Soul cleans up all of its unfinished                       |        Any planet whose people live in close accord with spiri­

business in the lower worlds first. It is freed of the bonds                                tual laws will have conditions that seem almost heavenly

of Karma and reincarnation when It is firmly established                                to people of Earth. Venus is the way it is because of the

in the first of the spiritual worlds, called the Soul plane,                                consciousness of the people living there. The same is true

beyond time and space.                                                                                        of Earth. Souls who have much negative Karma will be

  Here you have Self-Realization, the first full realization                                attracted together on one planet, to make negative experi­

that you are Soul. Several worlds above the Soul plane is                                ence possible.

that higher spiritual world where the God-consciousness is                           I am not saying that Earth is a completely negative

reached. Here Soul realizes that It and the Supreme Deity                                planet. It too is balanced by a positive side to life. Any

are the same. Soul has total awareness here, a state that can                                planet or plane in the denser worlds, on which you exist,

be reached while you are still physically alive. Even here                                can be negative or positive for you depending on your

its growth is not completed. Beyond are many more planes.                                own attitudes, for these create your personal world with

Throughout eternity there is always one more step to go.                                the power of thought. It all depends on your level of con-

  The Laws of the Supreme Deity is our name for a teach-                                sciousness awareness.

mg that exists on every planet and every plane. Venus does                         As I mentioned, Venus too was once a very negative

not have any monopoly on it, but we do recognize it openly                                planet, as Earth is today. Over several million years, the

as our planetary spiritual teaching. Each planet has this                                people of Venus grew to a point in their unfoldment that is

teaching which originates beyond the denser worlds, to                                not unique, but seems unique to the people of Earth because

help those Souls who are ready to advance.                                                they are not aware of such things. Our spiritual and techni­





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-cal growth became so positive that our entire civilization                                                            Chapter Three

 no longer needed to exist on the Physical Plane. while the

physical planet Venus did remain alive, the entire culture                                                                                    Tythania Comes of Age 

and its people achieved transition to the astral level.

Trying to learn where life itself came from is not so

easy here in the physical universe. It is very ancient history. Before Earth was colonized there were advanced well-established civilizations on other planets in our own solar system. And before this solar system came into being, there were other solar systems in this Galaxy having planets supporting ancient civilizations. Earth is like a baby, just beginning to become aware of the vast world in which it lives.

Earth scientists today work devotedly trying to find out where life itself comes from. For thousands and millions of years, scientists on planets much older than Earth have done the same thing, but they learned that their efforts were in vain.

Life cannot be created here in the physical universe. However, when conditions are right, it can enter this world from the worlds beyond. Only when a person has the God-consciousness can he know the where and why of life itself.

As the people of Tythania studied and analyzed their own past, as well as the history of other planets, they found that all is not as chaotic as it seems. Life on the planets follows natural law just as surely as anything else in nature. Growth of a planet and its people goes through natural cycles and ages just as the growth of an individual passes through stages. The order of the ages gives an idea of the kind of life a planet goes through. First is the Golden Age....


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