Part 2-summary of the UFOcontacts of Bob Renaud from July 1961

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(Realize that the effective ridiculing forces from the ignorant, adversary powers - that have had monopoly on the medias since WW2, and so strangled all such information - now realize that they no longer have this, and thus now try to disperse confusion though the www by joining different forums and there claiming THEY JUST ARE this and that particular "contactperson" - now "admitting it all was bluff"etc. Just like the dark/confusion-powers used the pensioners "Doug and Dave" some years ago, claiming THEY ALONE had made ALL the cropcircles!! And the ignorant press people as usually believed it!!)

Opening-comment to this/such material: Of course one shall not suppose  anybody to believe this -or similar contact-notes, - only from any kind of pictures or claims. As one must find a personal recognition INSIDE when reading this - studying such material. So if a person will not be bothered reading or studying this or such - it is waste of time. You are absolutely free to think you are just a pile of soil with a accidental "life" inside if you wish - as the warmongers and materialists tell you. Consequently - it is only through realizing,  recognizing "this surrounding material reality" -as only being a particular vibratory frequency-zone/"cosmic class room" - on a BIG scale, where a given frequency-design make this illusion of "reality" -  that one can conceive such phenomena as teleportation and deep-space-travel through higher vibr.dimensions. In the view of the blind materialists of today, who identify themselves as the matter/body alone - of course such "theories" must be absurd!! 

The physical ufo-contact in the early 60s of Robert P. Renaud, UFO CONTACT FROM KORENDOR part 2 of summary

(5 colorpictures down is not from the book - it's only suitable illustrations)

The contacts through the year 1964

Bob said he HAD read about earlier contactstories, and had been searching for proofs, which he got when his own experiences happened. He had now got the ability to feel when they called him. And the next contact was to an undersea base and again his "stand-in" took his place. Picked up this time by a 20m dia craft hovering ca 170m above the house - by an antigrav-beam, where to men from the ship up had first been beamed down the "elevator" to meet him. There was a magnetic force outside the 1,5m dia disk they stood on, so no need of rails.

He described the interior of the ship and again mentioned the 3dim pictures on walls. The room he came into was ca 12m dia w.curved ceiling. After a short trip he observed the ship being computer controlled down into a base below, into a room of ca 150m.wide. Also those conveyor-belts to stay/drive on. There he again also met the "young space-girl beauty" Lin-Erri.

He could now use a teleport-station there with different "end-stations" to their other earth-bases. After a quick med.check he was able to teleport with Lin-Erri to an under-sea base someplace under the Pacific Ocean (3,2km under ocean-bed)- outside of California:

" This was truly a unique experience --- unlike anything I had ever known before. When you first enter, a tingling sensation like an electric shock runs through from head to foot. Then suddenly there is a feeling that can only be described as disorientation and blankness, accompanied by an impression of sudden disintegration into weightless, massless vapor, like a ghost!

picture not from book - just a pure illustration: "visitations in underwater-ruins of  Atlantis"- same for the 2below.

For an instant you cannot think. All you know is that you exist. Your brain is at this instant a mass of electrical impulses, which are being transmitted like radio. Our mind, without these physical senses, is self-existing, and is independent of the universe. It travels via the Ultraconscious to the body reassembled at the other end.

The tingling returns suddenly, then vanishes. You are through, and still alive and in one whole piece. This translation has taken one second! One second --- and 2,500 miles were just traversed!!

The man on the other end greeted us and led us to the main office…"

As usual he gives an extreme detailed description of the equipment in the base he can see - ex how they get oxygen and fresh air down there. And he get into the control room of their earth- crafts with a lot of panels, recorders, 3d-telescreens, monitors, and flight control units. Here they could also fellow the unmanned discs. 

(must have sounded totally "far out" to hear this in the 60s, but now, f x whisteleblower and ret.military man; bob dean reveals  a similar teleportation-event in his interview on camelot from spring 2010/48min into this interview. Rø-extra-comment from 2010)

In those days in the early 60ths, there was no color-tv's, so he was impressed of all "in 3d+color." He saw one 90cm small, fly over LA + one over an AirForceBase, where it was deliberately controlled so it was seen and they could then pick up the soldiers reactions through equipment.

In a room there they overlooked "all earth" through those unmanned and manned discs, from where they got pictures and data back on big monitors on the walls. They could also remote-control all the ships if necessary.

Oddly enough they had labelled most all eq. in English and not their home language Galingua. This must have been done in the intention learning our language for their people intending to be later or simultaneously out-placed in earth society. Ex.he saw a laserprojector - and remark: it will probably not be long before "those" are in sale, instead of the projectors now in use, which are surely also some copied ET-stuff ( "leaking channels" as Dr Michael Wolf who told how a mil. group gave private firms who back- engineered them and patented it + on the coverup from StevenGreers new book)

He also got a demonstration of how they easy could teleport a ship-crewman into the base he just was on from one of the bigger ships over south-Africa on 2 seconds!! So all Bob experienced there was almost "too much" for him.

But he sensed: " These wonderful beings have not turned their inventions and discoveries against one another in hatred and war. Instead, they have applied their knowledge for man’s benefit, for his comfort, for his service. Because of this essentially humanitarian and philanthropic attitude, they have been the benefactors of many of nature’s wonderful forces that lie hidden from us - hidden behind a dark cloud of our own making --- a cloud composed of our hatred, our insincerity, our prejudice and greed. Look upward and see these shining discs in our skies.

Think about the wonderful people in them who have already been through times like our present predicament. Out of love and human decency they have overcome these trials, and now live in a world of true freedom and peace. When you can realize that we, too, could experience in our time this blissful life, then you have taken the first step toward helping to bring this wonderful way of life to all people of our own planet. "


He also was a technician himself and could see into some of their computers and saw something unlike what he was used to. But what is normal in today's computers also here on earth - which are ( leaking sources as DrWolf) just taken/"copied" ideas from spacepeoples crafts/equipment of either "stolen" or crashed/downed materials. Even many technological break-throughs like the transistor, fiber optics, microwave, etc. have been undeniably proven to come from back-engineered technology from downed ET crashes. Top officials in all walks of life are now coming forward with this information. But here what Bob wrote on the computers he then saw " …the actual brain was composed of a myriad of little squares (todays IC/processors-rø.rem) of solid-state modules united apparently by mere contact, since there was no visible interconnecting wiring, nor was there room for any."

He also got a demonstration of a computer that he could a form of talk to, and with a form of "semi-will". He claimed they were into hangars of more than 3,5km length and those had no columns. The ceilings of glowing white "lights". In these big rooms were scoutcrafts of all kind from 10-30m, and technicians working on some.

Book also claims that the ship got through the ocean floor through a forcefield-door that holds the water back: "… When the ship reaches the surface of the ocean floor, a force-screen will open up and make a 200-foot diameter passage in the water up into the atmosphere. It is possible to move out every ship in this hangar in five minutes!"


The swedish contactperson Ante Jonsson also tells in his book (+the whole link) from the early 90s (link in swedish language) that he was taken to an undersea base where a forcefield hold the waters back. Of course such claims are nearly fairytales for normal, ignorant people of earth who have been deliberately misled and lied to for more than half a century from the authorities and the military. 

artpicture only as illustration - "dive down to the underwater-ruins of Atlantis"

So he saw a lot of diff.eq.there - fx: " On the right wall there was one long panel of unexplained function. It was being operated by three men and two girls. It appeared to be a sort of test and analysis device with probes in each stall(book tell it was 396stalls) to run the maintenance and repair checks on the craft hangared there."

Another claim is that they said they had developed methods to materialize bodies made for earth's conditions for "incarnating into" - just in the same way as Lobsang Rampa (link that opens in new window- here the doc on "renting-bodies") said was used in the far past for advanced ET's to come here in a hurry, as those bodies were conditioned to Earth's environment. One of them he met this way was the "president" of Korundor!

And he touched one of the REAL BIG PROBLEMS HERE: OUR VALUE-SYSTEM SO EASY TO MANIPULATE AND MISUSE FOR THE HIDDEN (big-banks-)power BEHIND. And this is JUST what those mis-using-powers-behind are afraid of being understood, discovered and accordingly abolished:



He spoke of many important things and he said:

"…This immediately brings into view a much needed change for your world. This is: A prompt change from your present economic system of capital --- to a SYSTEM INDEPENDENT OF MONEY, gold reserves, deficit financing, etc. We speak of the Universal Economics System mentioned to you in some of your earlier messages."

"You must be aware that many of your world problems are caused by inadequate economic conditions --- poverty, low productivity, poor education, and failure to develop natural and human resources, to name just a few."

"It is therefore advisable to eliminate these problems by eliminating their source: Money and the principle of barter on which it is based. In the field of science, your world has progressed by leaps and bounds, but you are chained to the inadequacy of a system of economics that is a thousand years obsolete!"


Some later quotation:

"… Actually, when we discuss with out economics experts the barter system used on Earth they find it hard to realize that a planet as advanced in many ways as Terra, can still believe in the archaic money-system economics you are now using. There are so many benefits to a moneyless economics system that we are surprised you have neglected it so long."

Together with the president came also a Korundor-wiseman named Altim who talked about how a planet they knew had been pulled into an atomic war. It had had a similar situation as earth - with the same "evils root": a moneysystem. The atomic war there had killed 91% of the inhabitants. 64% had died immediately, and 27% of the after-effects /radiation etc.

Just now that whole planet was a military state much worse than Soviet have ever been, they said. The Korundor-people were now trying to help that planet by many ways.


After this talk of the wisemen, Bob was taken home: They first teleported him directly to a small scoutship near his home - from which they took him down to some place near, by help of the antigrav-lift-beam.

picture just an idea/not from the book



This diagram of the Scout Ship that returned Bob Renaud and Lin-Erri from the Undersea Base under the Pacific Ocean was drawn by Bob after his return to his home in Massachusetts. He was most impressed at what he had seen and witnessed on this long trip. Picture from the book.


artpicture from another contact that happened in Holland in the 60ths - which is also made available because of the respected collecting-job of Wendell Stevens - all honour to him!! Is was when "stefan von der Erde" had these meetings with a "water-loving-race" from planet IARGA- whom he met when sailing with his family. From these contact he got a lot of intr.inf.



February 4-night contact - 5.faceToFaceContact

-Got radiomessage intending a contact as usual at night, so they came in a ship some over 60m in diam.which released a small ship, descending down and picking him up. They had nearly been watched of a passing car when they flew. So the bigger ship took them up.

Inside he remarked that the telescreens on the wall showed the landscape much lighter than seen by eye alone, and all of them covered all around the ship, including up/down

picture: "they" avoid frightening people as Rincon got a demonstration of from his cosmic friends when he was taken inside a ship and they flew near some people in a car being very scared. This happend in SouthAmerica in-73.

Blue pastel colour in the rooms, and grey carpets on the floor. A 2mdia column in the center. Crew of seven-incl. 2 women, all wearing a one-piece uniform.

Bob was now able to get a spacesuit on in the colour of polished silver. It was air-conditioned and contained breathing apparatus, a communications device, and a variety of meters and instruments for control of temperature, air pressure, humidity, radiation, etc.

Wearing it they could go outside of the craft, as the shoes of it had a adjusted magnetic attraction to the ships hull. He describes the difficulty of moving in non-gravity, and describes a view from space that we are now used to see from the space-shuttles. He also saw the cosmic dust as "fireflies": " Most of it you would call meteoric dust. It comes from many sources, among them comets, the wreckage of the fifth planet in your system, and the uncountable millions of tons of loose material floating about in space. It can present a hazard if in great enough quantity. Our ships have shielding force fields to deflect them. "


The problem of overpopulation,

In radiocontact at feb10-64, Lin-Erri spoke of the problem of overpopulation, and mentioned that India was an example of that. Said the ideal family was 2 children + the parents. She talked on necessity of sexual education and on today’s wellknown methods of avoiding pregnancy. And said:

" Now, assuming that your Earth had a world-wide program of sex education, and a safe and efficient means of controlling the conception rate, the next step would be to consider the improvement of the stock."

"One might first think of the mentally deficient and the criminally insane, whose characteristics could be hereditary. If all attempts to help them fail, then sterilization would be the humane way of preventing their defects from being carried on to another generation. "

And some lines below: "We here have developed this science to a point where we can determine even the colour of the eyes of a child to be born! Also, we have developed a method of changing the genetic patterns to eliminate deformities and produce superior strains. It is possible to produce a variety of conditions, such as resistance to disease and, occasionally, to instil certain specific aptitudes --- such as for music or science. "


Their Penal System.

The next radiocontact happened 4 days later, when Andre-Kael – a Universal Alliance of Planets Criminologist – spoke on the subject Penal System. And he said that some nations "capital punishment in form or for any reason, represents a retention of barbarian ways and indicates the inability of a civilization to deal effectively with its problems."

They saw the inhumanity and limitation in our present penal system, and saw the injustice in our jurysystem: "We are also opposed to the jury principle, leaving a man’s very life in the hands of people who have no knowledge of the facts except for what they hear from ‘witnesses’ who can easily be bought. When emotions and unreason rule, there is little opportunity for objectivity and justice."

And talked how the rich could use money to buy lawyers and judges. Their solution was not to use punishment. The lawbreakers on their worlds could either admit the wrongdoing or use another method; "Psychprobe".

The "criminals" lived a free life in a kind of region, isolated from the society else. Their methods seem to be very close to what the Danish wiseman Martinus wrote in his LIVETS BOG in ca 1931 on how our society on earth will - after his timeless views - solve this problem in the far (+500years) future. But here an excerpt from the way the Korundor- alliance did it:

" There are no cells, no guards, no walls --- nothing whatever to restrain the individual physically."

"Instead, he is required to register three times a day at the main building in the area; once upon rising, once at midday, and once before retiring for the night. If he fails to register, he knows that a search will automatically be undertaken and when he is found, he will be returned to continue his retention.

"While under detention the criminal may work at any of a variety of useful jobs. There are repair shops, manufacturing plants, printing or taping units, and a number of other facilities. There are recreation areas, dining areas, and what you would call PX’s."

"After his work day is completed he has full run of the base until Galun 18 (20 Galuns in a day), curfew time when he must register and retire for the night, to awaken at Galun 5. The work period is from Galun 6 to Galun 12 daily. Visiting hours are during the free time period from Galun 12 to Galun 18 daily.

"The criminal is paid for his work and has financial freedom within the facilities of the base. He would not be able to use his UnEc card ("work-receipt-card") off base, since the penal cards are red, and would be instantly detected among the gren ones used in ordinary life."

"Each private dorm is very comfortable, and includes bathing and toilet facilities, as well as radio and telescreen. There is a well stocked library in each dorm and a large main library in the recreational complex."

"This may seem like luxury but there are definite restraints, despite the apparent freedom. They are required to stay on base, and they know that if they try to leave they will be apprehended and returned within half a day. They cannot use thief UnEc off base. They may not travel from planet to planet. They may not visit home. And they MUST live according to schedule. Apparently these things constitute sufficient psychological ‘punishment’ to ally in these individuals any future plans for crime, for the system works very well."

"In a penal colony, a criminal also has a chance to further his education and work training if, for some reason, he did not get what he needed previously. Of the little crime that we have, 99% is due to these two factors: Inadequate education, and work training."

"Another choice open to a criminal is to undergo a voluntary assignment to one of the many planetary development units which are constantly bringing civilisation to the new worlds frequently being discovered."

"Here the criminal lives among non-criminals, the only distinction being the red card and the three registrations daily. Also he must remain on the planet, whereas the others may leave at will. He shares the same living quarters, recreational facilities, etc. Here, too, an education may be obtained when needed. Still, these people feel the psychological walls around them."

"The third alternative is to undergo corrective psychprobing to change the criminal tendency. Under this program, the individual must report once every day to the office in the city nearest him, where he will be probed to determine the effect of the corrective measures. Usually this will take about 20 to 25 days, after which he is free to resume his normal place in society. He is now distinguished by a yellow UnEc card. He can use this any place in the city of his choice, but nowhere else on his own or any other planet. His card is identified specifically with the certain city he chooses, and is so made that any attempt to alter it will render it VOID in large black letters. Furthermore, he may not leave the city or planet where he has agreed to remain. This is similar to your probation system."

"If the individual requests a psychprobe to determine his guilt or innocence, he is brought without delay to the nearest Psych Centre, put into a semi-conscious state and his conscious and subconscious centers are probed. We have learned that the brain patterns of criminals are very distinct from those of other people. A test for those distinctive patterns, which are formed by guilt feelings and aberrant mental functioning, is the first of two probes. If the person has patterns, which indicate the criminal tendencies, then the second probe is used. Through careful questioning, visual memories of the crime are brought fourth in the criminal’s mind as the experience is ‘relived’. The probe machine then translates the electromagnetic brain impulses into visible pictures on a telescreen, which correspond to the memory of the crime committed."

"If, by this method, guilt is determined, criminals may then choose one of three means of ‘punishment’, and in some cases must submit to corrective psychprobing as well. In rare instances, it requires surgical correction of brain damage to effect the required rehabilitative measures. As always, education is provided as needed. "


And crimes are not officially published on their planets, and the lawbreakers have no problem going into normal society again.

Here I will insert another cut from a physical contact to a BIG humanlooking alien-girl from one of the "overlooking-ETraces" - telling the Australian contactperson Michel (in -89) of the penal-system used in a far, far distant earth- civilization. This civ. had been colonized from space- the colony then existing in the east – some up to one million years+ ago:

‘As for murder, this too was rare, as you will see. Accused murderers were taken to a special room and left alone. Behind a curtain, a ‘mind-reader’ would be installed. This was a man who not only possessed a special telepathic gift but who also cultivated that gift in a constant endeavour, in one or another of the special universities. He would intercept the thoughts of the supposed murderer.

‘You are going to retort that it is possible, with training, to make one’s mind blank - but not for six hours at a stretch. Further, at various times when he or she might least expect it, certain predetermined sounds would be heard, obliging the ‘subject’ to break concentration.

‘As a precautionary measure, six different ‘mind-readers’ were used. The same procedure was applied to witnesses for the prosecution or defence, in another building some distance away. Not a word would be exchanged and, on the two following days, the procedure would be repeated, this time for eight hours.

‘On the fourth day, all the ‘mind-readers’ submitted their notes to a panel of three judges, who interviewed and cross-examined the accused and the witnesses. There were no lawyers or juries to impress. The judges had before them all the particulars of the case, and wanted to be absolutely sure of the guilt of the accused.’

(from and the 2 pictures down is made to illustrate just that contact )


next part of The physical ufo-contact in the early 60ths of Robert P. Renaud, UFO CONTACT FROM KORENDOR: link to part 3 of summary

but first read down>that indicates the proof of truth of the claims of Robert P. Renaud, 


This site/article here is a summary from the book, which can be found and bought on - Site of Wendell Stevens:

Stevens (once an usaf-pilot, to the right on picture down) is one of (or just THE ONE) most serious and important ufo-investigators in the last half a century, and began his own research and collection effort, eventually amassing the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world. He began to publish reports on the events, and wrote many illustrated articles for many UFO publications. Disenchanted with the dearth of detail on contact events reported in books and journals of the time, he began preparing detailed reports of his own investigations. He has published more than 22 of these extensive reports in book form. He continues his investigations at his own expense, still seeking the elusive answers to the many questions raised by this phenomenon. Wendelle has been a Director of the International UFO Congress since its inception. ALL HONOUR!!



mainsite english language

short excerpt from "Extraterrestrials Among Us" of  Michael E. Salla, PhD 

"...there is startling evidence from a number of independent sources that ‘human looking’ extraterrestrial visitors have integrated with and lived in major population centers up until recently, and this is known by a select number of government agencies and military departments. A range of highly classified government documents and military programs give credence to this phenomenon, as revealed by a number of whistleblowers. Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean, for example, claims that a top secret NATO document he witnessed in 1964 described how senior political and military leaders had been visited by and interacted with ‘human looking’ extraterrestrials who could easily blend into human society. What really concerned NATO leaders, according to Dean, was that extraterrestrials could be walking in the corridors of key political and military institutions. Aside from whistleblower testimonies, a number of private individuals claim to have encountered extraterrestrials posing as ordinary citizens in major cities around the planet..." from


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Think this seems like a wild story? - just hear the lecture of Richard Doland on Secret space program from  "The Secret Space Program Conference" - that  was held on the 3rd of April 2011 in Amsterdam. LINK