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The investigator Carl von Vlierden investigated the KOLDAS –ufocontact from the 60s.

He (picture) was a cautious researcher who didn't take anything for granted. He was one who must see for himself, and that is just what he did - for years in this case. This case is unique because the contacts from the extraterrestrials at times came in on an ordinary commercial radio set that was modified very simply by one of the UFOnauts when he lived near the contactee close to Durban, South Africa for a time. Van Vlierden made several more trips to Pinetown meeting Edwin and following up on his investigations, and finally quit his residence in Durban and moved closer to Pinetown to be near this spectacular extraterrestrial contact situation which was still going on He has been there ever since, studying the evidence, listening patiently to the hundreds of audio tapes of the contacts with the cosmonauts from another planet, as they claimed.

It began in 1960 when "Edwin" worked on a radiofactory and they announced for a technican. An apparantly ordinary young man – "George", around 30 - got the job and Edwin soon became his good friend. George said he stayed at a hotel and was from Johannesburg. They often went out for trips/fishing together. And sometimes they saw peculiar lights and George began to ask Edwin on the theme ufos etc. He talked about the mysteries of earth – the pyramids and so on.

Edwin told: "So, on that Saturday night, I picked up George on my motor-bike. I had brought all the bait and fishing tackle as I usually do and was therefore surprised to see that George had a small leather-covered case with him, which I had never seen before.

"By midnight, the other fishermen were starting to move off and about 2 a.m. George and I were alone out there on the Groyne and the beach was also deserted. When the last person had left, George said, 'Let's forget about fishing now; I want to show you something.'

"He put down his fishing rod and opened his case. I switched on my flash-light and was surprised to see that it contained a radio set. George pulled out the telescoping antenna which consisted of two vertical rods joined by a horizontal piece in the middle, and adjusted some control knob to turn on the loudspeaker.

"This is a receiver, said George. Suddenly, to my surprise, I heard a strange language coming from the speaker. It was unlike any language I had ever heard before!

'It's all arranged," George said, clearly satisfied with what was taking place.

"I wondered what was up his sleeve. 'Just wait, he said, 'in about fifteen minutes look out over the sea.' Then, after ten minutes or so, I saw to my amazement a bright light above the water coming towards us. It grew larger as it approached and when it reached a point near the Bluff* (*A collection of sand-dunes overlooking Durban harbour), about 3 km to the south of us, it stopped and changed course. The light now came parallel to the shore until it was vertically above us over the Groyne. Here it stopped again and hovered; it was now about the size of a tennis-ball held at arm's length. It shown with a bluish-white light, sharply outlined, steady and not pulsating at all. It was a beautiful spectacle. I was quite overawed!

"I heard the radio speaker coming to life again, this time much stronger. George seemed to understand what the voice was saying. I did not take much notice of what was happening on the radio as I was looking up at the light. This must be one of those spacecraft, I thought to myself.

George said to me, 'Edwin, listen carefully.' I drew nearer to the instrument but still kept an eye on the object above us.

"Then I heard this voice again. This time it was in English and I could understand it clearly. The voice said, after addressing me by name, that he was the Commander of the spacecraft above us and his name was Wy-Ora. He then explained who George was. That he was one of them and that he had come to live on our planet for a few years to study the conditions, the people and their habits, and so on.

"One of his tasks was to find someone who would be willing to start a group so that information about life in space could be given to those who were interested. He also told me that George's true name was Valdar and that I had been selected by him to start the group of people. He explained that they came from the planet Koldas in another(parallel) Universe and that he hoped I would accept the job of starting such a group.

ill. of the shape of the ship from the shape-drawings in the book - here represented on the beach where the first contacts happpend at night - but here not the factual beach.

"I was thunderstruck! At that time I was 16 years old and I felt I was inexperienced and not qualified for such a task. However, I was subsequently told that I would be trained and that in all probability I would meet others who would assist in the work.

So the contact started – and from then everything went fast Edwin said. George stayed 2 years on Earth. In that time he systematic went through every source of information in Durban – libraries, museums, churches and so on. They - he and Edwin - also went to some spiritual meetings. He wanted to learn as much as possible from and on all spiritual groups and –views. But he never told of his own views regarding beliefs here – and never did he criticize any of it. But he shake head of violence, fighting, drukenness, etc.

George (Valdar was his real name "out there" -  had modified the radio-antenna, so that the KOLDASIANS could override the circuitry by remote control and then broadcast through this set. This set was confiscated by men who claimed they were authorities and never returned.

Before he left he had modified an ordinary radio through which they could maintain the contact – and through which they got hundred of hours with cosmic information regarding their homeword, how they travel through dimension corridors, etc. But after some time the intelligence got sucpected after rumours, so they came and confiscated the modified, but otherwise normal radio. But after that, the Koldas-people learned how they could talk directly through Edwin by telepatie or trance-talking -  and this information was also taped, and the most of this information was collected in the book UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET KOLDAS - A Cosmic Dialogue - that he wrote and Wendelle Stevens published in the 80ths.

short from the book, where the space-contact-man said:

"We must be careful as we do not want these trans­missions to cause your families any harm. Your authorities permit radio transmissions provided we give you no material evidence or photographs. We make these radio transmissions in the simplest possible language so that even an unschooled mind can not mistake them. I know we have a problem with the choice of words but this will be corrected. You see, some of us have not had much practice in the English language."*( *footnote: This was welcome light on the seemingly childish simplicity of the communications. Perhaps such simplicity was necessary to reduce the possibility of dangerous mis­interpretation and mis-understanding, which still occurred nevertheless. Consider how different the police official's reaction might have been had he found an erudite treatise on space travel and been convinced that regular communication with extraterrestrials was in fact taking place at that very house at that time?)

Wy-Ora then told us what had happened six months earlier. The incident resulted in partial withdrawl of Confederation patrol-craft from the immediate vicinity of Earth. It concerned one of the two Astrael-craft which had been especially designed for oceanographic survey. During the exploration of the seabed, they discovered subterranean tunnels which led into large gas-filled caves. Explosions had already occurred there as a result of the reaction caused by the entry of sea water. These explosions could be the cause of some of our quakes or tremors. The craft was able to seal off some of the tunnels to prevent further explosions. Liaison was maintained with the patrol craft on station above Earth which relayed data to the Confederation for analysis.

On this occasion the craft was able to seal off one of the tunnels in the western Atlantic so they decided to warn Earth authorities of the possible danger to the population nearby. The oceanographic survey craft emerged from the sea and flew to the nearest military base. While hovering high above the base, the craft made radio contact with the military officer in charge who was advised of the possible danger. But the officer did not believe the communication and said, "We do not accept warnings from aliens!" He then commanded the Astrael-craft to surrender or he would be forced to destroy it. The Koldasian commander then replied that he would on no account surrender his craft. On seeing a flight of aircraft taking off with missiles plainly visible under their wings, he departed at high speed. Upon reaching station altitude, he reported to his superiors and was ordered to return to base. When this crew returned to Koldas a Conference was convened at the main communications building and a report was issued.
(seems unbeliveable?- just listen to the interviews with many of the offjumpers of military men and like- and make up your own mind)    fx with BOB DEAN - on search              updated Rune sept07)


The BOOK has all the details - and is another example on how "hidden" or suppressed information that never get serious reported in common medias- Because  the hidden and DARK power here: military-industry/might/money-people behind - SYSTEMATIC SUPPRESS AND CONTROL SUCH INFORMATION.

 They are afraid of letting people understanding alternatives to our "demonic system"  and so they manipulate and govern our tortured earth - through  the primary  controlling-method and slavesystem ("nightmare"): total control of the BIG MONEY. (HIDDEN DECEIT, and today still more effective than before: controlling/manipulating the over-computers of the legal plunder-tool: the "hidden"banks behind. /About this read ex.: Steven Greer's book from 2006 ”Hidden truth, forbidden knowledge").

But only through this "new media" - internet - can such alternetive information get out - as long as "they" not succeed in stopping it. For example has the webmaster of these GALACTIC-SERVERS seen many advanced attempts on blocking the access to them - it is really advanced attempts he said. Remember those people have the "most" advanced technique - most, if not all, stolen from crashed crafts...besides of the money simply "data-manipulation-stolen" AS TOLD IN GREERS BOOK LINKED ABOVE- and as much money as they wish. We -  all the other people -  simply fight for their scraps....

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another case where the "overseers" made initial radiocontact - Robert P. Renaud 's contact in the early 60s.

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