Lobsang Rampa's last book


published 1980

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HE writes again in foreword:

"This book is not a novel. It is not science fiction. It is the absolutely unvarnished truth of what happened to me, and I again state that there is no author's license in the book.

I say this book is true, but you may want to believe it to be science fiction or something like that. Well, fine, you are quite at liberty to have a good laugh and call it science fiction, and perhaps before you have actually finished reading the book some event will occur which will prove my books true…"


This book is some similar to the book THE CAVE OF THE ANCIENTS published -63, as also this book deals with a visit to a far, old site - built millions of years ago of the "gardeners of earth" - lying inside a mountain apparent not far from Lhasa. The reader with only academic insight - missing a part of real intuition, will probably judge this whole story as only imagination - but I claim that the INITIATED ones will recognize this as reality!! The story seems to happen when Lobsang was a young boy - it may have been in the frame of ca 1910-1925?? - but I have found no precise date in the book.

It seems to have been once some secret entrances to the site, but the "most accessible" was blocked by a stone/rockslide when they left. Preventing the Chinese, that they knew would some later occupy Tibet - to get access to the high-tech inside, that was left over from a far civilisation that was "lightyears" ahead of the present level of insight and technology of today.

But it seems to have been more than that as he says about them in the book:

"These caves are isolated from the world, they have what I can only call a screen around them, and that screen places them in a different dimension, the fourth dimension where things do not decay…"

here we enter when they have entered the "cave":

"…Darkness, painful darkness which was made to appear even darker by the two little guttering candles.

The Lama Mingyar Dondup said, "Put out your candle, Lobsang, and I will put out mine, and then we will see the daylight "

"See the daylight!" I thought that his experiences and the pain he must be suffering from (he had hurt his leg bad) had given him hallucinations, however I blew out my candle and for some time could smell the smoking wick which had been saturated with rancid butter.

The Lama said, "Now just wait a few moments and we shall have all the light we want." I stood there feeling an absolute fool, standing in what was now perfect darkness, not a glimmer of light from anywhere. I could have called it a "sounding darkness" because there seemed to be thump, thump, thump, squeeze, but that was dismissed from my mind as I saw what appeared to be a sunrise. Over at one side of what was apparently a room a glowing ball appeared. It was red and looked like red hot metal. Quickly the red faded into yellow and on to white, the white-blue of daylight.

Soon everything was revealed in stark reality. I stood there with my mouth open marveling at what I saw. The room, or whatever it was, occupied a greater space than did the Potala, the Potala could have been put into that room. The light was brilliant, and I was almost hypnotized by the decorations on the walls and by the strange things which littered the floor spacewithout getting in one's way when one walked.

"An amazing place, eh, Lobsang? This was made more years ago than the mind of Man can comprehend. It used to be the headquarters of a special Race who could do space travel and just about everything else. Through millions of years it still works, everything is intact. Certain of us were known as the Guardians of the Inner Temple; this is the Inner Temple."

I walked over to examine the closest wall, and it appeared to be covered with writing of some sort, writing which I instinctively felt was not the writing of any race on Earth. The Lama picked up my thoughts by telepathy and replied, "Yes, this was built by the Race of Gardeners who brought humans and animals to this world."

Some later about the evershining light in those enormous halls:

I looked about again and just could not see how there could be sunlight when we were entombed in a rock room, and I said as much. The Lama replied, "Yes, this is a marvel of marvels, I have known it all my life, but no one knows how it works. Cold light is a miraculous invention, and this was invented or discovered a million or so years ago. They developed a method of storing sunlight, and making it available even on the darkest nights. There is none of it in the city nor in the temple because we just do not know how to make it. This is the only place I know where there is this type of lighting."

"A million or so, you said. That is almost beyond my comprehension. I think it is a figure like a one or a twoor a three, or something like that, followed by a number of noughts, six I think it is, but that's only a guess, and in any case it is so vast a number that I can't realize it. It doesn't count for anything for me. Ten years, twenty years, yes I can relate to that, but longer—no.

"How was this room made?" I asked as I trailed my fingers idly over some inscription on the wall. I jumpedback in fright as a certain click occurred and a part of the wall slid back. "Lobsang! Lobsang! You have made a discovery. None of us who have been here knew there was another room attached to this." Cautiously we peered into the open doorway, and as soon as our heads passed the doorpost the light came on and I noted that as we left the first great room the light faded at our absence.

We looked about almost afraid to move because we did not know what perils there were or what traps we might fall into, but eventually we plucked up courage and walked over to a great "something" standing in the middle of the floor. It was a tremendous structure.

it must have been much bigger out of his estimations - than the ship that had landed in a woodplain in sweden in-46, as Gøsta Carlson reported to have been in contact  with and his contact made him later to earn a lot of money from learnings from the humanlike ETs on how to utilize pollen from flowers.

Once it had been shiny, but now it had a dull grey glaze. It was about four or five men tall, and it looked something like two dishes, one on top of the other. We walked around and there at the far side we saw a grey metal ladder extending down from a doorway in the machine to the floor. I ran forward forgetting that as a young man in Holy Orders I should show more decorum, but I ran forward and hastily climbed the ladder without even bothering to see if it was safely fixed. It was. Once again as my head blocked the doorway, lights came on inside the machine. The Lama Mingyar Dondup, not to be outdone, climbed up into the interior of the machine and said, "Ah, Lobsang, this is one of the Chariots of the Gods. You've seen them flitting about, haven't you?"

"Oh yes, sir," I replied. "I thought there were Gods traversing our Land to see that everything was all right, but, of course, I have never seen one as close as this before."


inside they found some books - that the lama claimed to understand:

"But at last he sat down on a low chair, and he became enthralled in a book which he had taken from a shelf. "How is it," I asked, "that you can understand a language which you say is at least a million years old?"

With an effort he put aside the book for a moment while he thought over my question. Then he said, "Well, it's quite a long tale, you know, Lobsang. It leads us back throughout the bylanes of history, it leads us through paths which even some of the Lamas cannot follow. But briefly it is like this: This world was ready to be colonized and so our Masters—I must call them Masters because they were the head men of the Gardeners of the Earth and of other worlds—dictated that a certain species should be grown on the Earth, and that certain species was us.

"In a far distant planet, right out of this Universe, preparations were made and a special ship was made which could travel at an absolutely unbelievable speed, and we, as human embryos, were packed in the ship.

Somehow the Gardeners, as they were called, brought them to this world and then we do not know what happened between the time of the arrival of the embryos and —the first creatures that could be called human. "But during their absence from their home world, much occurred. The old ruler, or ‘God’, was aged and there were certain people of evil intent who wanted his power, and they managed to get rid of that God and put another one—their own puppet—to rule in his place. His ruling, of course, to be dictated by these renegades.

"The ship came back from the Earth and found things very different, they found they were not welcome and the new ruler wanted to kill them so they would be out of the way. But instead the Gardeners who had just returned from the Earth grabbed a few women of their own size and they took off again for the Earth Universe. There are many, many different universes, you know, Lobsang.

"Arrived at the world where they had been growing humans, they set up their own dominion, they built various artifacts like pyramids with which they could keep radio watch over anything coming in the direction of the Earth. They used the humans that they had grown as slaves, they did all the work and the Gardeners just sat back in luxury and told the human slaves what to do.

"The men and women, perhaps we should call them the supermen and the superwomen, got tired of their own partners, and there were many liaisons which led to bickering and all manner of trouble. But then from outer space and undetected by the pyramid searchers a space ship appeared. It was a vast ship, and it settled down so that people could come out of it and start to build habitations. The people who were the first on the Earth resented the appearance of these other spacemen and women, and so, from a battle of words, there came a battle of people. The trouble went on for some time, and the most devilish inventions were made. At last the people in the big space ship could not put up with the trouble any longer so they sent out a number of space ships which apparently were stored ready for such an occasion, and they dropped terrible bombs wherever these other space people were living.

"The bombs were a very advanced form of atom bomb, and within sight of where the bomb had exploded everything became dead. There was a purple glare coming from the land and the spacemen and women who had caused this got back in their giant space ship and left the area.

"For a hundred years or more there was hardly any form of life on the Earth in the bombed areas, but when the radiation’s effects lessened these people crept out in fear and trembling wondering what they would see.

They settled down to a form of farming using wooden ploughs and things like that."

"But Master," I said, "you say the world is more than fifty million years old; well, there are such a lot of things I do not understand at all, for instance these men—well, we don't know how old they are, we don't know how many days, weeks, or centuries they have been here, and how can food have been kept fresh all these years? Why didn't the men crumble to dust?"

The Lama laughed. "We are an illiterate people, Lobsang. There used to be very much more clever people on this Earth, there have been several civilizations, you know. For instance," he pointed to a book on the shelf, "this book tells about medical and surgical practises of a type we in Tibet have never even heard of, and we were one of the first people to be put on this Earth."

"Then why are we up so high, why is our life so hard?

Some of those picture books you brought back from Katmandu show all sorts of things, but we have no knowledge of things like that, we have nothing on wheels in Tibet."

"No, there is an old, old saying that when Tibet permits wheels to be brought into the country then Tibet will be conquered by a very unfriendly race. Their predictions were just as if they could see into the future, and I am going to tell you, young man, that they could see into the future and they had instruments here which will show you what happened in the past, what is happening now, and what will happen in the future," my Guide said.

"But how can things last so long? If things are left, well, they decay, they fall to pieces, they become useless through disuse like the Prayer Wheel in that old lamasery, that you showed me, a beautiful piece of work corroded and immovable. How could these people stop things from decaying, how could they provide the power to keep things working? Look at the way the lights come on as soon as we enter a room; we have nothing like that, we use stinking butter candles or rush lights, and yet here we have light which is as good as daylight, and it is not being generated anywhere because in that book you showed me there were pictures of machines that worked in a magnetic field and generated what you call electricity. We don't have that. Why is it that we are so isolated?" I was puzzled.

The Lama was silent for a moment, and then he said, "Yes, you will have to know all these things, you are going to be the most educated Lama that there ever was in Tibet, you are going to see the past, the present, and the future. In this particular range of the mountains there are a number of these caves and at one time they were all joined together by tunnels. It was possible to move from one cave to another and have light and fresh air the whole time, no matter where we were. But this land of Tibet was once down by the sea, people lived on that land with just a very few low hills, and the people of that earlier Age had sources of power quite unknown to us. But there came a terrific catastrophe because beyond our land scientists of a country called Atlantis let off a tremendous explosive and that ruined this world."

It seem that a lot of natural and "mad-people-made" disasters have ruined this earth many times. Fx. the ETcontact Semjase said that the main cause to the destruction of the big island Atlantis was a controlled impact from enemies in the east  of an astroide onto the former land - that broke up like a eggshell, and such sank/drowned into the sea. The tsunami of the impact was more that 1000m she claimed - crushing everything on the flatlands wordlwide.

"Ruined this world?" I said. "But our land is all right, how is it ruined, how is the world ruined?"

The Lama got up and went to a book. There were such a lot of books here, and he went to a book and found certain pictures. Then he said, "Look, this world once was covered with cloud. There was never a sight of the sun, we knew nothing about the stars. But then in those days people lived hundreds of years, not like now dying as soon as they have learned anything. People die off now because of the evil radiations from the sun, and because our protecting cloud cover had gone; then dangerous rays came and saturated the world, bringing all sorts of diseases, all sorts of mental aberrations. The world was in turmoil, the world writhed under the impact of that tremendous explosion. Atlantis, which was a long way from here on the other side of the world, Atlantis sank beneath the ocean, but we of Tibet—well, our land went up twenty-five to thirty thousand feet above sea level. People became less healthy and for a long time people fell dead because there was not enough oxygen at this height for them, and because we were nearer the skies and where we were the radiations were stronger."

He stopped for a moment and rubbed his legs which were paining him a great deal, and then he said, "There is a far part of our land which stayed at sea level and the people there became more and more different from us, they became almost stupid in their mentality, they had no temples, they did not worship the Gods, and even now they go about in skin boats catching seals and fish and other forms of life. There are some immense creatures with enormous horns on their heads, and these people killed many of them and ate their flesh. When other races came along they called these far-northern people Eskimos. 

Our part of Tibet had the best people, priests, and wise men, and doctors of great renown, and the part which was sheared away from Tibet and sank to sea level, or rather, stayed at sea level, had the lesser mentalities, the ordinary workers, the ordinary people, the hewers of wood and the drawers of water.

They have remained in almost the same state for more than a million years. They gradually crept out and set about making a living on the surface of the Earth. They set up small farms and within a hundred or so years things appeared to be normal and settled down.



later still the lama said:

"There are a lot of things you will have to learn, Lobsang, you are a bit young yet but as we have arrived at this place—well, I will explain a bit to you. The Gardeners of the Earth wanted secret places so they could come to Earth unknown to the earthlings, and so when this was just a low heap of stone protruding above the ground they cut into the living stone by means of what will later be known as atomic torches.

It melted out the rock and a lot of the grey surface outside is steam from the melted rock, and then when the cave was cut out to the right size it was allowed to cool, and it cooled with an absolutely glass-smooth surface.

"Having done the cavern which is big enough to take the Potala itself, they did some investigating and then they bored tunnels right along this rock range which in those days was almost covered by earth. It used to be possible to travel about two hundred and fifty miles through these tunnels, from cave to cave.

"Then there was this mighty explosion which rocked the Earth on its axis, and some places were drowned and other places rose up. We were fortunate in that the low hill became a mountain range. I have seen pictures of it and I will show them to you, but of course through the Earth movements some of the tunnels were forced out of alignment and one could no longer go the whole length as before. Instead we could visit perhaps two or three caves before emerging out on the mountain range and then walking a bit to where we knew the tunnel would continue. Time doesn't matter at all to us, as you know, so I am one of those who has been to about a hundred of these places and I have seen many, many strange things."

"But, Master," I said, "how can these things remain workable after a million or so years? No matter what we have, even a Prayer Wheel, deteriorates with time and use, and yet here we are in light probably brighter than it is outside. I don't understand it at all "

The Lama sighed, and said, "Let's have some food first, Lobsang, we are going to be here for several days and we could do with a change of diet. You go into that little room," he pointed, "and bring out some of those containers with pictures on them, and then we will see how the people of long, long ago used to live."

  • in later parts:
  • About prepared bodies ready to receive a ET-soul that can use them like a "rent a car"
  • Watching "time-museums" of the past
  • UFOs and the Gardeners of the Earth.
  • more views of the far colonization and far wars that annihilated the earlier civilizations
  • The world of PATRA - which seem to describe a world on the level ABOVE astral worlds.

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in many of the Rampa books - ex THE HERMIT - it is mentioned ETs with horn-like things on the head, but just this picture may also be on a helmet -like cap on this "ET".