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As for all of his books - he claims they are absolutely true - and the people who KNOWS from INSIDE THEMSELVES - can recognize the wisdom…

 (some words are translated to Norwegian and there MAY BE some wordmistakes here - because this is scanned from the book.  And some headlines are added)

In this book he first writes more about his early childhood in Potala in Tibet and how the very wise astrologs there made a very precise - that showed his later life - prediction of his further "liferoad". The book also describes different incidents where he was told and educated on different themes from the old wise lamas.

From page 68 he writes about the giants - which many other sources describes - (among many others THE BIBLE (the books of Moses 1.o,4 -1.o.1- 4.13,33 -5.3,5) they are explained in many physical contacts to higher developed civilisations. The Erra civilisation who Eduard Meier had contacts to - told about the BIG people who colonised this earth as "cosmic refugees" from wars in the starsystem of LYRA. Later their similar "big brothers" from that system and from the Pleiades - came back here for further developing  the civilisation, after repeted wars and natural disasters had laid the own worlds in dust. (for Scandinavian readers -se JORDENS FJERNHISTORIE I NYTT LYS - link here). But these giants also made their entrance here through what is later known as the process known as "WALK-IN" - he says here:

"I remember one elderly monk, or I should say lama, who was giving us a lecture, and then he got on to the subject of transmigration (her "sjels-vandringer/overføringer" eller walk-ins). 

"In the days of long ago," he said, "in fact long before recorded history began, giants walked upon the Earth. They were the Gardeners of the Earth, those who came here to supervise the development of life on this planet, because we are not the first Round of Existence here, you know, but like gardeners clearing a plot of land - all life had been removed and then we, the human race, had been left here to make our own way, to make our own development." He stopped and looked around to see if his pupils were at all interested in the subject, which he was propounding (legge fram). To his gratified astonishment he found that people were indeed deeply interested in his remarks.

"The Race of Giants," he went on, "were not very suit-able for life on Earth, and so by magical means the Race of Giants shrank until they were the same size as humans, thus they were able to mingle with humans without being recognised as the Gardeners. But it was often necessary for a different senior Gardener to come and carry out special tasks, it took too long to have a boy born to a woman and then wait out the years of his babyhood and childhood and teenage. So the science of the Gardeners of the Earth had a different system; they grew certain bodies and made sure that those bodies would be compatible with the spirit who would later inhabit them."

A boy sitting in the front suddenly spoke up: "How could a spirit inhabit another person?" The lama teacher smiled upon him and said, "I was just about to tell you. But the Gardeners of the Earth permitted certain men and women to mate so that a child was born to each, and the growth of that child would be most carefully supervised throughout, perhaps, the first fifteen or twenty or thirty years of life. Then there would come a time when a highly placed Gardener would need to come to Earth within a matter of hours, so helpers would place the trained body into a trance, into stasis (tilstand), or, if you like, into a state of suspended animation (skinndød livlighet). Helpers in the astral world would come to the living body, together with the entity who wanted to go to Earth, with their special knowledge they could detach the Silver Cord and connect in its place the Silver Cord of the entity who was the Gardener of the Earth coming to the Earth. The host would then become the vehicle (redskap) of the Gardener of the Earth, and the astral body of the host would go away to the astral world just as he would do in the case of a person who had died.

"This is called transmigration, the migration (vandring) of one entity into the body of another. The body taken over is known as the host, and it has been known throughout history, it was practised extensively in Egypt and it gave rise to what is known as embalming (balsamering) because in those days in Egypt there were quite a number of bodies kept in a state of suspended animation (skinndød), they were living but unmoving, they were ready for occupancy by higher entities just as we keep ponies waiting for a monk or lama to mount (bestige) the animal and ride off somewhere."

"Oh my!" exclaimed one boy, "I expect friends of the host were mightily surprised when the body awakened and the one they had thought of as their friend in the past was possessed of all knowledge. My! I wouldn't like to be a host, it must be a terrible feeling to have someone else take over one's body."

The teacher laughed and said, "It would certainly be a unique experience. People still do it. Bodies are still prepared, specially raised so that if the need arises a different entity can take over a fresh body - if it becomes necessary for the good of the world as a whole."

For days after the boys had discussed it, and in the way of boys, some of them pretended that they were going to be taking over bodies. But to me, thinking back on that dread (fryktede) prediction, it was no joke, it wasn't amusing to me, it was an ordeal (ildprøve) to even think about it. It was a continual shock to my system, so great a shock that at times I thought I would go insane.

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One tutor (lærer) in particular was intrigued (fengslet) by my love of cats, and the cats' obvious love for me. The tutor knew full well that cats and I conversed telepathically. One day after school hours he was in a very good mood indeed, and he saw me lying on the ground with four or five of our temple cats sitting on me. He laughed at the sight and bade me accompany him to his room, which I did with some apprehension because in those days a summons (stevning/møte) to a lama's quarters usually meant a reprimand for something done or not done, or extra tasks to be accomplished. So I followed him at a respectful distance, and once in his rooms he told me to sit down while he talked to me about cats.

"Cats," he said, "are now small creatures, and they cannot speak in the human tongue but only by telepathy. Many, many years ago, before this particular Round of Existence, (millions of year ago? R.Ø.remark) cats populated the Earth. They were bigger, they were almost as big as our ponies, they talked to each other, they could do things with their forepaws, which then they called hands. They engaged in horticulture (hagebruk) and they were largely vegetarian cats. They lived among the trees and their houses were in the great trees. Some of the trees were very different from those we now know upon the Earth, some of them, in fact, had great hollows in them like caves, and in those hollows, or caves, the cats made their homes. They were warm, they were protected by the living entity of the tree, and altogether they were a very congenial community. - But one cannot have perfection with any species because unless there is some competition, unless there is some dissatisfaction to spur one on, then the creature having such euphoria (velbefinnende) degenerates."

He smiled at the cats who had followed me and who were now sitting around me, and then he went on, "Such happened to our brothers and sisters Cat. They were too happy, too contented, they had nothing to spur their ambition, nothing to drive them on to greater heights. They had no thought except that they were happy. They were like those poor people we saw recently who were bereft of sanity (mistet håpet/fornuften), they were content just to lie beneath the trees and let the affairs of the day take care of themselves. They were static, and so being static they were a failure. As such the Gardeners of the Earth rooted them out as though they were weeds (ugress) and the earth was allowed to lie fallow (brakk) for a time. And in the course of time the Earth had reached such a stage of ripeness that again it could be restocked with a different type of entity. But the cats - well, their fault had been that they had done nothing, neither good nor bad. They had existed and that alone - existed. And so they were sent down again as small creatures like those we see here, they were sent to learn a lesson, they were sent with the inner knowledge that THEY had once been the dominant species, so they were reserved, very careful to whom they gave their friendship. They were sent to do a task, the task of watching humans and reporting the progress or the failures of humans so that when the next Round came, much information would have been provided by cats.

Cats can go anywhere, they can see anything, they can hear anything, and, not being able to tell a lie, they would record everything precisely as it occurred."

I know that I was quite frightened for the time being! I wondered what the cats were reporting about me (the initiated lamas could tap information from the cats that supervised the temple ,  and the community, he writes in another bookAs living spy/supervision-cameras of today. R.Ø.anm.) But then one old tom (hannkatt), a champion of many a fight, gave a "Rrrr" and jumped on my shoulders and butted his head against mine, so I knew everything was all right and they would not report me too badly.

Sometime after I lay upon my face on my blanket on the floor of the Infirmary (sykestue) because I had been very badly burned at the top of my left leg, the scars are with me yet, and the dysfunction occasioned by the burn is one from which I still suffer. I was lying upon my face because I couldn't lie upon my back, and a well-loved lama entered and said, "Later, Lobsang, when you are healed and mobile I am going to take you to a certain peak in the mountains. I have there something to show you because, you know, the Earth has undergone many changes, the Earth has changed, the seas have altered, the mountains have grown. I am going to show you things which not more than ten people in the whole of Tibet have seen during the past hundred years. So hurry up and get better, hurry up and heal, you have something of interest before you."


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It was some months later when my Guide, the Lama Mingyar Dondup, who meant so much to me and who was more than mother and father and brother to me, led me along a path. He went a few feet ahead on a strong horse, and I rode behind him on a pony who was as wary (varsom) of me as I was of him. He recognised me as a bad rider and I recognised him as a horse who recognised a bad rider. We had what in later years I would have called an armed neutrality, a sort of - well, if you don't do anything I won't either, we've got to live together somehow. But we rode on, and at long last my Guide stopped. I leaned over and slithered sideways off the pony. The trail ropes were dropped and the horse and pony would not then wander away, they were too well-trained.

My Guide lit a fire, and we sat down to a very sparse supper. There was desultory (springende) talk for a time about the wonders of the Heavens spread out above us. We were in the shadow of the mountains and strong purple patches of darkness were sweeping across the Valley of Lhasa as the Sun sank down beyond the Western range. At last all was dark except for the faint twinkling butter lamps from a myriad of houses and lamaseries, and except for the glory of the Heavens above which sent forth their faint twinkling speckles of light.

At last my Guide said, "Now we must go to sleep, Lobsang, there are no temple services tonight to disturb you, no temple services in the morning for which you have to awaken. Sleep well for on the morrow we shall see things that you have never before dreamed possible."

So saying, he rolled himself up in his blanket, turned on his side and went to sleep - just like that. I lay for a time trying to scoop (utgrave)
a hole in the rock because my hip bone seemed to stick out a long way, and then I turned on my face for my scars  were still causing pain, and then I too eventually went to sleep.

The morning dawned bright. From our altitude in the mountains it was fascinating to watch how the early morning rays of the Sun seemed to shoot horizontally across the valley and illuminate the peaks of the Western sky with what appeared to be golden fingers of fire. Indeed for a time it looked as if the whole mountain range was a fire,  -We stood and watched, and then simultaneously we turned and smiled at each other.

After a light breakfast -the breakfast always seemed too light for me! - we watered the horses at a small mountain stream, and then, providing them with ample forage which, of course, we had brought with us, we tied them together with about thirty feet space between them. They had plenty of room in which to roam and graze off the sparse grass.

The Lama Mingyar Dondup led the way up the trackless mountainside. By an immense boulder (rullesten) which seemed set immovably into the cliff face, he turned and said, "In your travels you are going to see much which appears to be magic, Lobsang. Here is a first sample of it."

Then he turned, and to my horrified amazement he wasn't there any longer! He just disappeared in front of my eyes. Then his voice came from "somewhere" bidding me to step forward.

As I did so I found that what appeared to be a strip of moss (blasmose) hanging on the cliff face was, in fact, some loose lianas.(is a woody climbing plant that hangs from trees, especially in tropical rainforests.)

 I approached, and the lama held the fronds aside for me so that I might enter. He turned and I followed him, gazing about me in awe. This seemed to be a wide, wide tunnel, and light was coming in from some source, which I could not discern  I followed his receding footsteps, chiding (skjenne på) myself for my tardiness (senhet), for, as I well realised, if I was going to be too slow I 'might get lost in this mountain tunnel.

For a time we walked on, sometimes in pitch darkness, where I had to feel with a hand lightly brushing the wall at one side. I was not bothered about pits or low hanging rocks, because my Guide was very much larger than I and if he had room, well then, there would be room for me.

After some thirty minutes of walking, sometimes in a stifling dead air atmosphere, and sometimes in a bracing mountain breeze, we came to what appeared to be a lighted area. My Guide stopped. I stopped, too, when I reached him and looked about me. I caught my breath in astonishment. This seemed to be a large chamber, I sup-pose fifty or sixty feet (20m) across, and on the walls there were strange carvings, carvings which I failed to understand. It seemed to be very strange people dressed in remarkable clothing, which appeared to coyer them from head to foot, or, more accurately, from neck to foot because on their heads they had a representation of what seemed to be a transparent globe. Above us, as I looked up, there seemed to be an immense cube, and at the end of that I could just discern (sjelne) a fleecy cloud floating by.

My Guide broke into my thoughts: "This is a very strange area, Lobsang," he told me, "thousands and thousands of years ago there was a mighty civilisation upon this Earth. It was known as the time of Atlantis. Some of the people of the Western world to which in later years you will go - think of Atlantis as a legend, as an imaginary place dreamed up by some great story-teller. Well," he mused, "to my regret I have to tell you that many people will think that you have dreamed up your own true experiences, but never mind how much you are doubted, never mind how much you are disbelieved, you know the truth, you will live the truth. And here in this chamber you have proof that there was Atlantis."

He turned and led way yet further into this strange tunnel. For a time we walked in absolute inky darkness, our breath coming hard in the stale (dårlig), dead air. Then again there came the freshness, from somewhere a pleasant breeze was blowing. The deadness vanished and soon we saw a glimmer of light ahead of us. I could see my Guide's figure bulking in the tunnel, limmed by light ahead of me. Now with fresh air in my lungs I hurried to catch up with him. Again he stopped in a large chamber.

Here there were more strange things. Someone had apparently carved great shelves in the rock, and on those shelves there were strange artefacts which were without any meaning whatever to me. I looked at them, and gently touched some of these things. They seemed to me machines. There were great discs with strange grooves on them. Some of the discs appeared to be of stone and they were, perhaps, six feet across, (D= 2m) with an undulating (bølgende) wave on their surface and in the centre of the disc a hole. It meant nothing to me. So I turned from fruitless speelation  (fortryllelse)  and examined the paintings and the carvings which adorned (utsmykket) the walls. They were strange pictures, large cats who walked on two legs, tree houses with curled cats inside, there were things which seemed to be floating in the air and below on what was obviously the ground, humans were pointing upwards at these things. It was all so much above me that it made my head ache.

My Guide said, "These are passages (korridorer)  which reach to the ends of the Earth. The Earth has a spine (ryggsøyle), just as we have Lobsang, but the spine of the Earth is of rock. In our spine we have a tunnel, it is filled with liquid in our case, and our spinal cord goes through. Here this is the spine of the Earth, and this tunnel was man-made in the days of Atlantis when they knew how to make rock flow like water without generating heat. Look at this rock," he said, turning and rapping on a wall. "This rock is fused (smeltet) to almost total hardness. If you take a great stone and slam it against this rock face, you would do no harm whatever except to the stone which may shatter. I have travelled extensively and I know that this rocky spine extends from the North Pole to the South Pole."

He motioned that we should sit, so we sat cross Legged upon the floor right beneath the hole which extended up to the open air and through which we could see the darkness of the sky.

"Lobsang," said my Guide, "there are many things on this Earth which people do not understand, there are things inside this Earth too because, contrary to common belief, the Earth is indeed hollow and there is another race of people living inside this Earth.(more on that link) They are more developed than we are, and sometimes some of them come out of the Earth in special vehicles." He stopped and pointed to one of the strange things in the pictures, and then he continued, "These vehicles come out of the Earth and they fly around on the outside of the Earth to see what people are doing and to ascertain if their own safety is jeopardised by the folly of those whom they term "the outsiders."

Inside the Earth, I thought, what a strange place to be living, it must be frightfully dark down there, I don't like the thought of living in the dark, a butter lamp is such a comfort. My Guide laughed at me as he picked up my thoughts, and he said, "Oh, its not dark inside the Earth, Lobsang. They have a Sun something like we have but theirs is much smaller and very much more powerful. They have much more than we have, they are very much more intelligent. But in the days before you, you shall know more about the people of the Inner Earth. Come!"
(this must be on another level/dimention?? R.Ø.remark)

He rose to his feet and went off through a tunnel, which I had not seen, a tunnel diverging (avvek) to the right, it sloped down, down. We seemed to walk endlessly in darkness. Then my Guide bade me stop where I was. I could hear him fiddling and fumbling (fingre og fumle…) about, and there was a clatter (klirring) that sounded like a rock being moved. Then there were a few sparks as he struck the fint upon steeL There came a dull glow as the tinder (fyrtøy) ignited, he blew upon it, and then as the tinder burst into small flame he thrust the end of some sort of stick into the flame where it burst into brilliant light.

He held his torch at arm's length slightly above him, and called me to come to his side. I did so and he pointed to the wall in front of us. The tunnel ended and in front of us was an absolutely smooth impenetrable surface which gleamed (skinte) brightly in the flickering light of the flare. "That, Lobsang," said my Guide, "is as hard as diamond, in fact some of us came here years ago with a diamond and we tried to scratch the surface and we ruined the diamond. This is a passage, which leads to the world inside. It was sealed, we believe, by the inside-worlders to save their civilisation, during a great flood which struck this Earth. We believe that if this was opened - that is, if we could open it - people would come pouring out and overwhelm us for daring to intrude upon their privacy. We of the higher lama class have often visited this place and tried to commune with those below by telepathy. They have received our messages but they want nothing to do with us, they tell us that we are warlike, that we are as ignorant children trying to blow up the world, trying to ruin peace, they tell us by telepathy that they are keeping check on us and if necessary they will intervene. So we can go no further here, this is the end, this is the blocked line between the upper and the inner worlds. All right, we will go back to the chamber."

He carefully extinguished the flare, and we felt our way back to where the glowing light from the sky above shone down through the hole in the roof.

In that chamber again the lama pointed in another direction, and said, "If we had the strength and the time we could walk right away to the South Pole by following that tunnel. Some of us have covered mires and miles, bringing ample food with us and camping by night, or what we deemed (trodde) to be night. We travelled endless miles over six months, and at times we came up through a tunnel and found that we were in a strange land indeed, but we dared not show ourselves. Always the exits were very very carefully camouflaged."

We sat down and ate our small meal. We had been travelling a long time and exhaustion was setting in for me, although my Guide seemed to be immune from exhaustion or even ordinary tiredness. He talked to me and told me all manner of things. He said, "When I was being trained as you are being trained now, I too went through the Ceremony of the Small Death, and I was shown the Akashic Record, I was shown the things that had been, and I saw that our Tibet was once a pleasant watering place beside a glittering sea. The temperatures were warm, perhaps even excessively so, and there was profuse (overdådige bladverk) foliage and palm trees and all manner of strange fruits which then meant nothing at all to me.

But from the Akashic Record I saw a truly wondrous civilisation, I saw strange craft in the sky, I saw people with remarkable cone-shaped heads who walked about, who had their entertainments, who made love, but also made war. Then - as I saw in this Record, the whole country shook and the sky turned black, the clouds were as dark as night, their undersides lit with flickering flames. The land shuddered and opened. It seemed that everything was fire. Then the sea rushed in to the newly opened land, and there were tremendous explosions, explosion after explosion, it seemed that the Sun stood still and the Moon rose no more. People were be-coming overwhelmed by tremendous floods of water, people were being seared to death by flames, which appeared from I know not where, but the flames flickered with a vile purplish glow, and as they touched people the flesh fell from their bones leaving the skeletons to fall to the ground with a clatter.

"Day succeeded day and the turmoil increased, although one would have said that such a thing was impossible, and then there came a ripping(flengende), searing explosion, and everything turned dark, everything was as black as the soot which comes from too many butter lamps burning untrimmed.

"After a time which I could not calculate," he said, "the gloom became lighter, the darkness was diminishing, and when the light of day finally appeared after I know not how long - I looked at the picture with utter terror. Now I found that I was looking at a vastly different landscape, the sea was no more, a ring of mountains had sprung up in the darkness and encircled what previously had been the city of a most high civilisation. I looked about me in fascinated horror, the sea had gone, the sea-well, there was no more sea, instead there were mountains and ring upon ring of mountains. Now I could tell that we were thousands of feet higher, and although I was seeing the Akashic Record, I was sensing as well, I could sense the rarity of the air, there was no sign of life here, no sign whatever. And as I looked, the picture vanished and I found myself back from whence I had started, in the deepest levels of the mountain of Potala where I had been undergoing the Ceremony of the Little Death and given much information."

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