NEW (2005) book on life and writings/books of Rampa: 


by Karen Mutton (from Australia)

Report on the book by Rune . in Norway:

Karens article in Nexus Magazine on the old civilisations,  ufo's etc in the Rampa-books
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This is a book on life and mission of LOBSANG RAMPA - as a summary of all his work. Part 1 is on his early life as child and how he had to make a planned "walk-in" (as picture below illustrates) into a instrument/body of a western man in the purpose of fulfilling his mission: A tool for bringing the old, hidden spiritual knowledge of Tibet to the spiritual ignorant western, money- greedy, priggish world.

an artist view of the walk-in coupling - where the astral body of the former occupant - who wished to leave for the better worlds in the astral realms - was coupled free of his lifeline/"silvercord" - while the astralbody of Lobsang (the shining shape to the right) was to be connected to this lifeline, and thus "getting" or undertaking the same body, including "it's" many problems as a heritage from its former occupant. But all this was a planned mission done by the initiated tibetan lamas, in the purpose of bringing the hidden tibetan wisdom to the spiritual ignorant West.

She has done a remarkable job in gathering information also on other old, pre-Rampa books on Tibet, that has reached the west.

in part 2- "literary studies" - she also give the ignorant critics much space, which from my point of view is not so interesting, as most of these were both spiritually ignorant and jealous, lacking both WISDOM and intuition. It is not so important or interesting what a power-seeking, spoilt, blind pupil/kid in first class of primary school say about the education in the universities. No use to listen to "him" either, even though he should be the son of the prime minister. -Similar, with all these "educated" and "knowing" critics of Rampa as I see it!

The part on the Esoteric Tibet is much more of a inspiring reading for those who search the spirtual road - say, many has also studied theosophy on that way. To read and study Rampas books, is to awaken a deep feeling of recognition and intuition rather than only "spelling the words"or "watching only printers ink". The REALLY WISDOM BOOKS trigger SOMETHING of the inner feelings/love/wisdom that dwells inside the mature reader. But the bragging, "experts" or critics sounds as noisy EMPTY drums.

I had red a lot of spirtual/esoteric books before my Rampa-studies, and learned that his books is like walking a light broad road compared to a overgrown path (these last analogy is to symbolizing "old" eastern books and also most of the ones on theosophy. The absolute exception though was the spiritual books of the danish Martinus - pure inspiration and recognition also these!)

The part on transmigration and "transmigration in modern litterature" is indeed thrilling, as is that of "recent discoveries". The last is about a lot of new discoveries have been done over the years and especially in the last years that has - as usual - not been covered in the "big media". As always, they are not interessted in any theories that can threathen the BIG gods of today - the materialistic scientists, the economist and their churches - the banks. 

THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONNECTION is a part I really like - as this is my favourite theme. A lot of his books touch this - and is fine viewed in Karens book. I personally know a lady, which have not heard of Rampa - that has been taken on a trip to Venus - seem so be a kind of astral travel, though she felt it as absolutely "pfysical" - and she described the visit conformity with Lobsangs visit there.(her story in norwegian on link here: ) If - as it is said - that the normal lifelevel on Venus is on a higher vibration - they say they can artificially adjust the vibrationlevel in the ship and bodis of the visitors to "their level" according to other information on this.

On page 101 it refers to a very interesting passage from the later book "my visit to agarta"(from page 48) that i have never red:
"...this space (inside earth) actually transcends physical reality and exists simultaneously in a number of different dimentions and realities. Once we enter the dimensional vortex, our vibrational field will be increased to match the higher level of Agarta. Only through this method are physical beings such as ourselves able to enter Agarta."

in part 4 of Karens book she takes up from Rampa's books, "the esoteric connection". 
- Things like clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry, prophecy and astral travelling/projection. Also the use of pendulums, crystalballs and dowsing.
Additional on auracolors, chackras and kundalini. All these themes also extensive covered from other new-age books today.

Another very exiting theme is that of the astral realms and the akashic records - both thing that Rampa explained. And Rampa was also of the first to give a logic explanation on the "prosess of dying" to "the masses" in many of his books, as Karen refers in her book from page 133 ("the dying process and the afterlife").

But she also covers the extensive talk on the use of herbs and stones. Further "on religion and science". It also report on guardian spirits and the real power of prayer.

Part 5 of the book covers "the tibetan tradition" - tibetan buddhism and beliefs.

last in the book is supplements - more on the discussed book "my visit to Agarta".

The book has 176pages in A4 format and some pictures also.

Recommended to both earlier Rampa-readers as the one who just wish a summary of his works, background and the stir about him. (But I would not have used so much ink and space on all his ignorant critics.) 

Rune . in Norway, on 30.nov05

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