The Flower of Life

as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek

an introduction by Jeff Wein

Many of us have had some exposure to the branch of mathematics known as geometry. If we learned it at all, we learned it as a system of axioms and proofs whereby certain relationships between forms such as circles and triangles could be demonstrated. Thus taught, geometry seemed to have little of the special spiritual nature that we associate with sacredness.

Most people, therefore, labor under a misconception about what makes for the sacred character of Sacred Geometry. Two common ones are:

"Sacred Geometry is sacred because it describes certain shapes, such as the Golden Rectangle that were often used in the design of "sacred" buildings such as temples, churches, and pyramids."

"Sacred Geometry is sacred because the Ancients, in their lack of sophistication, ascribed sacredness to certain geometric forms that possess what we sophisticated moderns call mathematical "elegance"."

The true sacredness of Sacred Geometry lies elsewhere, however. All through the ages, all over the planet, Sacred Geometry has been taught as a special understanding about the process of Creation. However, as with many powerful spiritual teachings, this information was often kept occult (hidden), passing from initiate to initiate within secret societies.