UFOs/ETs/New Age/Consciousness/Ascension

Much of the spiritual/metaphysical literature out there contain many "truths" and much of the same information regarding subjects such as Creation, who or what God is, Atlantis, Egypt, Jesus the Christ, extraterrestrial visitations, the different understandings of ascension and so on. It's interesting to compare books and authors, and it's obvious that someone has got the right ideas while others maybe need to adjust a little here and there...
I distinguish between "sensational", sometimes confusing, even books that only leave you frustrated as to what to believe as they make their own versions of established "truths" and sometimes twist them a little, and books that are spiritually uplifting and enlightening in a general sense, such as the Celestine Prophesy and The 10th Insight. Many of the same ideas about the ascension can be found here, but put in somewhat different words, more from a layman's point of view.

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Last update: May 18th 1998.